31 July 2015

Hello Kitty Pop Town Room @ Keio Plaza Hotel

Hello! Here to share about my stay at the Hello Kitty Pop Town room at Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo)!

My other post for Keio Plaza Hello Kitty Princess room is HERE =D

The next day i check out of the Hello Kitty Princess room to go for a afternoon tea break at Duet Art Lounge within Keio Plaza Hotel!

OOTD. Skirt from Lzzie and cute socks from rosebullet.
This place is sooooo cozy and relaxing! Makes you wanna spend the day away just basking in its comfortable ambience and relaxing background music.. Over a cup of drink and some sweets..

Hello Kitty room guests special~ =DDD
It doesn't just look good for pictures!!! It's also very very tasty =D
With lots real strawberry bits in it *slurps* Smells wonderful also!!! OMG WANT IT AGAIN!!!
The tea sets we had!
This mocha really steals the show. I love mochi of all sort but i've never tasted something like this before!!! The outer layer is like.. WATER. More like dew drops cox it's subtly sweet! And so dewy and watery it feels like.. Sweet raindrop =OOOO So poetic, this mocha omg. With the strawberry paste inside.. Which taste so good omg.. Together it melts away in my mouth and i love love love it.. T.T
Special dessert item during the time i'm there. Mt Fuji dessert with sweetest white peach!!!
And cotton candy that looks like the clouds above Fujisan!
Camho is a must haha.
After my tea break.. I got checked in to Hello Kitty Pop Town room =DDDDDD IT IS SO CUTE!!!!!
You can go study the wall!!! It's very very interesting one! Got burger shop, got carousel, got amusement park all! =DDD
Even the carpet is chio omg. And please look at the humongous Kitty chan sitting there like that not knowing she's super cute haha.
Omg even the drawers are cuteeeee!!!! =OOO I love this room!!!!!!
In fact i think i love it even more than the Princess room haha! =X
Omg see!!!!!! The carpet is the cutest!!!
So cute i gotta lie on it for pictures haha.
I love you Kitty Kitty KITTY!!!!!! =DDD
Big hug~
❤ ❤ ❤
Miyabi and i and Kitty chan haha.
This shot of Miyabi and i very cute haha.
I feel like i'm in a Hello Kitty doll house!
Lotsa cute pictures on the wall =D
Looking at the whole picture haha. This is what's going on in the Hello Kitty Pop Town room!
Mirror selfie~
Sorry this is the problem when the room is very nice and has nice lighting plus nice mirror for selfie lol!
Last one before we head out haha!
Shopping at Loft and Miyabi might as well show me the highly-raved hot-cleansing gel from MaNara that is selling like hotcake omg. Share more about it in a bit!
Went pass a Sanrio shop at Ginza!!!!!! =DDD
Chu mi Kitty =D
Yup, i definitely suddenly need small-ass cotton bud container HAHA!
Bought these cute wet wipes box dispenser! It's about $6 ish Singapore dollars only!!!! But i'm totally paying for the box be cox the wet wipes inside is =X So i put my Biolane wet wipes inside =DDD
Going a little crazy shopping =DDD By the way the Hello Kitty can i am holding in my hand, is a can of bread. Yup, welcome to Japan! =DDD
Suddenly i can't count and i think i need TWO calculators to help me!!! Sorry only manage to sneak a picture of the Little Twin Stars forgot to take picture of he My Melody one! But you can see a bit of it!
Later Tokyo Luxey bring me for baby clothes shopping and omgggg I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! This is me at Anna Sui mini =DDD I also got some MiKi House for Yuxuan and a few other i can't remember!
Just decided to spend all my money on kids stuff haha!
Saw this maNara Hot Cleansing Gel again at the mall and had to try it cox i heard it's really very very good! It can remove your blackheads / whiteheads and gradually minimize your pores!!! So good it's been cosme Number 1 for a long time!
Thank you Tokyo Luxey for introducing this to me! I tried it when i got back to Singapore and it feels sooooo good on the skin! Warm warm one! And then after you rinse it off, your skin feels so refreshed and clean. And it feels hydrated at the same time!
Trying it on my hand for the first time haha. Feels nice anywhere! Cox once there's skin contact, it warms up to a comfortable temperature for our pores to open up slightly to remove the dirt that's clogging it.
Tea time with the founder of maNara. She's so nice and charming omg =OOO And you totally can't tell her real age!!! I aspire to grow like her!!! So full of confidence and grace and even though she founded a successful company she's still so nice and warm to everyone! T__T
This is her, and these are her values and persistency for producing only good, safe and effective products for ladies.

