27 November 2013

Shopping for winter wear (fail) Lol.


I went out with Josh today in hope to buy some winter wear cox i am heading up Taiwan this Sunday right. And i heard (thanks to my Dayre readers haha) that it's gonna be really cold there =(((

But Josh say weather forecast says lowest is 15 and highest is 21 on Sunday. That really isn't that bad? But i know when the wind blows it can get freezing cold. Haha. I didn't manage to buy a lot of stuff so i guess i'd re-wear some items from my Korean trip, like heat-tech items and leggings.

Korea was lowest 1 when i went!!! So i don't think Taiwan's cold can get me down haha. In case you don't know.. I am super scared of cold one. I am not scared of hot though i really hate scorching sun cox i feel it's oxidizing me hahaha. So anyway~~~ These are the items i got!!!

I intend to shop more upon chance!!! O.O But then Taiwan has Wu Fen Pu and i went crazy the last time i was there so i don't know why i so kiasu still wanna bring so many outfits there.

A bit regret i buy the "NY" tee at $8 =((( I later walk some more i see $5 ones =OOO So i say my shopping for winter wear fail becox.. I basically only got stuff that is suitable.. For a very cold lecture hall. Hahahah.
But hey these caps are okay!!! They are all from Daiso ($2 each awesomeeee!!!) except the bright pink one, i got that from a flea while filming, the very sweet girl sold it to me for $5 instead of $6 ^.^

So yeap~ That's all i think i'm ready for Taiwan! At most i buy more clothes there lor hor??? OMG I AM SOOOO EXCITED ^.^ I love Taiwan!!!!!! Cannot wait.

I have very limited time there on this trip cox i have to rush back for some movie (i'm gonna cameo a small role only!) imaging and script run-through at night right after i touch down =(((

GirlyMake launch is also happening the next day. Omg so happy that although a lot of things have to happen but they all piece together really nicely. Though it makes me a bit busy but omg i super enjoy!

Also.. Keep 8th Dec free =))) I'd be doing up something really nice for you guys =DDD


From here on there's nothing interesting for you but i just had a day where i had makeup on plus camera in my bag.. So.. CAMHO TIME~ Haha.
First time trying poulet!!! Heard so much rave about it but always super long Q!! Good thing this was on a weekday late noon =DDD So Josh and i had lunch there. Look at ma shopping!
Pretend candid shot.

One with the Josh =)))
Very super yummy and creamy mushroom soup!!! Next time i wanan try their french onion soup =D
Refreshing chicken croissant with fig and marmalade sauce. It's something new for me but i cannot finish one! So i suggest two person share this. It's only $8.80 O.O And the chicken filling comes in super generous portion!!! I only wish they serve shoe string fries instead of the fat kinds sigh.
Fat escargot. The sauce was damn awesome i think it has lotsa garlic, butter and sundried tomato!!! Too bad though the escargots were soooo fat i can't chew through them =( Saizeira ones though more puny, but is easy to chew through. Haha.
Josh's lamb shank. I didn't want a picture of this becox i say it's so dark and boring. He say he wanna show it. Lolol. Okay here's your lamb shank's glorious moment. He say it taste alright, not great. Cox got yang sao wei. He say if it's supposed to be a stew, the smelly mutton taste would have been rid.
Me and Josh should just go be food-critics hahaha.
My super yummy fig and marmalade chicken sandwich!!! NOMS!
And then in the cab also must camho.
Grumpy snap shot of Josh ahaha.

My hair colour under sunlight ^.^

Okay lah~ That's all. I'd try to bring my camera out more often so i can update this blog with quality pictures (of myself hahahah) and other things i do okay.

But for quick and short snippets, you can follow me on Dayre. I am @qiuqiu there ^.^

For pictures worth something.. And chio enough, they'd be on my Instagram! =D

So.. See you everywhere~!!!

24 November 2013

Go go Sunday

"Eh, sup!" is the way i've been greeting people in real life.. WITHOUT REALISING.

Cox i always "Sup" you all online right. Lolol then i see people i know in real life and i sup them too.

Sup is soooo yesterday but i still sup sup sup think i damn cool hahaha. It's cool thou cox somehow when i sup people IRL they laugh and either ask me "Wah.. Sup ah?" like why i so cool is it? Lolol.

Or people like Mich will go like "Sup your head lah. Sup sup sup" I tell you already. My friends all very rude one. Lolol. But it's okay. I think i damn cool can already. So..


How you been!!! My week was pretty cray O.O I run to the print shop twice and god-knows i hate the whole building where the print shop (the print shop dude is awesome helpful) is cox wtfff it has super bad 3G connection. Most of the time i'm on GPRS........

