01 March 2009

A letter to God.. (no stamp affix)

Dear God,

My friends told me about it and even thou it hurts me.. I still go in and see what people are talking about.

I had many thoughts about the things people say and i also have many questions. I feel so confused. So lost..

Can anyone answer my doubt?

God.. Help me.

And answer this..


And CC is not Community Centre.
This CC sure got more BAT POR than Community Centres thou.

Actually you know what, God, you don't need to help me anymore. Cox on a second thought, those people need your help more desperately than i do. I mean.. They got no life one meh?!

I should totally just stop going through what they wrote even though i know they spent quite a bit of effort trying to be HOT and HUMOUROUS in the forum. Just like the way they critisize me for trying to be pretty in my blog. Crow calling the Batman black (hahahahaha.. I just thought of it for an instant. So funny right).

And whoever post my ta-glam pictures up there, you should have totally stayed a sperm.

Oh and hypocrites who can say "HATE PEOPLE WHO JUDGE OTHERS BASE ON LOOKS", do you know that you just guck yourself in the ass with a samurai sword. Go through what you have been saying and agreeing with. You are one of those people you thought you didn't like.

Some people like you try to lead a upright life and fail.
Some people like me.. Are quite adorable *shrugs*

Face it, we have different eyes for beauty. I look into the mirror everyday and sometimes i even have to shake my head and feel weird all becox i don't understand, why am i so pretty. Serious, i do that. I am not saying you can't say i am not pretty. Of course you can. But don't need to do personal attacks, right?

You got see me despising you for being not pretty enough to show off your pictures and end up flaming other people's picture in forums?

No right?


Yay. So i am a better person as a whole.
(concluding cox i whined enough)


P/S: I know you came in for this.

See, i got you all worked up. Still say don't like me?

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