21 May 2016

Mummy and Meredith - 1 Year 1 Month

HELLOOO~~ This took really long haha but at least i'm still blogging =DDD

Although micro-blogging is so much easier and the response rate is much higher, i still very much enjoy putting things in my online diary.. O.O Instagram though is like my photo album haha. And you know what they say.. Picture speaks a thousand words lol so i am quite a writer on IG also lol.

How have you guys been..? Are you a better person than a month ago? Have you changed as compared to a year ago? Have you grown as a person, did your life change? Is it better or worst? I wanna know.. Becox i really feel like a changed person in the past month. I no longer feel trapped.

I feel empowered becox it's almost like i died and got a second chance to live again.

And for that, everyday i am thankful.

And i really hope those whom i don't know IRL, who have given me support in one way or another, with a comment on my blog / instagram.. With a heartfelt email.. With snapchat message and drawing.. With a hug when you guys see me at event.. With little handmade gift to cheer me up..

Or even if in your heart, you sent me a little thought to wish for me to get better..

All these put together with the love and support from my family and friends..

And becox of your kind hearts and kind words.. I am me again. Things might not be good but at least i am me again.. Brave, cheerful, positive, strong and happy.

So thank you.. Each and everyone of you. I was telling Josh how everyone needs setbacks in life.. You can't just keep running becox then you'd miss out on a lot of things. We need setbacks in life to remind us to slow down, to look at the people around us.

Who are those who's pushing us, helping us..

And who are those who's tripping us.. Slowing us down, dragging and wearing us out..

We need setbacks to see and appreciate the ones who make us.. And to bid goodbye to the people who make us.... damn fucking pek chek LOL.

And at the same time we gotta slow down and look at what we did wrong. How we can be better. How we can undo hurt done on people unintentionally when we were hurrying our way through.

I hope if you're going through a difficult phase, you will know that this is not permanent. This pain is not permanent. Your problem is not permanent. You will be better. You will either be a better person, or you will meet better people, or your situation will get better by you walking away to elsewhere.

The wounds you bear and heal are beautiful.

Your strength is beautiful.

You are beautiful.

What the heck is wrong with me LOLOL. Sorry if my blogpost got a little awkward for those who are perfectly happy. Then you won't feel the power of good kind words hahaha.


Okay awkward time over. 当我没说过 LOL.

