30 June 2015

Meredith and Mummy 10 - 13 weeks old

Hi hi hi~!!!

My life is still so crazy even though Meredith is almost 4 months old soon. It's like there's never-ending stuff to do for work and for the baby and for the new house that i'm starting to suspect that this is gonna be life for me from now on - Feeling like i'm always running on borrowed time. Haha.

I've been staying at the new place for coming 4 weeks now. And everything is slowly settling in. We've been getting a lot of guests. And clearing a lot of work. Feeling very motivated with what the future is looking like.

But what we haven't the time to do is to go settle the rental of the our flat in Punggol. Today i have to go to the old place to collect mails and it feels very nice to be back in Punggol. I haven't felt like that in a long time. The first time i felt like Punggol is very clean, serene and perfect for young couples was when Josh and i first moved in 6 years ago. For a moment i kinda miss life there.

It's as simple (boring) as now but at least we go out a lot.

Now at the new place we don't go out to shop for groceries anymore. We use HonestBee.com and we simply order up to a small amount and it's free delivery lol. No more lugging drinks, mineral water, detergent and all the heavy stuff.

We also bought an electric scooter for Josh to scoot out quickly to buy dinner. Major lifestyle changes omg. Nowadays by 1 or 2am i'm more or less done for the day. Anything pass that i'd be so sleepy. And i typically wake up around 8 or 9am. If i can sleep til 10am that'd be an awesome day lol.

Last time i used to walk pass landed estate and wonder why the people keep their houses so quiet and dark. So unhappening, 9pm only lights all out. Now i understand why. By 9pm Josh and i and baby are already resting in our bedroom lol. I'd wipe her down for the day and then we'd all sleep til morning. Then another day begins. Day to day, there's always something to do.

Work is so crazy =( I just wanna spend one whole day to go buy material for DIY for Meredith's room. And then spend another day to do it up =))) I'd find time!!! Cox i can't wait for her room to be fully done up! =D Soon enough she'd be able to play around in it with Yurou and Yuxuan =)))

Gonna stay up pass bedtime tonight to do up update on Meredith.. Becox she's already 16 weeks old =X But i took sooo many pictures and each one is precious to me so i have to put them in my online diary haha. I have a phobia of losing all the pictures on my phone and computer T.T Which, did happen before =O So here's an update of my baby and me the pass many weeks!

Looking cute in onesie Yong Ming got for her ^.^
Hello Siew Fat! Lol. Mich gave her this name cox it means 小fat. Haha!
On the cab to our new place for handover!
Sleeping likeaboss. I love it when babies sleep like that. It looks like they are very secured =))
At Expressions for my body-shaping treatment! So far i've toned up quite a lot and losing a fair bit of weight in a short period of time so i'm quite happy! =D
Celebrity shades haha.
Wah wah wah. Someone is not paiseh on her milk intake hor. LOL.
Baby, you are perfect to papa and mama even when you're asleep. We find joy in looking at you..
Learnt how to rotate herself somehow. What the heck seriously. Lolol. Sometimes rotate until she might as well just sleep on my bed okay.
Now you see me now you don't.
我老板心情不好 haha.
Woah omg.. My daughter is such a beauty.. HAHA. That is a freaking 9 months romper she wear liao still bao ba zhang =_=" Somebody sign her up for gym membership already please.
Making up to go out when Josh thinks it's funny to let her creep up behind me haha. Somebody needs to borrow a chin? My daughter got two, can lend you one. Lol.
Josh. The best father i can get for Meredith =)) Every night he takes the midnight shift and he's been taking such good care of the baby that i feel i love him a bit more than when we didn't have a child haha. Although baby sleeps through the night since she turned 2 months old but sometimes she still wakes up at 5am for milk.. And Josh never once complained about waking up at night..

I only take the midnight shift if he has to work the next day. And the whole night i'd be soooo uptight. Sometimes i feel so anxious (cox i wanna attend to her in a fully conscious state instead of having to fluster and get gan jeong over milk making lol) until i just tell myself AIYAH DON'T SLEEP LAH! Jitao wait until she wanna wake up to drink milk. LOL.

But then FML usually if i wait, she won't wake up until i feel sleepy one. LOL. So i'm very thankful Josh takes the midnight shift while i take the morning shift.

I share with you all her schedule okay. Her schedule depicts our way of life. Lol.

8am - 9am, wake up drink milk. 10am - 11am super good mood will play for one hour! 11am - 12pm nap. 12pm Josh or me will shower her. Drink milk again. 1pm - 2pm nap. 2pm - 8pm on and off sleep in and out what the heck this time i really 猜不透 her. 8pm - 10pm sleep. 10pm wipe down. 11 ish drink milk and sleep. And the next day continues.

