20 January 2009


Weeks ago i brought the kids to the swimming pool. It didn't read "I went swimming with the kids" so that means i actually sat there with NiaoNiao like Filipino maids looking after the belongings.

Naomi Ling in a not so glam position.

Casper Ng with the water ball covering his bulging tummy.

And Cyrus Ng looking totally handsome, like a real Singapore swimmer representative. Don't you think, our swimmers are are all very handsome, even the girls are handsome!

Beach Ball Babe WANNABE. Lol.

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Attended Naomi's graduation ceremony even way longer before. Most of the kids are really cute. So yes, there are kids who are NOT cute. Okay. Please don't pretend to be a saint and say "No lah.. All kids are cute". And i will tell you more about it maybe in another post.

Naomi is second from the left, in blue.

And the girls are all so lovely! Like the way they groove to the music, it's really amusing.

The proud little girl =))

Toot toot.

It's gonna be CNY soon! I have two bags of clothings waiting to prove it's worth to me! Hahaha.. Happiness! Remember to drink a lot of water cox i know we will sure eat whole lots of junk food!


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