31 December 2010

The only thing i got out of 2.5 years in Poly

Couple of weeks back i had a steamboat dinner at Yong Ming's place. It's the 06 cliq (Err.. My poly clique) gathering cum farewell dinner for Yong Ming who is going away for 6 - 9 months *WAILS LIKE A WHALE*

Yong Ming and I at his place before the rest came.

The rest were all late! WHYDANs! And Yong Ming was reluctant to be alone with me and he ask if he can leave me in the living room while he lock himself up in his bedroom cox i'm constantly talking rubbish with NO filtering system. Yeah, all my friends love me.

And the rest finally came~~~ TA DANG~ MY BUDDIES~~~!

HAhahahahhahahah!!! This is so funny i'm putting them in such bad light.
My camera's to blame!

Now one more!

When i was keeping a personal blog during my poly days, it was really terrible for my friends. I use paint to cut their face and paste it on some boy band or girl band's picture and i'd blog about it. And i'd crack the most tasteless, rude and mean joke about them, on my blog. LOLOL. But now it's like i can't do it anymore! Cox it's all private inside jokes, and it's NASTY. Hahahahha!!!

Mainly also becox, that personal blog used to have like 40 over readers a day only. Hahaha!

Omg, blogging about my friends make me happy ^.^

My bf say whoever pours drink like this is very generous.
Cox they pour outwards. I think, it's plainly retarded, so dangerous might spill!

Peixi.. Is a workaholic. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
Next she is going to ask for 猜拳, 15, 20.

Yummy food Yong Ming prepared!!!


Okay so what happened that day was the Shop and Swap flea at St. James right. And the next day was when the article on The New Paper was gonna be published. So the reporter (who's very nice) was going through the details with me and Shin Min reporter was going through an email interview with me. So i had to spare 5 mins every now and then to reply email.

So dinner was done and over with, faster than i can eat, YES YONG MING, I WANTED MORE EGGS BUT YOU GUYS WERE ALL STOPPING =(((

Dessert and wine time!
Don't know since when my friends so atas, must drink dessert wine with dessert. Haha!

Cheers to 7 years of friendship. OMFG SEVEN YEARS?!?!?! ='(((

If you noticed, there's the lightest colour wine, at the bottomest of the picture, that's mine. I had about one inch wineglass-full cox they know i'm REALLY bad with alcohol.

Desserts~~~ ^.^
I had to go reply email in the room for a bit, about right when we just started on dessert.
Even got macaroons! Joo San got them! ^.^
Just when you're thinking i got great friends..
 THIS IS WHAT THEY SAVED FOR ME when i came back from emailing..







I totally LOL-ed when i see this!!!
Okay, so i haven't been the cleanest, most hygienic friend they can get and they don't wanna share food with me but i must say they are really thoughtful! I mean, look at the macaroons!


Kristie is about the most naturally-funny girl i EVER came across in my life. I don't know if that's a good thing. Hahahaha.

Game started. There was this round, Yong Ming was asking Kristie and, Kristie was guessing, right?

The word is aromatic. This is what they always use to describe me cox i always remove my shoes in class and lecture hall. And they think i exudes a certain aroma this way, NO, NOT GOOD kind. LOL.

So the word was aroma, i can live with it.

Yong Ming went..

"Okay, last time Qiuting is very..??"

Within split second, Kristie went..

"DIRTY" and she seems affirmative it was the right answer -.-"

My heart dropped, to the ground, into a million pieces.

WHahahahahhahahaah!!! FUCKING FUNNY!!! I feel so judged! Lol!!!

Then it was Kristie's turn to let Ming Zhou guess.


A while later..

Finally. LOLOL!!!

Then it was poker card time! We stick a card each on our forehead, but we can only see the cards on other people's head, can't see the card on our own forehead. SO! The one with the smallest card lose! AND HAVE TO..

DA! Some Johnnie Walker or something.
Hard liquor, but we add wintermelon tea to it.