Anything that can be more uncool and has-been than supping people now.. Has to be GPRS.

It crawls like a turtle and struggle to load something like a 100 year old grandpa trying to tiao disco.

Sibeh dreadful. Uh huh. I also really love this week cox i hang out a lot with my favourite people =)))))) It's the best thing this week except that being busy also means i don't get my free time to go visit babies =((( So i haven't seen Baby Yurou nor Baby Dash for about a week already.

And yesterday was flea day right. Thank you guys so much for coming down okay =D I still have so much stock left even after the flea i might consider selling grab bags online. Let me know if you guys are keen! They are not like ugly leftover or what lah, in case you think they are. It's just some i have 20 pcs of each design to start with, some i have 10. So after selling 9 maybe i still have 1. Lolol.

I have two huge suitcases of good mixture of leftover lah. That's why i think can do grab bag online.

And then after the flea i had a quick meeting with GIRLYMake and Little Thoughts website designer. she worked on rarebits site before and is really efficient and helpful so i work with her again on this two new sites ^.^ Hopefully they'd be up soon!!! ^.^ Girlymake is confirm going live 4th Dec =DDD

So you can buy them lashes online soon~!!!

And today is Sunday right. I have to head out for Budget Barbie filming. It's not that i don't like filming BB but filming on a Sunday T.T If not it's actually my day with Baby Yurou and family.

You know what i mean. And all the next weekends in Dec i have work planned for me. And Dec early i am flying off to Taiwan for an awesome product press conference so if i look at all these together..

I am not sure if i overestimated myself and the number of hands and legs and body i have or i underestimated how cute i am hahahahah that i charge too little for work O.O Hahah.

But either way~!!! I think someday the overestimation and the underestimation will meet somewhere in between. And i might have to fly off in mid Dec to handpick stocks for rarebits relaunch in Jan 2014.

Bam. Bam. Bam. Good year end leads to a great start for 2014.

I know i sound incoherent but it's okay i just have too much things going through my mind now. "What should i dabao for dinner later? Since i'd be in town there's sooooo many choices"

"Holy shit i need to go to H&M to check out if there are any cheap winter clothes for Taiwan trip"

"Omg this hamburger biscuits i'm eating is so yummy"

"I need to shave off my jaw bone holy god"

"Stupid in-grown hair"

*pluck pluck pluck*

I am so deep in thoughts.

I hope your Sunday is good.. Cox that will lead to a great Monday. And a good start is..

A good start. Bahaha.

Good luck!!! GO GO GO!!!


22 November 2013

Do the heck you want

Today i was on the phone with a newspaper reporter on topics about social media and at one point we were at the topic about how i distinguish myself.. To make sure that advertisers still come to me even with the rise in numbers of budding bloggers / instagrammers etc

I didn't know how to answer.

And i still don't know how to answer O.O

Sometimes through my friends ((usually Sophie cox she is a very informative (read kaypoh) person hahaha she'd feed us with juice that we are too lazy to go spot / can't be bothered to go find out)) introduction i'd go take a look at other bloggers' instagram / blog and omg O.O

I am going to be out of job soon if they keep being so hardworking hahaha.

It's like.. My blog and instagram is all just me me me me me hey me hey me again. Lolol.

And their blogs / IG be all like BAM BAM BAM snaps after snaps of artsy DSLR quality pictures and fashion shots =O What do they do, they walk around with boom lights and DSLR??? IS IT??? And then find nice brick walls or lie down spontaneously at a patch of green grass =((( *sour*

Lolol. I am joking lah. They never do wrong. I WRONG!!! I LAZY! WO GAI SI! Lol.

*take a look at my own instagram pictures*

*give up*

Lolol. My stupid instagram, Twitter, blog and Dayre is all about my life O.O The people i'm happy with, angry with, things that i am sad about and things that i care about, products and services i love. And.. Food that i find yums haha.

Nothing like fashion-baby or super trendy hahaha. Then i start to gag a bit at my ten thousand selfies. Lolol. Like.. Seriously, i need to like this or not? Every other picture is my face O.O Hahaha.

But then again.. That's all that i care for really O.O Pictures with Baby Yurou, with Dash, with my friends and family and erm.. With myself.. On good days when i put on makeup + dress up decent i'd get Josh to help me snap a OOTD. If not, you only see the shoulder part of my outfit..


Kinda feel i don't deserve the following now. OKAY TIME TO UP MY GAME.

*browse internet for bikini*

Lolol. Kidding, again~ Hahaha. Or maybe it's my sense of humor that people like. But that really wasn't very funny at all. Nothing in this post i find funny so far.

