30 December 2014

My 2014 in Summary

Good morning.. It's almost the end of 2014.. I look back and i think "Omfg so much things happened" but then what i'm really feeling is.. HOW DID TIME PASS SO QUICKLY?!

As i did so every year.. I'd do a wrap up of my year.. It's SO crazy, the things i did and the things that happened to me. Things that i'm most grateful for.. =')

January - Successfully completed my Invisalign at Orchard Scotts Dental after a 10 months course! Dr Ronnie Yap is really one of the most caring, sincere and friendly person i've met T.T I am very thankful.

February - Became ambassador for PENTAX ^.^ Photoshoot post is here.

March - Travel to Japan as Cool Japan ambassador along with Wendy and Cheesie!

April - Went to Japan for a holiday and to touch the magic tree in Hakone for baby luck! Haha!
Also saw Sakura for the first time in my lifeeee~ =DDD

May - Bid goodbye to my old face and went to Korea for surgeries. And went through hell of a recovery process in Korea. Going through this round of surgeries made me see even more clearly how blessed i am to have awesome family support and a husband who love me for me, no matter how tough it is for him to have to take care of me and my diet and my stubborn (selfish) life choices ='))

June - Celebrated my birthday ^.^

July - Found out that i got pregnant =OOO So i started documenting my baby diary from July!!!

August - Blogged about my surgeries recovery 3 months post-op!!! Omg i miss my face post recovery T.T Really abit FML cox just when i recover from surgery swelling, i get fatness from pregnancy haha!

September - Continuation of my baby and mum diary and lead a very.. PIGOUT LIFE =XXX There goes my first trimester. It was bad but nice lol! I basically eat and sleep most of my life away.

October - Went to Hong Kong with family =DDD And found out that our baby is gonna be a girl~!!! =DDD Also made a short trip to Malacca for Hello Kitty guesthouse ^.^

November - Seeing my baby's facial structure for the first time =')) WELCOMING MY NEW BABY NEICE YUXUAN!!!!!! ♥︎

December - Went on our babymoon to Japan =) This series of pictures continues. Haha.

And that sums up my 2014..

In 2013 i was really grateful becox it was so good. 2013 was so good to me. I know 2014 would be even better but i didn't expect it to be SO good O.O Like omg? I got pregnant, finally?!

And 2015 is looking pretty neat with all the endorsements and engagement settled for baby and me and we know there's just more to come.. Plus we should be moving in 2015!!! So it's gonna be hectic, but fulfilling. Especially becox i'd learn how to be a mom to my own baby.. Finally =')) Thank you for this opportunity, life.. Thank you, The Universe for FINALLY bringing this to me ='DDD I envy people around me for very long already!!! Haha! This is classic example of Dan Gu Dio Wu!!! Haha!

So with a very thankful heart, i look forward to 2015 becox i know it's got more to offer.

And i thank everyone in advance for being a part of it. I grew up the past 6.5 years with you guys, everyday or every other day through my blog. I shared my happiness (mostly) and sadness (rarely) and anger (often haha!) with you guys and i don't know how motherhood will change me next year..

But i promise you i'd keep sharing. Simply cox i love blogging so much =)

Thank YOU for reading me =))

28 December 2014

Babymoon in Japan Part 2


It seems like a crazy week right?! With the holiday season, gatherings, happening online and all.

I think it's the longest and one of the most interesting week online.

Anyway here's just a more light-hearted post of my babymoon ^.^ Warn you all first, super lotsa camhoring lolol cox go Yoyogi Park for what's left of autumn. Though it was pretty much winter already when we were there.