Josh helping me prep the dessert table for Cheesie's baby shower and her belated birthday celebration haha! We bought the balloons from Givefun it's so easy to make a pretty party with Givefun!
The stars arrived haha. With Junjun giving a cute pout hahaha!
Suddenly Cheesie so popular wor hahah!
One with my favourite mama friend!!!
Who got Meredith a belated birthday present hahaha. It's a crazy huge Sylvanian Family house!!!
That day Junjun like me a bit more wor becox i bribe him with raspberry cookies hahaha. Erm the last time we ask him for his ranking, he rank me below everyone, even below rubbish.. But just above negi (spring onion, which he hates lolol). But it's okay he rank Meredith under negi LOLOL.
Cheeky little one haha.
That day Meredith happy loh, she loveeee the balloons haha. And sneak a few mouthful of cake haha.
Love this picture, Cheesie laugh until so happy and Junjun laugh until so forced HAHAHA.
Next day Xuan Xuan came with my family.. She's soooooooo cute and cheeky now!!! A little bit of a big sister model, a little bit of naughty little sister to Yurou haha. She followed Meredith through the house.. And kept trying to kiss her hahaha.
Succeed. Hhahah.
Yuxuan and Meredith went to a corner by themselves..
And Yuxuan offered her lemon LOLOL.
"Eeeek! You gimmie lemon i don't want friend you!" Haha!
We were at Sijie's Pizza Hut meetup session haha. There were SOoooo much food *hearteyes*
"Free one i eat more" Lolol. My whole family crash their session for free food LOLOL *no shame*
See Xuan Xuan so happy here!!!!
And this troll doll look-alike also very happy haha. Yurou look even more matured and sensible beside them both omg.
My lucky day - 左拥右抱!
Went to SEA Aquarium with Cheesie and Junya! Very touristy hor hahaha.
Their little moment haha. Meredith was excited about the big fishes she would point at them and ask me to see. Junya is very fascinated by the smaller but beautiful fishes. He will say some of them are kawaii and some kirei wthhh! And he's usually quite accurate!!! Cute and beautiful also can judge lol.
Meredith trying to hug Junya i don't know why LOL.
After that we went to Boufe where Meredith has her fill of their truffle fries =X Which is soooo good!
"Now please clap for me"
SUPER SHIOK THIS HONEY DRIZZLED WING T__T Crispy, juicy maximum and subtly sweet.
Meredith also learn how to use a fork for the first time! Usually we let her try spoon haha.
Prawn aglio olio with soooo many prawns that are fat and fresh lol.
Truffle mushroom pasta really is no regrats not a single letter man. None. I eat i gain weight that day, i no regrats. LOL.
怪叔叔 offering Meredith rubber ducky LOL.
Pictures from Cheesie camera! Haha.
That day was aquarium day so we were all dressed in blue and white hehe! So fun to do mummy and baby outings like this!!! Next time we got one more little baby Sakuraaaaaa T__T Bliss.
Home and settled for bedtime stories. This part where the tiger mummy says "Come here, little one, it's time for a great big cuddle!" Meredith will come and cuddle me or plop herself on my lap T___T Maybe you all don't know but i spent the most money on her books omg. She has soooooo many books that's why we donate old books (but in good condition) quite often!!!
Before she sleep, see who she pointing and sayang-ing LOL. Some more show me and smile wor. My daughter is in a one-sided relationship LOL.
Everyday must watch Xuan Xuan jiejie and Yurou jiejie haha. Whenever Meredith get together with the dad she become damnnn lepak one omg.
I cut her hair.. Again =XXX Ask her "Who cut your hair?" And she goes "Ohr hor......" =_=" Hahaha!
"You're gonna get it from everyone, mummy"
"Ohr hor...."
"Had a bad haircut, need some retail therapy" LOL. But seriously though, she lovessss to walk around the house with her sling bags (she will sling it on herself if she can reach for one).
Meredith, always be so sweet okay.. Every morning must snuggle close..
Mummy note: I took up live hosting and i was a total noobshit haha. But hey, never try never know! Now i know liao i stay clear. Not everyone is meant to do everything LOL. But i was still happy! To do something new in a long time! When was the last time you did something new!
Meredith fell sick with flu and slight fever though =( Becox she was teething. But we took it quite seriously and brought her to see the doctor a few times haha #kiasuparents
Oh she also really really love necklaces omg lolol. Still can hiu ah hiu the necklaces to dance and show me. One time must wear 2-4 necklaces then happy lolol.
Godma always come visit with the best gifts haha. Meredith is very very blessed to have adults to love her!!!
Hosting again haha. No edit my face at all wor. I look cute here =)) HAHAH.
Learn how to pretend tired when she doesn't wanna eat anymore hahahaha.
Fol her fever went away and then within 2 days she broke out into this which we thought were rashes but actually just fake measles which is normal to break out after a fever and there's no need to do anything to it. We only know that after we brought her to see the doctor again =_=" We really need to chill man hahaha.
Becox the clinic is near my Erjie's workplace we went to say hi haha. It's always awesome to go find erjie becox she will bring us for food or fun hahaha.
Hosting one of the days again and popping by to say hi to Rachell at their flea booth selling donuts!!!
Next day i host again, she pop by with truffle fries and drinks and whatnot omg =D XIE XIE~ 很多事情是这样的, 好来好去最好 =))) Have faith that people are kind and appreciative so all the more you have to be the same to them instead of taking advantage of them =)))
With the models and ambassadors for Biore UV roadshow!!! They are all super duper nice and hardworking!!!
When you try to take a flatlay and your daughter think she is a Biore product =___= Haha!
When you walk in on your husband waiting excitedly for his daughter to come seek him in a game of hide-and-seek and she never came, never cared =))) HAHAHA. Sorry, Josh.
Day out with ganma haha. She go and buy this silly handbag which looks like a OL lunch bag wtf. Then the romper also she buy one, i say it's not Meredith's style. She ask who am i to decide Meredith's style wor. 我也不过是她妈妈而已, 我何德何能决定她穿什么衣服, 你说对吧? =))) LOLOL.
"你们大家都不要再吵了. 让我一个人安静的想一想我到底喜不喜欢这套衣服......"
"嗯! 不错, 我洗番!!! 嘻嘻" Haha..
Really machiam she knows sia this Meredith..
Want to offer help to ganma somemore haha.
 "I just want to try ma.."
"Don't want don't want loh.."
Off to ganma's house for steamboat =DDD Mich is the best. She will always have kani and quail eggs and luncheon meat and mushroom meat balls for usssss~ ALL MY FAVOURITEEE~ Haha.
Happy family =)))
One of the last few days of live hosting with these cute girls~
Saw Liese posted this and say their favourite balloon is the one in the middle HAHAHA. And they hashtag Bong球球 wth hahahaha. So cute hor. Love love love to work with nice people =DDD
Home to my family =))) Where Josh and Yuxuan were sharing a moment lol.
And my dad was creating his own moment =_=" HAHA. Josh and i got building blocks for him cox scared he bored over the weekend at our place especially when Meredith is napping. He first day don't want to play wor, say it's for kids cox it's so big piece...
Next day build a double decker bus for the dolls LOLOL. Proud of you, papa. LOLOL.
Meredith influencing Xuan Xuan with the sling bag trend hahahah.
Sijie brought the whole family out for buffet =DDD The buffet suck mostly but the time was really enjoyable cox we rarely can go out in such a big group!
Meredith is filled with so much love seriously. She will wave hi to almost everyone who gives her eye contact.. And kiss all the little beings from small babies to little kids. To all her toys haha.
My baby is growing up into a understanding little kid. While i was out working, my helper send me this and say she will sit there and watch TV and wait if my helper say please wait while she clean the room. Big sensible girl!
One moment she's feeding ang gu kueh to the little cat that Rachell got for her.. Next moment feeding the cat to Meetoo her doll =___= HAHAHA. Not so sensible afterall haha.
Last day of live hosting!!!
Having fun at work haha.
It was Mothers' Day =)))
Sanjie went to my place..
Took some silly pictures..
And brought everyone to come join me and my mother for a mothers' day celebration in town =) Erm please look at my dad and sanjie hahahah why are they so short!!! HAHA. And then the next question is.. Why am i then so tall!!! I must be picked up from the rubbish chute.
My family help me take care of Meredith for 30 minutes cox they already ate, i haven't. So Josh went to bring me to try this curry rice for the first time haha. Happy Mothers' Day to me hehe.
He also got me chocolates. I totally don't expect it becox last year was my first Mothers' Day we also never do anything special at all lolol. But later tell me he need to be honest with me, that he got me these expensive chocolates becox he had some vouchers with him that our friend gave to us for Meredith's first birthday WTFFFFF HAHAHA NIAO PIAO GIAN BNG GIAM GANA!!! LOL!
My Mothers' Day present everyday.. When i open my eyes =))) That's all i have for you..
A vlog of Meredith at 1 year 1 month old.. =))