19 July 2017

Churp Churp and Blogger Bongqiuqiu amicably settle court case

 Singapore, 19 July 2017

Social media advertising network Churp Churp and blogger Ang Chiew Ting popularly known as Bong Qiu Qiu, today announced that they have reached an amicable settlement in relation to a legal suit commenced by Churp Churp against Ms Ang.

Ms Ang has settled the matter with Churp Churp and in return, both parties have agreed to drop all legal proceedings made against each other.

Moving forward, both parties wish to put the matter behind them. Churp Churp and Ms Ang look forward to continually provide the best solutions and services for their clients.


I wish to clarify some points which were mentioned in my post, published on 19 October 2016.

First of all, if it wasn't already clear from the second paragraph of my post, and the TODAY article which i had referred to, i was being sued by Churp Churp and no other company. While i had mentioned Nuffnang in my post, i was not being sued by Nuffnang at that point of time (although my contract with Nuffnang is a relevant matter in Churp Churp's lawsuit against me).

Nuffnang is a related but separate company from Churp Churp. Any reference to Nuffnang in my post was inadvertent and not intended to cast any aspersions towards it.

If you have clicked on the link to Huiwen's article in my crowdfunding post and read it, it would be very obvious that my reference to "war chest" (which are Huiwen's own words) has nothing to do with the funding of any lawsuit against me.

The only reason why i had even written that post and created the crowdfunding link in the first place, is that i was defending a lawsuit by Churp Churp, and i couldn't do it on my own - my legal fees were something i needed help with to continue fighting on.

Hope this clears up all the misunderstandings we had so everyone can move on from here =))

And thanks to everyone who has helped! I'd thank everyone properly but for now, i think this is important to put across first =D

14 July 2017

The Birth of Amelia Tan Zhi Xian

This is a little story of how we welcomed Amelia to this world.

She was supposed to be due on 19th May 2017. We went to the fortune teller, found a good date, good timing and everything for her. A timing and date that won't clash with papa, mama and jiejie.

But of course that was if things happen in an ideal world haha.

On my final scan on 17th May at Dr Law Wei Seng's clinic. 
Her tiny little hands waving hi =)))

Taking a moment to thank Dr Law for taking care of me when i had Meredith and now for Amelia =) This pregnancy hasn't been quite smooth-sailing cox the first 4 months i kept spotting blood. But it's all good! I guess i just needed to stress less and carry Meredith lesser.

So like i said, in an ideal world, we would check in to the hospital on 18th May at 9pm, to induce the birth of Amelia so she could come out on the morning of 19th May.

Josh fell terribly sick on the night of 17th. He woke up to use the loo at 6am on 18th. That woke me up. I tried to go back to sleep but woke up shortly after cox i thought i wet the bed cox i felt a small leakage down there lol.

I woke up, went to the toilet to change my underwear.

FML it was a waste of change of underwear (you know becox a change of underwear is very precious LOL) becox right after i change liao, i find more water trickling down my thigh wth. It's like a loose tap that can't switch off entire so it trickles slowly, bit by bit.

I didn't want to believe my waterbag burst although i suspected that haha. So i thought to myself, maybe i'd just put on a big nighttime pad and go back to sleep. Then i can continue living like nothing has happened. Like my delivery plan isn't gonna be disrupted.

So i did. I put on a pad. And i was gonna go back to bed. But just a few steps out of the toilet i panic becox i was making the floor wet LOL. I scared later very hard to clean up cox wooden floor ma LOL.

At this point i guess i resigned to fate. So i started crying and called Dr Law. After the phonecall to him i calmed down a little. He told me to relax and check myself in immediately LOL.

So i told Josh "Darling. I think my water bag broke. How?" AND I STARTED BRAWLING. HAHA.

Becox i was supposed to go wash and style my hair, have a nice final pre-pop meal at a cafe and then kiss Meredith with all my might before i go check in T___T And i was gonna do the no-makeup makeup so that people will think i still look fab for childbirth LOL.

Now i have no time to pack / do all these. I simply changed out, kissed Meredith and hopped onto the cab.

