26 March 2009

Hello, I am still Me.. (REVISED)

I had a shoot the other day..

Don't worry i'd try not to start off with funky pictures that often.

Ignore the slippers.

Newspaper Dress

Okay okay, i know you guys wanna know more about me.. Like.. More than these beautiful pictures. Lol.. Alright, i'd share. Since i've always LOVE to write autograph books back in Secondary School days. I'd do it again!


Name: Babe Hong Qiuting
D.O.B: 28th June 1990
Email: qiutinger@gmail.com
Tel: 1900-HOT-LINE
Address: You should know if you are my close friend
Zodiac: Rabbit Horoscope: Cancerian
Height: 174cm Weight: 46kg


~ : ~ : ~ : ~ : ~ : Favourites : ~ : ~ : ~ : ~ : ~ : ~
Food: Chocolates and Fast food
Drinks: Barley and Iced-Milo
Movie: IceAge, Wall-E
Music: Jazz and Lounge
Artiste: Sammi Cheng, Fann Wong and Stefanie Sun
Pastime: Singing, Sleeping, Eating, Blogging
Hangout: Anywhere with cheap goods

= = = = = = = = = Dislikes = = = = = = = = = =
Food: Anything too starchy
Drinks: Red Bull and anything alcoholic
Movie: Anything with too much action and no meaning
Music: Techno
Artiste: Err..
Pastime: I do not do things i do not like to past time *act cool*
Hangout: Where crowds are

HAHAHA.. I hope you like me so far.
Like it or not, I AM GOING TO CONTINUE.

* * * * * * * FRIEND LIST * * * * * * *
100% Friend -
90% Friend -
80% Friend -

HAHAHA.. Okay i am going to spare you from this 100% friend to -100% enemy thingy.
So moving on to the best part.

0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 GOLDEN WORDS 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0
Hi Reader, whether you like me or not.. I really do enjoy blogging and it makes me feel very happy when i have people saying that i've done a pretty good job. So you are strongly encourage to do the same as those. I hope that we can always be friends even after years (does not apply if you are too serious, ugly and yet very mean, jealous mainly and cannot take a joke like a joke).


Lastly.. A Beautiful Poem just for you..
I have a pen, my pen is blue.
I have a car, my car is blue.
I have a bag, my bag is blue.
I have a.. Err.. A.. A computer, my computer is.. You guessed it, BLUE.
I have a friend.. My friend is Blue.
Haha, jk, jk.. My friend is YOU.

Prepare for my very abrupt ending to this post.



I haven't changed much. Things i liked, i still like. Things i dislike, i try to hide..

Sigh.. I just made another rhyming poem, you noticed?




19 March 2009

I am so loved by all.

I know this picture won't deter you from reading on. So i'd just place it right at the top. In any case, 你知道我是美的. Haha.


Bracelets are my new love. This here is less than $2. But it looks like it's $200 on me.
Kidding. Just looks like $80.

Please also notice that the new EZ-Link card is very ugly.
But mine is not =D

I had a gathering with the Lovelies and i will show you the pictures once JoeyMa updates them into her blog. Haha. But for now..

This is what i wore that day. Bloody jumper gave me a hard time when i need the toilet. I just remembered photobucket haven't restore my pictures yet. So if you can't see the pictures in this post, curse photobucket along with me.

Then i went on to meet Ym.

I typed wrongly in Photoshop. I meant like THE HUNK.

I know, i look quite sweet here.

Random: I love my new brella
*Plays Rihanna most irritating/lovable song*

Dinner at Sudoku. HAHAHA. That's not the name. Funny, i didn't bother to remember the name but most of the food are not very nice. So it's okay, you don't need to know.

Dessert at Canele.

And the sweet little things from the gathering =))

Cammie. Okay, why do people call themselves Camwhore, seriously? One stupid person uses it, and then everyone use it (I used it too like years ago). I am gonna call myself a Cammie. Sweet right. Why CamWHORE? Camdy? Cami? Whatever. Why Camwhore? Lol.. WHY?

Ending off with a cute little box of sweet-sweet chocolate.
As you can see, i have been in pretty pleasant mood lately.

More pictures (OF ME ME ME and others) soon!


12 March 2009

Simple update

The sidebar photo album is updated. Please totally check me out.

Currently reading through Tuesdays with Morrie over again (Ym, do not worry, i have not sticked a single peice of pi sai in your book. And i will not) and it sure helps lighten me up. Life's beautiful. Mine is, i am, i hope you are too.

No makeup = No eyebrow
Can someone tell me serisouly, if Martell/XO helps?!
So desperate! No shaving, no plucking. Then how to make thicker?

I PROMISE, i will kill all the ants in my room by end of this month, or i will change my name to Ugly Ang Gu Keuh. You know that's not gonna happen.

