18 December 2009

You want a peice of me too?!

But i don't actually think i have time for everyone who tries to ask me out anymore. Because *serious frown* I want some time to think. Think about things.. You know, very important thing to do. Hehe..

Amelia from FashionLunchBox came over a few days ago and she got like Famous Amos cookies, Famous Amos Lolli Cookie, then the next few day KOREA Strawberries and T16 Ferrero Rocher!!! You guys who ever sent me T3 Ferrero, can just go kill yourself hor, please. You are not my bestfriends anymore. LOL!!!

貪吃鬼是這樣的啦! Understandable right?!

Okay now i have a few days before the adverts start flowing in again!!!

Please just take note of my Xmas wish list okay!!!

* I wish for World Peace (Bluffing, totally)

* I wish for lesser photographer who takes crap pictures (FOR REAL!!!)
Can those Ji Gohs use the money they spend on cameras on more constructive stuff instead, like Salvation Army maybe? Dont need to donate their money to Salvation Army. JUST PASS THEIR CAMERA AWAY, FOR ALL MANKIND SAKE. Or at least shoot better looking girls, or or or, AT THE VERY LEAST, pick up photoshop, can? 這都是為你好啊~

This wish was spontaneous and out of my deepest feelings at the moment. Cox i was checking on an acquaintance pictures so i browsed on with the thought of having a good laugh and then i saw this girl in some "Let's get Dirty" thread in Clubsnap. I feel so bad for the girl. She's a pretty face and has hot bod but all i could think of by looking at the picture is..
"Somebody get her a tampon, please?"
"No, no pad, she's in bikini, duh?"

All these lines kept running through my mind.
WHO'S FAULT?!?! Obviously?!

* I wish for everyone around me to be happy with their life
You guys can try to fulfil this one okay?! ^.^

* I wish i can have just enough money... But let me define what is JUST ENOUGH!

Share with you a bit more since you hardly catch me talking so much. I mean, SO TEXTFUL right this post!!! =DDD HAPPY NOT?!??! Okay okay, back to what i think is enough.

- Enough to buy my dad anything he likes, cox he don't really ask for anything, i wanna be able to pay for anything he'd ever ask for.
- Enough is to be able to pay for any thing i NEED.
- Enough is have abit(vague) extra after paying for everything that needs to be paid for.

* I wish to earn a trip to Bangkok

* I wish that everyday i wake up, i have so much food in my fridge, i'd feel happy the whole day

* I wish for birdnest and wigs still!!! *CLICK*

* I wish that people who aren't meant to be in my life, because i don't mean a thing to them, and VERY OBVIOUS i don't really care about them too, will just leave me alone for good

* I still wish that i will be able to buy myself a pair of boobs before i turn 25. Silicon or saline, not confirmed. But i wish i have enough money to choose the better one, and to pump it to the size i want til then. LOL. AND AND AND!!! Nipple enlargement fees counted in too!!!

I know i have so many wishes!!! Cox in case you make one, or two and it all doesn't come true, might as well make more wished right?! At least one will come true i think?!?!?! I HOPE!!!

My menses coming soon okay? STOP BUGGING ME!!!
YOU've been warned.



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