Once i hopped on, the water gushed out like tidal wave wth. No more like leaking tap. It was just one wave after another. BISSSHHHHH! BIISSSSHHHH~! It felt like i have a triggered Japanese auto-flush system down there that kept flushing non-stop LOL.

We paid the uncle extra for him to clean his taxi but he was very happy haha. I think he wanna go buy 4D lol!

I was very much in a blur and denial UNTIL i reach Thomson Medical Centre. The nurses and staff settled me down in less than 5 minutes can you believe. I am super impressed and thankful!!! Like i felt like i was finally safe and relieved in their hands!

This was how Amelia Tan Zhi Xian came to this world..
There you are. I finally get to see your face ='))) You are perfect just the way you are. And i hope you will always remember this through out your life.
Hello Xiao Josh number 2 haha..
Xiao Josh 并不小, weighing in at 3.5xx kg haha.

I knew things were not all good when the nurse took a long time to bring her to me. Usually after they clean her up and get all her measurements, they would bring the baby to you for some skin-to-skin.

But i waited quite a bit, so i asked if there's anything wrong, and if not may i have the baby with me. The nurse told me everything is okay but i knew it wasn't all okay haha cox she's monitoring some device very closely and putting oxygen mask to Amelia periodically.

Anyway a short while later i got her in my arms and i latch her. She was suckling good and strong, much better than her jiejie ever did haha. But in less than 2 minutes..

She turned blue.

I was so shocked and scared. The nurse quickly took her back and place the oxygen mask back on her. Right after i got stitched up, i thought i could go back to the ward where everyone was waiting, with Amelia. But she had to go to observation ward to make sure her temperature and oxygen level is good.

So that's that, we went back to wait. And wait. Nobody get to see Amelia that day becox later we were told she had to be transferred to the NICU becox she couldn't maintain a good oxygen level by herself. So she needs oxygen support.

When i was told that.. I am of course utterly worried for Amelia.. If she will be fine. If she will be in discomfort.. But i was also very worried about the cost. If she stays in the NICU for one or two days, i can still find the money. If anything longer than that we're gonna be in big trouble.

So i did what a hormonal new (although second time but with a new newborn okay lol) mum would do, i cried. HAHA. On that day itself i was also discussing about some decisions pertaining to the lawsuits, working out the dollars and cents with my family and with the lawyers.

And then i kept thinking.. I thought this was gonna be a happy day. But why does it seem so gloomy.. Where is my baby. I haven't had a good look at her. I hope she is okay.

I remember the nurse at the premier ward comforting me. Telling me it's not uncommon for some newborns to have this problem. She made me feel a little better.. So did the family and friends who came visiting. Thank you everyone who was kind and patient towards me!

Guess i was just too stressed haha.

And then the close family and friends kept joking about Amelia turning blue wth LOL. They say it's becox she was put near my armpit to breastfeed, then the bih sor 扑鼻 so she turned blue =.=" LOL.

Even something like that also can link back to me being dirty and smelly and make a joke out of me. I think my family and friends think my life is a joke. LOL.

Crunch time means munch time wth haha. Maybe i just needed to feed myself to feel better lol. And what could never fail is the food at Thomson Medical Centre
Food options during a stay at TMC could be described in one word - EXCEPTIONAL. They serve a super wide selection of food ranging from continental to confinement food. If you have any special dietary requirements, you may also inform the ward staff in advance for arrangements to be made! This meat patty is sooooo good. Did i already say in my blogpost for Meredith's birth, that one of my favourite part about childbirth and confinement, is the food from TMC. Hahaha!
Fermented soy bean fish. SO SO SO SO SO SO VERY GOOD. It's super flavourful with a tinge of spiciness! So this was my lunch!
It was an afternoon with a lot of waiting.. Waiting for Amelia to come back to the ward (before we knew she couldn't come out for that day). Haha.
Meredith be like "Err.. Mummy promised me a new toy. But it's not here yet" Haha.