That's JooSan DA-ing her turn steadily. LOL. Everyone else is like bargaining, bargaining! And she's the only one giving me good reliable tips lor! So that i don't have to drink. But i a bit metal-teeth (tiki/ stubborn) initially and i have to drink like 2 times.

Ming Zhou is the WORST friend ever, keep making me feel suspicious of my own decision!!! BUT!!! He got retribution!!! LOLOL!!! He kena DA like a cow!!! Drink drink drink!

Bad luck.

And again.


Thirsty also not like this right! Lol!

OMG, super throw face.

One inch glassful of dessert wine, 2 punishment drink (which luckily for me, it was quite little!!!!) and this is how i end up looking. Like Guan Gong. I went home even more red than this and then i was REALLY happy.

Then just a few days ago, to treat Yong Ming to a farewell dinner on my own, i brought him to Around de World at Liang Seah Street!

Yong Ming, the full Korean boy package.

He say since he already curled (permed) his hair, all set and ready to conquer Hong Kong with a Korean look, he is going to constantly do this face to be a full Korean package -.- He say this face is the Korean boys, act blur and lost face. I think he is going to have a hard time in Hong Kong already.
He is going to have no friends. Hahaha!

Good bye~ See you next year! Send me a birthday gift or something! =D
No, no joke, SEND ME A GIFT when you're still there in June 2011 *serious face*

So that sums up everything~ I'm DAMN freaking lucky to meet these buds in poly! All i had in poly days was 06 Cliq. And Shiyu and Coco (Kah Wei) together with me and Ming Zhou, that'd be 08 Cliq. Haha.. ^.^

So! I'm really really lucky actually cox i grow out to step into the society with great friends from Secondary school. Like the girls from Avebelle and Phua..

And then from Poly, these really nice people. It's like, they are not just nice to me and our clique, they are very nice to everyone around them. Great people =D

So despite almost everyone else not liking me in school, or being disgusted by me in several ways, i manage to have the bestest people around me.

Actually you figured why i can fit in? BECOX I AM NICE TOO! ^.^V

Hahaha.. One big round, to self-praise. Good job!



I hope your new year will be filled with all the good things! Like career advancement, great friends, genuine new friends who can become your great friends, pink stuff, baby blue stuff, health and wealth!


Bye you all~
Bye 2010~

27 December 2010

Bloggers in Fast food term

This thought suddenly hit me that some bloggers are here to stay, some are fresh for a while, in and out, out and gone. Like the menu of a fast food restaurant.

Take the menu of KFC for example.

Wendy (aka Xiaxue) is like the yummy fried chicken (ohmygod this sounds so damn wrong), almost always the motivation behind why people visit KFC and she's timeless, classic and main point is, SHE IS THE MAIN POINT. She's the reason of all our visits, and she's here to stay.

Then there'd be bloggers who're always around and our blogging scene won't do without them. Cox they need to cater to another group of readers.. Not necessarily differentiated by age, it's more like, by interest.. Not everyone loves to know about one person's life when they read blog, sometimes people read to find out about happenings, to find out more about latest gadgets, to salivate over food pictures, to read about new skincare/ makeup products, to be updated about latest fashion trends etc.. So these niche-topic bloggers are the must-haves, they are like the chili and the ketchup sauce in KFC ^.^

The burgers in KFC are all trying to be chicken. Like how some bloggers would follow what Wendy do, what Wendy use, what Wendy has, what Wendy buys.. And they might think they are equal to or as good as the chicken becox they are all on the mains menu. But they can never be the chicken. The yummy fried chicken. Hahaha!

Then there'd be promotional items from time to time like Devil drumlets or some wrap etc.. They come as a blast and will go. Maybe becox they didn't work hard enough to at least be one of the mains.

Finally there's the cheese fries, fries, coleslaw and mash potatoes.. I call them the sidekicks. Genuinely there to compliment the chicken and truly satisfied with being who they are. LOLOL.

Hello, I'd like to fill in the form to be a cheese fries.


P/S: I think some burgers are cute and down-to-earth like Shrooms burger! But most burgers shows too much meat, looks too round and doesn't have much liao.

