29 November 2010

Self-help - Help yourselves to it

In photoshop, i find comfort. Hahaha!

8 mins rough job still look better than the pictures i got from Create Talents 6 years ago.

 I over-did this a little bit. HAHA. Okay no, by A LOT.

But every time there's this voice in me when i do touchup in photoshop, it keeps going like this..

"Photoshop 變美是免費的! 不要客气! 自己來"

It means, to be beautified in Photoshop is free, don't be merciful, help yourself to it!"

And to beautify yourself, is almost an endless job. From in-real-life to on-pictures to inner beauty. HAHA! Yeah i said that. Inner-beauty could be boosted by self-help books in bookstores, by taking beauty and health supplement pills, by eating healthy or by wearing nice lingerie sets ^.^

Do you know i can fill a A cup bra now?

Sorry, had to highlight that. Becox that's the highlight of my life so far! Haha!

I had the boob job just two weeks ago. And today i finally dare to actually massage myself with the strength that i should. And it didn't hurt at all.

I think Dr Jonathan Lee is god. LOL. He predicts everything!

First day what to expect, first three days how it'd be, one week into it can do what, two weeks into it start doing what, EVERYTHING, is in schedule ^.^V

So thankful for having a doctor whom i can trust to take care of and monitor the whole procedure. And super dooper happy that good people at Q-MED sponsored the Macrolane!!! Can't wait to show you guys EVERYTHING once Clicknetwork airs it!

Just a random note, i really love Adonis. Haha! Not only my face condition is a lot better now, i think Daphne (the marketing lady from Adonis) is REALLY REALLY REALLY making me feel the sense of belonging ^.^ I'm like their first born if i might say. So doted on and well-taken care of! Can't wait to tell you guys about an event that might take place! Okay, confirm then i tell you all okay! Hahaha! HAPPY!

And and, do you guys already know that i'm signed on to Nuffnang?

I am.

Wait up! I know i started so slow but I'm trying to run very fast to catch up already ^.^

And with all these good things that happened, is happening and with all the great people pushing me and helping me along the way, this run is gonna be a casual stroll!

I feel like i have to thank Clicknetwork and Gillian and Jessica and Gladys and Jillian and Trey for it.


25 November 2010


Don't worry~ It's not a post to dress ugly people down.
It's a post to help boys and girls save money! =D

When i was 17, i look like shit. No pictures to show, if you're not convinced becox i look quite decent now (SHUTUP I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK) and plus you're free enough, go check out my archives. Haha. I LOOKED LIKE SHIT.

But I thought i was chio. And i head out very often. Eat Long John Silver also must eat in town area. It just seemed more cool. Lol. I know you know what i mean right.. Haha!

And please don't say that i am also thinking that i am very chio now but will come to realise in five years time that i'm actually ugly. I am an adult now, i don't make visual mistakes like this anymore. HAHAHA!

Anyway, to get to town area, young girls like me back then have to get pass this area of SELF-DOUBT and SELF-WORTHY area. This area is right there once you step out of Orchard MRT.

"Hi! I'm from XXX models"

"Would you be keen in modeling?"

"You are very tall! Are you a model?"

"We're looking for models for an advertisement"

"We have a modeling assignment now that needs girls like you"

"Are you local? Becox you look like Eurasian/ Korean/ Japanese/ Taiwanese"

"Don't worry, not all models need to be tall, you are not very tall but you got the look for print-ads"

And in your heart, you start asking yourself, "Oh wow.. I'm really that good? How can i be that good? Or maybe i am that good? Bleah, it's not possible.. Well, maybe it is?"

GIRLS, C'MON, you know what you look like. If you're pretty, good for you, don't be flattered by random folk running after you on the street telling you you are pretty. If you're pretty, be confident, you don't need to buy this shit, just tell the bugger,

"YEAH I KNOW, i am as perfect as you say. Why do i need you then?"


Trust me, the poor dude will not chase after you even if you have the talent and caliber of a TOPESTEST SUPEREST model.

Why? Simply becox these fuckers are not out for talent-hunting. They are out for the weak-minded girls and boys with MONEY. In short, they are out for whoever has the MONEY.

