29 April 2011


My apologies!!! noLabel buffet totally got cleared out today!!! Shop opened at 12pm, supposed to last til 10pm but was cleared out (inclusive of stocks catered for next two days of the buffet) at 3pm. So i don't know if they should thank you all for clearing out their store or say sorry to those who missed it. Haha.

Maybe both! But no worries! On their Facebook they promise more exciting events coming up!

I am sorry to those who missed it! And to those who Q-ed but didn't get to shop. HALLO! Why you no use my advice! I say ELBOW SHOVE everyone else!!! Lololol.

And they have new stocks in the store now! So don't forget to check those out too!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

NOW I AM SERIOUS, you'd need to read my post here to know the easiest way to get to noLabel at Bugis.

You will want to know.

Yeah the china bag at the background isn't exactly a good way to start with but..

IT'S ALL PRETTY CLOTHES IN IT! Along with the clothes on the rack, and all the stocks that noLabel has.

But pretty so what, right? If it's expensive you also no likey. Lol.

Okay okay, this is where you have to thank noLabel.


The noLabel BUFFET!!!

YES! Like any other actual buffet you go to, you pay ONE PRICE, and then you eat all you can! In this case, you GRAB ALL YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF GET OUT OF MY WAY!!! *elbow-shove*

Lolol. So please do yourselves a favour, scroll up and open the link in another window, you'd wanna see how find your way there before everyone.

The typical price range at noLabel ranges from twenty plus to thirty plus.

Now for $35 nett, you get to bring home ANY AMOUNT OF PIECES you're able to squeeze into the carrier!!!

The buffet is gonna start this Saturday (30th April) and will end on Monday (2nd May).

But i say first huh, noLabel do have sufficient stocks to run the buffet for three days but i'm predicting the prettiest pieces will be snatched off on the first day so i suggest you visit over the weekend, TOMORROW IS THE BEST!

So you have all the crucial information. Here's what you may expect to find!

The black flora mesh dress you see above..

Denim-like material with polka dot designs! =D

Best part is the collar! When i button it up, i look like a good girl. Lol.

Love the "oooh i'm so soft" feel to this dress!

Cute not my leopard preens top!

Not forgetting the sparkly black high skirt!!! the material is very smooth and a little little bit furry kind! I don't know what material is it but it's comfy!!!

Something loud for work? If not this red dress (comes with belt) has a vintage, cocktail dress feel to it so you could wear it for high tea? =D

If red is too loud for you, grab these nude/ dusty pink/ white/ grey into your buffet bag ^.^ They'd be perfect for work! Love the nude chiffon top i'm wearing!!! Has small pleats details, sweet and demure, is just so me. Lololol. Kidding~

A chic grey dress with gathers to the side and unique sleeves cutting.
Okay enough of all the work wear!!!

THIS IS LOVE!!!! If you don't grab this two pieces from the buffet you're missing out! Becox it's my favourite piece! Got look like korean or not?

And not forgetting the love for the boys! noLabel has outfits for guys too!!! How you like the pink/white stripes pants i picked out! I think i'd style Budget Ken in this! Haha.

Like any of the pieces i feature in this post? There's MORE varieties in store for you at the buffet! So remember to head down to noLabel tomorrow! Grab-all-you-can buffet ends on Monday!

Follow them on Facebook HERE for more good deals or send them any enquiries there!

27 April 2011

I very li hai

I make good Aglio Olio. And nobody taught me how to. It's self-taught. Lol.

Had my first Aglio Olio a few years back, and i remember thinking, "HUH?? Why so expensive?! It's only spaghetti with garlic, pepper and chili padi!!!"

So i set on the journey to make the World's Best Aglio Olio. Lol. Kidding, it's not world's best (becox i never go compete LOL) but it's very yummy, okay, if i may say, it's yummier that 70% of all the restaurants here serve.

You know what, make it 80%. LOLOL.

Trust me!!! The key difference of MY Aglio Olio and ANY OTHER Aglio Olio is the TIME taken to cook. You eat in restaurant, they have no time to let the oil (which the pasta will be tossed in) take in the flavours of the garlic and pepper and chili padi.

Like seriously, seriously, when i was at the supermarket buying all the ingredients, i could hear all of them shouting out to me! "PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! I wanna be part of your wonderfully yummy creation!!!" O.O Yeah....

So are you ready for the World's Top 20% Yummiest Aglio Olio?

Okay, here we go.

