30 December 2009


This looks like my sister, Emmy.

But too bad, she's not Korean-looking. THEREFORE, she is not my sister.
Becox obviously, i am a Korean =DDD

This is my sister. Emmy Song.


P/S: I haven't laughed so hard from a start of a movie til then end!!! Alvin & The Chipmunk is a MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST watch!!!!!!

29 December 2009

Can't believe it's gonna be a new year soon!!!

Hello Sweets~~~~

As you can see, i haven't got enough of the photoshop brushes that i just knew how to use. HAHA. Chio not? A bit over right.

Don't know right!!! Right!? Right!? Right!? =DDD

It's been a lousy Xmas eve till now for me cox it's all mucous and phlegm!
And a lot a lot of tissue papers!!! =((((

BUT BUT BUT!!! I am getting much better but still coughing like i got TB. Yes, that bad. And tomorrow i should be going to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks (Ounch ounch ounch ounch~ Ounch Ounch Ounch Ounch Ounch Ounch~) with Emmy, Bong & Naoki if i feel all good. But if you see me at iluma tomorrow evening, DO NOT COME CLOSE. Just try to catch my sight and say hi from a distant okay. I might be infested with germs and bacterial.

If you want my autograph, i am sorry, another time okay?


I'm already excited about the new year!!! BECOX!!! I got a Good Lot from Guan Yin Temple!!!
DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Very hyper-active,Germs-infested,VainPatient

26 December 2009

It's 6.17am, the day after Xmas.

I cannot believe i woke up at 4.46am and then get all agitated by my sore throat, blocked yet runny nose (F, how did it manage to be blocked that i can't breath, AND THEN STILL RUNNY that the salty liquid keep flowing out?! YES!!! SALTY!!! I FRIGGIN TASTE IT and it PISS ME OFF that i do!!!) and agitated by the fact that i can't sleep. Also, i keep dreaming about Millionaire Tycoon game. The game on iphone you know? I bought the FULL version okay =DD Like i am sleeping, but i am playing the game. Very gan jeong that the auto-player will demolish my building. And then very pissed in my dream that i can't concentrate on playing becox i am having a VERY BAD BLOCKED NOSE. Everything piss me off just now, when i can't sleep. You know how important sleep is to me? VERY. Okay. VERY VERY important.

But anyway. So i really can't sleep cox i wasn't feeling very well right.. OMG. It's only 6.20am now and i hear the opposite block alarm clock going off. What kind of hardworking people wake up at 6.20am?! I hope it's for them to rush to the airport for a holiday!! ANYWAY ANYWAY!!!

I can't sleep, so i decided to sit up and do nothing for 1 hour.. I just sat there, blow my nose time to time and now is when i get to the comp to play with the photoshop plugins i just knew about today. Haha.. So swagu right.

Me ^.^

Okay, now i feel MUCH better. It's meaningless but it's fun =DDD At least it kept me occupied in odd hours like this =DDD

Good morning, good night =))


25 December 2009


This pink cushion is MINE lah!!! But she's always on my pink cushion =((( And my butt's always on the floor! *grumble*

Drago lazing against the wall

My handsome boy =DDD

I don't have any concrete resolution plan for 2010. But i have a goal, that is to make my family members (Drago&Tiffany inclusive) happier. Bring them more joy and enjoyment. And i am assuming that that means i gotta earn more money. So yes! That's the only goal for the ULTIMATE, noble intention to make my loved ones happy =D Am i a saint or what?!

I won't lose track of what's really important.
Inspired by watching Princess & The Frog =))


P/S: I didn't mention much about my Xmas at all cox i am so sad. Like REALLY!!! Sore throat and flu and cold since yesterday (Xmas eve) and then today it all got worst, and then i get a half swollen right eye!!! SIBEH MERRY CHRISTMAS HOR?!?!? All this really kill me on Xmas. Thank God i have an angel with me. Find yours! Bye!

18 December 2009

You want a peice of me too?!

But i don't actually think i have time for everyone who tries to ask me out anymore. Because *serious frown* I want some time to think. Think about things.. You know, very important thing to do. Hehe..

Amelia from FashionLunchBox came over a few days ago and she got like Famous Amos cookies, Famous Amos Lolli Cookie, then the next few day KOREA Strawberries and T16 Ferrero Rocher!!! You guys who ever sent me T3 Ferrero, can just go kill yourself hor, please. You are not my bestfriends anymore. LOL!!!

貪吃鬼是這樣的啦! Understandable right?!

Okay now i have a few days before the adverts start flowing in again!!!

Please just take note of my Xmas wish list okay!!!