Hmm. Don't feel awkward. Just keep reading. No pressure, you don't have to laugh.

Lolol. I laughed. Hahaha. But hey if you don't find it funny, don't laugh! Okay =DDD

Why are you so grumpy?


Okay no it's really not working is it?

...... YAH! Anyway!

I kinda feel quite bad for people who tweet very funny stuff and then get neglected and the funny stuff just gets lost in Twitter space just becox they don't have a lot of following.

But on the other hand i also despise people who get high following by tweeting stupid BGR quotes like "I hate boys", "Guys, make a girl cry and she'd run", "Calling a girl "Princess" is not enough, you gotta treat her like one", "I can never get over you. I can never get over love" you know, that kind of stupid tweets that people can read off anywhere, just to get retweets.

And then when you ask them (if they are your friend) what happen to them upon seeing those emo tweets, they'd say OH SOMETIMES THEY JUST TWEET THINGS THAT COME TO THEIR MIND, IT DOESN'T ALWAYS MEAN IT'S SOMETHING THEY ARE GOING THROUGH.

Yeah oh really? Then change your Twitter handle to @AuntAgony @RetweetMePlsPlsPls @BGRQuoteMachineGunBiangBiangBiang @KaoBeiForFunOnly @DontMeanIt @JustSaying @iBohliao

Change it. Put your own name for fuck. You put Ted lor. Or Peter Griffin =_=" Sibeh annoying.

I just feel if it's a personal account, it should be about things that either happen to you or things that you care about or things that is just.. YOU lah. How difficult is that a concept to understand?

Okay so i decided already.. If anyone were to ask me.. How do i make people follow me and make advertisers be keen to work with me.. I will tell them..


Omg totally quotable and retweetable. Lolol. Kidding. But even if i were to tweet that, it makes sense cox i really do the heck i want. And i just do them without putting much thoughts into it O.O

Just be yourself.. This sounds super cliche i know but cliche sounds cliche too so screw cliche. You wanna go far, you do yourself. Let other people decide if they like it or not..

Thing is.. Whether or not they like it.. They will come back for it =)

So remind me again why do you follow me here and there and everywhere.

See you at the flea tomorrow (Sat). Yes, pictures allowed =D Let's cam the ho away~!!!

20 November 2013

Grab Bag flea

Sup. I'm doing a flea again!!!

Thanks for the booths For Flea Sake! They hold fun and exciting fleas all year round so if you wanna sell your items at a flea, you know who to go to. In any case if you'd like to join this flea, there's still booths available! Feel free to contact them! Hope you join in the fun =)

This time to be truthful.. I am not say very excited about it lah cox it's clearance of rarebits past collections and even collections that haven't been launched..

You know when people say good things never lasts.. I never used to believe it but now i kinda think it's true. In Chinese they say 好景不常在.. It doesn't matter what was.. It doesn't even matter what is..

Now i mostly look forward to what will be.

And that's kinda all that i live and strive for. Everyday i try to make more of what i can.. Enjoy the company of the people around me.. Be nice to the people i treasure and wish someday, with lotsa good faith, i can achieve what i want. Thank you if you left me comment on my previous post. Even a "Good luck" would be much appreciated =) Erm.. If you commented nice stuff about my blue hair, then i love you. Hahahaha. Cox.. You must love me very much to say that and to agree with me.

What the heck was i saying before i digress to my blue hair omg.

Yeah Grab Bag flea!!!

So yeah, i'm clearing rarebits stock before i relaunch it (hopefully soon. But i gotta get GIRLYmake site and Little Thoughts site up first @.@) when i am ready.

For the first time in all the times i've been to flea, i'm doing the grab bag style.

Usually grab bag you can't choose and you wouldn't know what you will get lah but of course at my flea you can pick what you want =D

Each grab bag is $25 and you may pick any 6 items so long as at least 1 of the item is an accessory.

That works out to about

$4.17 per item for a brand new bag / apparel / accessory.

Another thing about this grab bag flea that i am holding is..


Please bring your own bag! Thank you! Save the earth ma. Lol.

And here are SOME of the items.

There are some more but i can't take pictures of all of them. So come down and take a look:

This Saturday (23rd Nov)
 2pm - 6pm
Lucky Plaza level 6
(opposite Jolibee)

Please take note that

from rarebits

Loads and loads of clothes..

Some of the accessories that i manage to find pictures of. But there are plenty more accessories.
Bunny earphone dustplug, they come in boxes so you can maybe give it to a friend as a gift if she likes bunny hahah. And the some more accessories. Bunny beads headband available too!!!

