28 February 2013

Modeline - Love your Legs

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Do you girls sometimes feel extra thankful for your legs?

They bring us from point A to point B, they allow us to flaunt them on heels, they support our weight and i love it that they go shopping with us no matter how tired they get after that =D

I am sure you realise all the standing, walking, walking on heels, even sitting for long hours, will cause strain, swelling and weariness for your legs and feets?

And you also know lah, that "swelling" / bloated feeling on your feet, actually make you feel very tired like you are dragging 50kg on each leg or something haha.

What if i tell you..

That there is an affordable, convenient, functional and cute way to get rid of those weariness on your feets and legs and prevent those bothering water-retention and possibly give you slimmer legs!!!!

Yup! Doesn't matter whether you're sleeping / resting at home or on the streets outdoor! =D

Have to stand quite a lot due to work? Have to walk here and there all day long? Have to do a lot of shopping (lolol, yes, shopping in essential, we just HAVE to)? Have to be on high heels all day?

Modeline can ease “swelling” and “weariness” of foot. It is a functional stockings produced by a popular Japanese model Nanao, which solves concerns of women who are feeling swelling, bloated and weariness at the feet and legs.

And Modeline offer solutions that can be easily incorporated into our daily lives easily!!!

Nanao herself is on the packaging of all Modeline leg wear products! =D

She's super pretty hor! This mint green one is what i'm wearing in this set of pictures! =D It's a pair of Night Leggings!

The idea of Night Leggings is you can wear them at home, during bedtime, or even when working at the computer or watching TV! Anytime at home, the Modeline Night Leggings will make you look extra sweet, feel extra pretty and in general you'd just be extra kawaii ^.^V

As mentioned, swelling occurs when you sit / apply pressure in the same posture for long periods of time, the movement of muscles deteriorates the blood circulation, to solve this problem, we need to apply pressure on the site from outside to circulate the pooled blood upward.

Modeline functions to eliminate the symptoms such as “swelling” and “weariness” by gradually lowering the pressure around the ankle first, and then around the calf to promote blood circulation

And in this set i'm wearing the Night Leggings in Mint Green. You can wear it to sleep ^.^V Cute hor? I think i look i look extra cute! And the fact that you can ease the swollen feeling in your legs and make it feel much less tired, PLUS reduce water retention on it, with constant usage you'd be able to see that your legs become slighter firmer!!! I mean it makes sense right, compression stockings are supposed to do all that for us =D

So yup, wear it when you're lazing on the bed, reading magazines, texting, tweeting..
Camhoring, instagramming, whatever~ =D Just wear it~! It's good for you and your legs! =D
And you gotta admit it does make you look cuter ^.^ You can look cute even at home! =D Lotsa Japanese girls are into Modeline compression becox of the benefits and convenience of it! And of course for how kawaii it looks! Many girls are trying to be cute-kawaii at home too, and Modeline is perfect for it! Given that it also soothes your tired legs!

Modeline is also seen on and raved by many Japanese magazines, such as GINGER, BITEKI, NO, JUNON, Nicky, Kansai Girl’s Style, Seventeen.
Me with the pink one ^.^V
You can wear it anywhere in the house! Sometimes the pressure / compression leggings might feel a little bit strong. Remember to pull them up slowly when you wear the leggings! And be careful not to make slack and wrinkles to avoid excess or deficiency of the compression from the leggings ^.^
Actually i a bit shy to wear this if Josh is around cox somehow the pink looks too cute lolol.
Alright.. I think we drank quite a fair bit already lolol.

If you're heading out.. Modeline also has very cordinatable choices for you!!! One of it is this Open Heel Tights! It's black in colour and you can easily match it with your outfits!
I suggest you can wear it on the plane / coach ride when you travel! Cox we're seated in that limited space for along time and it's not great for blood circulation for our legs! Modeline (even the Night time ones) would come in handy!!! =D Look it's really easy to match!
Nobody will know you're wearing something that helps make your legs comfortable and feels slimmer without the bloatedness and swelling feel! =D
If you pair it like this, you don't even have to remove the leggings after flight/ after whole day of shopping!!! It just looks like it's part of your outfit-of-the-day! Ha =D
Even if you're wearing a dress, the open heel tights still can look chic on you!

There's also the Leggings Wear!!!
You can pair it it with a cute skirt, shorts or even denims!
Simple and casual ^.^

One more thing you will appreciate Modeline for, is it's Low-Rise design!