Still my baby =)
Sharon sent this over and it cheered everyone up =DDD They were so freaking good! And expensive too i'm guessing haha!
Meanwhile, papa went to NICU at a stipulated time he could and took some pictures for me T_T
好心你 Amelia, NICU is mainly for little premie babies, 你酱大块你好意思 =) LOLOL.
讲你两句就哭 hahaha.
Jiayou, my not-so-little baby ='))) While you jiayou.. Mama also jiayou......
With eating wth. Hahaha. EXCUSE ME THIS IS VERY VERY VERY YUMMY ALSO OKAY. IT LOOKS VERY 丑 BUT IT IS VERY 温柔. Omg. Is it must give birth only then can eat Thomson Medical de food T___T It's a very big trade-off to eat such yummy food hahaha.
Spring onion and ginger chicken!!! I think got sesame oil also! Very yummy!!!
Some tonic fish soup haha. It's all very very flavourful lah okay. And the portion is very big also! So i kept having "mouse" hovering around me for food =.=
大老鼠, 小老鼠 haha.
And then they take order for your breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow. IS THIS A FOOD TRAIL. Hahaha! Really really love how well-fed a mummy would be during her stay at TMC!
Let's not forget afternoon snack and night time snack =OOO 吃吃吃吃吃不停.
Our attached bathroom. Comes with premium toiletries set!
Is it hotel stay omg.

I went to pee for the first time after childbirth, holding the nurse's hand O.O Becox i was scared that it's gonna be painful right? This time round i know the wound isn't gonna hurt when i pee / poo so i don't have a problem. BUT~!!!!!

My back hurts crazy bad (i think cox Amelia is bigger also?? And my back was already strained from since before Meredith so it just gets worst), standing up, sitting down, all hurts.

And i feel so light-headed when i stand up. Like i need at least 1 minute to not feel like the world is spinning wth. It was this bad. The nurse at Thomson Medical helped me for all my toilet run.

Becox i couldn't bend, they even help me clean up my blood drip and help me change my soiled underwear T___T Sorry TMI but really, their dedication and kindness.. Is beyond what i would expect from normal nurses.. Thank you to all the angels at Thomson Medical!!!

Back at the ward.. I'd always always hold fond memories of this room.
From the birth of Meredith, to the birth of Amelia =')))
And all the caring nurses who took such good care of me during my stay..

If you're looking at a single bedder ward, you'd be happy to know that Thomson Medical Centre is one of the most trusted hospital by mummies that offers one of the lowest rates. You may refer to this link.

And the best part about staying at TMC, like i said, other than the staff, is the food. Here we go again.. Haha. Day 2 of my stay.. This is what we had for breakfast =D

I chose the continental breakfast with egg benedict =D
What i chose for Josh (who is sick, so he can't actually eat curry LOL #badwife) but ended up eating it myself =))) HAHA.
Dr Law pop by to check on me =D Happy with what he sees, stitches all looking good!
A lactation consultant will see you during your stay to aid in your breastfeeding. Mrs BB Wong came by to have a quick chatter and told me to drink up the papaya soup before we get started on breastfeeding Amelia.
The TMC signature Fish and Green Papaya Soup *drools*
 It is served mid-morning to all mothers, and is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, making for a healthy and nutritious meal. The hot soup is made with ingredients that have galactagogue properties, which helps increase the nursing mother’s milk supply! Best of all, it taste really good T.T
Destined to be papa's girl. So far Josh handles her much better becox he has more patience =XXX Amelia comes packed with a HUGE character okay. Haha.
But still our little angel nonetheless =)))
A picture with Ming Kok! Haha he came by to visit and we had this picture. Of which he posted to Facebook and then some people started congratulating him LOLOL. Wth. the funny thing is his wife is actually pregnant so when the wife deliver in the next couple of months, his FB acquaintance gonna be thinking wth this dude damn havoc sia. LOL. Thank you Ming Kok for the help you've rendered over the past few months since we met you!