And here's plenty more brand new clothes..
Quite love the floral romper!!!
Lotsa rompers and work dresses!!!
Casual chicks, don't miss out on these colourful and cheerful outfits!!! Did you see the daisy romper?!?! It's so cute??
Work style~ And one of my favourite romper. My girlfriend bought it and she's been wearing it for the longest time since. The material stays awesome even after many wash. Sigh..
More floral rompers and this very sexy and elegant low back peplum dress. Comes in many colours.
Other unique pieces that me and my partner picked out..
Some for the sassy and fun ones.. Mich loves this black floral romper so much she bought one herself hahaha.
Cute floral skirt and top. This smudged dye floral romper i also very love! It's not launched yet i think.
Some printed pices and lovely floral bottom.. And below are more items that has never been shot / seen =( I hope you guys like them and can figure out how they'd look on a model or yourself lah.
The pinafores are really very very cute one!!! It has a cute flare. And you can just wear a plain tee shirt inside or a printed cute tee shirt also can. And the black romper would be a sellout i bet.
More dresses and pinafore. It comes in red, navy and black!
And then the black and red checked tops are also very cute and sweet one!!! Pops out on the side like that and is super small at the waist area. And also got mustard romper of another style lah.
Brand new bags and clutches.. From deadbuyer of backorder or preorder and stocks left.
So i guess this is it? A moutainful of clothes..

Very quickly, some pointers to take note when you head down this Saturday..

- Please only start flipping through the stuff when the booth is open, thank you! =)

- Bring your own bag

- Bring water if you're queuing alone cox i don't know how long the queue gonna be but it's gonna be air-conditioned anyway so at least you won't be hot and grumpy =X Haha.

- Very likely there will be a queue and to be fair to everyone i'd do a 6 by 6 system so at any one point, there will only be 6 person flipping through the booth. Kinda like the charity flea i did at Scape terrace once. But that time there was a time limit to each group, this time don't have okay =D So you can slowly shop if you are okay with people glaring at you hahahahaha. Kidding lah. Be courteous!

- For most of the designs, there are at least 3 - 5 pcs each design. Some more, some less. So at any one point i'd keep replenishing and try my best to put up every design on the table okay =) So if you're flipping through you don't have to wait til i replenish new design, there will be no new designs, it's mostly all gonna be on the table. Erm.. I hope you know what i mean lol.

- Combined payment is allowed! =D Like if you can't find 6 items, you can share with your friend.

- To be fair to everyone in the line, each person is allowed to buy a maximum of 2 Grab Bags

Sorry there's so many things to take note of but i hope you guys will come and be comfy in the line, and most importantly, everyone gets something they like back home.

These are all items that i picked and love so i hope you'd love them too =')

So i see you?

This Saturday (23rd Nov)
 2pm - 6pm
Lucky Plaza level 6
(opposite Jolibee)

Each grab bag of any 6 items (must consist of at least 1 accessory) for $25.
Each items = $4.17 only!!!

Help. Lolol.


We will be sharing the queue line, so you can just move along, from one booth to the next.

But of course must "check out" and pay at the first booth lah okay.

This way you won't be torn "WHERE SHOULD I QUEUE???" hahaha.

Hopefully she'd post some items that she's selling lah okay. You can go pressurize her to do that lol.

She'd be selling things at her own booth lah but we'd be side by side.

Have a fun time shopping.

And no need to email me for reservation. Thank you!

17 November 2013

Just werk it

Hey sup! =D

How's your week been leh~~~ I'm blogging from my laptop cox this cao Josh haven't help me get someone to fix the computer yet haha. But it's okay~ My laptop feels new and refreshing to type on.

I've been logbooking on Dayre (you can download the app and follow me, i'm @qiuqiu there ^.^) a lot and it's been fun lah! Except i hope more of my friends would join hahah. But it took me a long time to psycho my friends to get on Instagram and that's after other people took a long time to psycho me to join Instagram..... I don't foresee my friends will be so enthusiastic to know about my life on a day-to-day basis. Hahaha.

But no way am i going to leave you guys alone hahah~ I'd bug you all til the end of the world.

Anyway as i mentioned on briefly on Dayre before, me and Josh were walking through some landed houses and i tell Josh that it's my direction and goal in life that i want to own one before i die.

And then Josh say "随便你咯" (up to you lor) which sounds very enthusiatic!!! =_=" Hahaha.

So i told him cannot be up to me lah, it has to be our common direction. Like there was this DREAM HOUSE of mine that i saw, it's newly-built and still vacant, aircon also haven't install yet.