And if you're not that good looking, YOU KNOW IT. Okay. Yeah all the stories about ugly-duckling to beautiful swan, chubby pig to pork ribs, whatever. It will happen if you work on it. Buying cosmetics and plastic surgeries will do the job but buying compliments won't bring you there. It'd just make you more insecure than you could ever be.

I am going to bring you through what's gonna happen if you believe the sweet-talkers at the train station.

They gonna take your number and might call you on the spot to make sure that that IS your number, make an appointment with you to meet at their office. And climax of praises that's gonna be sang for you, is when you're finally at their office.

There they will have plenty of fashion magazines and plenty of newspaper cutouts, they are going to tell you all the great thing you will be if you sign up the package to be part of them. Then they'd talk about money. And if you're skeptical about paying, they'd pull out pictures of their models whom appeared on various media.

Assuming YOU ARE DUMB, becox you were already dumb enough to even go to their office, i can safely say you won't know which agencies the top models in Singapore are attached to. You won't know if they are even attached to any or if they are self-managed.

So the money-eater can tell you Rebecca Tan used to be managed by them, showing you pictures of Rebecca Tan on cover, print-ads, TVC screenshots etc. And you'd buy the story becox you know Rebecca Tan! Who doesn't! Even if you don't know her name, you must have seen her face somewhere.

And becox you're so doped on praises, you'd think that the guy who's been showering you with compliments for the past one hour, cannot be lying to you about such stuff. Somemore if he don't know her, why keep so many pictures of her, right!

I am quoting Rebecca Tan as example for a specific reason, will share why later.

Then you'd be convinced.
"If he can bring her up there, and he sees so much in me, i can make it too!"


Not becox you can't. It's becox he cannot bring you there. Becox you're in the wrong place. Becox you're too naive.

What's gonna happen next is, they gonna show you a list of packages. It will all differ by the number of images/ looks/ styles you gonna be photographed in, number of pictures, sizes of pictures, whether or not your 'comp card' and portfolio will appear in their office/ website respectively, whether or not you wanna sign up for their courses to modelling.

It can range from $288 - $2888 (the higher price range is usually what they call, ARTISTE price. Meaning if you pay the premium price, they gonna groom and market you as a model-artiste and pitch you for hosting/ singing/ acting gigs). These days the price might be a lot different, not sure.

Truth to be told, i used to buy these compliment. In fact, I BOUGHT it with $6 and $348 on two separate occasions.

I can mention names becox whatever i'm gonna write are just based on real-life account of what i encountered before. I have no idea if they have changed the way they work now, but this is what i went through when i was 17 turning 18. And the convo is obviously, to what i can remember best.

I was approached at the self-worthy area numerous times. And this one time, i started to believe that it could be true! Since so many times people have been approaching me, i must be really up to it, right?! So i agreed to go to the agency office for a talk.

My first encounter was with 我-models international. They are not "我-models" but i don't wanna get into trouble so you go figure out. They might be a better agency now, since i just went to check their website, and under "Projects", they do have some decent folio to show. So i am not saying anything about them NOW, i am talking about what happened about 6 years ago.

This is where i spoke with a guy, let's just call him Mr A.

He seemed REALLY nice, composed and professional. So it goes.

First phase, lasted 15mins, throw compliments at me like mad, like it's all free.

"Your features are very sharp and defined, photographers love to shoot this kind of faces the most."

"Wow, you are very tall. That's great we can put you in runway shows."

"Many girls are pretty but they don't have the X-factor. But you're different, you have this charisma that people will take notice of."

"Hang on, let me show you which model you remind me of"


"Do you know her?"

I said no but i've seen her on various ads.

"Yes, she's my friend. I wanted to get her onboard but she ah, tsk, go and sign with another agency before that. But she's keen, she wants to join us but you know, all the contract problem and all, very complicated. But we're working it out."

"Anyway your style and charisma is like hers, very quiet, very cool. You have this edge on your face when you don't smile and just sits there. But when you smile, it gives you another image. Very healthy, clean and approachable. I call that commercial value. And you have that."