There's a very touching story behind maNara, you may read more about it on Cheesie's blogpost about maNara! Really very very meaningful one! Especially now that i'm a mother, i value her courage and determination to do something right, something good, something to help make women's lives better!

With the founder of maNara, Yumiko san =O How is it possible i photoshop myself to death in this picture and did ZERO photoshop on her and yet she looks so much better and so graceful and radiant omg. Hahaha. I need to reflect.
Healthy skin is dependent on how well you cleanse your skin. Over cleanse it and you'd get dry skin. Don't clean it properly you'd clog them and that will cause pimples / blackheads / enlarged pores etc..

So try out the perfect cleansing solution now please~ You'd be thankful for Yumiko san for ever going through all the struggles she did at work, to push her to get out on her own to create something so effective for all ladies!

But very sad ah, it's not sold in Singapore yet but if you know anyone in Japan they can help you get from these locations in Japan! PlazaLoftHandsIdaryogokudo retail storesShop-In RosemaryShandoerubuCosme store

And if you have friends in Taiwan, they can also buy from the maNara Taiwan EC site that maNara recently launched =D Follow maNara on Facebook to find out more details and hopefully updates on when we can buy it here in Singapore T.T

Back at Kagari @ Keio Plaza Hotel for dinner =D 
This is where we choose what fish we want and how we wanna have it cooked. Don't worry if you don't know anything about fish cox the chef gives pretty good introduction and recommendations!
Appertizers cannot get more fanciful than this haha.
OMG GLORIOUS SEA SIDE TOMATO I FINALLY TASTE YOU AGAIN~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might think i am crazy to be so crazy about tomato but this is no ordinary tomato!!!!!!!! THIS IS JAPAN TOMATO!!!!!!! =OOOOO I tried it once in a fine dining Japanese restaurant in Singapore and it cost like $15 PER tomato!!! And it was sooooo good!!! It's mildly sweet but at the same time taste like sea salt T______T So good. I ask back then why is it so expensive and so yummy, i was told (but not sure how true) that it's cox the tomatoes are grown near the shore O.O True or not ah haha!
Since then each time i visit Japan, i'd go to their supermarket in hope to find the same thing for a cheaper price HAHA but always mission fail cox their supermarket got like 10 kinds of tomatoes maybe haha! So I'm very very very happy i get to try it again and it's SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!
Happy me and Miyabi at dinner =D
Selfie is a must.
Simple egg dish made so yumsie!
The tempura omg. THE TEMPURA OMG!!!! The batter is light and crispy untillllll~!!!!!
Dark vinegar crispy chicken =OOO YUMMEH!!
I don't take raw food but Miyabi say it's SO GOOD hahaha! She say it's the best cox she don't usually like red fish but this one is too good to miss haha!
Fish the chef chose for us! It's braised and it's SOOOOOO SOFT AND TENDER AND SMOOTH!!!! Yes smooth!!! Smooth fish meat =OO
Salad with some kind of citrusy jelly! Very appetizing and refreshing!
Grilled fish from the set menu!
My charred onigiri in broth =D
And only the BEST kind of fruit in Japan for dessert!!! I WANNA DIE THE MELON IS SO SWEEEEEEET!!!!!! I WANT IT NOWWWWW!!!
With majorly sweet watermelon, melon and grape mini platter. How ah, i think i wanna shift to Japan be cox their fruits are too crazily. naturally good haha.
Some of the more serious, traditional meeting and dining room at Kagari haha.
How serious also cannot stop me from camhoing with it haha.
At the lobby of Keio Plaza Hotel. Wearing dress from Gutsy Glam!
Iron a bit will be nicer, i know. Haha.
All these cute beauty and makeup products from Bella Quirks =)
The lipstick they sent me was really quite a lovely shade!!!
All the freebies and souvenirs from the room that i decided to take home hahahah!
In the night time then only i realize this beside light by my bed. So cute for!

You know what they say after a nice story..?

Good night.. Sleep tight.. Don't let the bed bugs bite =D

To book the Hello Kitty rooms from Keio Plaza Hotel, visit THIS PAGE.

Like Keio Plaza on Facebook for updates of their new monthly promotion ^.^

I'm really sleepy omg. It's 3am now i gotta wake up in the morning for our last day of filming in Bangkok. Okay bye bye!