* I wish for World Peace (Bluffing, totally)

* I wish for lesser photographer who takes crap pictures (FOR REAL!!!)
Can those Ji Gohs use the money they spend on cameras on more constructive stuff instead, like Salvation Army maybe? Dont need to donate their money to Salvation Army. JUST PASS THEIR CAMERA AWAY, FOR ALL MANKIND SAKE. Or at least shoot better looking girls, or or or, AT THE VERY LEAST, pick up photoshop, can? 這都是為你好啊~

This wish was spontaneous and out of my deepest feelings at the moment. Cox i was checking on an acquaintance pictures so i browsed on with the thought of having a good laugh and then i saw this girl in some "Let's get Dirty" thread in Clubsnap. I feel so bad for the girl. She's a pretty face and has hot bod but all i could think of by looking at the picture is..
"Somebody get her a tampon, please?"
"No, no pad, she's in bikini, duh?"

All these lines kept running through my mind.
WHO'S FAULT?!?! Obviously?!

* I wish for everyone around me to be happy with their life
You guys can try to fulfil this one okay?! ^.^

* I wish i can have just enough money... But let me define what is JUST ENOUGH!

Share with you a bit more since you hardly catch me talking so much. I mean, SO TEXTFUL right this post!!! =DDD HAPPY NOT?!??! Okay okay, back to what i think is enough.

- Enough to buy my dad anything he likes, cox he don't really ask for anything, i wanna be able to pay for anything he'd ever ask for.
- Enough is to be able to pay for any thing i NEED.
- Enough is have abit(vague) extra after paying for everything that needs to be paid for.

* I wish to earn a trip to Bangkok

* I wish that everyday i wake up, i have so much food in my fridge, i'd feel happy the whole day

* I wish for birdnest and wigs still!!! *CLICK*

* I wish that people who aren't meant to be in my life, because i don't mean a thing to them, and VERY OBVIOUS i don't really care about them too, will just leave me alone for good

* I still wish that i will be able to buy myself a pair of boobs before i turn 25. Silicon or saline, not confirmed. But i wish i have enough money to choose the better one, and to pump it to the size i want til then. LOL. AND AND AND!!! Nipple enlargement fees counted in too!!!

I know i have so many wishes!!! Cox in case you make one, or two and it all doesn't come true, might as well make more wished right?! At least one will come true i think?!?!?! I HOPE!!!

My menses coming soon okay? STOP BUGGING ME!!!
YOU've been warned.



13 December 2009



Xiaxue is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy you know!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like i followed her since she was younger than i am now and now she is getting married!!! Somehow i feel so excited and AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for her!!!


I just got back from Malacca and this is like the happiest thing to find out!!! Other than the fact that i bought a pair of sunglasses for $9 RM. Which is like SGD$3.75 and it's SUPER SIBEH GSL CHIO, that i am still hyped about.

Talk later. Shower time~

07 December 2009


Shiyu, MingZhou & i went out the other day. We had sup at some HK style restaurant. And i super miss this!!! Reminds me of what i have for almost very meal while training in HKG.

It was my first time seeing Orchard ion and Orchard Central O.O Anyway!

Sy and i was taking this picture and after that..

Sy: 你可以拍照不要每次頭大大, 眼睛大大 then 嘴小小的嗎?!

So i see her this picture, no angle but eyes still very super big. So i try..


Besides, normal angle and tilt head angle, the nose is 他媽的難 photoshop.


Easy way out is this =D

How can i forget to introduce my buddy Ming Zhou right!!!
He is.. Available okay =DDD

And that's Sy going snap snap snap.

Snap snap.. Her watch like super cute can?!

Sy took a yandao shot of Mz and say he can put on Facebook.
See, even Sy is telling you, Mz is..
Available. Haha..


If you trust me, i can tell you that the one not wearing shoe in a restaurant, is not me.
Really. Trust me.

Sy and i met some reporters asking about Mz.
So we said..

He, is.. Available.

After supper we head for a movie. At 2am!!! I KNOW!!! Its like so crazy for me cox i haven't stay out so late for like 4 years!!!

We caught Twilight - New Moon. I am not going to tell you what i think of the movie but i am going to tell you to watch out for this scene in the starting part where Edward ask Bella to take a walk and then they end up in the forest and then later somehow, Bella just slept on the ground and lost conscious.

Then next scene!!! Is THE scene of the whole movie for me.

The guy on the left is a warewolf right. I think it was him who picked Bella out of the woods.

Next frame was just showing his(guy in the above picture) chest carrying Bella back out.

Immediately i say.....

Friggin' funny!!!

For those who don't know, Ong Bak is this guy who never had a shirt on in the movie according to my memory. LOL!!! I laughed throughout the show, laugh after the show and laughed eveyday after the show just thinking about it!!! I mean like Ong Bak is a Thai and it'd just be super wacky is Ong Bak run all the way to Ang Moh country to bring Bella out of the woods right.