One with mama.. Before..
Mrs Wong takes over haha. I see you dare to naughty still or not hahaha.
"Oh no. Not Mrs Wong. My jiejie told me about her. All naughty babies have nothing on her"
"Oh air~"
You wrinkly little thing =))
"Alright. I guess i'd be naughty later when Mrs Wong is not around.."
Papa's turn to try..
And then mama burp! =D How is it possible, two years apart but i gave birth to like identical twins LOL.
This was Meredith when she was just born.
And this is Meredith sleeping with gan ma while papa mama stays in the hospital. Mich say every night she tells Mich "Tickle my pigu" LOLOL. I swear i never teach her okay. I think she finds it funny wth hahaha. Then every morning she wake up and ask Mich "Who are you?" LOL. I need to watch this one closely wth hahaha go to bed with people, next morning ask who they are LOL.
Amelia ready to meet the people who are so eager to meet her =)))
Wth why  my erjie must pose like this LOLOL. It's damn wth.
One with yeye..
My dad cooked super sesame-oily food for me haha. He scared i got no food is it. I got so much food everyday machiam buffet spread on my table omg.
Braised pork slices from my hospital lunch.. T.T THIS IS SO GOOD CAN WE DABAO PLEASE.
San jie and Yurou jiejie saying hi to Amelia =)))
Yurou upgrade to be even more senior now haha. Somemore can take photos of baby wor.
One with gan ma =D
Teaching Meredith to be gentle with meimei..
The sinseh's here to check my pulse and overall well-being before she decides what's suitable for me to recover and recuperate in the herbal pack.

Herbal pack in convenient sachets and capsules! Packed into different stages for you! TCM Confinement Herbal Care helps mother recuperates from the toil of our 9 months pregnancy, the labour process and the eventual delivery.

Confinement is known to be very essential for mummies as we all know! Confinement period is usually 28 to 40 days. In TCM, there is a saying where the physique of the mother depends very much on the quality of our confinement care. If we receives good confinement care after delivery, even if we weren't at the pink of our health before or during pregnancy, our constitution can be improved.

However the reverse is also true – if the confinement care is not of good quality, our health tends to deteriorate thereafter. Hence, confinement herbs, coupled with well-balanced confinement food, are essential for the new mother to help us recuperate and regain vitality. Especially for those mummies in preparation for next pregnancy.

Family photo! The annoying big sister picture-spoiler lai liao lor. LOL.

And the amazing candle lit dinner for daddy mummy. Except this time the candle not lit up becox we already got light bulb =) LOL. Our 小电灯泡 Meredith hahaha.
My grilled fish. I shared this with Meredith haha. Not enough okay becox she ate so much LOL.
Fresh fruit strips!
Josh's chicken dish!
Mixed apple waldorf salad!
More people came to visit! THEY VERY RUDE OKAY. All say i very smelly wth i haven't even start confinement yet hahaha.
Fake friends forever - Ben, Rach, Peishi and Randy =) If i need to wait for this bunch to have a baby i need to wait maybe a few more years haha cox they are all so young.
YUTAKI WHO SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS AMELIA WTH LOLOL. I want to die. Hahaha Miya and i have been joking, she ask me to push back the baby if baby wanna come out on 18th. I say no worries i'd shove her back and stitch up my vjj if she wanna come out on 18th becox i don't want a mini Yutaki hahaha. 会被她烦死 becox Yutaki 很烦 HAHAHA. End up, see. Sigh. LOL.
And then it was the day for us to check out and go home. But first, be fed. HAHA.

For daddies and mummies who are delivering in TMC, TMC ensures that parents are taught essential skills, during their stay in the hospital. The session includes things like how to clean your baby’s umbilical cord, how to change your baby’s diapers, how to swaddle your baby, how to burp them. And other basics like how to care for the BCG Injection site.

Parents are also given a certificate at the end of their stay to recognize the achievement of acquiring these new baby care skills haha! Cute hor, find joy and feel proud of all little things about parenting!

There's also the ParentCraft Specialist classes – Complimentary during your stay! These will be Baby Bath Demonstration and Breastfeeding classes conducted by TMC’s ParentCraft specialists. These classes are conducted daily (except Sundays and Public Holidays), and parents can take this chance to ask questions and clear any doubts before they return home!

But me and Josh pro liao so we told them no need hahaha!

All ready and packed for home =)))
Such an angel.. WHEN SHE IS ASLEEP haha! Feeling a little scared to go home with a newborn, given that i have a 2 yro at home who also requires a lot of attention.

But i know we will do just fine! With help from people around us.

