29 August 2008

What you think of at certain time of your life..

Will affect how you look, TREMENDOUSLY.

I am not so hardworking to find my childhood picture, so this is the earliest i could find of myself.

Age: Hardly 16.
Thoughts: Wanting to be kind, and not lose temper so often.
Look: Kind and harmless, indeed.
Oh, and standing beside me is my long time friend, Shalyn Phua.


Age: 17
Thoughts: Totally crushed, dumped by first love and really friggin' lost in Quantity Analysis lecture and tutorial. LOL.
Look: Like SHIT. Period.


Age: 17 odd
Thoughts: Pretending to be happy and that everything is good in life. Thinking that old-aunty pearl necklace and ceramic-permed-hair would be attractive to man.
Look: Fake smile, auntish and.. Irrelative, but look very b l o a t e d.


Age: 17 odd
Thought: I should just tie up those ugly permed hair and be happy
Look: Err.. Really quite happy?


Age: 18
Thoughts: Totally lovable cox' i just fell in love =))))))
Look: Lovely!
You think i look a bit like Japanese this time? Er, okay, never mind, i am happy to look like a Korean now. HAHAHA.


Age: 18 odd
Thoughts: Sensually lady-like, and hmm.. Quite hot?
Look: Like how i thought! LOL..


Age: 19
Thoughts: Fortunate and blessed.
Look: 幸福!
And i was 43kg then okay. I totally love love love being 43kg!!!


Age: 19 odd
Thoughts: Want to finally get a job. Need to look matured.
Look: Matured! A bit old! And i look more trust-worthy right.
And ta-dang~ I got to fly for a while with this picture. Lol. Not really, it's with luck.

And i fly fly fly~~~

Like a lil' birdie bird~~~ Bird~~~ Bird~~~

To Hong Kong!!!
Age: 20
Thoughts: Hopeful of a better than best life.
Look: Hopefully happy, right? Got such thing? I think so, even complexion also so good back then.

SO. My advice is for everyone to stay happy, positive and please remember to heck-care some things. As for what, i don't know. But for sure we can't be careful about every single thing, every single people. And.. If we have to move on in life anyway, we might as well make good.

I am happy, cox i believe i am!
And then i really am ^.^

Your Happy Q at 21.

27 August 2008


I am totally very hiao.

Ho Liao

That means Good Stuff. I am going to share some good stuff with you all lovelies okay.

1) Ba Wang Herbal Shampoo is REALLY GOOD. The one that is for damaged hair and split ends. It is the best shampoo i ever tried for my dry hay of hair. And i don't even need to use the conditioner for it to be soft and smooth. But it's kinda like.. Very smelly.

2) Make your own tasty bread pudding in one minute. Buy some 3 in 1 oat drink, and then soak your bread in it. HAHA. So smart right. And it taste quite good.

3) Only for Tampinesian, ASTON is opening an EXPRESS OUTLET in TAMPINES!!! Weeeeee~ And HA HA HA, it's damn near my place. Yes! Food!!! Food!!! Fooood! (F you, you call this aneroxic!?)

Okay, no more~ ^.^

I really need to eat more mooncakes (free sample). Haha.. That day i walked past this famous neighbourhood bakery, and then the girl keep asking aunties to try, totally ignore my existence. Haha.. But anyway, so i ask her to let me try the white lotus, and then in case she thinks i am some cheapskate who's just out to try free sample, I BOUGHT A PEICE OF MOONCAKE FROM HER. It's $1.50. Haha. Not very nice.

I haven't ate the piget mooncake in a basket this year, you know which one? Last time 3 for $1. Now 80cents minimum okay! Sigh.

And then i finally finally got to eat the burger cookies that i have been searching high and low for. My sweetheart 3rd sis bought it the other day when we had our sisters outing.

