31 May 2011

I fail

Hello~ So i got a ringlight. Til now each time i type ringlight, i keep getting reminded of THE RING. Lol.

To what i know, Xiaxue was the first to use a ringlight and it's been don't know how many donkey years already, and many random bloggers all got ringlight along the way after her but i just got mine #loserbutnotlast Haha.

Actually it's a gift from my bf cox.. Haha, cox i was supposed to extract a wisdom tooth remember? And this is supposed to be something to make me feel better. BUT I CHICKENED OUT. Lol. So i actually got this as a gift for nothing ^.^V

Plus Sophie just got hers recently and lol, it does makes her pictures look A LOT more pro despite her using a campact cam as well!. All the more i should own a ringlight!!! =DD

Yay, now i don't have to select certain area of a picture in Photoshop to even out the colour anymore. FLASH LIGHT, YOU GO DIE. Always make my thighs look black black one!

I don't really know how to work it well yet but i like how even the lighting is so i kinda regret i didn't get it earlier. Lol. Bf has been asking me to get one to "upgrade" but i kept saying that no matter what light i use, my compact camera is still gonna make it look normal. And the one he wanted to get me was a small ring light. It's only bigger than my face by half maybe?

And then two weeks ago he say he saw a bigass one for $180 only. I ask him if i can take pictures like this..

Clean and sharp..

Matt and even..

Sweet and glowy..

He say can try. Obviously he's lying.

Becox my result different. Lol. This is not bad bad, but not good at all. It's blur!!!

Blur again! The stupid bracket to hold the camera very redundant okay?

Cox the light stand so wobbly and flimsy i didn't realise all the pictures blur until i upload them to my computer =( By then i already remove makeup so cannot retake =(

But given that this one i don't need to PS the lighting much it really save me a lot of time. Anyway~

My top is $3 =D Cute right! I need to take better pictures if not very let my bf down for buying me this ringlight, WITH the stupid bracket ($30)! Pui.

Then again.. I really do not expect to achieve those sample pictures with a $180 light. Lol.

How you think? Any little tiny bit better, my pictures? A BIT HAVE RIGHT? Lolol

My milk tea colour pleated skirt is from TheBlogShop. For affordable retail therapy with a wide range of styles to choose from, you MUST visit their shop! To get stocks and supply for your own business, TheBlogShop would be able to help you too! ^.^

29 May 2011

QWeekly - Escaping death for now and some bubbly affair lol

So it's embarrassing. My last blog post totally shows how much a chicken i am. Lol. Cold feet about visiting the dentist all. Thing is, i assumed the worst. I assumed i have to operate to extract that wisdom tooth.

Anyway, turns out i can wait a little while more to extract it. I know, bad choice to postpone this but i think i should build the trust with this dentist first, like maybe like him fill a few of my tooth, or wash my teeth or something. You know.. Like build a relationship with him base on trust first. THEN, i let him extract my tooth. Lol. So far, he seem to be REALLY REALLY patient, gentle and caring. He's a grey-hair old ah pek, in case you think i got some weird fantasy about dentist. ANYTHING but a dentist please. Lol.

So moving on from the over-reacting phase. I saw on Twitter, Yutakis tweeted a picture with heart-shape bokeh and then Kaykay and Wendy and Jacqueline started asking him about it. And they all have some way to work around it. I think it's some i-dark room app or something. I no have =( So i photoshop lah.

But mine don't look like bokeh leh. Mine look like bubbles.

So i call this 美到冒泡. LOL.

It means "pretty until got bubble". LOLOL. I think i can understand how this term came about. Pretty to the boiling point, means VERY HOT, and then boiling point will form bubbles, right? Lol. There you have! 美到冒泡. And i added this bokeh effect to al my pictures. LOL.

Anyway that picture was taken in the morning right after i wake up. No touch up on my complexion! BUT, this is what i gone through the night before!!! First i use the HELLO KITTY WASH (restocked in the shop so you guys who didn't manage to get it earlier, can now email to buy! =D).. Then..

Daiso blackhead removal mask. DAMN painful to remove please. I don't even know if it actually works. I only know it removes hell lots of my hair. Lol. Then..

This mask with micro-diamond fiber and ocean collagen, god knows what it means. But it works in a way the micro diamond fiber will fill up your skin and lock the moisture in to make it more supple and glowy and bright.