OH REALLY?  WHY AM I BLOGGING NOW EARNING MY BUCKS INSTEAD? Lololol!!! Why am i not modelling?! Why am i blogging shit about you now??? MR A!!! Why??? ANSWER ME! WHY AM I NOT ON COVER PAGE?!?!?! Photographers like my face, no?!?! Lolol!

Anyway, A spent the next 30 mins trying to get me to pay a down payment of minimum $100 for a $288 (the lowest) package. He finally gave up when i say i only have $11 cash with me and my bank has no money becox my pay hasn't come in yet.

So GUESS WHAT? He didn't let me go! Of course he cao bin (show smelly-face) me after i make that confession but NO, he didn't let me go. He ask me how much can i pay if that's the case.

?!?!?!??!?!??! So hard up! So i had no choice but to do my calculation.

I figured out of $11, i need $2 to get home, $3 to have a meal if i don't order iced-milo.
I'd still have $6.

And for $6, i got a slip of receipt that states a balance of $282 if i ever choose to go back for the $288 package.

And i never went back, not becox i didn't want to be a top model, but i was just too paiseh to go back becox the last time i left, there was no smile on A's face. It was just.. That LJ bin, no smile, no approachable feelings. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. Lol.

So couple of months down, there's this day i feel hopeful, again.

I was 'scouted' at Ochard Road MRT by Create Talent and they got lucky. I bought their compliments and went to the office, signed a $288 package even after all the pushing for higher value packages.

Same thing here, they might be doing better now. But I DON'T CARE, i'm talking about back then.

And included in the $288 package i was supposed to have pictures for a glamour look and a casual look. I was told to prepare for my own outfit for casual look becox they want to showcase my REAL personality better. And turn out, the glamour look was a bridal gown -.-"

Before makeup, i was asked if i wanna use this ampoule-like thing, say it's for my face to absorb the makeup better, if not i will look cakey and yellow on the pictures. So obviously, i said, yes. AND IT COST $35.

No choice right? I already spent $288, i don't wanna look like a jaundice patient on the loose!!! Who would have knew they so fucked up, don't know photoshop??? I know about photoshop when i was 19, use it when i was 20 going 21. But that's becox i am a outsider! They are supposed to be professional in this line, CANNOT HELP ME PHOTOSHOP MEH?!

During makeup, i realise the lady who sold me the package was also the photographer -.-

Finally, i was asked if i wanna put on fake eye lash if not i'd look asleep and 沒有精神 (no energy) in the pictures.

So i said yes! Why would i want pictures of me looking lethargic?!

$25 for a pair, ONE PAIR, ONE okay, O, N, E, ONE.
ONE FUCKING PAIR of eyelashes for $25!!! Top quality, she said.

So all in all, i paid $348 for these lovely pictures. I DIDN'T PHOTOSHOP ANYTHING EXCEPT pulling back the colour to what it look like on the printouts.

This is the casual wear i was wearing that day.
Nb the $25 eyelashes didn't make me look more awake leh?!?!?

Hi, i am 17, but i look like 37 and have pointy hip bones.

Okay this one nothing to complain about since.. I got megawatt smile like naturally lol.
But she could have at least liquify my face.

Hi! I am a overseas bride for sale! SHIP ME OVER!!! =DDD
Stupid photographer don't even have the decency to tidy up my hair line.

Wish i weren't there..

Look at my fingers! I had babyfats!

And Create Talent only called me once for casting, that's after 9 months or so after the photoshoot, say it's for a sports branding. I went. Obviously didn't get the job.

One year plus touching two years after the call for the sports branding, they called again. I was actually a bit disturbed why they still have my number, does it mean they still have my pictures? OH NO. Lol. So i told them to please strike me out of their list. And don't have to call me for casting like this even thou it's only ONCE IN A FUCKING BLUE moon they call.

Actually i'm writing this becox i've got too many emails/ fb msg from random girls asking about whether i think they can be models cox a certain agency approached them. And when i ask them, which agency is that? It's always "我" or "Create Talent".

If that's not bad enough, my own friends call / text me before to ask about both "我" and "create talent". Just one month plus ago my guy friend say he was approached by Create Talent. He told me what they offer him seems very promising, but it's $800 plus that he has to pay. And my sister's friend, a 40 over year old lady, was approached too. And she was asked to pay $400 plus to join their database of talents and do up a basic portfolio for TV series, TVC and printads etc.