Woke up and first thing we did before makeup or anything is to go for ramen~!!! =DDD The gyoza is sooooo good. I rarely like anything with meat filling =X Becox mostly very fat and cannot chew through cox a lot of 筋. But i love this one it's sooooo juicy inside!
Looks like a feast for a morning haha.
The "magical" milk pudding. It really say something like 魔法. Hahaha. I think it means magical becox it really melts into milk in your mouth!!! =OOO I had this on my previous trip, so happy i could have it again!!! I don't know the name of this ramen shop but they have lotsa outlets i think!
Went to Kiddy Lane to get some toys and gifts haha. Kiddy Lane is right behind my apartment. Major love. I saw a hor bao dan keychain that looks like the real thing but it was a display item and the rest are sold out T.T Major heartbroken.
Went to have the takoyaki again on our way back to the apartment. Michelle say she LoveBonito flakes. LOLOL. Stupid.
Went back to the apartment for makeup and head out again~ Lighting extra good or what.
Josh and i ^.^
Stop by Colombia Patisserie for their famous Harajuku milk roll since it's on the way to Yoyogi Park.
Told Josh to act yi ge blogger and camho with strawberry shortcake near his face hahahaha.
And that's how a real blogger do it. Act yi ge smelling it with eyes closed.. WITH, a professional photobomber at the corner looking creepy. Hahaha!
BESTEST HONEY PANCAKE EVER? Inside got oozing honey one i got tell you all before right?! This Mich was telling the server to put the whipped cream and the pancakes separately cox she don't take dairy products. She was communicating in Japanese with the server and after she's done i'm like "OMG MICHELLE NI HEN LI HAI LEH?!?!?!" I thought she damn zai can speak such fluent Japanese. But she tell me she cannot she only tried her best in basic Japanese words. End up the pancake still come like that HAHAHAHHA #Fail I take back my compliments lol!
Reached Yoyogi Park and was very very scared cox all i see is botak trees~!!! Where's the red leaves and yellow leaves~!!!! But still very beautiful and scenic lah =))
Taking in the Japanese air..
Camho caught on cam haha.
Can be movie poster not this one. Movie title "东京姐妹花  秋天的尾巴" LOLOL. GROSS.
Ready for selfies and portraits overload..?
Found ONE tree with red leaves and got super excited~!!!!! My hat is from rosebullet!!! Scarf from WEGO ^.^ Bought it in Japan for SGD $13 =O Super affordable for the quality!!!
One more~
Three of us~
Can you tell it's super major cold O.O My nose felt like it was gonna freeze and drop off hahaha.
This Mich insist on profile angle cox she say her nose bridge very nice haha.
Her $15 boots from GU and mine from ESPERANZA Japan!!! I LOVE THEIR SHOES! So massive comfy and i got them for $50 =XXX Quite ex but it was $200 plus!!!
Nice picture of Mich having fun kicking the leaves lol.

Everyday i am in Japan, all i think about is.. I wonder what kind of shop i'd randomly walk into.. What kind of food i might order (though i'm usually very boring and safe with food hahaha it's either sushi, ramen or tempura HAHA) and what i might find and be amazed by along the way..

Also.. What to buy from the combini for supper and breakfast ^.^ Japan really is my happy place.

Lai liao 东京姐妹花 lai liao. Hahahaha.
♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ 
♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ 
Backlit. Camhoed like 10 pictures with this awesome background sunlight but only one (this one) could (barely) make it to posting T.T Becox my face is just soooo bloated lol.
But somehow Josh can make me look nice in pictures still ^.^ My bag is from rosebullet also!!! They very nice leh, let me go pick a few items for my trip, and then i buy a few more items from them!!! So that my outfits for the entire trip look like they are very Janapense-fied. Lolol.
Er.. When Josh is not taking pictures of me.. Hahaha. I think he rather snap pictures of these non-living things. Cox if he snap pictures of me i'd be like "Mei ma? Okay ma? Mei bu mei? Ke yi ma? Huh?" Lololol. If i'm him i'd kill me to shut me up.
And this~!!!!! Of Mich camhoing and me talking. 我讲话都酱美的吗?
Soft focus.. Love the pictures so muchhhh thank you Josh~!!!!!!! Capture my last trip before baby pop, so beautifully T.T I don't know after baby pop liao will i still be keen to do so much selfies and whatnot hahah. Maybe it'd all be pictures of my baby O.O
My baby loves to bump into Mich.
拍电影 meh Michelle?
After 20 shots of trying to kick the leaves for a soft and fun effect.. This is the best we got. HAHA. Looks more like a underground monster tryna surface. Lol.

Le Lena Fujii appears. LOL. I love this light and soft series!!! YOU MEI YOU HEN VIVI?! Lolol.

Reviewing this picture when we got back to Singapore and told Josh "Darling, 不要看我现在 bui zut bui zut. I still got it" LOL. Totally posing and werking it, excuse me?! Lolol.

Mich and i ^.^ So happy to be able to have her companion for this trip in Japan~!!! Husband + good friends + baby + Japan = GOOD TIME!!!
Baby your mama and your gan ma haha. Want milk can find mama. Want money please find gan ma.
Last few already lah..
The background is just too beautiful T.T Thank you Japan..
Very stupid this one we were just spinning hahahaha.
Okay enough fun. Rest time for our feet. No, really. I was actually tired so we all sat down at some random bench but still look picture-worthy haha.

Okay i hope you like the pictures too~!!!

Gotta go out now to do some grooming for tomorrow's photoshoot with Yurou!!! We are gonna be shooting for Lzzie =DDD So excited. Always nice to work with brands i love~ =DD

I'd update again soon! You guys enjoy the Sunday!!! Byebye!!!