I'm very amazed please. Lol. Cox there's a hook from underneath the chin, all the way pulling up to behind my ear. Like some lifting effect on-going. LOVE IT~ =D

So i've used the dark blue one thrice and this light blue one once.
It's all a dollar plus each only!!!

Dah, the dark blue on that contains Bo Niao Suan (Hyaluronic Acid) that will give instant lifting + filling effect to the skin. I LOVE IT MAXXXXX!!!! For one dollar plus, this is amazing!!!

I'm gonna stock up more on this dark blue one please!!! I bought it from the shop at Punggol Plaza basement. If you're keen can email the lady to purchase online and she'd have it mailed to you. Not sure if there's a minimum purchase thou. I'm not paid to advert for them, I want them to do well cox they are at the basement and the traffic is quite bad there. And i cannot let them close down becox i still need my beauty mask. Lol.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

The other day i was snapping pictures at a garden and bf was helping me. And then we saw a red pillar and it goes like this..

Bf: There's a red pillar here. You don't wanna pose with it?

Me: Huh? Why would i want to pose with it?

Bf: I don't know, you always like to mimic the typical tourist pose.

Me: HO OKAY OKAY I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! Yes yes yes i want! Hahahah!

One hand pull pillar other hand stretch out "Look at this place! I was here~"

After this picture was snapped, it goes like this..

Bf: Okay done? You need any more shots?

Me: Yeah. One more.

Bf: With the pillar also?

Me: Yeah like this.. Guess what is it.

Bf: .......

Me: Sexy not?

Bf: .......

LOL. Okay i'm leaving you with my sexy picture. One of the many typical CLUBSNAP POSE.

The "Woo i'm too hot. I must air one armpit if not both" pose. Lol. Bye!

27 May 2011

Going crazy

I remember when i was in primary school, i abhor going to visit the dentist so much.. Each time a boy/ girl come running to my class with the clipboard, i'd pray and thank god if it's not me.

And then if it's me, i'd have to hold the clipboard, and walk to the dental clinic in the school =( Each time this happen, it's like the world fall apart. Lol.

There was once i remember most vividly, i was called twice in a week and the second time, i could not believe i'm so sway again. I mean.. This is like a twice a year event, isn't it?! But then i guess it's all becox i don't brush my teeth when i was younger =S Lol. So i have more to fix than the other kids.

Anyway.. The second time i was called, i took the clipboard, and i ran to the area behind the dental clinic. I could watch the dentist from the window. I just stood there.. For about 15 minutes? You know how i know it's about 15mins although i didn't wear a watch?

Cox i can hear the dentist calling the office, saying the student from my class is still not at the clinic yet, and it's been about 15 minutes and she was asking if they could make an annoucement for me. Lol. Yeah i know right, deep-rooted attention-seeker, i am. Lolol.

Okay the next part is FREAKING SHITTY MAX. My principal Mrs Chew or Mdm Chew i can't remember, appear at the dental clinic cox she wanna ask the dentist what happened. And that's when i finally know, OKAY, TROUBLE ALERT.

So really no choice, i had to show up =((

All i remember was slurred conversations warning me that what i did was wrong, it worries people, next time if i ever do it again i have to go to the principal office. Blah blah blah. Seriously, i was scared shitless.

All i could think of is "Quickly drill what you want, fill what you have to, and let me go off pleaseeeeeeeee. And God please don't let my tongue get drilled. Please please please please please....."

So.. Now i'm a grownup. BUT IT IS ALL STILL THE SAME =((((((((((

The worry is the same, i mean seriously, what if somebody pushes the dentist from the back when he's working on the inside of my mouth and then he accidentally slice my tongue off?!?!??!

Do you know that our teeth are somehow linked to the nerves in our brain?! This is why when we get toothache, we get headache too =((

And then the last time i had to go for an operation to extract my wisdom tooth, it was NASTY. Okay? NASTY SHIT. First, the doctor made me sign a contract, saying that i will not hold them responsible if there is any permanent damage to my sense of taste, and if there is permanent numbness to my tongue.

And also, i cannot hold them responsible if i die in the operation.

Also, i cannot hold them responsible if i have any permanent speech deficiency after the operation.