I tell him i want something like that house cox it's white, with lotsa balconies and sunlight into the house through the glass panels, and then it's three level with a roof top terrace + indoor space on the same area where you can either convert it into a bar or a gym or indoor spa or a very nice shooting space for my selfies and ootds hahahah. Then outdoor rooftop jacuzzi and BBQ.

And then the house will be big enough to bring MooMoo back, and then have Tiffany and Drago run around with him if they don't want to kill each other.

And then my family and friends can all come over and enjoy the house with me =DDD *play Stefanie Sun's 完美的一天 *

And then he reply me "Okay lor. 随便你" =___=" Thanks Josh!!! I feel really motivated to move towards this direction in life, you and me hand in hand!!! Hahahah.

So then i ask him what's his direction in life and he say "My direction in life is to make you happy"

Okay, "nawwww" and cover my blushing face finish already. Lolol. Erxin.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if anyone believe it or not.. I want it. And i think i can =D

So i ask you.. What's your direction in life? I mean i don't just want a big house cox i want a big house lah. I wanna bring a big doggy back, i wanna make my dad proud, i wanna fly him around to see the world. And i think if i'm able to own a big house, it's the mark that i'm able to achieve all the other things. Haha.

Also, i need to move out of Punggol. Better sooner than later.

This Punggol is like fucking crazy now. More and more people staying here, but we still have the same amenities. 4 years ago when we first shifted here, thou it's quiet and even lesser recreational activities here, i'd tell people, "It's okay, it's great if you like quiet and peace and a spacious relaxing HDB estate"

And then also i super look forward to having the mall at Punggol MRT up since 4 years ago. Until now one fart also don't have. And then nevermind, the main reason why i want to get out of here is..


Like.. When would you need a cab?

Let's say 9am - 10am, when you need to go to work right?

Okay i guarantee you, 9 - 10am, if you can get a cab in Punggol, you are very very very very lucky.

I suggest you call an ambulance if you really need to get out of Punggol urgently in the morning.

I know there's LRT to MRT, or there's always the bus. But seriously.. Have you seen the morning crowd and the squeezing all. I don't even like morning.. Let alone morning with people shoving me.

And then if you need a cab in the afternoon, you have to teleport yourself to maybe town / CBD area lor cox that's where all the cabs are. There's no way you can get a cab in the afternoon in Punggol also. Thou 30% less hard than in the morning. Which is impossible kind of hard.

And then if you need a cab late afternoon, it's also hard. But it's not as hard as morning and afternoon.

And then if you need a cab during the after-work rush hour, it's also quite impossible cox the demand is now all in town, for people wanting to head back home.

So After about 8 plus 9pm, then only you'd get a lot of cabs in Punggol. Cox all the cabs bring people home liao ma. So now empty waiting for happening people to head out. BUT.. I honestly don't think Punggolians are that active =XXX I can't speak for all but personally, i stay so freaking far from everywhere, if it's night time i would rather stay home and chill lah.

So yeah.. This whole lack of taxi issue in Punggol made me a very cranky and angry person toooooo many uncountable times in the past two years.. Cox first two years was alright cox really not soooo crowded yet. Today i was so angry again, i almost curse myself that if i don't shift out of Punggol within two years, i will die a horrible death. That is how much i am motivated by this issue.

You all see lah. If in two years time i still stay in Punggol, you flip newspaper everyday if i don't update my blog then okay.

And i cannot drive lah. If i drive now, you everyday have to flip newspaper.

If not i die, is innocent people die. Lolol. I cannot drive.

Ah omg so sorry for ranting so much about the taxi issue in Punggol.. I'm pretty sure ulu places like Punggol =X have the same problem too??? Or is it really just Punggol?!

Anyway i went to let Shio shampoo my hair the other day~ And i had makeup on that day so i snapped some pictures lah haha~ Tadang~

Also, i took Wendy's advice and put on red lips and stopped drawing blue brows to match the blue hair hahahah. Now i think i fit into the blue hair better. You see, CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Yeah hey~
Me before shampooing haha. Hair messy like mad.
After i fell asleep during shampoo time.. And wake up to blowdry my hair haha. Nah, here's Shio for you. Haha. He is STILL single =((( Erm.. Anyone? Lol.
If you ever go to Cleo hairmake and happen to wear shorts, remember to snap pictures with their mirrors hahaha. Really look like got super slim and long legs one!
Top from Korea ($4), Shorts from JRunway, Shoes from BKK ($4)

Wearing GIRLY Lash No.2 ^.^ Online shop to be launched soon! Be patient~ =D
Me with Hand of God~!!! Haha ^.^

And then i went home and i bring out some of the hair accessories i havethat i think might suit my blue hair cox really is a bit hard to match lah. It kinda is already very loud on its own haha.
Neon pink clips from F21.

