29 November 2008

I know i am so missed!

I have been busy! Didn't mean to neglect you guys okay. Hahaha.

I haven't got much to share anyway but i thought this was quite funny.

Random 1

I was watching history channel a while ago and there was this trailer of a program called "Voices in Time" and I have never really watch it (the trailer) showing, but i heard it when it was on TV. And all the time i couldn't figure out what it was saying, cox' it sounded something weird, like..

"Uncle Lima, Gong Ga Li Siao"
Which in Hokkien means, "Uncle Lima, knock until you go crazy"

It actually was
"And.. Conquer we must. And.. conquer we shall"

Then this guy Lin Zi Xiang, he got this song on TV promoting his coming concert, part of the lyrics go..


And i think it sounds so funny becox' it's a lot like

"做個 DUA 漢子"

That is "be a big potato" in Hokkien!!! LOL!!!
I am so self-entertained by this joke!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Random 2

You noticed Wong Li Lin's recent hairstyle in the credit card advertisement? And Fann Wong's recent hairdo at the Mediacorp 45th gala event? I think this hairdo is back in style.

The Schnauzer hairdo.

I am not saying it's anything bad, in fact i kinda like it. It makes the face looks more framed and much smaller.

Can you imagine if my eyebrow was in line with this style? Haha.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Random 3

I'VE HAD ENOUGH of shit blongpping into the bowl and then water splashing up and you know.. Getting in contact with your most precious part. It is gucking gross. I mean it man. I know many of us actually suffer this in silence and is not speaking up.

So i am giving you guys a brilliant idea, it will sure make you rich. Go design something like this.

No need to thank me when you get rich after you design, patent and sell this like hotcakes (Haha.. Sai Tang and hotcakes, should go quite well). Just send me this type of toilet bowl can already. Thanks ah.


18 November 2008

I was at..

I love the stuffs for home there.
But i love the yummy food for my tummy even more!

Especially the juicy wings.

And the meatballs!

And my main point of coming in here is to tell you, i am still going gaga over BB cream cox' look at the pictures, i swear i have no foundation on. Only applied mascara and darkened my eyebrow.

So, BB Cream, 万岁, 万岁, 万万岁~!
(Die also must use Chinese words)

So this is goodbye
My 豆豆眼 and I

P/S: 妳们在新加坡混不过来是你们家的事. 不要拿老娘来出气. 最近行情不好, 如过妳的客人不来, 妳也别偷懒, 正天读我的部落啊! 别放弃! 撑着! 别人的老公就来了!

三八 !!!


17 November 2008

My Beloved BB Cream & I

Indoor. With no else makeup except eyebrow. I swear i only touch up my hair via photoshop (Okay.. Okay, my nose too). So my champion-dark-eye-ring is covered to this much with BB Cream alone. You look fair like shit, but it's good to look fair like shit than yellow like shit right?
Outdoor, natural glow to your face. And the best thing is, it doesn't crack, gets oily etc as it it not exactly makeup. It's a moisturiser cum sunblock. My god, i am totally so SuaGu to only find out about this gem a few days ago.

Okay. So that's all.

What? You want to read some more? Huh? Cox you miss me and my cute pictures? Okay. Ask and you shall receive. HAHAH. Read on!

MrCrookedTongue 1

HUNKYm came to pass the camera yesternight and here's my HUNKY friend. If there's any strong objection, hatred, disagreement, please direct it to him, alone. LOL!!! What are friends for man?!

MrBigFlatTongue 2
*plays PussyCatDoll Doncha*

MrCrookedTongue 3
and his KingKong hairstyle.

排骨精吃排骨王 ^.^

And something to give you the shiver for a while.

Mister Crooked Tongue

Pictures of Ym with crooked tongue are 100% non-intentional. Maybe it's the trip he had to Australia, with all the guys. Hmm. I don't know.

After all is said and done, for your info, Ym here is still single.

You want?



06 November 2008

The Nose Operation which you don't remember

Remember the nose operation i am into, that i told you guys about? I was starting with primitive cloth-pegs and cotton pads. Now! I have moved on ^.^

I got it online, and waited for nearly a month before it arrives! It's the NOSE UP second generation. I am still hoping that i will never in my life have to go through surgery for my UGLY nose. Yes, i have ugly nose. I have no self-confidence at all because all that i see in the mirror is my nose. It's so big, i can't see shit. Neeways! Will tell you guys if it really works okay ^.^

And i was at work today! I didn't feel pretty at all but thought i'd just snap a shot to SCARE you all.

Are you scared?

Sigh~ I am so humble i can't stand it~



03 November 2008

Speaking as a very serious person

Greetings to you, you and you.

I have some very serious matters to let known.

1) Wee! I am on diet already! It's 12.30 noon, I woke up at 10am. And have not have breakfast! Yay!

2) I need help from you if you know how to design VERY simple blog template. Email at qiutinger@gmail.com PLEASE!!! I just need a VERY simple one!

3) ParisHilton loves me
I know! I am very lagging in playing with photofunia!

Okay! Remember okay! If you can help with designing template!


02 November 2008


Just wanna say thank you to the lovely ones who have been really nice and supportive =))

The masked beauty

And thank you people who love me AND my sister QiuPing. Better known as..

Niao Niao

Haha. I made her like totally chio right.

Drifting. To be really honest, whenever i saw a silly comment, within split second, i already have something to rebuke. But then it's fine okay, you guys can get off this time. Just don't come back with your silly comments again, okay? I would really love to make peace =))

Anyway, everything has became much better faster than how it became bad. So the world is really wonderful like that, shit happens, shit gone in a flush.

I promise i will try my best not to be sacarstic/ revengeful in subsequent posting. Haha.


November is here, Darlings!!!

Get ready your Xmas wishlist okay! We'd all list it out and hope that our friends would be smart Santa!

Lastly, this is going to end this post SERIOUSLY. I was slouching on the chair having supper a while ago. And damn, damn, damn, damn it. I have a bulging tummy. Like maybe 1 inch bulge. So, DIET STARTS MONDAY!!!