Tell me, WANT TO DIE OR NOT? Die better right?! Everything also cannot hold them responsible. THEN HOLD WHO RESPONSIBLE?!?!?! HUH?!?!? WHO!!!!

=((( I'm sorry. There's a few stages to dealing with a bad situation. First is denial. I'm passed that already. Then it's anger. I'm at it now. Not helping. And the whole time, i'm just sad and worried and terrified =(

Also, the last time was Michelle who accompanied me to the dental clinic to extract that wisdom tooth. Lol. Dentist say if it's painful, i raise my hand. So seconds later, i raised my hand, and go "AH!" like it's painful. But fact is, the dentist haven't even do anything yet. LOL.

Okay so maybe it's not that bad right? =D I'm really going crazy at this rate. One moment i'm all positive and encouraging myself. The next moment i'm angry at why the cb wisdom tooth have to happen. WHY CAN'T IT NOT HAPPEN??? WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO TO HUMAN BEINGS? Huh?

My friend say grow wisdom tooth means i'm smart. I know he's bullshitting me =( He can grow all the wisdom tooth he wants. Lol. One whole mouthful of it then. I don't even know the difference between using teeth and tooth, and i don't care, so i don't need to be smart.

Say so much, later still must go see dentist =( I hope you didn't spend time reading this. I'm really going through a monologue with myself.

WISDOM TOOTH, WHY YOU NO DIE A NATURAL DEATH!!!! And why must spend $700 to cut my gum to pull you out?!?!?!? WHYYYYyyyyyyy.........

I'm brave. I'm brave. I will pull through.

Dark Chocolate Center

Yeah, a picture of me on the cab, with messy hair means it's time to visit the hair salon. Lol.

Far East Plaza #04-82
Tel: 6836 2891

LOVE the sandwich Juno order! Luncheon meat with egg, ham and cheese! Two of each!

Hair from Vivi magazine that i wanna copy. Lol.

Okay here's the thing. My hair will naturally fall into center-parting =(((((((( You know, like a "M" on my forehead. I've been rebonding them to the side. But somehow, after awhile when the hair grows, my fringe will become center-parting =( SAD.
But the even shittier part is, cox i usually rebonded it to one side, so one side has more hair than the other side, right? So my M is loop-sided some more! one side more pong, the other side not so. WANT TO DIE. Lol.

So i'm resigning to my fate. I'm gonna work the center-parting look!

I rebond my fringe to center-parting!!! Lol. At least now i can have balanced M. Haha.

Anyway, while flipping through magazine, i saw this ad........

Please spot something wrong about this picture.

Close up a bit more, can see not?!


LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Bat sai goh!!!! HAHAHA. In a branded skincare ad! Lol. Okay i really got no life one okay. I get so hyped about seeing bat sai goh. Lol. Like i bump into my long-lost friend like that.

Scroll up to see the first picture! Dry, split ends, flyaway, tangled like crazy.

To this!

Mainly thanks to this magic pack! It's hair treatment, can only do in salon thou. Cox need the bigass hot and cold steam machine and whatnot.

My hair now! =DDD

I touched up my hair colour too! I call it the Dark Chocolate. LOL. This is taken without flash, pretty much like how it'd look like under sunlight.

With flash. Healthy chocolate brown colour! =DDD

Thanks to Artica for the rebonded fringe, hair colour and hair treatment!
For appointment:

Far East Plaza #04-82
Tel: 6836 2891

24 May 2011

Swarovski Jay, Jiotao, Mikimoto Tata Pearl

Jayelle is also Jia Ling is also the CREATOR OF "BONGQIUQIU".

Yeah i don't know if i should thank her or hate her..

I mean.. Bongqiuqiu is kinda catchy (after so long).. But seriously, i can't help but agree when people go, "Wtf is BONG? Why BONG qiu qiu?"

I've made up a few stories that i think might be more interesting than the REAL origin of BONGqiuqiu. But really, they are all quite crappy, and involves a lot of supernatural sightings and unrealistically romantic love scene O.O Yeah..

So here's the true story, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Us during the break in between classes =D
Me, Dorothy, Jayelle

Jia Ling and i were roomies during the training months in Hong Kong for our flying career. I am Qiu Ting. Or Ang Chiew Ting or Hong Qiu Ting. People there call me Qiu. And then one of the ladies say there was this singing girl band call "Qiu Qiu He Chang Tuan". So sometimes, i'm called QiuQiu.

