25 January 2015

Pregger blogger's block haha


These days i have been feeling super unattractive and messy and heavy and even if i have makeup on rare days.. I don't feel like taking pictures O.O

So far i've put on 27kg. Walking is making tired more easily.. Standing for more than 15 minutes hurts my feet. And i am constantly feeling breathless cox the baby is crowding my lungs haha.

Before pregnancy i was 48/49kg max. Now i'm 76kg T.T

So anyway as the title says.. I'm having serious pregnant blogger's block haha. Actually this block does not limit to just my blog. My entire life is blocked. LOL.

There are a lot of things i need to get done. For example.. Clean out my beauty room to make space for the baby items. Baby will be sleeping with us until we shift out of this house lah. But it's just that the baby will have lotsa items sent over by different sponsors and we'd need space for that.

But so far.. I haven't been able to get down to it. Well i did get Josh to buy me a low stool so i can pack while seated down instead of having to bend and squat lol. So MAYBE i'd do it this Sunday.

Or the next. Haha.

So yeah.. In case you're missing me and my random thoughts..

Just know that it's all blocked now hahaha. 因为我太大块了.

Even thought i feel a lot more these days.. Get emotional over a lot of things more easily.. Tear up much more easily and laugh much much more too.. When i get down to the computer..

It'd all become "I am so happy" or "I am so sad". I can't elaborate more. Becox i'm either lazy to (most likely) or my brain can't think of better way to say it haha.

Most of the things i think about at night are about the baby and the delivery. Sometimes my thoughts become so overwhelming i feel like puking. Like i am so thankful for a lot of things that i actually feel like puking cox i cannot believe i am so lucky. To have a child growing inside me.. Each time she kicks.. I am happy.

And this kind of happiness is so huge.. It makes you think about what-if. Like what if it's taken away from me. I think i might die.

Like this happiness is as much fragile as it is magical.

So i am very thankful but i am also kinda scared.

But i know i know i know everything will just be good =DDD I am positive mostly!!! Maybe it's just the late nights.. Cox pregnancy insomnia is common.. And then when i finally fall asleep i can't sleep for more than 5 hours haha. So all the time spent lying awake on bed is just.. Mostly being thankful..

And then being worried all these perfect little things happening to me now will be taken away. Like the best husband i can get.. Who is nothing but patient and caring during my entire pregnancy so far..

Like my family.. My sisters.. My friends..

And all the wonderful possibilities my baby will bring into my life..

But then when i have the "want to puke cox too grateful for the perfection but scared that i will lose any of them" feeling.. I will quickly brush it off. Cox i guess if i can block things from coming out of my brain (Blogger's block haha).. I can block negative things from coming into my brain too =D

This block is pretty useful!

What the heck did you just read, right? LOL. Good night.

21 January 2015

Behind the Scene Lzzie photoshoot with Yurou ^.^

YAY!!! Finally can share all these pictures with you guys! Yurou and me did a photoshoot with Lzzie for their Chinese New Year / Spring collection - Enchanted Tales ^.^

So far a lot of my pregnancy clothes are bought from their online shop! I love shopping with them cox other than the superb quality of their outfits.. They have free express shipping!!

And like if you buy 2 dresses you get to choose a top / cardigan for free =OOO And like always got free novelty gifts one! So far i have their tote bag, umbrella and cosmetics pouch. All also chio one!

Anyway very happy to be happy with a brand i loveee~!!!

Went early with makeup on but then end up my makeup not suitable haha. So the makeup artist help me remove and redo! Omg early morning do makeup really a bit wanna sleep hahah!
Makeup done! Now hair~
Meanwhile the Lzzie ladies all got super busy setting up the background and props!
They really super duper effort wor. Bought soooooo much props and do such extensive set up! This kind of effort shows great dedication to build their brand! Very impressive!!!
I LOVE THIS OUTFIT ON YUROU!!!!! I was wearing something opposite but still matchy!!!
YOU SEE LAH~!!!! SO CUTE!!! Yurou's headpiece keep dropping haha! I wanna buy the skirt when it's launched omg! Damn comfy!!! Please please please don't let it be sold out T.T Everytime launch time is 12pm, i check in at 12 plus, some design de L size already sold out T.T Very sad.
Campfire fun!
Isn't this gonna be extra sweet for Chinese New Year?!?!
One of my favourite matchy outfit set!!! The dress is so simple with a cheongsum collar!
Another cheongsum collar dress i loveeeee~!!!! With little floral details!
MUST GET THIS FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR T.T Actually i also don't know why i wanna buy so many hahahaha. Not like i have a lot of places to visit. Mostly Si Jie's house.. And.. Si Jie house lol!
Got mini-me version also very cute!!! Yurou is wearing M size i think!!! Got S for and L also!
CUTE MA this crown!
One more selfie~
While Yurou get ready haha.

Not i praise my own Yurou but she was so so so cooperative that day!!! ^.^V

Her mum prep her very well the day before hahahah tell her cannot cry and cannot throw temper lolol! And then she very talkative kept talking to the staff!

She even "made friends" with some of the Lzzie ladies cox they got her a Hello Kitty remote control car hahaha. So in politeness she told them she will give them two of her shopkins toy each.

BLUFF PEOPLE ONE. Hahahaha. If she say "等一下我会给你" or she say "明天" or "改天", it means NEVER. Hahahahaha. She always do this to us.

But then when the photographer told her to smile and for the camera and will give her sweet later.. She remember it forever what the heck hahaha. After the photoshoot we were walking off and bump into the photographer, say bye bye already Yurou turn and tell us "她刚才讲我笑就有糖糖. 她都没有给我糖糖" LOLOLOL. So i tell her oh maybe the jiejie forgot. She tell us..

