13 November 2022

Of Sept 2017

September 2017.. The big things i could remember.. Deciding to work on Cereal Citizen with Rachell and Carolyn.. And how we all kena stomach flu starting with Meredith catching it from school..

Those two things was enough to challenge us through the whole September haha but LOL..

I think maybe god feel hey, still not enough. Let's push it a little more LOL. Later Meredith caught ssomething from school again and vomit untillll. That's why i think we didn't let her go to school for a long time after that. A bit phobia LOL.

Meredith went to Yishun to stay for 1 or 2 days and she think she go there and be king sia!!! Watch iPad jiu suan haha that time she don't have iPad yet.. DRINK MILK SHE STILL LET PEOPLE HOLD!
Stomach flu didn't shock me as much as when i saw the pjs they dressed her in LOL.
From the night before when Carolyn and Rach brought her to cafe for dinner before sending her up to Yishun. I am so thankful for their help sia tbh. Cox me and Josh both vomit until seh.
Next day yeye and ahma bring them for lunch haha so cute.

And then my little baobei can sit with little support!
Beauty only a mother can understand.
Her way of looking after meimei.
Little grump 又来咯!

Bringing her to event cox she 逃学威龙.
To Rach and Sean's event for Boufe haha.

Hoping her world to always be so colourful and fun =))
My first baobei Yurou! The place was so fun that we went again really soon haha.

Even yeye had fun ba!

Siyi say broom star very pretty LOL so bad always call her broom star LOL say she's just like me last time, when i come out, papa business fail, kena chase by ah long etc. HELLO. LOL.
Haha yeye laughed at messy eater Meredith's moustache.
Carolyn so sweet prepare picnice for Cheesie and my kids!
Sakua making sure everyone is on their best behaviour haha. So cute right! Like little bossy pants.
Bui cheong transit to big bottle liao. NAN milk powder really doing her good HAHA.

Meimei holding it together. Jiejie wake up from nap, not up for it haha.

LOL x3 little caterpillars.

Pictures for LIFE magazine cover haha. See meimei's face lol. 比苦瓜还苦.
When we brought Meredith out for supper. She spilled Milo on herself by accident. She from young until now super careless de lol. That's why almost every meal time i have to say "Careful your cup".
Introducing fruits to meimei.

Randomly saw them car-watching haha. So sweet.
Josh really is the best. He don't like parties but when i told him i need like.. Homecooked food from when people don't have a lot. Like 粗茶淡饭 he whipped this up for me and family.
For Mid Autumn 2017.

Ang comrades lol.

Ganma brought jiejie out and sent me this. Ganma is the best.
Trying her best to forge a bond with Mental Melia LOL.
"Very difficult meh??"
Let's make this work, ganma.

LOL random picture we took outside.
Sisters chilling.
Meredith being the top model she is.
Meimei don't wanna 配合 haha.

No means no haha.

Yuxuan being super sweet to Amelia.
Relax or what.
Hope they always stay so super close. This was them checking out the wildlife exhibition at eryi's workplace. Hope they grow big liao will still jio each other go out!!
Fearless since young.

With baby Sakua.
1 year 3 months VS 3 months old HAHA. LOL Melia bui cheong until a bit unapologetic.
Definitely one of those Saturdays when yeye stayover. She'd wear this pj yeye bought LOL.

My koalas.
After work meal with niaoniao and papa.
This one is pay an amount, SURE WIN one. So yo just have to keep trying until you get. My papa try 30 over times ba wth. Finally we did manage to get one, but not the flavour we want LOL. Such is life. But we still very happy lah haha. Such is the attitude we should have about life.
No coffee table? Nevermind haha. Use luggage!

LOL somebody needs to start arms day pronto.
For school celebrations back in National Day.

Meimei kena runnynose so Yuguo it is! Yuguo @ Kebangan tbh saved our three kids from a lot of nightmare. Their pediatric tuina really helps a great deal and no medicines needed they just give belly band with a blend of medicine suitable for them. All three of them when small small that time sick ah, we just bring to Yuguo unless it's super emergency.
Food chomper since young!

We had to go back on alternate days for 3 appts LOL the sinseh ask us to let her wear long pants for second appt onwards but LOL. Bui cheong 衣服本来刚刚好 HAHA.
I told you right.. God just knew. That he picked the strongest one so he wanna push it a little LOL. Meredith kena food poisoning LOL.
Felt a lot better after the 8273993th vomit.
Stayed for observation only and then OFF WE GO HOME~
Of course eryi came to check on her and with eryi around.. Everything also can play lol.
My work desk.
Cuzzies for life.
Went to JB to see if we can work out a furniture collab but it didn't happen.. Instead what happened was a cute picture with Meredith. Josh, Meredith, myself and ganma rushing through the customs like mad.
Of baobei many faces.
Ben and Holly perhaps. Melia don't really care about the TV de we just place her there for a quick picture haha.
She's more into her playgym.
Throwback to the day i told Meredith i am going to the bank to run errands for CC. She say "Okay, wait for me i need to put eyeshadow first" LOL! And she really went to add some glitters to her eyes LOL!
From Carolyn. She telling me they taking good care of Meredith, that i don't have to worry.

It is such a huge blessing to have family and friends' support and help back then.

I couldn't have made it if not for them..

If there's something we can all do, everyday, is to give thanks.

For in whatever bad situation you are in, there will always be a side, a good side, you have yet to figure out. You will. But in any point in time, just be thankful and have faith.

Good night!