Fuchsia flower from F21.
Red bow from Daiso..
Pink scarf from Daiso! I think this looks best! So i use it as my new dp everywhere lol.
Green hair band~ So which do you all think looks better! =D

Just gotta try to werk it lah. I really quite love the blue hair and i intend to keep it for as long as i can before i get bored of it haha.

And.. I intend to go learn Japanese again O.O I KNOW I GAVE UP THE LAST TIME. But now i'm having meeting with a Japanese lady (Miki san) for GIRLY Make new product line quite often and i don't wanna always have to trouble Samantha to help me translate all the time cox I feel bad she have to rush around to help me! So i guess i'd just go learn it! With Josh. So if he give up halfway also..

That means it's his fault cox his direction would be to help me pull through by going through it with me hahaha. So.. がんばって to both of us!!! Haha.

Okay okay! Hope you are ready for Monday!!!

JIAYOU!!! ^.^

14 November 2013

I hate Apple

You know i've been a Apple / Mac user since 7 years ago when i met Josh. And i've loved it to bits cox it's just so.. Thoughtful and sleek.

But now i HATE IT.

I hate it i hate it! =(

My computer crashed yesterday. Just like that. Gone. Dead. I feel super helpless cox i don't know what the fuck went wrong i was just on Youtube repeater and pinterest. And then it just blacks out on me but the sound from Youtube repeater was still on but it's super jerk-y.

Then i reboot it and it got stuck at white screen. Then i reboot it again and it got stuck at blue screen. Then i reboot it again it got to the desktop!!!! YAY!!! ='D

I was like omggggg my prayers worked!!! I will do lotsa good deeds omg thank you thank you thank you  computer God!!! I promise i will blog more for you!!!

So i quickly transfer the info i need from the computer to my external hardisk right. Omg at 80% it crash on me again =__=" WHYYYYY APPLE.

Last time (say 5 years ago) apple computer super hardy one. Like will never say die like this. No virus and what not shit. Totally immuned to any sort of bugs and virus. Now a bit a bit die on people!

7 years ago i met Josh, his computer was let's say 1 year old. We used it heavily (he use it to edit super huge file size pictures) but it still survived for another two years before it died in my hands. That's 3-4 years old. Okay. So we got another one.

This time was a tower. It died 2.5 years later.. IN MY HANDS. Again.

So we got this computer about 1.5 years ago.

Today it's dead.

In my freaking hands.

I am actually a little depressed.

If fucking apple cannot hold out, what can. I told Josh i don't understand. Why now, i have so mych work undone, so much things and pictures that matter to me. Now i don't even know if it got transferred to my external hardisk or not ='(

And then i wonder.. WHY ME. Why always me?!?!

Then Josh not very helpful. He reminded me that his laptop (3 years old) was working perfectly fine until he brought it to Korea for me to use and then it just died in my hands. Like completely dead.

Somebody tell me what is this about.

I am for real upset. Pray that the firewire transfer will work tonight. If not.. I just really hope  my external hardisk is fine..


I was gonna blog silly pictures today. But sibeh no mood. Is there any conputer more hardy and equally user-friendly as Apple? I know the answer but i'd just ask anyway..

12 November 2013



This is a very unapologetic angry post so if you're not having a good day and have enough of rantings or if you're having a good day and don't wanna spoil it, or if you wanna continue liking me and think that i am an angel sent from the sky above (No? You all never ever think that way of me? Okay. LOL) then please do yourself a favour DON'T READ THIS POST.

If you decided not to heed my advice and still continue to read on.. Then hello. I hope in good faith that you like me a lot. Cox if you don't, i don't know why you're reading it anyway. Why? You don't like me but wanna share the ups and downs in my life with me still? Lolol so sweet one.

Okay so i wanna talk about MANNERS today.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you'd probably already know that i dyed my hair blue.

And it's one of the few crazy things in life that i WANT to do. You know, before i die? Like it's in my bucket list. To have a head of blue hair. I did green before, FML i looked like hulk, then after shampooing 7 times a day, i look like a rotten kailan. But anyway, we're talking about my blue hair.

Right. So i did it!!! =D YAY~

But of course for everything i do and share, there has to be people commenting and i expected that but still expecting it and dealing with it are two different things. Lol.

It's like i dislike you and you dislike me, and i am fine with it and i already know it. But when i actually see you in real life, pointing a middle finger at me, i can't promise you that even with a lot of mental preparation that i did, i won't chop off your finger and feed it to the cat. Okay?

