07 August 2009


Hello i am busy with a good reason. I know i am always saying i am busy but actually, i really am. I am so busy cox i am a very lazy person and for every 1 hour i work, i gotta rest 1 - 2 hours. Hehe.

Anyway, whoever's staying in Punggol, we're gonna be neighbours soon! ^.^

Any Pasar Malam there? Or any good food there?

Don't have never mind, I WILL FIND IT! =D

I Love my dogs.

Agent Q

BY THE WAY, whatever happened to SgBlogAward?! I TOTALLY LOST ALREADY?!?!

1 comment:

krisandro said...

Judges are deciding on the remainder of the scores to decide the eventual winners I think.

Wait for someone to contact you or wait for the final award ceremony.