29 May 2010

My questions to you are..

Haha.. Since i'm already one of the Top Ten finalist for Best Modelling Blog at this year's Singapore Blog Award hosted by Omy (That's like my destination, reached already), and there's so many people asking me random stuffs, WHICH, i'm totally cool with it, i think it's only fair if you all can answer some of my questions also, right?

1) Why she so chio never get in?

 Her first nomination

 Her second nomination

 Picture from http://whitecrystal-nc.blogspot.com/

Hi Crystal (at night), no what, you are very chio =))


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2) You all REALLY like jagged jawline and face line with blurred details due to lousy liquifying skills in photoshop and SUPER white face in every pictures? That was a question okay, not an accusation =))

Oh hi~ 矇矇就是美?! Love my jawline!
 Honestly, i can't do as well as that-bad.

3) If, IF OKAY, if i look so blurred in all my pictures, why my friends in those same pictures still look sharp and clear? *guilty*

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4) I was following "就想賴著你" starring Jerry Yan and Ella from S.H.E.

Now i am very confused. Question is, do i leave Donnie Darling Dear for Jerry Jello pie??



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I'm tired, time to sleep. You all go vote for me lah, at least i give you the minimal of whatever the category is about
If you read it as literal as it is from the chinese characters, it's Best Personal Pretty Pictures blog, HAHA. Tell me, if jaggedjaw wins, Yutaki can just burn his camera and totally just stop using photoshop and better, go back to using film. NOTHING TO PLAY ANYMORE ALREADY WHAT?!

I mean if you wanna talk about really eye-pleasing pictures, who can fight with him?!

I don't dislike anyone (lying), i just think it'd be great if the right people gets the right stuff. But then again, it hardly ever happens.

So yeah, maybe you can just continue enjoying the Boobs Out Loud.


P/S This year very ang-gong-gong! Got three Angs in the Top Ten for Best Modelling blog! ^.^

27 May 2010

What do i want from my life?

Today i was ask this question and it really seemed like a small question and i answered whatever came to my mind. I want to be a hdb tai tai, who owns a small boutique selling pretty stuffs or a specialty shop that only sells Tiramisu. But i tried once, and it sucked so bad for me to even try again.

Anyway, then i went for another meeting and i was asked the same question. And i didn't even think and it just came out, "I want to be a tai tai".

Then when i was on my way home, i start to really think.

What do i want from my life. Why do i keep thinking i want to be a tai tai?

And i figured. I just want money.

And i know why i want money.

With money i can bring my parents overseas again this year end
With money i can shift to a bigger place
With money i can get ( . )( . )
With money i can ask my neighbour's maid to slap the kid who screams and shout and CRY DAMN LOUD EVERY BLOODY MORNING and EVENING, i can bribe her to slap him so bad that he will never ever dare cry and wake me up again. I will feed him chili padi and then make him drink Coke right after that and then give him a FREE set of wii so he will not tell his mother what i did.

Anyway, i hate to think too hard. Sometimes even after thinking, there's no concrete thoughts. I mean, thoughts are thought, where got concrete thoughts, right? Thoughts change.

And whatever i want from my life now, is to give my dad and dogs and everyone that i love, a better life. No lah, actually everyone else is doing great, i just want to make it better. Feels like it's my responsibility.

Oh man, i just really need to get this out of my chest, it's like a big question that i was asked twice in a day. That i tried to figure out for 22 years and still figuring.

What do you want from your life?

I want to live it through healthily. That's a confirm concrete thought.


26 May 2010

I'm Mixed!

My $4 Minnie and my Mermaid nails ^.^
 Ready for prettier hair at Artica?! ^.^

Love having someone shampoo my hair!!!
HAHA. 自欺欺人.