To continue on the topic about manners. I share with you a few kinds of comments i'd get okay.

They consist of positively positive words lol.

"You look great in blue!"

"Blue suits you!!!"

"This hair colour is so unique!"


Okay. These opinions are opinions out of good intention and politeness. And from what i know, compliments are free and encouraging so everyone should feel free to throw them around. So erm.. Thank you? =D If you think my blue hair works for you, thank you =D It's kinda weird i mean haha. It's not black nor brown so.. But haha thank you! *a bit shy* LOL. Extra love for you guys who like me anyway~~ =DDD

And then there are also Constructive comments
These are made up by avoiding negative words.

"Qiu i think brown suits you better!"

"Blonde hair looks a lot better on you"

"I miss your brownish hair, Qiu =("

"Perhaps try another colour the next time? Might work better!"

These i am also perfectly fine cox these are how "freedom of speech" should be. Yes you can say what you want even if it's opposing opinions from others but holy god mother shit, BE POLITE AND MINDFUL ABOUT THE WAY YOU PUT IT ACROSS. I kinda think lotsa wars, fights and hate were caused by lack of tactfulness when it comes to choice of words.

So for people who don't think my blue hair is nice, but has bothered to leave me a comment to let me know in a constructive (and kind lol) way, i thank you. You're awesome and i think you'd go far in life. Cox it's not WHAT, it's HOW.

Nonconstructive comments
These are just.. Stupid? It's mostly also rude but it's like mentally-challenged people who have no filter in their brains, uncontrollably typing words on their phone, making sound on the internet.

"Ew ugly"

"Seriously blue?! Ugly!"


"Your hair sucks"

"You suck"

"Ugly hair"






You get it? To me they are like animals, making weird unnecessary rude comments. And to me it just sounds like..

"Hey, i have so much free time, i am a rude fuck, nobody taught me manners, i like to spread hate, i love to insult people i don't know, i love most to hit my mother with a frying pan cox i fear nothing and i just love to spread negativity and even when doing all these, i stand up strongly for freedom of speech and i also feel that people on the internet all deserves to be flamed since they put themselves out there and on my profile i most usually either write things like IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME, FUCK OFF but no i ain't no fuckoffers and no i will not take my own advice and fuckoff or sometimes i also write things like I LOVE GOD AS GOD LOVES ME IN HIS GRACE I BELIEVE blablabla but no my god didn't teach me to miss up on a chance to call a whore a whore and a ugly blue hair freak a freak okay so NO NO NO BAHBAHBAH UGLY" Yup. This is what it sounds like to me =)

So i might sometimes block them if i can be bothered to but over time i've learnt to just ignore them.

And lastly.. The ones i hate most..

These are usually made by people who actually bother to filter their words and wanna say something about me BUT somehow also want to make it about themselves. And they are fucktards who think that "No offense but", "Not hating but", "Don't hate you but" actually means something.


WELL THEN YOU'RE NOT FIT TO GIVE OPINIONS COX YOU CAN'T EVEN HANDLE AND FIGURE YOURSELF OUT. So best thing for you to do is? Shut up. Or unfollow me. Or kill yourself if you really think there's no way to avoid making yourself unhappy looking at my blue hair. Okay?

"I am sorry i am not trying to hate here but your blue hair looks really bad on you"

OH REALLY? You're sorry? WHY? You're not the one with blue hair are you? Then what are you sorry for? For leaving a comment that you don't have to, but still did so anyway???


"No offense but you look really old with this hair colour"

Okay. So will your mother if she had this blue on her hair. But hey hey, let's not drift too far from the topic. You were saying what, no offense? Okay. YOU HAVE AN OLD SMELLY CHEEBYE. No offense. What, you don't? Okay. But that's just what you think~ =D If what i think about my hair don't matter enough, then what you think about your cheebye doesn't affect what i feel about it too =D SMELLY CB SMELLY CB SMELLY CB! =D Oh wait, forgot the magic words~ NO OFFENSE~

"I don't hate you but you look really bad with this hair colour.."



WE'RE DONE. Simple. You can hate me back it's okay =D I have a lot of love from people who decide to like me and like me anyway and they won't try to hurt me or they'd be careful of their words even when they have to break bad news to me so i'd just roll in the compliments and love from them all day long after i'm done with my piece for hypocrites like you guys.

And please, stop trying to make it about you.

"I really don't hate you", "I am not trying to hate"


And yes we heard this many times, "EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINIONS"

WELL IF IT'S YOUR OWN OPINION, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Especially is it's not something worthy to publish online. I mean seriously, i've NEVER posted a single hate / negative / rude comment to strangers on their profiles unless provoked.