All mums who deliver at TMC will also receive a phone call from the nurses – better known as Thomson Angels, within 48 hours of being discharged. These calls are made to ensure that mother and baby are coping well at home. Thomson Angels are also ready to drop by your home, should you need help post-discharge.

Their Lactation Consultants also call new mums one month after discharge, to follow up on any concerns mothers may have on baby care, breastfeeding, or their little one’s development.

Heng so far i don't need =X I'm coping but still surviving haha!

Any boost for milk supply before we check out, the Fish and Green Papaya Soup!
THANK YOU again to the nurses at the TMC Premier Ward. they gave me so much encouragement and help during my stay. Saw Josh and Mich carrying lotsa things, and i was carrying Amelia, she even offered to help me carry Amelia until our car came T.T Thank you so much!!!
Michelle 又做干妈了 hahaha! Congrats. Another share of milk powder and clothes to buy =) LOL.
Got home and these are some of the gifts we've received.
And more.. A lot more arrived on the next few days but i was too tired to put them together for a picture =X But thank you so much everyone for sending your thoughts and love!
Before Josh start to lose sleep for perhaps the next 6 - 8 months LOL.
Meredith was a bit in a daze haha. She went through a very difficult 2 weeks to adjust to having a little sister. Kept throwing tantrum and doing naughty little things to get love and attention.
But you two are my baobei equally okay. Although i haven't really bond with meimei yet (truth that most second-time mummies won't admit haha) but i know i definitely will.
They are a gift for each other T.T I am glad i have a second child.
What's happening - Michelle cup-feeding Amelia. I am trying to take a picture with the Thomson Medical Confinement Essential Luggage! It's free for all Thomson mummies! Meredith is trying to photobomb my picture haha. So i let her anyway.
The Thomson Medical Confinement Essential Luggage is FREE for all Thomson mummies! Inside contains useful things like:

* Thomson Medical’s Confinement Cookbook and Nutritious Recipe Book for Pregnancy and Lactation

*Hip and Belly Wrap

*Anti-slip Covered Bedroom Slippers

* Feeding Accessory Wash and Wet Wipes

* Breast Pads

* Waterproof Wet Bag

* Hair Loss Shampoo and Tonic

* Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturising Cream for Face and Body

* Feminine Hygiene Set

* Growth Chart and Cupcake Stand

* Young Parents Magazine

* Antibacterial Overnight Sanitary Pads

* Disposable Underpants and Underpads

* Document Holder and Huaxia Taimaobi Voucher for Thomson Babies

* Insurance Coverage for Mother and Baby

A lot of useful stuff right!!! I am using a lot of it as a matter of fact haha. This is Thomson Medical's way to extend their care and help make our post-natal recovery a little easier =))

Our new addition to the family =)
Yes, beady eyes?
I settle in real quick for lunch. And this spread is from Thomson Medical Confinement Food Home Delivery! It will always come with a serving of nutritious and tasty tonic soup! They deliver twice a day, for lunch and dinner, in thermal containers and thermal bag, so you can enjoy your food hot!
Comes with a jar of red dates and longan drink so you no need to brew your own! Convenient hor!

And it's all nutritious + yummy!!!

They have a wide selection of food on rotation for the whole term of your confinement. You may find out more on the options on delivery of the confinement food here!

I'm gonna spam a lot of food pictures becox that was really one and only best thing about my confinement. Everything else is just =( Haha.

A meal from the Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery.
Tonic soup from different days.. They use even expensive ingredients that's good for our recovery!

Their confinement food home delivery is break into two cycles!

Food in the first cycle (Day 1 to Day 10) will be a bit bland with less salt, less oil, less wine and less ginger as mums will be tired due to the 9 months pregnancy and blood loss during delivery.

We need food that is easily digested, which is rich in iron but also rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Red dates logan tea, black beans soup and black fungus dishes are recommended during this stage. The food with less salt is also good for the clearing of water retention in our body.

Having less ginger and wine in cooking is to decrease the workload of our baby’s immature liver when our baby is breastfed.

When we start the 2nd cycle (Day 11 to Day 28), our body should be ready to absorb the right tonic herbs such as dang gui and ginseng etc. By using the right herbs in the right dosages, it will aid mummies in the right stage of recovery.