26 December 2010

Why are there girls SO SWEET and talented?!

You've seen this..

This is so cute too!!! Refer to the original on my blog header! =D
Thank you Zi Ai @ziailee

For this, refer to the background on Budget Barbie!
Thank you Kifa @thepancakecat ^.^

Thank you girls! =DDD You all have talents and sweetness that nobody could fight! I am jealous! Really!

Like i feel so insecure now. Later you all go draw a hamsum picture of my bf, and then he gets so touched, he decides to leave me and date you all, HOW?! Lol.

What better praise than to make someone look great with cute teary eyes, rosey red cheeks and long slender legs!

Sigh, they super win! I am so blown away! I mean, i am so self-obsessed, i would never really wanna draw anybody else, but me. LOLOL.

But these girls are so sweet, they actually illustrated me! TISSUE PAPER!!! No lah, no need, no need, i just wanna play it up a bit more to tell them i'm VERY in love with these pictures!

Life is beautiful, like this =)
Everyone shows everyone a little bit of love.

They are a ball of fun if you'd give them one try.

They just need someone to take them in, give them a shelter and for that, they'd be eternally grateful and then they'd try to win your love. And they will, if you let them.

It's gonna be a new year, would you give them a new lease to life?

One of your resolution could be to love, without asking for return.
Becox you think that's true love, right? I sorta agree.

But if you love these puppies, they will return you the love, with more love.

Doggies don't speak but they feel, like us.
And they are more genuine than anybody you could meet.

Think about it? =)

Adopt a friend, save a life.

23 December 2010

Adonis thinks i'm their Princess, i think.

Couple of weeks back i tweeted something about Adonis wanting to hold a facial treat for my girlies and i at their new outlet at NEX. But we thought a lunch to sorta celebrate Xmas and do some gift exchanging would be great too! So Adonis took care of all the rest.

I thought it was gonna be just a lunch, and a few girls chit chat a little, camwhore a bit, throw some jokes around, maybe spit some juice if the jokes are funny. Lol. You know, a simple lunch for girls. I THOUGHT it would be that!

But no! This was what greeted me when i reach Seventh Heaven!

 I am not trying to act like a tumblror. LOL. It's really becox my camera sucks (but i'm getting a new one soon) so i have to treat the picture like this so that at least i can pass off as slightly-artistic rather than just a girl with lousy camera.

Adonis planned for all these ='((

Actually i am super touched lor! Just the fact that a group of people coming together and plan something for me and my girlfriends ='(((( Makes me feel ultra loved!

I remember the FIRST ever birthday party i had, was when i was 9. Primary three. I invited friends over and i was involved in the door gift wrapping with my 4th sister. We bought chocolates and candies and biscuits for everyone. I was happy preparing for my first birthday party.

My next mini birthday party was when i was 11. Four girlfriends and i went to Jalan Berseh CC, the highest floor to celebrate my birthday with a Crayon Shin-Chan cake and some tidbits. Before we even started, there were some naughty boys from our school, who followed us up and my first birthday song for that 11th birthday was,

"Happy birthday to you, F*** YOU!
Happy birthday to you, F*** YOU!
Happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to you, F*** YOU!"

Wow. I can understand why i might have hated school. Lolol.

Then i remember for my 21st birthday party with family and relatives, i gotta prepare EVERYTHING, from food, to my own cake, to booking of the BBQ pits at the HDB block. Lolol. I am so uncool i know. And i don't enjoy preparing for my own party, celebration of any sorts, anymore.

Becox i remember blogging about my 21st birthday party in words and the more i type, the more i feel like a unloved loser. HAHAHAHA!

So when i was there and i saw all the happy faces from Adonis excited to see how i'd like the do up, i feel like everything is too good to be true! I think about the effort put in, the time spent, the thoughts that were involved.. And it must all be the sweet and kind thoughts.. And it's super touching like that!

They have real flowers placed everywhere!

The manicure section..

The section where all our gifts were placed..
With our names on it! Awwwww..

Products used for the hand spa that we will also be treated to later!