"HAHA", I just summed it up.

I'd always tell random girls what i think of these agencies, since they asked. But i'd also tell them to think of it the logical way.

Do you see big players like Diva, Phantom, Looque, Mannequin, Avenue, Carries etc, DO YOU SEE THEM HUNTING YOU DOWN on the street?

No. They are managing their resources in air-conditioned rooms.
And their resources are models and jobs. NOT models' own money.

But for the rest who pound on you like vultures at the MRT station, their resources is your money, and that's about all.


I don't mean anything else but a question.

ARE YOU REALLY THAT GOOD? If yes, go do up your folio with TFCD (please find decent ones) and approach reputable agencies to join them. From there you will get jobs if you are, like you think, good. Then you can update your portfolio with actual printads and editorial spreads in magazines! ^.^ JIAYOU!

If you're not that confident/ good-looking, you can still try! I do think previous modeling experience helped me a great deal in being more confident today. I also believe in making things happen. If you want it enough, you might just have it =)) Like me! I never know what was in store for me when i started blogging, but it turned out good! ^.^

You can be anything, but who are you going to do it with, and how are you getting there?

Talking about believing that you can be anything if you put your heart to it, I just found something interesting. Create Talent also agrees that you can be anything! They even have a website to tell you not to believe in online rumours about them! It's call http://createtalentsscam.net/

I quote from that site "99% of whom we scouted had successfully received jobs and gained so much more"

I must be the sway-lao-sai 1% ='(


No offense, just speaking from a consumer's point of view. Since it's as if they are positioning themselves as a product for sale more than being an agency that's representing their talents/ models.

But anyway, if everyone can be top-models, who's gonna be the receptionist? Who's gonna serve us food? Who's gonna attend to the passenger in-flight? WHO, IS GOING TO STAND BESIDE CARS WEARING SKIMPY CLOTHES and POSE FOR UNCLES WITH DSLRs? Huh? These people are ALL, NOT models, but they are still making a living, and it's not by being a model, and it's fine. Hahaha!

And you know it, when you look like shit. You also know it if you look great. You don't need to be bought over by insincere compliments. Importantly, don't pay for it.

You are the best person to compliment yourself =D

CONFIDENCE is the best makeup, following by a great smile! And i just read Xiaxue's blog about her invisalign. I WANT TO SAVE $$ TO DO!!!

Oh and and, people who keep accusing you of being OVER-confident, don't give a shit to that. LOL. Becox i used to bitch about girls who're OBVIOUSLY OVER-confident. I'd be like "EEeeee. SHE THINK SHE VERY PRETTY?!" BAM! Retribution.

NOTE: All comments here (except my own) do not reflect my own opinion on the agencies of which i shared my experiences about, and i neither confirm or deny the suggestions for the names of the agency people have commented.

22 November 2010


Prom.. Sigh.. Brings back rather lousy memories. Whole night, just sit there, look like a loser who's never gonna make it in life. Really! Everyone else looked like a winner, to what i can remember. Especially the ones wearing big heavy long dresses. BUT REALLY, i still think they look bad. HAHAHA.

And i was the ONLY girl wearing pants. FUCK, MY, LIFE. I would expect at least Janice and Jocelyn to wear pants. And some other boyish girls in the other classes to wear pants also. NB ALL SO HIAO GO WEAR SKIRT or dress. Lolol!

Is your prom over yet? Please let go at prom okay. You don't wanna end up like me. Go there to be envious at people who know how to have fun.

Another thing i remember at prom was wanting to be nominated up the stage for the Prom Queen title =( I mean, why didn't anybody gave me credit for being special?


All of you, teachers, schoolmates, classmates, ALL, all of you are the cause of why i'm so loserish today. I sit home all day, refreshing my twitter, gmail and facebook, just like a loser. HAHA.

So anyway. Budget Barbie ep 8 is for PROM! ^.^ You have no idea how particular i was about it! I had to think, feel and see like a 16 yro. I even did my research on Twitter! I asked what do the girls look out for when they were 16, shopping for prom.