 Time to colour up! ^.^
First colour..
Second colour..
Do i look like a bride here?
*eyes sparkle*

Hiak hiak hiak..
Now, do i? Got the vintage 70's bride feel or not?! Huh? Huh? Huh?!
 Trimming time!
That's Juno's my 飛標剪刀快手大俠. HAHAHA.
I forgot to ask him if he likes this title! If not i can come up with plenty more! =D
 Snip snip snip..
有沒有很像娥眉派師姐?! ^.^

大工告成! Job done!

Juno and Song Hye Gyo.

Don't be surprised. This is how i look with my hair all down.
But i look totally different when i do up my hair just slightly.



When i tie up my hair, it's another colour, another style.

When i just pin up the fringe, it's yet another feel!

Okay, am i Song Hye Gyo, Jolin Tsai or Namie Amuro, you tell me, you tell me.
I don't know anymore! 好煩啊~ WHAHAHAHA!


And so as to not keep you in suspense like the last time, this is the latest product i am using to extend the luminosity of my hair colour.

I don't wanna say this becox it'd sound so cliche but..

Thank you Artica!!! Muah! Muah! Mmmmmuah!


23 May 2010


Due to the many emails i am receiving that is downright ridiculous, insulting and impossible, I gotta voice this out, that I am not accepting any personal sponsorship to my breast implant.

Well unless it's from my siblings. HAHA.

And having said that, i am only accepting sponsorship from centres and clinics who can perform such procedures, if any that is.

Those people who just wanna sponsor becox they wanna touch, play or smell it afterwards, CAN JUST GO DIVORCE YOUR WIFE AND TELL HER YOU ARE UNWORTHY TO BE THE FATHER OF YOUR CHILDREN AND TOO DIRTY TO BE HER HUSBAND becox you wanna cheat on her over two B-cups of silicon / saline / fats. And you can also admit to her that sex hasn't been good. She will sure let you go.

For doing that, you still don't get to play with me but you can have my soiled pad for free.
Go lah, go do it. You gross, i more gross!

So don't bother emailing me if you're not a surgeon centre / aesthetic clinic or any of that sort.

Thank you =)


P/S Advertorial tonight with very pretty pictures of Jayelle and i ^.^

20 May 2010

Irritating, Useless Ants LOVE Candy

Hello all, if you are my friend. Stop asking me if i read what Stompers said about me most recently. I don't even know if they are against breast implants altogether or just really dislike me, and i figured it doesn't matter, only becox they will leave me alone very soon. Not becox they are actually just some lao kokoks who are eager to go online to see who ate on the bus today and who didn't give up a seat to their fellow lao ah pek, thus, making me feel very unjustifiable for them to call me not-pretty/ ugly.

Oh hi, this is my not-so-pretty picture!
Really i swear, this is one of the not so pretty one.
Eh?!? Really ah?! BUT STILL VERY CHIO LEH!

I am not just here to take it back at the retards with poor eye sight who say i am ugly (eh, "not pretty" is already super wrong to use on me, "ugly" is you better go eat shit cox you talk nonsense) but i just wanna share with MY READERS what's going on in my brain (yes, not-so-smart kind of brain, but still got enough moral not to be unnecessarily mean to someone i don't know).

It's like.. I don't even know if i am right or actually maybe they were right that i shouldn't crack a joke like that. But why shouldn't i? This is still my blog right? I mean, i can say i am going to commit suicide now and you guys won't take it to heart right?!

Then why so worked up over two silicon bags?!

Maybe saline, i don't know. Prefer fats injection anyway.

So to my lovely readers, and to all the kind-hearted souls out there who are gracious enough to know that there is no need to spit saliva on someone just becox everyone is doing it, you guys are really, really cool =)

大頭娃娃 at a photoshoot today.

I'd like to believe i am pretty anyways. More like beautiful to be specific. HAHA.

Anything but a pushover. OIE! I kena push-over most part of my life still not enough huh?!
None of you guys here deserves to be treated like dirt. Unless you behave like one.
Don't use this line back on me, i behave like a very strong girl who refuse to think that dirts are right.
So if you are being bullied, please stand up for yourself unless you have a manyzer who will help you speak up. I don't. So i am going to kill all the ants myself.