Nobody wants to be seen with their tights from their backs =X

So what they might do is to fold them down so it doesn't show when they wear low-rise denim or low-waist shorts etc! But with Modeline you don't have to worry~~~

Ladies who have tried Modeling feedback that it does not show from the back even if they crouch down. So you can go ahead and mix and match the Modeline leggings and tights into your daily outfits! And it doesn't leave any marks around the waist, i can vouch for this!!! =DDD

With the great quality used to made it (Made in Japan =DDD), it holds it's shape and doesn't get shabby after wash! And the pressure remains the same!


It is very affordable compared to other simililar products in the market.

Competitive brand sells similar product as the Night Leggings of Modeline at $50 and above depending on where you buy them!

Night Leggings of Modeline is priced at $45 which is 15 - 18% cheaper!!! =D

Open Heel Tights of Modeline is priced $37.50

Leggings of Modeline is priced $29.50

They are all priced lower than other competing brands selling similar products!

These two kinds for your outfit cordination! =D
Modeline is Available at Watson’s Singapore:
Get yours today!

International Plaza / Parkway Parade / Forum Galleria / The Plaza / Hong Leong Building / Ngee Ann City / Northpoint / Bedok Central / Tiong Bahru Plaza / Bugis Junction / Suntec City Mall / Tampines Mall / Jurong Point / Junction 8 Shopping / West Mall / Rivervale Mall / IMM Building / NTUC Hougang Mall / Hougang Street 21 / Great World City / Compass Point / Marina Square / Plaza Singapura / Novena / Toa Payoh (HDB) / Punggol Plaza / Anchorpoint / Far East Plaza / Vivo City / Raffles City / Golden Shoe / Yew Tee Point / Nex / Causeway Point 

Read more about Modeline on Taososnavi! You can find more instructions and details of usage, handle care, washing care etc!

Time to give some love to your legs!!! They work really hard! =D

By the way! Thank you Josh for helping me take these pictures!!! ^.^

25 February 2013

QWeekly - Nothing about nothing

Sorry i really really really forgot that it's Sunday and i am supposed to put up something today.

But it's not like any of you guys missed me ='( Nobody told me "OMG QIU IT'S SUNDAY WHY YOU NEVER BLOG I AM SO SADDDD" Haha. But i'd still blog something.

I am in Bangkok now and the food here is quite amazing. Shopping is just becoming more and more costly =((( But Mich and Zhen and i enjoyed the food a lot ^.^ We had mango sticky rice, pork knuckles with rice, basil chicken with rice, birds nest with super candied translucent gingko nuts and curry crab meat stir fired with eggs and prawn roll and prawn omelette and baby dou miao and herbs with deep fried fish. They were all awesome but the whole point of telling you is becox i don't have pictures to show you lol. So i have to tell you instead of showing it to you.

What am i talking about.

Nothing. Cox it's 2.43am here and i have to go sleep cox we're waking up for breakfast tomorrow and i only slept 1 hour before the flight here earlier this morning.

I will be back really soon please ah please don't don't read me. Lolol.

22 February 2013

Japan Street Snap

This post is backdated pictures from my Japan trip last Oct ^.^ I really enjoyed that trip cox Josh and i got to spend lotsa time on our own just walking and eating our way around.

But we only stayed within Tokyo lah. If i head Japan again i hope i can venture further! Like where, i don't know. Haha. Anywhere in Japan i believe will be quite love ^.^