"Okay. 这样她就不是我的粉丝了" HAHAHA. Laugh until i cannot.

Naughty girl playing happily during the breaks! With the toys Lzzie girls got her! Very nice of them =)) And excuse me can you see my cardigan how cute. So many little hearts embossed!!!

Okay official pictures from Lzzie!!!

Sorry ah this one really my favourite picture so allow to me say.. YUROU IS SO CUTEEEE! V^.^V
You wanna know what's the convo about? Me: Ah? Yurou: 不要啦 hahaha 这个假假的面包来的啦!

Story i tell her is she is one of the three little pigs and i am going to huff and puff her house down lol!

One of the sets she enjoys the most!! She kept picking up loose flowers cox i tell her she is little red riding hood and she is on her way to find her grandma. LOL.
And she do it again and again and again. Pick and clear out basket. Pick and clear out basket haha!
Campfire with us 'BBQ-ing marshmallow' ^.^ Hahaha. She likes to play pretend a lot also wor! Even tell me to slowly turn the skewer to BBQ the marshmallow haha.

Apparently she love the song i anyhow sing along with the ukelele. Hahaha.
Thank you Lzzie for having us!!!!! It was major fun ^.^
Look out for Lzzie weekly launches from 21st Jan (today) onwards! Every Wednesday, 12pm! ^.^ Got discount code for my instagram followers but you guys feel free to use also!

Quote QiuQiuxLzzie for $15 off on Lzzie.com ^.^ Happy shopping!!! I am looking forward to all the launches!!! =DDD

19 January 2015

Babymoon in Japan Part 4

Hello!!! Back with babymoon update ^.^ This time round it's our road trip to Hakone thanks to Cheesie's husband for the ride!!! If don't have him i really don't know how we gonna get there!

I was at Hakone in April to touch the magic tree for baby luck. So this time i wanna go back to give thanks ^.^ So happy got Cheesie and Junya on the trip with us cox it makes the whole trip more fun!

On our way up Hakone. Saw Mt Fuji along the way and it was beautiful..
Got to the temple (The magic tree is within the Hakone Jinja Shrine, ask where is the tree if you have to! Google how to get there~ Good luck!) and saw these ice thingy!!! Was so excited cox i thought that means got chance to see snow but don't have lah.
Me and Cheesie ^.^
Weather good until cannot.
Cheesie bringing Junya to the magic tree to say thanks hahaha. She asked for a baby, she gets pregnant. She ask for smooth delivery, she got it. PLUS on top of all that, she get a baby this cute! Haha Japanese tree god going all the way. This Junya very quiet all the way until he see the magic tree, talk talk talk non-stop!!! Hahaha don't know what they communicating about lah. 叙叙旧 hor.
"Hey old pal!" Haha Junya really blabber NON-STOP! Hahahah. You should see Cheesie's video and blogpost on it!!! Cute until.
Me and Josh back to give thanks for the baby and to pray for smooth delivery =D Maybe the next time we come back it will be with a fatty Meredith ^.^
Meanwhile.. Cheesie still talking to the magic tree..
还是不想走. Hahaha. Overly attached believer.
Baby you see ah! We got you here one!!!
Writing our wishes on the wishing board =)))
Putting it up there.. Actually i don't remember if i wished for anything other than baby's smooth delivery. I think i mainly put down my gratitude for all that i have =DDD
Lucky water for tabao O.O Hahaha! Really is go with Japanese very good! If not we wouldn't know can bring some of the water back for good luck!
Cheesie got me this charm ^.^ I've been carrying it in my bag!!! =)))
Peaceful stroll up the.. According to Cheesie, the more powerful shrine haha.
Really hard to come by this sort of serenity and zen-ness. Got bamboos on the other side somemore.
One with Josh who say he will piggy back me if i am not pregnant hahah. Cox we gotta walk upslope so it was quite something that i made it weighing 71kg hahahaha.
♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎
Cheesie got feel. Haha.
LOOKIEEE!!!! The floor is covered with all these ice crystal and icicles!!! 
Josh went to pick one for Cheesie hahahaha.
Out of maybe 10 selfies i took of myself, i delete haha. Cox i look too big that day don't know why maybe the beanie haha. This one that Josh took of it still okay! So here's one!
Us two~!
Cheesie looking cute here but i blinked haha so 我牺牲 haha!
Found a teddy bear chilling with his dad haha!
Thank you Cheesie and husband for bringing us here! Hopefully everyone's wishes will come true and lead happy, fulfilling and prosperous life =)))
Unbelievable view..
Cheesie later bring us for black eggs that supposedly make you live longer haha. Saw Mt Fuji in another magnificent view again!!!
Must take one selfie!!!
Act one traveller. Haha.
Cheeky Junya peeking from the hoodie ^.^
Josh me and Mt Fuji!!!
Snapped this shot of Cheesie and Junya (unedited) and thought i damn art.
Later Josh show me these (unedited also) and i'm like OKAY YOU GOD. Hahahaha. So beautiful and magical like this!!!
Happy baby getting smoochies from mummy.
We got our eggs! 万岁 万岁 万万岁 lolol.
Supposedly where the eggs turn black. Cox of the minerals in the onsen water where the eggs are cooked. I hear a bit from Cheesie then i anyhow say one! Hahaha! Worst travel blogger ever.
Saying goodbye to Mt Fuji and then head for our onsen hotel for one night stay!

That's all for now!!! I gotta go finish watching my 武媚娘 drama series. So far i wanna scratch 徐姐姐 de face *RAGE* Hahaha. So far my new year's been quite awesome ^.^

I hope it's the same for you all good people =D