23 August 2015


There has been a lack of update on my life cox there's just too many changes.

Fact of me being a relatively new mom aside, now MooMoo, Ah Bong and NiaoNiao are staying with us =)

Old time readers would know it's always been a motivation and wish of mine to bring Moomoo back from the dog shelter.. Before Josh and i decided to shift into a bigger place we told Sijie and Bong that Moomoo can come if Ah Bong stays with us. Sijie wasn't with the idea cox she thought Ah Bong's studies would be affected as he will spend all his time with Moomoo.

Now cox Moomoo is sick with very serious cancer.. The vet say he has only about days to a week for his last days.. Our whole family was very sad.. Sijie gave in and agreed to let Ah Bong stay with us, with Moomoo. So it's been a week now. I must say Sijie REALLY knows her son. Lolol! All day long Ah Bong only care about Moomoo!!! Come back home from school, clean Moomoo up, cook for Moomoo, afterwhich he will taje about 1 hour plus, trying all ways to coax Moomoo to take medication and supplement etc.. Then later nua sai with Moomoo until his dinner time, another round of meds, and then he will be done by 11pm or until i nag at him too muvh, then he'd go and shower then sleep.

Next day he'd wake up at 6am to clean Moomoo up and then rush to school before the cycle continues.. So Sijie's worry about Ah Bong staying with Moomoo, was definitely reasonable lol.

But isn't it beautiful..? To see the bond between a young man who have nothing to gain from loving this dog so much.. Doing everything he can for the dog.

I am only sorry cox this "Dream come true" came too late.. Moomoo is really very sick now.. He has cancer mass taking over almost all his liver and it has spread to his kidney.. ='( As he is recovering from surgery for the removal of his spleen, he's not eating well nor mixing well with Tiffany and Drago.

He's only receptive towards some of the Gentle Paw guys who are so kind to visit a few times a week.. Driving Moomoo and NiaoNiao to and fro vet-visits. Getting all sorts of expensive supplement and at the time, help Ah Bong with tuition for his schoolwork. I honestly feel though the situation is not the most pleasant, these kind souls make the world look better..

Next time if i have a dream.. Maybe i gotta work even harder.. Even faster..

Yesterday I was on the phone clearing some quick work doing up captions, while playing with Yurou. And she said

"But you have to help me to play. You cannot just play with your phone you know? You have to put your phone one side.. Okay? I will also put my phone high, up here. And i also don't touch my phone, you also don't touch your phone. You help me put high, there"


I am a horrible adult. I will be better.

There's more to life than meeting deadlines. Deadlines 是死的. 人是活的. Lolol.

Gtg now, baby waking up soon. She's been rotating sooooo much in her sleep now for the past hour she's been using her head to nudge me off the edge. What the heck king sized bed also not enough. I shall bed the whole room lol.

Will update again real soon!