Get ready:

1 - Olive oil
2 - Grounded black pepper (This is the powdery kind. It's optional)
3 - Coarse black pepper
4 - Your choice of pasta
6 - Your choice of add-on, i suggest Bacon/ Mushroom/ Prawn
7 - Chili padi (if you can't take spicy food, you can skip this or put lesser but add more pepper)
8 - Basil leave (optional, i was just trying to impress my bf by using herbs LOL)
9 - SALT (SORRY i forgot to add that in the picture!)

 Step one: Cook the pasta. ADD SALT and PASTA into boiling water.
Usually when it turns to a pale yellow, it's cooked.
Or you can try to poke/ bite one of it to check if it's done. Lol.

Step Two: Prepare the ingredients.

I only have one cooking pan at home so i actually did this AFTER the pasta was cooked but if you have an extra pan at home, and a maid who can do all the dishes after you cook, then prepare the ingredients when the pasta is cooking.

I sliced the bacon streaks into three parts. So i get bite size chunks when it's done. And then prepare the garlic. I like the chunky kind, but you can of course slice it.

But, if you're gonna make the World's Top 20% Yummiest Aglio Olio, then follow what i do. LOLOLOL.

 Pan-fry your bacon to however degree you like it, i like it 87% crispy crunchy, 13% chewey oily. If you get what i mean. I know, professional-eater-wannabe-chef's lingo is hard to understand. Lolol.

Step Three: Making the pasta wait and cool down. Drain the hot water off and run it through cold (tap) water. Your pasta will then be QQ one! Then drain the cold water and add olive oil to your pasta and toss it evenly so that your pasta will not stick to each other while you work on the rest of the pasta.

Step four: Making THE DIFFERENCE, the base.

Heat the pan up, add olive oil to heat, then add garlic and chili padi.

 Then add all the pepper and salt. I'm using sea salt thou. Make sure you keep stir-frying it. I suggest you to add a little bit more oil so you can work the flavours out into the oil.

As to how much to add, i leave it up to your mood. LOL. Really, then every meal you whip up, will be a unique piece of art. Lololol. Bullshit. Lol. Just add however much you want. The more the yummier.

It should look something like that. If the garlic is browner with a slightly crispy outer layer, even better.

 Step five: Toss the pasta into the pan of mixture and toss it. Do this on low heat.

Step six: Add in the prepared bacon and leaves of basil and toss the pasta evenly.

TADAH~~~ I present to you the World's Top 20% Yummiest Aglio Olio!!!

Where you can taste the FULL FLAVOUR of the essential ingredient! Say no to restaurants who serve you spaghetti tossed in olive oil and pepper, with chili padi and garlic as garnish.

30 minutes, 9 ingredients, 6 step, only ONE Master Chef.


How, you likey? =DDD

24 April 2011

QWeekly - The girls

Went out with Mich and Zhen the other evening.. Supposedly to relive our teenage years.. When we hang around Bugis Village aimlessly, i buy 3 for $10 clothes/ $5 clothes and shoes and they wait for me for ages to sift out the good stuff and i wait for them while they buy normal priced clothes. Lol.
But Zhen was late so Mich and i walked around, i bought two pieces of clothes at $5 each and one pair of wedges at $5 =DDD I VERY LI HAI right!!! Show you again!

Zhen came and we went for dinner. Yes i know.. You find me boring already. So typical right? Shopping and yet have no picture of the loot to show, eating and no picture of what i ate.. Totally unprofessional. Lolol. BUT!!!

Mich brought some makeups out and we're supposed to do a mini makeover for each other! =DDD I LOVE TO PLAY DOLL UP!!! So we very not shy, we did the makeover at the back of the fast food restaurant. Lolol.

This is me before the makeover. I know, it's already quite made-up. Lolol.
But no worries, we can always exaggerate the look.

My office lady friend, Michelle. Good complexion.. But no soul. Lol.
I'm gonna give her a character that speaks to people.

All the makeup she brought.. It's actually super limited. Like only got eyeliner which are mainly all DARK DARK green, blue, brown, black -.-" So it all looks the same after applying.

After we do open number dididi, Mich was chosen to go first. Lol. FHLTTM. Lololol!!!
I say we should give her a icy-queen look. Lolol!!!

See the glitters on her eyes? ICY!!! And blue shadow cream on her lips. LOLOL!!!

The end result. Mich SPECIFICALLY asked me to add SUPER DUPER thick eyelashes for her and to add contacts for her also. My friends are closet famewhores. Lolol.