Woke up in the morning to go try, supposedly, according to Cheesie and Cheesie's danna, one of the best shio ramen haha.
Mine ^.^ The toppings on top are all on the table, you can help yourself to as much as you want!
And then i got out of the ramen shop and saw nice sunlight. Lolol. So i had to.
Please understand i just have to.
Got no choice. Lolol.
And then we kept walking and snacking at random places, on random stuff.. And saw this. I think it was some kind of demonstration going on about the fishing island and NHK TV station O.O But the demonstration very peaceful one. Just walking and saying stuff.
And then we walk to the other end of Harajuku, and walk into their residential area and i found this nice house i had to ask Josh to help me snap a picture with it lololol.
Another nice house but this time with white gate.
So i shamelessly sat in front of their gate and snap a picture lololol. Eh i damn fearless please, their house got CCTV one. Lolol. Camho gotta cam! Lolol. My box bag is from rarebits.sg but it's sold out already cox we're talking about October. Lol.
And then we go visit a temple.. Quite near Harajuku one. I have no idea what are these. But Josh guess they are sake containers O.O But i guess they are lanterns lol.
Josh ask me why every shot in the temple i also look like Char Tao (piece of log). I didn't dare to pose at all in the temple premises lolol. Erm.. Just cox we're in a temple? I mean nobody should pose at temple lah! It's like imagine tourists come to Singapore and do jumpshots in front of our Guan Yin Ma at Victoria Street. It just don't look right O.O Or am i looking too much into it!
No idea if this is for hygiene or for respect purposes but i take it as i'm cleansing my soul *affirmative nod* Lol. It was a impromptu visit to the temple that's why i didn't research a lot of things!
Also saw this at the temple. Can someone tell me if this is a marriage ceremony going on!
With someone at the temple.. He and others who dress like him just stand there and doesn't move until people approach them to ask for pictures O.O And then we made wishes and got ourselves lucky charms and then we head off already =)
And then we head to Harajuku again haha. At the tamagochi shop. Cute little boy buying donut.
Made fresh~~~!!!
MINE!!! ^.^
Mini marshmallow with strawberry milk sauce!!! =DDD
The marshmallow will become melty melty one! Cox the donuts are fresh and hot ma.

Okay that's all for this post ah~ I hope i can visit Japan again soon!!! I hope i can visit Japan 3 times a year lolol. Bound to be one time i can see sakura there!!! Cheesie say until it's like heaven on earth like this. I also wanna see ^.^

Alright.. I'm flying off to Bangkok this Sunday and then flying back on Tuesday.

And then flying off for Korea next Monday. And then fly back 10 days later. This Korea trip has JUST been confirmed like maybe two days ago. That's when the tickets were booked and my appointment confirmed with the clinic in Korea. Really thanks to people at DocDoc.

Don't worry i will bring laptop so i can keep updating my blog! In fact i should have more up-to-date updates when i'm away! Haha. If not you should follow me on instagram / Twitter lah @bongqiuqiu

Most of my everyday snippets are there. Like what i ate, how i look, what i wore, who i hang out with. I mean not like the blog has to catch up. It's just the blog is for more solid updates lolol.

Also ah, i try to put different stuff on each platform lah. Like Twitter is to talk cock lolol. Instagram is to snap artsy shots. Okay no, mainly self shots and shots of people and food i like ^.^

And then the blog is where i put every thoughts and pictures at. Things that can help me remember my own life better. Like you saw lor, my wedding, my overseas trips, my rantings etc ^.^

Okay lah, thank you guys for reading me / following me. I have a lot more to share =)

20 February 2013

rarebits - February Promo

rarebits February promotion is on =D The last January promotion went well and three lucky winners each won a set of skincare products ^.^ Now there's THREE SETS of makeup to be won!

Spend $80 and above to stand a chance to win this whole set of item for yourself!

It's a great makeup set for Spring ^.^ For that Nude / Natural / Pink healthy glow~!

Left - Right

CANMAKE Cream Cheek in Blush Pink

REVLON Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake

KATE Lip Gloss in Nude Pink

ZA Hydrating BB Cream with UV Protection (spf43)

Your skin will be kept soft, supple and look naturally glowy~! =D

And rarebits have added about 20 items to the SALE section!

Most of them are last pieces so be quick ^.^ Discount goes up to 70% =OOO


19 February 2013


Do you sometimes feel like you are meant to be someone really special?

Doing special things.. With people you love especially.

At many points of my life..

I thought i was meant to be The One.

Like when i was younger.. If and when i share my toys, i get praised to be a good kid, i took pride in that and it felt special. Like the praise was exclusive to me. Like no one else is a better kid than me.

Then when i was a teenager, when someone tell me i am very sensible, like maybe when i do something that is filial / helpful to the family. That also made me feel like i am special.

Then i grew older to be a young lady, when people tell me i have the X-Factor to be this and that, i also felt super special. Like this is it.. I am meant to be a superstar. Haha.

And then i grow even older to realise.. That woman got more X-Factor than me. That other woman too. What the heck, that woman too!!! Hahaha. And then along the way, it's just too easy to find someone else who looks better, sings better, talks better, walks better than me.