I think to myself, it's like a bitch on heat. HAHAHA.

And somehow, these are the things i picked out, for giveaway this ep!

This pink bag with a..

Shimmery side that i don't fancy.

EVERYTHING in this set

And 3 pcs of hair accessories for a more dramatic look.

And i even gave tips on how to be.. Noticed at prom. HAHA.

If that's not enough, Milly's gonna sponsor a prom nail and hairdo for the winner!
WTF?????? SO NICE!

And you get to see me at 16, in the video.
My shawl, pants and shoes were all borrowed =(
But now i have more clothes than prom queen can ever have! =D


21 November 2010

We could use a little help here..

I don't know what are the repercussions of asking a favour here or if there's gonna be any.

I just want to find MooMoo a good home.

MooMoo loves to be around people he's gotten used to..

 Ultimate responsible dog.

MooMoo is my sister's doggie. But very unfortunately, she can't keep him anymore. And i probably shouldn't say this.. But if i could make a choice, i would choose the dog over the human who's trying to make things difficult. I've never share anything like this on my blog ever before.. But i'm on rather lousy terms with my mum, and so is every one else in the family. But it's just a matter of how much we DO NOT care enough to get out of this happening. Until the day she's gone.

I'm not a 14 yro whining about family problems. It's not about family problems, i'm beyond that. Took it as.. Everyone's responsible for their own happiness, own lives.. Now it's about finding MooMoo a good home. A home that can accept him, and love him. We could have been that home, if not for her. And MooMoo can't make his own choice. We have to arrange a better place for him.

Everyone in the house loves MooMoo. He's a darling. And every time he sees me, he'd whine like "Quick come in! I wanna play bite bite. Come in!" and i'd be standing outside holding out a BIG bag of treats. And then he'd whine even harder. Haha. He knows! He knows exactly who's nice to him and who's doesn't like him. And he knows who can play REALLY rough with him. Me! =')

He's a lot more gentle to my sister than me. Becox i'm always prying his jaws open and neck-biting him with my fingers-jaw and pinning him on the floor. Then he'd pretend like he's giving up, until i let go, he'd jump up and try to pound on me! He's a big playful puppy! 7 months old.. Drank a lot of goat's milk when he's young. Heh.

Omg, i gotta stop typing everything that comes to me, when i think of MooMoo. It's gonna be sad but MooMoo's adoption should be a happy thing. Becox he will stay in a more suitable place and have a family where everyone can accept him.

I'm spreading this link becox they are helping people put up their pets (cats, dogs, rabbit, hamster, all inclusive) for adoption at NO CHARGE. These are nice people. I'm only doing a small effort compared to the big idea they are pushing..


If you haven't know of the vicious cycle from the puppy mill to the pet shop to your house..

Doggies in puppy mills.

They give birth over and over again, in this much of space with minimal food. And they keep doing it for their whole life until they fall sick/ old, they might be sold for a dirt-low price.. Or worst.. Be fed to the other dogs as food.

And we pay money for their puppies.

After reading case after case of puppy mill horror, i can't help but to feel that those dogs are suffering, and we're the cause of it. Even i am guilty for feeling "Omg i can keep another doggy!" when i visit the pet shop at Vivo where all the puppies are fluffy, clean and cute.. Now i have to think of their parents.

Help me spread a word for MooMoo's adoption, and visit The Rehomer's website.

Even if your friends/ family/ relatives can't adopt MooMoo, they can adopt and help another pet.

MooMoo's adoption details here.

19 November 2010


After the boob job i haven't worn anything that requires me to lift up my arms all the way. I just don't wanna work it too much. So i've been wearing button-on shirts / cardi. And the first day i head out after the op, i wore something from TheBlogShop! So yeah, i'm one of their sponsored-girls now and they're also one of my outfit sponsors =D Which girl don't like more clothes!!!


KayKay, the one in Black with pink polka dots.
Me, the one in blue and white.