Icy queen scorned. I actually think Mich looks strangely cute here. Lolol.

Their revenge, my retribution. Lolol. I asked for Candydoll look =S I knew it was never gonna happen but i was hoping to get somewhere close like maybe.. Just cute? Lol.

End result. Pink eyeliner, lower lash drawn on using black eyeliner, three layers of blusher and tonnes of gold glitter on the lips. Candy meh? Doll meh? *demanding* Lolol. Okay lah mine is okay cox i already had shitload of makeup on as base. Lolol.

Yuzhen =DDD She's going for the punk rock look. Lolol. With a touch of Office Lady feel. Hahah! That's her acting sexy biting a finger. CANNIBALISM. Click! Lolol.

Zhen before the makeover. Lol. She won the most drastic-change award please.

Mich acting all sultry.

I say i want SEXY. You know, like Zhen, had a finger in the mouth kind of sexy. So Mich took out her mirror and practice. Hahaha!!! She really wanna do well and perform for you guys!!

HAHAHA. Can or not?

Then to Liang Seah for dessert.

Zhenie acting emo with the stare-far look..

And me! =DDD My hair still has a bit of greenish tinge on it but you can't really see in pictures now but under the sun, it's nice!!! =D See here for the initial colour!

21 April 2011


Before i start this, i want to ask you why you haven't like me at my Facebook page yet *chin shiver* Everyday got at least a few thousand people reading my blog, i don't believe all of you no love me!!! Go show me some love at my Facebook page! Thing is, there are pictures there that you haven't seen before! Go! I'm super paiseh! Only has 185 likes as of now, when i'm writing this. Tissue paper please.

So point of this entry is.. I've been marathoning the best parts of my favourite idol-dramas (directly translated from Ou Xiang Ju) til like 6am for the past many days and i'm getting very pissed.

I am VERY VERY picky and only watch those of which i know of the cast. So i don't watch a lot of these ou xiang jus BUT i think more or less they are about the same..

Rich dude, poor girl, bicker, fall in love, kena sabotaged/ disapproved of, cry, cry, cry. Finally get together. You know.. Same storyline with a different set of cast.

So one of the three that i re-watched most times is 命中注定我愛你.

Yeah, that's right, taking care of the girl when she's sick.. Sweet.. =))

Leaving her little notes here and there.. Awwwww~~~

Sayang-ing her head with so much love and affection.. WOoooooo~

Uh huh, this "I'm so in love with you and so happy to have you in my life" look works for me!!!

The proximity, the intensity of the love.. The looking intensely on the eyes, lips, eyes, lips that says "i'm looking at you.. And i wanna kiss you.." OOOOooooohoooo~~~ Beautiful!!!

So it was all the awkward loving moments.. The freshness of the ambiguity of starting to fall in love with someone.. The fun times.. The sad times, the jealousy.. The quarrel and making up. The holding on and letting go and getting back again.. All the thrills of falling in love..

THOSE as mentioned above, are what make my favourite idol drama DREAMY. And i love to laugh and cry and laugh along. And totally believe that such love stories DO happen in real life.

And then i'd think that my five years love life is boring and sucky and my bf gets shit from me becox i feel like he needs to impress me like how the dudes impress the ladies in such dramas, BUT DESPITE ALL THE TRAUMA I GO THROUGH watching ou xiang ju, i still watch!!!

To be able to feel the youthfulness of falling in love while watching drama, i can make my bf suffer a few days, i can feel sucky for a few days, but it's all okay!!! I don't ask for more, all i ask for is the magic to sustain at least through ALL the episodes.

BUT NO. They always have to get pregnant somehow, in the end =(((((((((

I don't know if i'm angry or sad!!!!!!!! It's not about the getting pregnant part! It's about.. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LEAVE THE MAGIC WHERE IT IS?????

Where the guy propose, the girl agrees, they both go fly kite.

Or where the guy finally ask to go steady with the girl, the girl say yes, they both go shop in a mall and hold hands and eat ice cream after dinner. YOU KNOW??? Make them do normal things that normal couple do so that normal people like me watching will feel like.. "Woo.. I do that with my bf too, YAY!"


It's like.. It leads me to think that this two person whom i find cute, and interesting (for me to watch them for 16 - 20 episodes of 1hour/episode) and innocent, HAVE HAD SEX.



Don't believe you see! It's DAMN frustrating one okay!!! 就想賴著妳 starring my boyfriend Jerry Yan and Ella also!!! In the drama, Ella is this innocent, simple, helpful and cheerful girl.