And that woman can be richer, smarter all at the same time hahaha.

And then there will be many point of time you don't feel so special anymore.

But tonight i feel especially special.

Becox i walk pass the TV in my bedroom.

The TV i neglected and take for granted for like 3 years, mounted on the wall of my bedroom, right in front of my bed, where i can watch it with Josh at our leisure..

And i realise it's so thin, the TV.

And it's positioned at such a comfortable place for me to watch it.

Isn't thin TV for rich people? Haha. I've always thought that when i was less old. Lol.

But anyway our TV is $799 lah. It is not expensive. But it is a luxury to have a TV in the bedroom lah, i think. And then i sat down and start to think about other stuff that i am very thankful about.

I have A LOT of chocolates and tidbits in the fridge and in the cabinet. Also don't know when i started to get so greedy and unappreciative =X Like a lot of times i see them and i'm like "But i don't feel like eating this today"

Last time i went to a friend's place and i open up her two-door fridge and it was sooooo filled with food and snacks and i say i am very envious of her and she say everytime they forget to eat what they have and it'd be expired by the time they see it and then they'd just have to throw it away and i was thinking "What?!?!?!?! I would never ever be so wasteful!!! Omg those chocolates and snacks died in vain!!!" =OOO NEVER GONNA LET IT HAPPEN!!!

But now i periodically clear out expired food pile from the fridge and cabinet.

=( Boh bian, I GO SNACK AFTER THIS!!! Hahaha. All the reasons for snacking is there =D

And then i am very thankful for being healthy also ah =)

Lotsa things have happened recently, especially in the last two months.. And i interacted more with new people and i saw through some people. Can't help but to think that not everyone is meant for big things. Some people just wanna avoid problems at all cost by pushing it to you to solve. Some people have no initiative to be proactive. Some people are really okay to live day to day even when they know they lack, and they are not shy to ask for help from anyone to fill that lack.

And i realise maybe in this world, only a small percentage of people will look inwards when they wanna find something they lack, themselves. Most people leave it up to external factors to decide if they can do better or not.

I also learnt that i cannot make people think the way i think is correct for them. I cannot, and i should not. Becox they are not me. And i am not them. And i am not God.

But.. I am special.

Like there is something bigger waiting for me to go fulfill, for myself, for my loved ones.

It's hard to remember that although i am special, i am not that special and i have to appreciate as much things as i can. But sometimes i feel i only have one heart, how do i love so many things.

Wo xing de. Wo xing de. Wo xing de. Thankful for Drago, Tiffany and MooMoo is healthy. Please hang on young and cute, my three favourite doggies

17 February 2013

Wedding Day Part 3 - Happy Faces

Continuing from the last post of our wedding =))

So we're getting to the "second march-in" ^.^

I absolutely love my wedding dress from LaBelle Couture!!! It's short, sweet and cute and sparkly ^.^

Me and Josh at the "waiting area" which is Skyve's office haha. Thanks a lot to Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar for the venue and most importantly for all the help they've given us! Especially with the coordination process and with the awesome food!!! ^.^
Obviously i wasn't very good with guy's tie / bow tie / any of that stuff lol. Wendy de most helpful bridesmaids mentor came to the rescue haha.

This post is mainly happy faces gracing the dining hall that evening =)

Thank you guys for coming to share our joy.

Thank you, to all the sponsors involved.

Florist / Decor designer - Assemble Happinest
Wedding favour (Chocolates) - Chocoelf
Hairdo of Josh and i - Cleo Hair Make
Wedding Planner services - Eternally Yours
Instant-Print photobooth - Hello Forever
Wedding gowns / Josh's suit - LaBelle Couture
Bridemaids Dresses + Wedges - Love Bonito
Event Photography - Moments by Edmund
Dessert bar and Candy station - Mr and Mrs
Wedding Live Band - Sparkle Live Music
Makeup of me + Bridesmaids - YSL
Visit YSL Flagship store @ Orchard ION #01-25