I also promise, never to weigh more than 48kg and never to weigh less than 44kg. Becox i saw..


Kinda sure i will never turn out like that. But i am putting this here just so that i will feel better being 46kg now. And not hoping for 45 so badly.

I am so caught in between! I want to lose 1kg but i want my Ferrero Garden too.



10 March 2009

A Messy Post (Like any other) =D

Hello babies! I know this is something really gross to start with but i think i am one of those who are very prone to having sore eyes. Maybe becox i like to rub my eyes, maybe becox i frequently check for batsai using my sometimes dirty fingers or maybe just becox i am damn sway okay.

So i got this like one week ago i think.

HAHA.. I know. I am also laughing.

You remember this right..



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

BunnYu came back from some ang moh country (I STILL CANNOT REMEMBER WHERE, is it Melbourne, Perth, Australia or where?) and we met up! Woo hoo~!

You wanna know why she is not smiling so happily? Becox..

We were wearing TWINS outfit that day. Unplanned of course. She wouldn't do a gross thing like this. And i didn't care if she liked it or not, i call both of us as 姐妹花 that day. LOL!!! I know she didnt like it AT ALL. But i don't care!

I gave Mz harsh shadow to make him look more man. He's available okay, if anyone's keen. ONLY FEMALES APPLICANTS ELIGIBLE.

And me~ V^.^V
Err okay.. That sign i typed is quite gross.

I stayed at my parent's after dinner and KTV with the two guys.

At 3am

Super black and tasty LorMee with A LOT A LOT A LOT of crispy fish.
At beach road. Opens 2am - 10am. But it's tastier at 2am.

Randomly, this fruit bread at Breaktalk is the bestest i ever tried. SO DAMN MUCH LIAO!

Hmm.. So i just shared with you my grossest pic, my gorgeous friends, my pretty face at 3am without makeup, Ho Liao bread and the world's best Lor Mee, it is not too much to ask for these right?

I really have no idea where to find these except at the freaking far airport. So please get this for me if you see it, thanks. I will not pay you. Hahaha...

I am going to get myself this REALLY SOON. Okay, how about this, I'd give you the toytoy inside if you get me Ferrero Garden. Fair deal?


P/S: I have no courage to shave my eyebrows afterall. Thanks for the emails and smses to let me know it's a bad choice to shave it! ^.^ Phew!

07 March 2009

Hey babe - IT IS ME!

I had a shoot the other day. Can't show you the end result but i can show you my self-absorbed BTS.

Please like totally check out my eyelashes. Haha.. It's faked in photoshop! ^.^ Chio right.

I am going for Awfully Chocolate very soon. Becox it's burning.. Err.. Like you know, like a burning desire in me. Haha.

Can someone tell me if by shaving the top part of my eyebrow will make it thicker when it grows out? Cox i am comtemplating to shave it off. And i am like REALLY SERIOUS.

Please tell me if you know or tried before!

This is with regards to my eyebrow - MY LIFE!

So don't dua me okay!


01 March 2009

A letter to God.. (no stamp affix)

Dear God,

My friends told me about it and even thou it hurts me.. I still go in and see what people are talking about.

I had many thoughts about the things people say and i also have many questions. I feel so confused. So lost..

Can anyone answer my doubt?

God.. Help me.

And answer this..


And CC is not Community Centre.
This CC sure got more BAT POR than Community Centres thou.

Actually you know what, God, you don't need to help me anymore. Cox on a second thought, those people need your help more desperately than i do. I mean.. They got no life one meh?!

I should totally just stop going through what they wrote even though i know they spent quite a bit of effort trying to be HOT and HUMOUROUS in the forum. Just like the way they critisize me for trying to be pretty in my blog. Crow calling the Batman black (hahahahaha.. I just thought of it for an instant. So funny right).

And whoever post my ta-glam pictures up there, you should have totally stayed a sperm.

Oh and hypocrites who can say "HATE PEOPLE WHO JUDGE OTHERS BASE ON LOOKS", do you know that you just guck yourself in the ass with a samurai sword. Go through what you have been saying and agreeing with. You are one of those people you thought you didn't like.

Some people like you try to lead a upright life and fail.
Some people like me.. Are quite adorable *shrugs*

Face it, we have different eyes for beauty. I look into the mirror everyday and sometimes i even have to shake my head and feel weird all becox i don't understand, why am i so pretty. Serious, i do that. I am not saying you can't say i am not pretty. Of course you can. But don't need to do personal attacks, right?

You got see me despising you for being not pretty enough to show off your pictures and end up flaming other people's picture in forums?

No right?


Yay. So i am a better person as a whole.
(concluding cox i whined enough)


P/S: I know you came in for this.

See, i got you all worked up. Still say don't like me?