You know previously i was showing off my friends and what not right, and then it just stop. ALL BECAUSE my stupid HUNKY friend decided to send me a zipped file of 30 over meg. You tell me, 30 over meg, is he still my friend? He wants to jam my computer like totally! So i could only rip this from his blog, but i am also not hinting him to down size the pictures and send me lah.. No need lah.. But if he doesn't mind, of course it'd be good. HAHA.

I actually just came in to tell you all that i am still very sure that i wanna lose weight on the 1st of September, that's why i eat a lot now. HAHA.

长娥的妹妹, 烧鹅


24 August 2008

Weird People Makes Me Wanna Shite

And it's good. Cox i have quite bad constipation. Like i'd usually PooPoo only once every 3-4 days. Unless on special occasion.

So last time i pp, it was thanks to the stimulation of pictures of super weird so-called models. I don't know if you guys ever chance upon blogs, gallery or forum where they showcase 'models'. If you don't, maybe you can ask me in private on the links. HAHA.

Neeways, it's something like this.

Awkward. Awkward. And.. Awkward?

I know, my version if actually not that bad *proud* (And ovbiously very confident that some stupid spammers will still come back and read my lovely blog, purposely must spike them).

So i'd show you some pictures for example.Err.. Just weird?
Weird hands and that expression.

Anyway, i swear i have seen worst pictures than these two. But those are local girls lah, i don't dare to show. Haha.. Singapore's too small to have direct enemies. LOL.

Back to how weird picturs might affect our bowels, i was browsing through some pictures from a online community and then immediately i feel like passing motion. It gives you the goosebumps especially when they say they are professional models.

Lastly, if you have constipation, maybe i know how to help ; )


14 August 2008

Tell Me I Am Very Smart

This is how i look like now, 100% raw like rotten RAW.. Meat. Haha.

Sieh Er Xin.

Day in day out.. It's sadness. But maybe, just maybe, it'd get better soon.

That aside, i had a bad bad bad migraine yesterday and it was the worst attack i ever had. Twice in a damn month?! Sigh, is it the 7th month or is it just me thinking too much?!

Neeways, i wanna show you that i am quite a smartass at this. Haha.

See, 100% untouched.Erm.. Obvious oily face, pimple-infested, dull forehead, round nose, chubby face, curly new grown hair, yellow teeth.. Hmm, okay, eyes very nice thou. HAHAHA.
Poof, i am a tai tai who can affoard to do anything (through photoshop at least).

Sigh, you know what i mean, if you can't do it in real, at least look good on picture. Next time need one to put lorry head, you also want like 80% of your picture to look nice enough to be considered right. LOL. I hope no one in my family actually really love the blonde one in the last post. HAHAHA..

And to take my ingenuity to a higher step,
100% Raw file okay.. Then wait you see..

Suddenly very chio right! See told everyone i need a nose job! Actually i need much much more than a nose job. Anyway! Someone tell my family i want this picture next time even thou the cap look damn weird.

Hahaha.. Tell me who is smarter, the photographer, retouch artiste or the model herself? All me me me!!! Okay, i am just trying to destress okay.

YongMing (My hunky friend, WHAHAHAHAHA)'s picture coming up next~

Oh oh! The badminton thingy would most probably be at Tampines CC, Teddi, good for us right! LOL~

P.S Someone send me your own face shot to play with leh!!!


08 August 2008

Dora & Jia

Annoucement, please pay attention. Does anyone knows where to get this kind of candies in strawberry or grape flavour? This one here is Strawberry, Delphina ever bought the grape one for me, and then i bought this Strawberry one myself, and it's sooooo small, but it cost 50cents!!! You can see ah, smaller than my fingers. BUT!!!!!! Nice.. Nice.. NICE! Anyone knows where to get like one big packet or something? Maybe cheaper like that. It's made in Japan! No wonder so good!

Okay, back to Dora and Jia..

We were supposed to meet at Lavendar MRT station at 6.30pm. Then it was 8.30pm already and Dora's handphone was still off-ed.
MissyJayelle along with her REAL Gucci in.. MRT station?
Haha.. Like, whatever, right?