And Edward is not a good man. He's so mean okay, asking Bella to take a walk in the woods and the later leave her there?! Scully she lost her way how!? And then end of it, he THOUGHT she's dead, but he transport himself so super fast, why cannot transport to her and and check it out leh?! She had to bloody ride in a car and squeeze through sweaty people at a parade to get to him. Weird.

Then after after.. We were taking picture of ourselves looking tired at 5am plus.

Yawning in action, good one..

Ugly and shag.. Not bad..

Ming Zhou?


Okay lah! I love my friends!!!


P/S: MingZhou is...


Go check your PayPal account.

Although the problem will be resolved but it'd take PayPal 10 working days to confirm that it's a unauthorised transaction. SIAO BO?!?! Not obvious meh?!

Anyway, go check your PayPal account if you haven't in a looooong time. It's like, i never even used it ever before since i got it like 2 years ago. So dumb right? Then Melissa and Caroline decided to use it first.

I curse that whoever do such things will always have bad hair day. And when they eat chicken wing, they will get the half-cooked kind, and when they drink fruit juice, maggots from the fruit will be blended in, and when they shower, they will look in the mirror and find themselves fat, and when they wear shirts with sleeves, they will have armpit stains, and when they have friends, their friends will all find them smelly.

Okay, whatever.

I'm pissed.


Oh oh oh, i gotta show you the first time ever camming session with Silver~ Weee~


30 November 2009

For Fuchsia Dream

My selected peice

How about getting something handmade with beautiful thoughts,
for that someone special this Xmas =))

27 November 2009

Coming to update about ME

Cox the next 3 to 4 post will be mini raves about products and services, so i think it's just right that i send you guys little peices of info about what i have been up to.. Since that's your main idea being here. Hor? =D

Hmm.. What can i say..


LOL!!! Really!!!

Everyday, these day. Goes like that.

Wake up, try to sleep again. Can't sleep again, wake up for real.
Bathroom business.
Clean up my babies' room.
Go to the fridge, pour cornflake, add dried fruits & milk.
Beat aliens on iPhone
Rot at the comp.
Time to eat again.
Watch Korean drama (I just got done with 秋天的童話 the ancient drama) Haha.
Feed babies.
Kill aliens on iPhone.
Walk babies.
Kill aliens.

And the next day goes. In between i gotta answer work calls, and play with my attention seeking babies. That is about it.

Phew, my life is so fulfilling =DDD

You like me?


Just another commoner trying to be hip =D


24 November 2009

My act chio dog

"My mummy wants me to act chio to the camera"

Next Frame..

"Hehehe.. Don't want lah so silly.."

Hahaha.. My Love in the world!


16 November 2009


That's Missy M doing my red hot lips.

I stole these two pictures from Prissy's blog. From yesterday's (Sunday) shoot. I had on a total of nine outfit i think. Show you the pics when i get them okay ^.^ The fashion comm students! Gosh they were all such nice people. And cool! I mean, i know, i am nice too. But isn't it like nice to meet nice people like yourself?! LOL!!! N I C E~

My primary school English teacher already told my class to not just use nice and that we can try to use words like Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing, Impressive, Kind, Delightful.

Then my secondary school teacher says the same thing.


Why i cannot use nice? Huh? Tell me nicely, why i cannot use nice?!?!
And also, why don't they allow durians in trains?


I am coming back with a contest raving on The 199 Shop contest. Sounds super cool! I want to join! =D

Very random of late. And i injured my spinal since yesternight and it JUST got better now. God loves me. I am blessed. Okay, can we get serious for a moment? I don't know, i just wanna get serious now.

I am thankful for everything i have in life..
For all the people who stand by me..
Mainly my family, my Love and my two lovely woofies.
And the friends who'd stay close no matter what.

I am thankful for everything, okay?

Remember people for the good things they done for you and then when they do something bad, you remember the good things, still. This way you have nothing to fight for..

Well, unless you REALLY feel like picking on somebody, that's a different story =D Then you don't have to be NICE.

I'm stucked.



15 November 2009

Say really..

I don't look that bad without makeup and with ZERO photoshop right. Beside the lighting, cox the original picture was under.

Besides having bigger nose, yellower teeth, dark eye ring, zits on the cheeks, flat messy hair and uneven face shape.. I am actually overall-ally quite okay right?

This looks perfect though.

Today i had a good chance to meet some new people. They're really fun and capable. And you know sometimes people can be so lovely, you get drawn to them naturally. Sometimes i envy these people.

Actually, i envy most people. But i am not jealous. You admire other people's fine quality and you make do with your own. Haha. That's.. Erm.. Loserish. But, whatever. LOL.

I am gonna go lie down on my bed and read.


Eh! I read leh!!! Got 文化 one okay!