So you can see lah. There isn't much time to do my own stuff unless i wanna be away from my baby haha. So as much as i can i clear work once in awhile on the computer only when i really have to =X

That is why i accumulate so many pictures for so long.

How do you leave this silly face alone~!
表酱我 silly face hor *angry*
"I iz a good girl" =D Haha! I freaking loveeee Merries diapers please omg. She's about 4 months soon and never once i experience leakage / diaper rash! *touchwood!*
Baby you learnt how to hold your head while you sit!! =))) And erm.. Your thighs a bit need to maintain? LOL.
Give mama kiss!!!
Sleepy like an angel =))) Thank you god.. For forgiving me for all the nasty thoughts i ever had towards people and for giving me this normal baby. Normal and healthy is all i ask for from her.. But i wish she will be extraordinary in her own ways =))
So soft and juicy like a peach i'd eat! Haha!
A blanket given to me by a long time nice reader.. =))) Meredith's been using it since we got it! =D Thank you so much!!! We appreciate all the gifts people sent her becox it's a blessing to have people love your kid too =)
My baby arm qio. Lol.
"Boring until can die, mama"
She no longer do this "wanna box someone" pose anymore haha. Now she can control her hands and arms better!
"Yep, i'm good"
"I'm so good =D"
Baby your chubby cheeks mammy loveeee! =D
One night i was out and Josh sent me this picture of her. Haha. His phone camera sucks.
Don't know how she wiggle her way around on the bed. But she somehow ends up beside me so it's worth a shot even if it's dark and blur hahaha.
What are we gonna do when we have a daughter with chubby cheeks haha. Force her to dress up like a doll loh. Hahaha. I don't think she's very happy about it haha!
Josh ask me if i've seen the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt hahaha. He is damn boh liao.
The last week my family came to visit me at the old place haha. Yurou came in this Little Lzzie dress and i do a impromptu picture-taking session with her hahaha!
Took lots and lots of polaroid ^.^
My dad and her favourite girls.
Probably his favouritest girl now haha.
My favoorut =)) Yurou is so understanding and sensible these days. I think we're gonna be bestfriends when she grow up. We can go shopping together. Sing KTV together. Her singing pretty much sucks LOL but she's very good with composing her own tune and lyrics lolol.
My baby woke up and look at me like this. Like. Seriously? What have i done wrong? Lol.
Is that a fishball or a face.
Le wild derp lol.
"I don't know, i'm innocent!" face. Haha. I think she can get a way with a lot of things with me in the future with this face! I'd be like OKAY OKAY OKAY YOU WIN.
Diz how we roll haha! Someone owe my baby money never return her i think. Her face so smelly.
Siew Fat polaroid =)) If i may say so.. SO CUTEEEEEE!!!! Haha!
Yutaki say her brows are so nice until he think she will look like Angelababy. And then show us this picture of Baby Angelababy LOL. Really damn baby ah this Angelababy lolol. Okay lah say real one, if my daughter grows up to look like AB, i think i enough already. I will rest in peace. LOL.
"妈咪 我像 Angelababy 啊?" Not totally but half. Half like her. You look like a "baby" =) Lol.
"I wanna grow up fast!"
"Watch TV and chill all day.."
"Hang out with my mates" This picture is so cute, it's so wonderful to have your sister's baby around the same age as yours.. =)))
I think i should give them a band name. Maybe "M.Y Cool Colours"? Meredith is cool and Yuxuan is so cheery and happy and colourful. Lol. I think they should be named MY COOL COLOURS. Set.
Yuxuan forever tryna pluck Meredith's hair hahaha. "Sohmok lai de?"
The two happy pills in the family =)))
My happy pill Yurou =DDD She always tell me i'm her Ah Teng Ah Yi ='))) It's so sweet when a child shows you her true feelings and loves you unconditionally =))) It's one of the greatest love you can ever get.
So much love in the air. Even watching my baby sleeping so soundly is a kind of happiness to me. FTS ALL THE CHEESY STUFF I'M FEELING AND TYPING IT GIVES ME GOOSEBUMPS LOL.
Omg what a looker. HAHAHA.
Went for Peppa Pig concert with Yurou. The concert was so bad. Haha. But we have our mother-daughter time LOL so it's all good!
In love with the plushies she got from Candylicious!
Chatting me up while she feeds herself haha. It's so funny she will just talk to me about random stuff. Like how she drinks a lot of water if she wants to. And how we should go get more toys later. LOL.
Come home to a fashionista werking her new hairstyle =_=" Haha!
The next morning.. Her hair really need to maintain hahaha. Why won't they fall flat ah?! It's getting longer but it's still standing tall!
Her at a corner of her nursery. Haha. I bought soooo many hairbands and headgear for her! Really loh, got daughter really might just go broke what the heck.
"Are you complaining, mom? I can stop wearing those silly headbands anytime, you know?" Lol.
Mich told me a lot of people say this picture Meredith look like Michelle. Hahahaha. I guess it's cox her gums look erm.. Really gummy? HAHAHHAA.
Smiling at me EVERY MORNING!!! =)))))
First time we ever let her wear shorts HAHA. Floral headband and singlet from Cotton On. Shorts from Baby FOX. Top model face from her mother. LOLOL.
A smile before she doze off into a nap after shower.. =))
Those cheeks are serious. They are not joking wor. Haha.
Act sexy. Haha.
Video calling her godmother.
Mother and baby cordinates HAHA! Outfit is to head to new place to paint and pack haha!
"Just one word. Embarrassing."
Vaccination day~ Someone might know what's coming for her! Haha. So far every vaccination, Meredith's dad, mom and godma are all present haha. 阵容强大.
Do you believe? The squirmy little worm-like thing in my stomach.. Turn out to look like that =')))
Selfie time~ Dolling up makes me feel good but the problem is.. I don't feel like dolling up most of the time haha! I only do it for work and on the days i don't have to work i just wanna be able to put my face everywhere. On the sheets, in Meredith's face and hair and everywhere! Haha. With make up on i'm very careful not to stain it anywhere or to give baby an allergy or whatsoever.
At this point of time i was still 27 hahaha. Still can act cute lah i hope.