And one fateful, random night, Jia Ling and i were just lazing on our beds and we were just talking and she went "ANG QIU QIU"! We both kinda like it and she was thinking of a more catchy tweak to it.

And pooof, it became Bong Qiu Qiu. No meaning. Okay. NO MEANING ONE. So please don't ask me why BONG.. It makes me feel like you think i am stupid and lame, and i have no choice but to accept that as that =(( It's not my fault, it's Jia Ling's fault. Lol. Cox it's like a rhythm.


Bong, QiuQiu-Bong-QiuQiu-Bong-QiuQiu Bong..

Bong, QiuQiu-Bong-QiuQiu-Bong-QiuQiu Bong..

*awkward silence*

"Oh yeah, ooooh, OH YEAH, WHO'S YOUR MUMMY!!! SAY MY NAME!"

"BONG...." *brother died*

"Can we still be friends?"

THIS IS HOW I GO DOWN. Lol. Kidding. I had a boyfriend before i was BongQiuQiu.

Oh my god. Talking about this.. I think i should hate Jayelle for giving me this name afterall. I lost count on how many times people address me in email/ invitation/ various other ways as BONG Qiu Ting *STABS SELF MULTIPLE TIMES*


"Miss Bong, we would like to invite you to our company's 8th anniversary grand celebration.."

Seriously, why would you want to invite a Miss Bong to a cool celebration? LOL.

Miss Bong sounds so.. So.......... UNCOOL.

So anyway, Jia Ling, if my blog does well, i have you to thank for. If my blog fails, i'm putting it on you. LOLOL. Convenient right!!!

Three of us went for hi-tea!!! =DDD It's been so long since we last met!

They got me these ='((( I am very touched.

Cox everytime they see me, they'd have something for me. Especially Jia Ling please! There was this once she was helping out at a photoshoot with me, and she just came back from a flight the day before, and she bought back a bag of Garette popcorn from DUBAI for me!!! That time Garette not here yet!

And then she got me my first branded blusher from V.S, i have been using it forever since but now i'm putting it aside cox i don't wanna finish it too soon!!! JIA LING, SARANGHAE. Lololol.

I always get my gfs little little boh liao stuffs, and especially love it when they come to my place and just pick out anything they like. Especially new clothes, accessories etc. If nobody takes them, i'd keep and keep and keep and finally give them to my sisters. They either throw it away, or they give it to their friends.

Thing is, i never thought i could actually offer Jayelle and Doro anything that they'd fancy!!! I mean.. They see the MOST beautiful things all over the world! They tasted the yummiest food, they buy the prettiest stuff.. BUT OKAY, i think i should just start loving them my own way. Lol. First i should get a bird cage for Doro (LOL kuku). Then i should get more accessories for JiaLing becox i think she thinks she has 27 fingers or something.

I drifted too far into redeeming myself for being a bad friend. Hi tea, hi tea.

Custard, Butter One, Butter Two, Jam.

LOL. The funny shit about butter one and butter two lasted like 20 minutes or something. Jialing try butter one. Then i try butter one, and then try butter two. And it goes like this..

Me: OMG! Take this one! It taste better. Like sweeter.. Don't take the other one
*points at butter one*

Doro (haven't tried any of the two): Okay..
*spreads butter two on scone*

Jia: You sure not! I thought they are the same.
*tries both*

Me: Confirm please. This one (B2) sweeter! The other one no taste one, don't bother.

Doro: I think it's the same..

Jia: I think it's the same too!

-both of them super bothered and keep talking about it, i don't understand why-

Me (after sending out one tweet and replying one SMS): NOOOoooo. It's not the same lah. Haiyoh. Trust me man.
*tries both butter again.. A bit confused*

Jia: Okay i'd call the girl here and ask her. Ang Chiew Ting! If it's the same how!

Me: Same then same lah! But i think it's different! I'm quite sure!

So the girl came and say it's the same. I'm thinking it's some conspiracy thing. It might be the same but to me.. It's always different. I'm rebellious like that. Lolol. Kidding. I'm a sore loser.

Jialing and the sandwiches. Got more creative caption? Lol.

Dorothy and tea =DDD It rhymes!