I am like a candy.
Ants love to have a piece of me.

No, eat my shit. My candy-sweet-shit.



P/S: Oh~ can't talk so much now. Plenty of advertorials to do up~
*flicks sponsored pretty hair and sashays off, waves a backview goodbye*

18 May 2010

Thankfulness + Happiness

Sometimes after a little bit of downfall (like a major migraine / never strike 4D after having STRONG feeling like i will strike / sister eat my kinder beuno and i didn't know and found out only when i walk to the fridge with craving for kinder beuno only to realise it's gone / blogger give me shit problems / eyelash gets into eye / monster zit on forehead / being called a begger for no good reason etc etc) i tend to think of the blessings in my life and then move on a very happy girl.

I hope i didn't just disappoint anyone, hor? *act kind*

Passing time at home before heading out for a photoshoot.

Picture 1
And the guest model for Avebelle is time round is Jayelle! Wooo~ See how it rhymes?!
Jayelle models for Avebelle =DDD
The candy colour polka dots dress i am wearing is Topshop inspired and it's from Avebelle.
But it's not launched yet.

Picture 2
This is the most i could show you now ^.^

And Jayelle came with CHEESE and CARAMEL POPCORN from Dubai!!!
With friends like that, if i am still not happy with my life, i must be a bastard daughter of a bitch!

Yummy ^.^ Jialing, althou your poppycorn already lao hong, but i finished it.
Cox the cheese powder is soooo goooood!!!

And this is from Jialing too. I love my kuku friend =)))

Pastel is love!

After makeup =D Now i am starting to get better at putting on fake eyelash.
No more sticking out corners!

Saw this when i went to the polyclinics with my parents.
Cute hor?! My baby will look like the one on the second row, third from the left.
Oh air~ Oh air~ ^.^ But my baby will have Q-mor, like me =D
Then i'd ask Juno to help my baby. LOL.

I am running off but i still got something very bo liao to show you.

My 'cyberfriend' Crystal.
Becox i haven't got to see her in real life before but she's so funny!

Just wanna thank the ones who have been very kind with their words =)
我希望你們大財大福, 身體健康, 事業有成. 好人有好報! ^.^

洪萩庭, 加油!!!


P/S: Jialing say i should thank the media for making me the next Xiaxue. But no. 在我的心裡永遠只有一個 Xiaxue. Do you all mind a QiuQiu? HAHAHA. Dig it!!!

15 May 2010


This is a blog that is also a media channel.
For people to get information about me, about the things i do, about the things people invited me to do and so tell me, what did i say wrong, it's all about sharing.

Why tekan me?

我只是一只小小, 很票亮, 很票亮的 small small fry. Small fry!!! No upsize!

So appearing on Wanbao (read the similar article here) again just proved that if there's a "Media Darling Award" for bloggers, i should get it. Becox i NEVER scold the newspaper. Previously i didn't, now also not going to! Simply becox, YOU CAN NEVER FIGHT THEM!!!

The way they put up the stories, Phew~ *salute*
Totally made me look like a slut. A stupid slut that is.
So point is, they are so good, they can always sell whatever they put up.

If they are ever bloggers, they might be better than me. Haha.
And when that happens, please don't make things difficult for them okay? *act kind*


If i look anything like a begger on the internet, then begger these days must be doing damn well.
Cheeks rosy rosy one, hair so neat, looks like smelling good some more.

You know what, whatever i am being accused of here, many others should be too. So if they are not having a hard time, please don't pin-point this small-fry-no-upsize here.

And yes, i am affected. But i am not sad. FOR WHAT?! You all go STOMP read their comments. Totally no class. Not even hurting. Maybe just a few pieces of pork lards, OLD pork lards who keep harping on strawberry, strawberry, strawberry, strawberry, strawberry. DURIAN lah!!!

Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry.. *mumble with twitching left lips*

I am a spikey durian with bittersweet flesh!!!

BigAndStrongDurianQiu (Durian tree)

For Zepherra

I went from work to the movie straight. So if you're one of the fashionable working ladies, Zepherra will have something for you! By the way, this is exclusively produced by Zepherra. And it come in a few colour.

Me in ASOS-inspired ColourBlock dress.
The sewing work and the material definitely worth more than what you'd be paying for.

One thing about bustier dresses, it creates illusion. Haha.

Me love =)


Did i say something wrong again?

You guys really can't tell a joke for one.

Sorry but i didn't beg for anything. Things just come. Just like shit just happens.

I found out that i got STOMPED when i got onto Twitter wanting to tell people i just did my nails, like a mermaid's. With gold, red and blue glitter.. But it doesn't matter anymore.

Good night to the nice people.

Can't be bothered to explain anymore.



14 May 2010

The Last Song - And you gotta watch it!

Much thanks to 24Seven for inviting me to catch this movie!

If not for them i might not even have the interest to watch the trailer, let alone the movie. Not becox i knew it wouldn't be good, but becox i see a handsome boy and a major superstar, 17 year old Miley Cyrus, i THOUGHT IT WAS A TEENAGE LOVE STORY.

"Hi, i saw you guys at the beach playing with seashells before, remember me?"
LOL. "Let's take a picture together, yeah, you two hold that pose for me."

You won't believe it but Silver won one pair of the tickets!
So who won the other?! I reached just in time when the movie started. So i didn't had the chance to mingle. Becox i got lost in Orchard, AGAIN.

How many times this has to happen, i can't tell you. But i am sure, it will happen again. Orchard road is like a big jungle itself. Nobody can blame me for that. LOL.

My movie buddy this time round becox it's assumed Carlynn won't understand love story.

But it's not just a love story. After watching the movie.. Wait, i just wanna tell you guys I DIDN'T CRY not becox it's not touching but i was so dumb, i put on mascara for the lower lashes. So i keep holding it back, and holding it back, and hold it back even harder when the little brother cried. Every time he cries, it just breaks my heart.

How do you expect a child this age to deal with a major loss in life?
And all he asked for was so simple - A happy family.

Greg Kinnear and Bobby Coleman in THE LAST SONG_JPG_jpg
And he's the only one who remembers what's really important when everyone else forgotten about it.
Spending time with his dad, doing things together. In fact i think he's the strongest link in that family.

Miley Cyrus and Bobby 
Coleman in THE LAST SONG_jpg
And of course another reason why you gotta watch is for Miley!
The relationship between the siblings and the dad will make you laugh as hard as it will make you cry.

We enjoyed the movie and Silver keep laughing damn loud. Next time you see her don't sit in front of her -.-" And all of us spotted in the movie, 2 packets of Famous Amos and a packet of milk left behind untouched in the cafeteria scene. We all wanted to be the next to sit down on that table. Watch the movie, you'd know what i mean. Hahaha!

So please watch The Last Song in the movies! And support the friends i met at the beach!

There is something about this dress.

To find out more, watch the movie!
And drop me some comments and we’ll share more about this dress!!!

Okay, i am done. You guys will love to watch The Last Song.

So, go watch it! With your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings, parents. They'd enjoy it too =))

And remember to JOIN DISNEY STUDIOS on Facebook! Who else gonna bring you movies that'd make you laugh and then cry and then still smile and feel good when you go home?!

13 May 2010

Pimping my -AAAAAA


If i am not wrong, people like me not becox i look good. But becox i am good.

Good at photoshop, good at being nice to people, good at looking good even when i am not that good-looking. Good at saying silly things that make people laugh. Good at putting in effort for advertorials and good at sharing the good things with my readers.

So why do i deserve this?