Some faces of the couples there that night haha. Vivien and Ron ^.^
Bryan and Gillian, who very gamely came in floral dress!!!! =O Haha ^.^ Thank you ah Gillian.
This one not couple but hey hey, looking good~ Yutaki and Sophie!
The Nuffies! All came in colourful floral dresses ^.^
Mike and Wendy looking great~ =D
Sexay Baby Yurou and her brother Ah Bong ^.^
The second march-in to "Somewhere over the rainbow, what a wonderful world" By Aselin Debison
Don't know what thing so funny also. Lol.
My san jie (3rd sis) and Laomoo at the blur foreground haha.
Josh's second sis and husband! ^.^ I usually tweet of them as the Choy family.
Erm. The photographer asked for it lololol. If not we not so erxin one! =X
One of the best entertainment of the night, LIVE BAND singing by Kexin from Sparkle Live Music! You can dedicate songs also if you want! you can sing also if you want lah heck! Haha.
Josh went round showing off his new tattoo =.=" Lol. that's Dainel Tay on the left by the way!!! =O Daniel Tay of Bakerzin! Josh shoots for them and i am quite honored that he'd come to our wedding!
SUPER LOVE THIS DISH Chef Vincent from Skyve customised for our wedding menu!!! Some fushion dish, with yuzu and.. Ikura. And prawns of course. It is soooooo refreshing!!!!
Three of my favourite polymates ^.^ Ming Zhou, Shi Yu and Kah Wei ^.^
Josh still at it. Hahaha.
Josh with the Japanese babes Kumiko San and Nami San ^.^
With Daniel, Ron, Vivien, Reese, Linda and Lynn ^.^ Thank you guys for coming ah!!!
Another entertainment of the night, PHOTOBOOTH by Hello Forever! With Moyu San in the game!
Most zen guest of the night. Haha Baby Yurou. Falling asleep not caring about the music nor the people ahaha.
Bacon wrap asparagus with wild mushroom. Another of Chef Vincent's super yumsie creation!
The live band from Sparkle Live Music!
Dotty and Jialing fake kissing me lol.
OMG MY FAVOURITEST DISH IN THE WHOLE WORLD FOR A LONG TIME!!! Cereal crusted cod fish =OOOO Not say i sing praise for my own wedding menu but this is really good shit!!! The cereal is sooooo crispy and flavourful! Thank you Skyve!
One with Huiwen, cox she bother to put double eyelid sticker and falsies for the night ^.^ I hope it's fasterly her turn to get married!!! =DDD Or engage also can lah!
Steak with red wine reduction sauce, choice of most guests. But i still believe my fish is better haha.
^.^ Me and Josh.
And then it's time for the maid of honor to give a speech. Michie look so cute and pretty here ^.^
Everyone listening..
One part of it makes Josh wanna fork her eyeballs out. Lolol. She say i got bad hygiene standard somemore!!! Jian nu ren! Haha.
YUUUUUUUUM SENG~! I forgot if it was a cheeeeeeers or a yum seng. Josh looking like he is acting shuai in this picture by the way hahaha.
My dad and mum =))
Me with my speech. Just thanking everyone involved =D
And then Josh de thanking speech was epic. "Thank you everyone for coming, please check out my new tattoo!" What the fuck hahahahaha.
And then i got requested to sing. Lolol. REQUESTED ah, not i buay paiseh wanna steal Kexin's stage lolol. But actually i would really love to sing also lah. I just scared Josh change his mind only. Lolol. Cox everytime i sing / hum he'd ask me to shut up lolol.
So i did "A Lover's Concerto" Haha. I guess i zao xiar at least 10 times. Maybe more. Lol. Okay definitely more. Lolol. BUT HEY HEY~ Love is in the air, nobody cares~
With the world's best wedding planner, Clarice =))))
And the whole wedding planner team from Eternally Yours ^.^ Thank you guys for being super helpful and awesome that day!
My family =)))
Josh's family =))) Now also, my family haha ^.^

Alright, here's the sponsor list for you girls getting married / needing contacts for the various services like florist, makeup, hair do, live band and photobooth for your events etc!

Florist / Decor designer - Assemble Happinest
Wedding favour (Chocolates) - Chocoelf
Hairdo of Josh and i - Cleo Hair Make
Wedding Planner services - Eternally Yours
Instant-Print photobooth - Hello Forever
Wedding gowns / Josh's suit - LaBelle Couture
Bridemaids Dresses + Wedges - Love Bonito
Event Photography - Moments by Edmund
Dessert bar and Candy station - Mr and Mrs
Wedding Live Band - Sparkle Live Music
Makeup of me + Bridesmaids - YSL
Visit YSL Flagship store @ Orchard ION #01-25

Hope you have a good Sunday! ^.^