06 February 2010

My handphone hates me.

But i don't care. Everyday i will bling some shit on it. LOL. Not like it's been working very diligently. Sometimes i want to on the camera mode and it just refuses to budge. And then it cause me to miss THE moment. Many moment. So for revenge, i am going to add orange bling on it. WHAHAHHA. Fugly orange bling, why do manufacturers even make them. Who the heck will use them?! So.. Other race..

Pictures later after i shower. That's a good time to dry my hair naturally and keep you guys entertained.

P/S: If i don't post again later, it means i went to bed with my hair dripping wet, like i do 8 out of 10 times =DDD Pretty girls can be lazy ^.^

P/P/S: Is it Friday night?! OMG. I GOT NO LIFE!!!!!!!! In fact, i just came back from Pineapple Tart lesson at the community centre with Gem!!! I AM SO NOT COOL!!!

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