I just had my birthday a few days ago (from when i'm typing this post) and it feels like a very normal day. Josh and my sisters set up a group chat to organise a surprise BBQ party at our new place =')))

It didn't turn out as a surprise becox i walk up and down the house and see Josh preparing for the BBQ HAHA. But the thought of my loved ones bothering to plan something and attempting to make it a surprise, just to make me happy, is very touching to me =)))

Although it was just a simple family gathering.. It makes my heart very full to see everyone coming together to celebrate me turning older. Haha. And hopefully wiser.

This year's birthday is extra different i guess. Cox i really don't quite care about it. On my birthday, we went to myVillage to have a simple lunch together. And then have ice cream together =))) It's a very very lovely afternoon for me cox my family was there. And then halfway through ice cream my baby pooped HAHAHA. Which, is something i take joy in, as well. Cox pooping makes her stomach feels good!

But what really cracked us up was when Meredith pooped, i ask "Who want some chocolate ice cream?!" as a joke and then by chance the girl at the next next table shouted across to her friends on the other side of the table "I WANT SOME~~~~" HAHAHHAHAHA.

Me and my family damn cheap thrill. We laugh all the way until we got home hahaha.

That's my birthday! =D Oh wait. That's not all~ Josh scoot out to get durians for me ^.^ They cost like $120 over dollars WTFFFF. I feel super heartpain but omgggg they are sooooo bitter i can die! So bitter they taste a bit like alcohol haha! I LOVE ITTTT~!!!

Okay last one. What. My birthday just over you cannot be more tolerating towards my selfie is it. LOL.
Bought a new camera for almost $800 fml. I hateeee to spend big money that's why i've been stalling back to buy one even though i really needed one! But after trying it out for almost a month now, i must say every cent is worth!!! I used it for my Japan trip and omg i loveee the pictures! This is the first picture i took haha.
#Momandotter camho session~
Same face or what. Haha.
Someone is good with looking at the camera! Haha!
Accompanied Yurou and Si Jie to their Little Lzzie photoshoot! All the Lzzie staff were sooooo nice! Yurou had a mini shyness-attack haha. But they were so patient with her!
Wearing dress from Lzzie! =D Love it it's so comfy and simple!
On set with the cutest Michaela! She's sooooo sweet and the best thing is her parents are such kind and nice people too! Don't you just feel like "Omg this is a hopeful world" when you meet nice folks!
Supermodel and me that day haha. I'm like her 跟班 haha.
She later warm up with Michaela and had so much fun at the photoshoot! =D
So cute haha!
Look at the two of them pleaseeee! Those smiles are priceless! Haha!
This scene is plenty adorable also!
Oh woah. This girl is plenty cute too ^.^V HAHA.
Ladyboss and brain behind Lzzie touching up Yurou's hair. Really very very proud of the Lzzie team becox they take so much pride and effort each time in their pictures to showcase their outfits! So please support them~ =D I also always buy stuff from their online store haha. And look forward to all the free gifts HAHA. This time round they giving out tumblers with purchase! =D

Okay lah. I gotta run out for work already T_____T Whyyyyyyyy.

A video of Meredith at week 10 - 13 =)))