And when i go pick up outfits from TheBlogShop, KayKay was also there! Okay not like it was a surprise, we realised on Twitter that both of us were heading there, on the same day. Twitter is my favourite son now - I REALLY LOVE IT! ^.^

Must grab picture don't care how i look like that day. Okay, to be honest with myself, i look like this any other day. It's just i have to say "that day" so that you know.. If anybody think, "Wah, she look damn bad beside KK", at least i have some justification for myself. But now that i come clean, i have no more cards.

TheBlogShop ATTRACTION is, TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS!!! Like ten thousands styles! I walked in and i ask myself, Who Do I Want To Be in Life? Fucking big question! But i just have to ask! Becox i head there telling myself, i'm about to have boobs, so i wanna pick all my clothes to be slutty and cute at the same time. But when i hit the shop, I WANNA BE EVERYTHING!

I can be a girl who wears maxi dress with a skinny belt and look stylish.
I can be the lady who dress up in a casual drape dress with a strong cardigan.
I can be the girl next door, with a cute heart-prints top and a high-waist pants.
I can be a glamorous lass with that flowy satin dress.

OMFG don't say already, i'm excited for my next trip back to TheBlogShop like NOW!!!

You all must have heard of them right?! If not, briefly, TheBlogShop carries A LOT of big blogshop names. Yes, all the best in one place for your convenience! And they design their own outfits too! Heard it's done by the talented Lao Ban Niang herself. You just need to know that if you're looking for WIDE range of styles at AFFORDABLE prices, you gotta go visit TheBlogShop. They carry outfits, bags and plenty of belts to go with!

This is the leopard prints cardi from The Blogshop that i wore on my first day out, WITH BOOBS! Lolol! Comfy and easy-matching!

You may find them at following places!
- 35 Haji Lane 63966170
- #03-93 Far East Plaza 68874956
- City Plaza #03-130 (only on Friday, Sat)

I don't have to blog about this one hor. I just REALLY like everything there and the people there are friendly and nice, so i'm blogging about this becox i want to share *beam noble smile* Haha!

 Lovema Cardi! ^.^ from TheBlogShop!

And my cute candy pink bag is from Milly Walker =D

Thank you TheBlogShop!

More pictures.. Of my (no suitable adjective found) friends.

So this is set two! Actually there's a set three. But i'm not sure if i could show you guys that. I'd explain why later. Haha.

Same five girls, different looks EXCEPT Gen -.-"
Hahaha! Remember? "I don't care, i'm eating my cookies. Nope! Not gonna change my wig!"

Us munching on our cookies! Sophie one very poor thing, got no sparklies one.
Cox her lolli wasn't facing the sun. So i photoshopped some sparkles for her. HAHA.

Xtine's last shot before she leave us =((

Everyone acts SEXY. When the theme was cute.
See, Sophie is dressed up cute, but becox of the other two!!!She look like she's forced to be sexy.

I didn't remove Geck's stripe becox i thought it goes with the sexiness. Haha!
And Sophie still doesn't look sexy enough to be in one shot with the other two.
And it's really not her fault. It was meant to be cute!!!

Okay but if she sticks tongue, job done. Lol. Everyone's heading for the SEXY look.

Ultimate hiaoness.. Geck Geck.

The rodents..

Gen and i before she decides to let her blonde look go..

The Polka girls =( I feel so left out. Kidding!
By then i already damn cui with my hair down and all so i didn't join them.

I photoshopped Soph's brow. Below is how she looks originally.

Which one nicer!

I LIKE THIS a lot!

All four of us without Xtine =((
This one was taken individually, i thought it'd be funny.
Err.. No? Okay.

And if you're wondering, where's my sexy picture? NO I DON'T HAVE. Sexy theme was supposed to be our next shoot! Becox i calculated that i'd have boobs by then! Also i must remember to force-feed Gen and Geck some sedative before the sexy-theme shoot. You know, just in case they bring the sexy theme up another level of sexiness. Like how they can make cute upped level to sexy. If Sexy is to be upped level, i think they'd give me porn. NO NO NO. Haha!

So anyway, i have no sexy picture, but i have a ultimate cute picture of myself..

You want it? Come get it! Lol.



. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . .

. .

THIS SHIT, is set three. HAHA.