Sometimes she gets into trouble..

And she'd call my boyfriend..

Then he'd be rushing to help her. HEROIC and MANLY!!!

Simple care like this.. A shoulder to cry on.. Yes, the sayang of the head.. Awwwww....

See, same thing! The looking deep into the eyes..

And my bf proposing!!!!!! OKAY!!! WO JIA!!! WO JIA!!!!!

OKAY DE!!!!! WO OKAY!!!! QU WO QU WO!!!!! Lol!!!
So anyway, see, proposal also simple and sweet.


Like in their head, they'd be going through this thought-process..
"Hmm.. So i've written 10 over dramas of such.. 2 of which, the female lead fell sick and die.. How do i make this one a happy ending that signifies happily ever after.. OKAY! I'd make her pregnant! LOVE MY JOB it's so simple!"

See! PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not happily ever after enough, must have a five yro kid PLUS pregnant =(((
I don't want to know they keep having sex......... =(((

So now when i rewatch this two drama, i don't watch the final part of the episode. Cox all the sweetness turned ZERO!!!! Pui! So the best is still FULL HOUSE!

The sweet leaning on shoulder.. Watching the sunset.. Not talking.. Just smiling =)))

Then the bickering!!!

The petty fights..

Silly things they do for each other..

The biting!!! Hahaha!

And more biting!!!

And making up after all the heartbreaking moments..

And towards the end~~~ They spent a night in the tent..

And i don't care what they did but they wake up properly dressed!!! See!!! Still sweet! Not pregnant confirm! Cox afterwards they still have BBQ and whatnots and walking around the street pator-ing.

So this is it lor! I'm just really upset that in most chinese drama, they have to spoil it like that *grumble on* Like seriously? I only want to know how they fall in love! I don't want to know they had sex and have kids and then what??

Why don't they just go ahead and make a sequeal of them working hard to raise the kids and cope with inflation, and how their kids got into trouble in school and then the kid grow up to be a little bit rebellious and how he innocently fell in love with a girl and the girl got pregnant at 16. See!!! UNNECESSARY INFO!!! Magic-killing real life situations that we don't want to know about!

Ou xiang ju should never be like Ai, Taiwan Long Juan Feng and Pi Li Huo or anything as unnecessarily long as these. I really really really is not very happy.

Okay thank you for reading my displeasure about watching my bf (Jerry Yan) having kids with other girls in drama. Lolol. Maybe if other dudes have kids, i don't care. Lolol. But Jerry Yan is MY BOYFRIEND!!! And Ethan Ruan is really my rebound. So both of them have kids with other girls, NOT ALLOWED actually! Lolol #lostcontrol

Each time i watch 就想賴著妳 and it comes to this part when Jerry Yan walks into a jewelry shop to get a ring for the girl, i can't help but have all these thoughts running through me..

Spot the girl standing behind the counter? If i'm her..

THIS IS MY CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She stupid!!! Still stand so straight and proper. HALLO??? THIS HANDSOME DUDE WALK INTO THE SHOP, YOU'RE SERVING HIM, YOU WANT TO MARRY HIM!!!

I'd GREET HIM FRIENDLILY!!!"Hi~ You want some of these? Uh-huh? You want it? Come get it.." Okay maybe the tongue is a bit too much on the first encounter.

He wanna buy a ring for a special girl, I'd IGNORE WHATEVER HE SAY!!
And do this flirty-shocked face.. Like "OH? Really? You have such good taste to be here Mister Most Handsome guy in the world who's falling in love with the wrong girl!"

Then i'd praise him!!! And i need to tell him that he have a good sense of humor becox i need to laugh REALLY happily, you know, just to show him that i can be his sunshine. And to make him fall in love with my manymanymegawatt smile.

If all fails.. And he hasn't decide to change his mind on the spot to fall in love with me instead, I'd do this final act. Hair flick, head turn, hair flick, head turn, touch neck PLUS, hold a bottle of mineral water and pour on myself from the top "OH~~~ It's too hot in here~ Hooo~ AHhhhh~"

Then after the water pouring, you know what's gonna happen??? It's gonna be 就想賴著妳 2!!!! After i pour water all over me, i fall sick, he take care of me, forward, forward, he'd dump the gf and propose to me instead! =DDDDDDD

Seriously, i just need to go to drama class. Lolol. I have infinite talent in good acting PLUS boundless imagination. HALLO?? I just came up with the best plan in the world to make Jerry Yan marry me? Uh-huh?