Hi, see who doesn't have makeup on again =(
You can also say i'm confident in my own skin. LOL. No really, just lazy.

Dotty about to tuck in!

DENG DENG DENG DENG~~~~ LOVE!!!! Love the look of it!
As for the taste, 50% of it is nice, 35% average, the other 15% taste pretty bad.

Above are the pictures my camera took before dying on me =( So the rest of the pictures are from Jialing's cam! *cough* Not *cough* very nice. LOL.

 Love!!! =)) Thank everything, every factors that keeps us together =)) Or keeps me with them!

 We crash Jialing and Jeslin's dinner!!! At a chinese restaurant at ION! THIS IS SO GOOD!!! The sauce/ soup base is REALLY GREAT.. Pair it with the skinny fritter, YUMMEH!

Why i say i think only the soup base was great is becox.. I could really do without the WHOLE LOT of fins in it.. It's seriously filled with fins!!! I could do with just the mock abalone/ mushroom shreds that's in it. Lots and lots of that, plus a little bit of cheap fins (those we normally pay $3/bowl for) would do the job!

You can definitely figure out that i didn't take this picture.. Becox a blogger wouldn't take food, with a foot in the picture -_-"" Plus the peking duck, cucumber and the keropok has not sense of belonging now. They don't look like they belong in a group!!! *grumble* Lol. I would take the shot from another angle!

Lol. Giving the manager authoritative brows to fit her action. Lol.

Again, taken by Jialing. Oh, now the keropoks is the highlight of the dish?!?! And the peking duck crepes are just garnishing right?! -_- WOON J.L, WHY LIKE THIS!!! Lolol. Turn the plate around for a picture why you no do!!! Now my blog will have lousy pictures becox of you. Like the BONG is not disastrous enough!!! Lolol.

After dinner, we go toilet! Lol. Like how Wendy and Sophie and i did. Lol. ION Orchard toilet confirm hate girls like us. Shameless much. Hahaha. Left to Right, Me, Jeslin, Dorothy and Jayelle!

Jialing look so young here! In fact.. All three of them look young here.. *pull out pistol and yell DON'T STOP ME!!!*

Only i deserve photoshop lashes.

Then Jeslin say we should take pictures that is.. In her words, "Here but not here, there but not there" Hmm........ In my few years of camwhoring experiece, i believe she means.. Candid shots? Self-taken shots that doesn't look like self-taken? Act-emo shots that looks far away from the camera? WHAT??!! WHAT?!?!? Lolol. So we each decipher "Here but not here, there but not there" to our own understanding of it.

I am shamelessly trying to maneuver the Mong Huan (dreamy) pose, Jeslin looking sensual, Jialing look vain and naughty, Dorothy just laughing at the three of us maybe.

Jialing say this picture would be perfect if all of us except her, were cropped out. Lol.

Okay give her one more solo apperance. Lol.

We were supposed to take a back-view, act sexy shot.. None of us were ready except Jialing -.- But look at Dotty face please. LOL. Really got the "Huh" face. OMG. We never know, maybe Dotty WAS ALREADY POSING. Lolololol. This could be her sexy pose.

Us doing the Barbarella "OKAY THANKS BYE THANKS~~~ THANKS~"

With that.. Bye bye! =D Sigh~ Totally happy now! =D

And btw! Swarovski Jay is Jialing's daughter, Jiotao is my child and Mikimoto Tata Pearl is Dorothy's daughter. Lol. I figured that Jialing is super act atas. Dotty is super act quirky.

But my child, will be like me! Jiotao means rock. And all diamonds come from rocks. And.. this whole diamond from rock crap, is made up by Jialing. She is saying Jiotao might become another sensation. Lol.

18 May 2011

The whole 1/4-life crisis thing is just bad calculation..

I'm gonna turn 24 pretty soon and i used to keep thinking that 25 is the quarter-life-crisis age and therefore i have one more year to feel chill about having not much achievement under my belt but it's SO WRONG. Becox the mortality of Singaporean women is 83yro, according to Wikipedia. Not 100. Lol.