And with the do up, i think nothing beats the name for this theme party as
Flora Christmas with Adonis

My playground

When i was on my way out to get the girls, i snapped this.. There were so much going on, everyone was laughing and talking happily. They are so happy doing this for me, AND I EMO AGAIN! Lolol. No lah, i'm just really touched!

Best thing i like to hear at food-time is "Order anything from the menu!"

I have the girls all come in white. Haha! Act pure! Lol.

Then they can be like angels ^.^V

But somehow the Adonis girls ALL came in white too!!!
I was really happy everybody so ONz! Lol.

My gfs LOVE the helium balloons more than anything.
That's Gen looking ShuNu-ish. I know, check out those legs....
Sometimes i harbour hateful thoughts for her too, it's normal.

Order anything from the menu! ^.^V

Daphne looks SO happy! I think it's becox she see me happy!
So sweeeet! Lol. Okay i zi zuo duo qing.

The thing about people with blogs to keep. Lol. You'd keep hearing "Eh wait first!" "Cannot eat first!" at the table. Lol.

My yummy mushroom soup! =DDD I almost wanted to ask for more bread but you know how shy i am *do shy face* so i decided to just woon the soup with the bread from my sandwich that's coming later. Haha!

This is woon. Woon is a verb. LOLOL.
Like, "I woon my bread in the soup" Or,
"I am wooning the soup with my bread"

My mega BIG sandwich. Crazy one trust me! One person cannot finish one!
Love all the meat in it! ^.^
Food time! My white top is from TheBlogShop

And Sophie + Geck arrived!

Daphne telling us about the new outlet of Adonis at NEX!!! OMG I AM SUPER EXCITED!
They have this chill area, snack area, relax area etc. EXCITED to go!!!
Have you seen it yet?!, the Adonis outlet at NEX I haven't even go to NEX yet =(

Then Cindy was giving us a brief intro on essential oil. Mainly how to smell and feel the difference between engineered essential oil and pure essential oil. Rose essential oil are known to be the hardest to extract oil from thus it's the most expensive of all pure essential oil.

C'mon, there has to be a difference among the $2, $20 and the $200 kind of essential oil, right? Haha! So i gathered from smelling the different kind of essential oil and the Adonis pure rose essential oil is.. The artificially produced ones generally smells VERY sweet and strong. But the smell goes off pretty fast. If you rub it on your skin, it'd feel oily and for the really low end one, it feels a little bit sticky.

For the pure rose essential oil that Adonis uses, the aroma is very light and subtle but it stays on for DAMN long.

First time i use it was at 11am+ when i woke up. I told my sis, "Eh i put this rose one ok? The lemongrass ginger one smells like tomyum." So i put 3 droplets into my water purifier / ionising machine. You can use it anyway you like thou.

I don't know how to use a lighter so i don't use burner method. Lol.

At 7pm plus, my bf came home from work, "Why got rose smell?"

Near midnight when i go clean up my doggies for bed, i STILL can smell a little bit of the subtle rose.

Tell me, GOOD OR WHAT?! Three droplets last me one whole day! Not bedroom okay, it's living room and my windows are always opened. Plus the smell is not over-powering, it's just there, subtly.

Cindy also mentioned that pure rose essential oil is great for relaxing the mind and soothing the mood.

So we ask, "So before whatever, can put this? But if too relax end up also cannot do whatever how?"



Adonis is so nice! Everyone gets a bottle of the pure essential oil of rose! =DDD

Mine! Thank you Adonis!!! You make A LOT of girls happy ^.^

Left to Right:
Me, Cherring, Cheryl, Gen, Jiaqi, Jiayi, Geck and Soph!
Thank you all for coming =)) Thank you!!!

Soph and i waiting for dessert before we go for the handspa and manicure

Seventh Heaven ice cream, alcoholic-lovers MUST TRY!!!
Some of the flavours i vaguely remember, Guiness Stout with Chocolate, Merlot with Cherries, Cabernet with something. Lol. It's TOO MUCH to remember! There are also other timeless and classic flavours but i told that the alcoholic-lovers selection is something i cannot miss.