And this is also why i might not be able to show you set three. HAHAHA. I don't know if the girls want to stay single for the rest of their lives, so let's see how they get back to me on whether or not i can put up theirs. LOLOL!!!


17 November 2010

Saving my face..

If you think this is me..
Watery eyes, fair skin..
You're wrong..

If you haven't seen the world's grossest face, you gotta find me here.
Be warned it's gross. Pus, inflammation and more pus on my face.

I also mentioned that it's gonna be taken care of by Adonis.

May the dark days begone! =D


I don't care how some of you might have certain perception for this branding, i'm going for whatever works for me! And being around for 30 years and still going strong, this speaks a lot about Adonis ^.^ And i'm so goddamn happy that they're helping me to regain the "BEAUTY OF MY FACE". Lolol! Don't puke, it's true! I think if i have clear complexion, no dark eye rings, no cracking lips, i'm actually quite alright! =D

I give myself a honest 6.3/10 and a confident 7.2/10 IF i have clear skin! So if i want to be a 7.2 without makeup on the chart of HOTNESS, i have to do something to my skin! Hahahaha!!!

But my face is as such, i give myself like a 2.8? =((
I look like i'm dirty and smelly.. ='( AND, unhealthy..

But NOW!!! I have ADONIS!

Photobucket The lighting makes the scarring and flaws on my face look a lot less obvious.
I'm with Audrey, outlet manager and my skin-consultant!
 See how tight i'm holding her shoulder? LOL. It says
"Aud, all my hopes are in your hands now, 我靠臉吃飯的"
LOLOL!!! No lah, i wasn't threatening her, i swear.

So it's all happening now.. From this room!

Photobucket I can imagine the thoughts running in Audrey's mind
"Let me see this.... Oh, wow. Oh.. Oh no, oh my god. HOLY SHIT."

BUT NO LEH! I ask Aud and she say there are worst cases, but they are professional enough to see solutions when they recognised the problem. So i'm glad i'm not being judged here! Lol. If i am a consultant and i see a girl with a face condition like mine, thoughts that'd run through my head will be..

"Walao eh.. She got wash face one not?"
"I bet her pillow case never wash for 3 years lor.."
"Omg, where's my hand sanitiser.."
"Shit, i think i touched the pus part"
"Damn it, can't sleep well tonight already lor. Thought Halloween over liao?!"

Okay, so i conclude, i better just stay as as blogger instead of commenting on people's skin. Hahaha!

Photobucket Let's see my face in about 100000000 times bigger. Haha!

 This is healthy skin, but it's not on my face, it's somewhere on my arms.
You see a lot of firm, neat triangles.

Now let's see the areas on my forehead and near brows.

I don't care. HAHAHA.

It's gonna serve as a reminder to myself..

To never ever ever ever let my skin become like this again.

So here we go..






Oily yet dehydrated.
Pus-sy and inflamed.
3D with holes.
WOW! That's a great combi! To become a freak!

Let's see the sides..

Sorry it isn't clear on my camera but i guarantee you, you won't like a clear picture anyway.

Hi, my nose. You bloody idiot. Shape kns, never mind.
Always grow pisai, never mind, i enjoy digging.
I hate my nose even more now.

So after looking at the skin UPCLOSEANDBIG, Audrey is explaining to me a few factors contributing to my face condition.


Lololol!!! That's not what Audrey says. That's what i say!

Becox Audrey say it's the lack of rest, diet, hygiene and perhaps also stress.

Becox i blog and surf the web too much (For who?! You all! LOL), i lack rest and thus when i'm awake at odd hours like 1pm, it's lunch time and it's too crowded to go eat outside so i eat whatever food i can find at home and it's always junk food and becox after eating junk food i sometimes (it's really all the time) forget to wash my hands and continue using the comp and then i might touch my face with it and then my face will gradually degenerate to this state. And when it has pimples, i don't dare to apply anything on it. And with  all that, i get stressed and when i get stressed, all the more i can't sleep, need more junk food and thus have dirtier hands. LIFE IS A BITCH, A VICIOUS CYCLE.

Haha. So point is, Audrey say the problem lies with me, i say it's you all =DDD
Hahaha! It's so 7-11 like that! =D Convenient, geddit?!