With those numbers in mind (LOL. I am recently very obsessed with trying to analyze problems using numbers to prove myself coherent and logical hahaha), quarter-life crisis is about 20.75years old (83 divide by 4). And i am past that already O.O *hyperventilate*

*refusing to calm down*

*hyperventilate somemore*

*go hysterical*

*pull hair*

*get pinned down by Donnie Yen and Jerry Yan*


I was asking boyfriend that other day if he believes that everyone has a calling. And he looked at me in disbelief and just laugh it off -.-

OH, so this is cold hard truth? Nobody believes i am capable of thinking more in-depth???

He is right, all of you are right. I am not into that (thoughts too in-depth). LOLOL.

I was gonna patronise him by listening to him saying whatever he thinks is his calling, and then i'd tell him what i truly think about MY calling, in details. Hahahha. But he didn't tell me about his calling so i didn't thick-skinnedly tell him about mine. So i'd tell you all =D

My calling is to be a tai-tai by the age of 45 =DDD

But i'm looking at the clock ticking and i think i'm running behind time by quite a fair bit cox if i was sensible, i would have started doing something constructive at 18 or so lol.

But then again, on a positive note, i have 21 years to earn enough money to be able to upgrade a lot of things in my own life and my dad's life and have plenty more $$$ to pay for my botox, filler and glucosamine pills (lol) at age 45.

Wah, life is looking good already. Hahah. Cox i naively believe in my calling. Lol. I'm should get cracking already! Please take me more seriously hor, i'm an adult now. Lolol. Only adults are serious about what they do. Lol. Kids help people sell branded bags on their blogs, or pose with cars and think they can do it forever. WO BU SHI. Lolol.

Plus it's actually very motivating to see the people on top continuously doing things to enrich and value-add themselves, and dumping all competition behind. Like Xiaxue. I don't know if you guys noticed, she is actually a very sharing person. If something's good, she'd be sharing it but then FHL that most of the time, people don't give her the credit. Lol.

But the shitty part is, when people DO give her the credit, to general people it become like we're curry favouring her, carrying her balls, being her dog, copying her etc -.- If she minds people having the same thing as her/ doing the same thing as her, would she even talk/ blog/ tweet about it for people to copy??? She would have just kept quiet about it or introduce something else that'd screw us all up. Right not?! Lol.

Like, "Hi Xiaxue! How do you keep your skin so flawless?? What skincare products do you use?"

"Oh, spread margarine on your face every night and sleep with it! The next morning, wash it off with piping hot kopi-o and then scrub your face with sugar and pounded pandan leave mixture. My secret to flawless skin passed down over seven generations, shhhh.."

She has been urging me to get started on a few things. And i appreciate that a lot! Cox it's coming from her, i feel very *squishy squashy* Lolol. I definitely need to do something as now there's just wayyyyyy too many spaces in my life! Yeah you can decipher that from my tweets. Lolol! I'm mostly bored and rewatching old movies and eating MSG at home! Lolol.

Okay lah, just a post to remind myself how much more i have to do to answer to my calling. Lol. And to show how appreciative i am to have a chance to meet and be motivated by somebody i admire so much since yearsss ago.

You all no need to leave comments like i'm bootlicking/ copying Xiaxue already please. It doesn't affect me anymore. Cox i know for sure that i'm still who i am, that typical woman going after bigger things in life wishing for a better future ahead for myself, my dad, my family my bf and my doggies. And sharing the same love for cute, pretty and interesting stuff in life, as any of you.

Only difference between all of you who love her, and me adoring her, is that i am a little bit more lucky.. To be able to stalk her IRL. Lol.

*do psycho face*
*fondle with goatee*

If you all were nicer to me i would have started a fanclub for you all to join lor! And give you insider update about Wendy since i was so free! Like..

"8.30pm, Wendy is going to nap. And by that, we all know she's gonna sleep and wake up at unearthly hour like 12.30am"

"Wendy is procrastinating about blogging for us now. Let's flood her twitter with encouraging words to guilt-trip her!!!"

"Do you smell it? Wendy is whipping up ABC soup at 4am in the morning!"

But no, it's not gonna happen becox most of you doubted the sincerity of my adoration for her and called me names. I KNOW OKAY, COX I ALSO SEARCH MY OWN NAME ON TWITTER WHEN I'M BORED. Lolololol!!!!

And plus, i promise myself to start living a more fulfilled life. Hahaha. Okay, so how should i start lying about it tomorrow on Twitter? Is there a scheduled tweet function on Twitter? I should schedule it at 8am tomorrow and wish everyone good morning cox waking up pass 12pm just doesn't seem like i'm on the right track. Lol.