I mean, we're not that close for me to tell you things that other people closer to you would have told you (like, you need to lose weight, like, why is your complexion so bad you need to do something, like, there's a booger at your nostril, like, there's vege stuck in your teeth, like, you have B.O). So i feel you guys should probably reevaluate how close you are to someone before you spit your mouth off trying to give your "two cents worth" or three dollar worth or anything lah okay.

Mich my BFF told me to go for Hair for Hope hahah. My sisters told me my hair is fugly. Josh ask me if i would consider dying it back to brown cox everyone say blue is ugly.

And i am perfectly fine with it cox.. 1) They are close to me 2) They are close to me so they can say whatever shit they want about me 2) They are close to me and they can say whatever shit they want about me and not have me react beyond "Shut up lah you, i like leh~" Hahaha. Okay. So all you who keep telling me no offense, you don't hate me and what not.. You are ALL not close to me. So.

Talking about two cents worth, that's also something i hate.

UNLESS it's accompanied with constructive (and not condescending) comments, then okay. But if it's something rude and thinking you know soooo much better than everyone else then i give you 5 cents you no need to change give me, just GTFO.

Omg omg another phrase i hate, from people who are usually saying things they don't have to say (usually negative things lah), but act like they just diedie have to and pretend like they wouldn't like to hurt anyone's feelings by saying things they know they shouldn't say..


Or short-form IMHO.


So honest or not, it's still an opinion. So back to where we begin.. Hypocrites, if you can't deal with offending people, and you don't know how to string your words tactfully then i suggest you STFU.

Okay i'm done. If you read til here and still decided to like me and accept my blue hair.. Then TADANG~~~ PICTURES OF ME IN BLUE HAIR~ Hahah!

If you don't like me, i already ask you not to read this post from the start.

You 犯贱 i bohbian. Omg this is the best line ever for people who dislike me but still die die wanna follow me or read me. Lol. I am awesome.

And for the record, I LOVE MY BLUE HAIR.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Went to let Sio do my blue hair finally~ After all the pestering.. He finally did it for me =DDD
And these are the random shots i got from my phone directly haha. If you noticed i got some aquamarine blue-green inside the blue =DDD
Like this can see? =DDD
Sio is quite ingenius. I don't know how he can make the subtle streaks of blue and darker blue. If you don't want a crazy colour like this you can still do a more subtle colour but with the same tecnique lah. It really adds texture to the hair!

My nose
Went to AFA2013 to support Yutaki and Miyake with Sophie and Wendy and then we all went to catch a movie =DDD And then at the end of the day i have messy hair and worn out makeup but then i was looking at all the comments and i look at myself..

And i really really think damn hard and i still cannot figure it out.


Lolol. Okay not chio in a chio way but just i like it cox it's weirdly good-looking for me? Haha. Okay it's okay, it's my personal opinion about my hair and my looks on my personal blog. So.. Oh wait, that makes it legit, I CAN PUT MY PERSONAL OPINION ABOUT MYSELF ON MY BLOG =D

And i kept asking Josh, "Why ah Darling, how come people these days like super no manners one. Wanna talk bad things about people do it at discretion lah! Why die die must let me know by commenting on MY picture? Huh? I got ask them meh"

"People are entitled to their own opinions mah"


*calms down*

"Okay. I ask you. Will you walk up to a fat lady and tell her in her face she is fat and she needs to lose weight and that you mean no offense?"

"No i won't.."


"Just block them lor"

And so i did =) If you said something mean / hypocritically mean, you are probably blocked.

Better i save you and your eyes now than i build up sooooo much anger in me that i have to go see a psychiatrist. Is there a doctor to help people like me who get cyber-bullied everyday? HAHAHA.

Kidding. I don't cyberbully people 好偷笑 already. Lolol. But say real one, most people who insulted me in one way or another all have locked up instagram profile =DDD

I am very very very happy to know that!!! =DDD Really!!!

1) I feel like i taught people valuable lessons in my blogpost about social media etiquette

2) Private profiles = i can't see your shit face and make shit comments about you with screenshots of you =DDD It's good!!! When i see your shitface after you make a shit comment about me, it feels like i am a cat being fed fish, i can't resist. But i'd prefer peace than war, if you'd believe me.

3) Private profile = Save me all the trouble of getting back at you. Awesome. Okay!

Say real one, 我觉得还不错 O.O Haha~
New profile picture. Hahahah.

Okay omg i feel so much better now. This is why everyone needs a proper blog ^.^V

Bye bye!