Sophie's brownie with ice cream! Brownie is mega yum!!!
Thin crispy crust on the top, the rest is all moist and chewy..
OHhhhhhh.. I would kill to have some now!

Cheryl already started with the handspa but no, she not the most kiasu..

Geck and the twins are first few to do handspa then rush for manicure. Lol!!!
Omg can you see ALL the Adonis girls are wearing the rose accessories on them ='(((
*CRY* Emo again!!! So thoughtful and dedicated to make this event special for us!

Some where between eat-too-full and too happy, Jiaqi + Jiawi went down with the helium craze.

Sophie at the handspa booth. Massage first!

She's doing the blue one which has anti-bacterial effect


More soaking..

And this is to tell you that life is fair. Despite being skinny and slim everywhere, these are Sophie's fingers. WHAHAHAHAHAH!

And in the mean time.. Some chocolate truffles from Cacao7!

Cacao7 is a maker of pure organic dark chocolates – without preservatives or soy lecithin. So you can expect chocolates from them to be organic low carb, low GI, without artificial/chemical sweeteners, but with a patented low carb all-natural sweetener (containing fructose, sucrose and lactose), which has 75% lower GI, carbohydrates and calories.

I don't care about everything else, but LOW CARB, LOW CALORIES?!?! Okay bring it on! Hahaha!

Dark chocolates as pure as possible with all the goodness of cocoa, but without unnecessary additives.

Orange and dark chocolate truffles

The original dark chocolate truffles. Love the way it melts in the mouth, so smooth, rich and yummy!

Then my turn for handspa! Love the massage part! There are a few steps and different tubes of products used. First soften, exfoliate, then moisturize, lastly lock the moisture in for longer-lasting effect! Wooooohoo~ Pamper my hands, yes!

Finally, soak in the handspa machine! =DDD Red is for anti-aging. HAHA!

But since i am the most kiasu, i asked for the green one too. LOLOL. Green is for whitening effect. So my hands would be YOUNG AND FAIR, like snow white's ^.^V

Then final clean up.. YAY!

Before i do my manicure,
It's gift-exchange time! I so smart i came up with this. Haha!
Everyone was supposed to bring a gift of not more than $10.
I tell you what i got lah okay, FERRERO ROCHER T24.
Eh it's $10.90 hor! I LOVE ROCHER!

LOL. Look at me, i'm trying to act like a minister giving out some good-citizen award. LOL.
I give my love to Cheryl and Cheryl gives her love to Jiaqi.

And Jiaqi gives her love to Geck while Geck give her love to Soph

Then Soph gives her love to Gen and Gen gives her love to Jiayi.

Then i forgot to take picture of the rest =((

But this is what i got from Cherring!

A pink bunny pen!

See my hair that day, i tie myself one hor! *proud*
My nails, Soph's and Jiaqi's ^.^
I know, the colours i choose very AA. Lol.

Thank you Adonis! For saving my face from rotting, for planning this celebration Xmas gathering for me and the girls, for showering us with yummy food and indulging treats!

Girls should all flock to Adonis. I know this is a post filled with food, flowers, balloons, ribbons and pretty stuff, but i have to fill this in.

My face was like THIS.
I met Adonis, and it became THIS.

It's a lot better now!

With Adonis, not only i'm able to treat my face, make it better, i can do it the girly, feminine way ^.^

Can't wait to go visit the Adonis outlet at NEX!

With this, i say Flora Christmas with Adonis was really successful!
Thank you for the effort and nice sweet thoughts, really =))

Sophie and i on our way back. No reason, i put this cox i think Sophie looks great here with the slightly messy hair and it gives her a soft and fluffy look. And i look like a natural beauty. LOLOLOL.



Merry Christmas to you all, who have been nice, encouraging and supportive of the things i do. To those who make an effort to show me care and love, to those who'd help me move forward in life, to those, who deserve to be happy in life. Cheers! ^.^

Merry Christmas to YOU!