Audrey pointing out the parts that needs dedicated treatment..
It's almost my whole face -.-"


The room, bed, lighting and background music along with the soothing treatment after treatment done so gently by my beautician can put me to sleep in a snap.

When i wake up, i'm gonna be on my way to be a natural 7.2/10
Hahaha! ^.^

According to what your skin type is, it will be treated differently with various methods.

Mine in summary was deep cleansing, extraction (Although this part might be torturous to some of you, but think of it this way, you HAVE to do this! This is the part that makes me feel best cox i know dirt and pus and millia seeds are being removed!), moisturising, hydrating, eye area regenerating and in each process, there could be a few steps. So spending 1.5 - 2 hours just removing the undesire, soothing the traumatised, and treating the whole face with goodness, was REALLY shiok.

Okay i lied, i don't know if it was shiok or not, i fell asleep and only wake up time-to-time to check out what's happening. HAHAHA.

And after the treatments, there's a 'zen area' for you to chill and relax! Adonis have choices of a few all-natural flower/ herbal tea for you to soothe your mood and detox your body.

I never ever drink tea / coffee becox caffeine does REALLY bad things to me so i thank god these are caffeine-free! ^.^ Talk about everything going smooth, things like that i take into account. Haha. What, you don't know one lor, if i sway, everything small little things also won't go my way.


I want everything! Energy, detox and anti-flush!

And while i slowly, zen-ly, relaxingly sips my tea..

Yuki (my beautician) gently-gently explain to me some of the products that i'd be given to do home-maintenance. But both the products are once a week affair. So we'd talk about that.

With friendly and helpful staff at ADONIS, i know i'd be well-taken care of!

Thank you Adonis! Thank you Daphne! =D
Thank you Audrey and Yuki!
Thank you Qiuting! For being a decent blogger! Hahaha!

You want to see the results right?!

HERE! I very gut-lak lor! Everyday take one set of pictures!

Day one, in the night after treatment.
Temporary marks are expected becox impurities blocking my pores BIG TIME are being expelled.

Day 2, 3 and 4 were just waiting for the marks to go off and letting the traumatised area rest and recover! And i've been religiously using skincare product once in the day when i wake up and once in the night time before i sleep =D Actually i have pictures of my face EVERYDAY. But the difference is really not significant for you to see on picture day-to-day.

Day five! Sorry this one happen to have some sunblock on it!
Woohoo!!! I can see it happening anyway!

Now my face is a lot fairer becox on the 5th day i couldn't help it, i used the soft-peeling gel! When i'm supposed to use it once a week. I just wanna let the marks fade faster and the dead skin to be rubbed off! Hehe.

Simple steps to how the soft-peeling gel works!
Note that my complexion is not photoshopped and i only have eye-makeup on.

Have a suitable amount of the soft-peeling gel on your finger(s)

Start to massage around with it until you feel that the hydro is slowly turning dry..

And if you see these, don't freak out!

 Here! The SOFT-PEELING GEL from Adonis!
Help you massage dead skin cells away in a jiff! I think it works for me in a way it softens the dead skin cell slowly when i first started the massage, and then continual massage removes the dead skin cell. And in it is also essence that promotes cell renewal and prepares my skin to receive nutrients from moisturiser effectively becox now, there's no more sipi (dead skin cell) blocking my face! ^.^

You can get hold of a bottle from HERE!
Or visit any Adonis outlets to have your hands on one, or even easier, simply head down for Adonis roadshow to purchase the peeling gel!
22-26 Nov @ Raffles Xchange
Raffles MRT

Up to date (two weeks since visit) without makeup!
And only removed a little bit of my dark eye rings! =D

The next time you see a bare face of me, i got a good feeling that it won't be puke-inducing =D

Thank you again, Adonis! ^.^

You help teenage girls (just-puked) like me to battle our skin problems!
Haha, no lah, any age group, Adonis can help you.

Although i know it'd take a while more to clear all the marks, but from THIS to now, you must give us a pat on our shoulders already =D

I'm becoming more.. CHIO IN ALL WAYS! And a lot of effort is put in. From me and the people building me. Thank you =)

Thank you, readers.