So you'd see food in the later part becomes really power-packed, not just with the taste but also with the effects it does with the tonic!

OMG I MISS CONFINEMENT. Hahaha! Just for the food okay.
This was soooooo flavourful and the pork slices were so tender T____T
Hong Zao pork ribs!!! SO FREAKING GOOD ='OOOO

It's the best ever.

Pig’s Trotters in black vinegar is used to aid digestion and to improve appetite. Together with ginger and sesame oil, this dish improves blood circulation and expels ‘wind’ and ‘dampness’ from the body. Pig trotters are high in collagen while egg is a good source of high- quality protein, and iron!

But all i care about is.. It's very very very yummy hahaha #Glutton #NoRegrets

Click here for more info on Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery and to view the full menu!

吃着吃着, confinement is over already. Hahaha.

We brought Amelia for her check up at Dr Euegen Han's clinic at Thomson Medical. She's mostly good!
Growing chubs as well haha!
Trusting this good gentleman with our kids!
Sasquatch spotted wth HAHA. How is her feet so big?!
Papa come almost everyday during my confinement to cook food for me omg. I told him no need liao cox i have home delivery from the hospital. He insist cox he say next time he can cook confinement food for his daughters don't know must wait until when. Haha. My papa is ❤︎
I was doing a lot of bed rest and Meredith came over "I wang take peeker wee you mama"
There, i told you. The annoying photo-spoiler lai liao. LOLOL.
Josh's new girlfriend haha. Everyday he kena left-right-up-down-center from her one okay. But really so angelic and lovely when she's asleep. Haha.
When she's not asleep then it's a whole new ball game hahaha.
"Bleah whachu gonna do, papa mama?

Thank god this time round we have the help of our helper. The last time round Josh and i just chiong for the first 2 months and we almost died. Josh lost 12kg in 2 months LOL.

I took 1 month odd for my vjj wound recovery omg.

This time round i only took 2 weeks plus for it not to hurt anymore!!!!! =DDD Bed rest is really important. And the sad news is, Josh didn't lose any weight this time round LOL.

I think our helper help with Amelia a lot. I was very worried at first becox she had ZERO experience with taking care of newborn. She had experience with kids age 8 and 11 previously but that's about it.

So we sent her for the Infant Care Training Programme at Thomson Medical Centre!

It's great for grandparents or helpers. The class is conducted in simple English and there's a lot of demostration and hands-on sessions so don't need to worry even if English is not their first language.

My helper can understand like 10% English only but she is a pro with Amelia now, thanks to the infant care training program!

For those whose have their parents helping, can send grandpa and grandma for this also, although they have prior experience bringing us up, but this would refresh their memories and increase their confidence in looking after the baby.

The programme covers feeding baby, bathing baby, diaper changing, bowel movement of baby, handling and holding baby, management of crying baby and more.
There's also Childbirth Educations classes for papa and mama! =D

CBE classes gives parents hands on experience! The curriculum curates the important educational content for parents (so we don't have to look all over the internet for information haha).

Parents may choose to attend 4-weekly lessons or a 1-day intensive course like the one Josh and i went for. For more information, you may visit ThomsonBaby.Com

They have a variety of lesson timings to suit our schedule, but be sure to register early to get your preferred slots! Have fun!!!

I remember when i was having fun during the class.. Fast forward a few months later..
This little human turned up =')

Dear Amelia,

When you see this in the future.. Sorry that papa and mama couldn't give you as much as we did for your jiejie while preparing for your arrivals. We were doing better back then but we will gladly commit our whole lives, just to make sure we take good care of the two of you.

Until you become a big person and want us to stop nagging haha.

When you were inside mummy's tummy, things weren't easy. You're strong, stronger than mummy. And i hope you will grow to have a good and kind heart, a big heart for people. Even the people who might not be too kind.

Mummy registered @Ame1iaon for you becox you are 1 in a million.. Like the brightest star that shines through the dark nights. You are the only good thing that happened in the last 1.5 year.

No matter what life might bring to our family and to you, you just Amelia on.

You are beautiful.

Thank you for being ours.

Papa mama love you, all the same, always.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has helped us in the last 1.5 years. You guys are all angels in our life. Thank you ❤︎