Picture 1

I am not trying to go head on against anybody, i am not trying to upset anyone, so don't get started on all the tagging nasty stuff on my blog and emailing me BULLSHIT like this and then ask me not to take it as an offence.

Am i being too petty? But thing here is, i don't see myself having too many advertorials and sponsors. Those are good stuffs i am sharing, is that bad? Are good stuffs ever enough?

You have no idea how thrilled i am EACH TIME i get people emailing me to ask me if i could help them spread a word about their service / product. I am happy not only becox i get paid to do it, also not just becox i get free stuff out of it but becox i am genuinely glad that people like me to help them with letting more people know about their stuffs!

人家看得起你才讓你幫忙. Right?

And yes, it feels good that some of them recognise bloggers who put in effort and take pride in their blogs.

And then no, i don't think too highly of myself, i have a self-esteem problem. Low self-esteem. So i don't think having slightly more advertorials on my blog means i think too highly of myself. It just mean that i might be good at what i am doing. Might. And when i tell you are ugly and you should just get off my back, it's either i am really pissed or you are really ugly. And if it's both, God bless you. I am generally nicer to prettier looking people.

That's all.

Having said all this, anyone wanna sponsor a boobs job?
A pair of boobs.

HAHAHA. I am serious! Now that i have made my TRUE INTENTION clear, that i am not out here to 'squeeze money' out of you guys, i just wanna check if anyone wanna sponsor a boobs job for me, so that i can OPENLY share with people how it's like, if it's dangerous, how the boobs feel like after. Hahaha.

It's all about sharing. And i am a very sharing person =DDD

Bye bye.

Oh, and.. I already have a hair sponsor, clothings sponsorssss, plenty of movies to go to, invites to good meals and a YACHT RIDE for my birthday, so i don't think you're expecting more, right?

But i am.


P/P/S: I really don't like to swear in front of my readers. I swear.

10 May 2010

Many little bits about me recently

Start off wth Chip and Tiffany taking their afternoon nap on a double-decker bed ^.^
ChipChip very high-tech, use iPhone one =D

My Strawberry Jelly glitter Nail ^.^
You think very easy to do hor?!


Takes 5 steps okay! My pink glitter nail polish cost $1 only =DDD
Don't need to ask where, I TELL YOU AUTOMATICALLY.
Ang Mo Kio near the central. I help you SAVE MONEY.
Not squeezing anybody's money =))

Naoki and i at my dad's

More of my Strawberry Jelly glitter nails =DDD
I just name it like that. And my yellow $2 bag. My mum bought that.




SWEE BO?! ^.^
I'd charge you guys $2 if you wanna do.
But transport to your house $50. HAHAHA.

My nails 2 weeks ago.

Tiffany: Mummy i want the chocolate cone part
Me: NO!

Failed macaroons =((
Over folded mixture =((((((
REALLY SAD. This is sweet cheese macaroons.

Loser macaroons =(

Tiffany is not really a dog. More like a chor-lor girl -.-"

HAHA!! Drago showering!!! ^.^ Ugly hor?! The Chao Ah Beng hairstyle.

My Love =))

MY LOVE!!!! Haha..

Niao & i
We both love our hair from Artica ^.^

Japanese. Hehe..


My Indian-Chinese dog. Haha ^.^

Tiffany: If i stare hard enough, this piece of jerky will come out.

Okay folks, i am really busy with getting migraines, helping NiaoNiao out with Moo Moo (the stray puppy she decided to take care of) and plenty of other stuffs, i don't mean to throw you guys with advertorials and write up in a series. Thing is, all these write ups also takes time and effort to be up. And it's still good update about what i have been up to. So sending an email to tell me that i should reflect upon what i am doing to my blog, IS JUST SO UNCALLED FOR.

I will share with you guys the email after i get down to blogging about this issue okay. Meantime you don't even have to read me and then bother to leave me tag when you think i am not writing what you wanna see. I don't mean to offend anyone, but the ones who wanna offend me can go chase a pig. Whatever that means. Haha.