Enough rambling, my Mcdonald's is on the way.

16 May 2011

Victoria Jomo - ONE price, ONE Bag, UNLIMTED items!!!


You pay one price, you get a carrier, you squeeze ANYTHING you can in it, and then you bring everything home, for one price - $35.

We're looking at..

Clothes - PLENTY of clothes to choose from, from vintage to basic casuals tank tops with quirky prints, to comfy chiffon tops, to outfits for work, to a WIDE range of maxi dresses for a beautiful day out. Find some jackets and bottom in the collection to complete your look!

Bags and Clutches - Pictures of some of it will be shown later! Now read on!

LOVE the bunny (or kitty? Or it's up to me to decide?) facial print on my tank top!
I got it from Victoria Jomo!!! =DDD

Ready to see the preview for the Victoria?! =DDD Let's roll!

First up!! My favourite!!! Haha. Cox i love simple basics most!!! =D

One more! This tank top is loose-cut one! Love how comfy it is!!! And the owl is cute too~ It's wearing a necklace with a "A" charm. Lol. Maybe its name is Awl. Hahahahahah!!!

Random shots of the cozy little corners at Victoria Jomo.
Love the homely, warm and vintage touch to the whole place!!!

 For those who love girl-shirts!!! This one is suavely-sexy =D

Other than this nude one there are other colours like black, yellow and brown etc..

Comfy chiffon tops that matches with most things! Denim, work skirt, cutesy shorts etc!
Comfy and easy-matching, AND!!!

Can wear both ways!!! This green top is one same top as the above watermelon red top!
Just flip it inside-out, outside-in! ^.^

More colours for the two-tone tops! There'd be more colours cox the ladyboss will be bringing in lots more stocks to cater for the event!

 Check out my off-shoulders shu-nu flora dress!!! =D Love the thousands of pleats details!!!

Something more feminine? Also have lah! =D

Love camwhoring at Victoria Jomo cox can just pick up anything in the shop to use as props.
Like this bag. Hahah. It's for sale thou.

A dress with simple cutting and *ahem* showing a bit of cleavage. Lolol.

This would be suitable for work, right? =D

Clutch with heart-shape design and padlock will be included in the buffet as well!

Comes in different colours!

LOVE THIS POLKA DOT DRESS!!!!! Got flora patterns in the same design as well!

Love how it shapes my body!!!

If i'm born in 1970's, i should be a major popstar. Cox i so hiao. Lol. This looks like a picture i'd be proud to show my friends to, "THIS ONE IS MY MUM WHEN YOUNG" and they'd all go like "Tsssssssssss~ She's hot!" Hahaha!!!

Who love long skirts!!! Got ten thousand colours and style at Victoria Jomo!

Vibrant flow to all your movement. Hahaha LOVE the attention i'd get. Lol.

For those who can carry of the elegant, feminine and beautiful look. This is perhaps just 5% of the different kinds of maxi you can find at the event.

More clutches / small bags you may find at the event!

This one can fold/ roll one *hint* Lolol. SO SQUEEZE MORE into the bags!!!

Must get these if you love animal preens!

Can put your cards, cash, coins, keys, and the not so bulky makeup inside!

And not to miss these little pieces of accessories!

In my opinion, best to go with girl-shirt blouse and plain maxi dresses!

So you've seen a small part of all that will be up for your grab on the day of the event! Now let's see the what, when, where!!! =D MUST READ HOR!

In even simpler form,

- $35 for one standard carrier
- One admission per carrier
- Do not bring your own carrier Lol.

- $5 refund if you complete your spree in 5 mins! Of course you can stay longer than that!
- Register before the event (NOW better! Lol) to get ice cream and Victoria Jomo vouchers (details will be provided upon registration via email

You can just turn up on the day itself without registering but then you'd have no vouchers! Lol So better register now right! Display the Singaporean spirit! Lol.

Most important of all, you gotta remember this:

9 Haji Lane, Victoria Jomo
4th of June (Saturday)
1pm - 9pm

Random prints i took of the clothing in the shop! Gotta love vintage right!!!

Check out Victoria Jomo facebook page for updates, details and more preview of items you'd find at the event! It's a crazy huge variety!!!

Register for event HERE! =))