Jia said that my REBONDED hair was kinda good. And she followed by saying she know i'd blog about her praising me (and my beautiful hair) cox my blog is all full of shit and bo liao stuff. Hahahah. She's right!!!

Being Dora's really close friends, Jia and i was of course frantic.

So.. What friends do for each other.. Is this.

Neeways she was still in her training, so we headed from Lavendar to Changi Airport. We are pretty nice friends right.

On the skytrain
My simple (actually trying to act 清纯 and young) outfit.
Jia and her act-rich outfit. HAHAHA.
And yes! With her REAL Gucci!

Then we had POPEYE Chicken!!! Weeeeee~

Dora's spoiler-finger.
Spoiler face. JUST KIDDING! What the heck you saying about my friend?! Dora's pretty asian-bollywood starlet face!
Er, okay, the real spoiler face.

Going home!!!
Only boring people wears white & black. Hahaha.. Interesting people.. Wear blue jacket, white teeshirt and canvas skirt.
Lovely Jia!
Lovely Us!
And don't know why JiaLing like damn big in this picture. Must be angle. I gotta learn that.

I hope that Dora will have a safe trip. And will always bring along the love with her =D Love from me! And i hope JiaLing.. Will find a boyfriend soon! She not gan jeong but i am! I don't even know what kind of guys would be so lucky to have her and her bag of crap jokes.

Haha.. Must show off all my friends to you all.


06 August 2008

Pictures not Punctual!

So U Are The One ended I KNOW! But yesterday i wore the pretty singlet ShiYing & ShiQian gotten me for my 21st, i so miss them! But it was so late at night i thought i shan't disturb them with my mushy i miss you message. Haha.. Then Rachelle (no blog link, who knows her blog address if any?!) was so sweet to sms the other day. Haiyah~ All very sweet!

Supposedly UATO Part3.
Totally bored at the recording studio waiting for the guys to sing properly. HAHA.
Yes, damn bored.

Then hungry.

Xris & SY doing the Meow~!

Haha.. My pretty legs. HAHA. Cox too bored you know!
The guys took soooo long to record!

Then it's to the dancing part. Most right of the picture is Xris, totally into in okay. Haha.. And then she has the version of hip-hop remix dance to 日不落. OH!!! This is the day like 8 (including the production team) people wore blue together!!! Not planned! So heng right?! I went to buy Toto but never hit!


So what happened to this poster at Mediacorp recept?

And lastly, randomly, my thick eyebrow and i!

I had a migraine today (F, F, F). But don't worry, i am good now. Must be too much of Sudokuing.

Neeways, i am seeing Dora tomorrow before she flies off like a lil' birdie soon~ Maybe she'd be a Sparrow if she's a bird. Maybe i'd be a crow. HAHAHA. No, Jayelle is a crow. I'd be a chicken or a duck. HAHAHA. Okay, ignore me.

Is there duck nugget?


02 August 2008

I want to be mixed blood, CAN?! Please!

If only i am mixed blood, i will have the rights to hazel eyes, rosy cheeks and sharp nose! Now must use photoshop, one whole life time must use photoshop! =(((

I don't know why i put this bang in lah, got bang look more oriental-beauty. Haha.

Aiyo.. I really should start the diet like FOR REAL! Okay, Monday shall be the day okay. PLEASE KEEP TO IT, Qiuting!

I was at Robinson @ RafflesCity, man the changing room is super spacious. It's really good! And then the sales personnel all so professional and friendly. Isn't it good like that, people taking pride in what they do.

And then Sim Lim Square, i noticed since like ages ago, their toilet is forever so clean.


Today 4D never hit, maybe tomorrow i will stirke it rich =D


I promise i won't be the kind who'd throw in two thousand links and make you follow. But if i throw in a link, it should be good okay. GO!!! It's like, why my friend never get damn hot! I listen and listen, it should be a hit! Anyone wanna help me call 93.3fm or any hot station and ask them to play this song?! Please?! ^.^