08 March 2010

Tiki is a gross P.O.S as of now

When i saw this. I was furious.
Mainly becox it's so intriguing that i had to spend 70cents buying a set of newspaper after the last Wanbao that i bought, that was about 1.5 years ago.

And you know what's most puzzling? I haven't even read the article, just by looking at the mistress picture, i'm like, "HUH?! This one?! Wa lao check out the eyebrow!!! Aiyo.. Poor Jack, he look really cham lah"

So anyway, before we get into the contradicting stories she tells the press and all, i just want to ask you all. Does she look like a mixture of..




HuGua's face shape and eyes, then Ruhua's eyebrow and eye makeup. Okay this is nothing like a personal attack okay? It was just a very stright forward question.

Today she made the cover again, same unappealing face, same shameless stuff she shares with the reporter. By now i am wondering why her smile look so stuffed with rotten vegatables stuck at the front of her teeth. So being very interested again, i hate myself for spending another 70cents =(((

Then i saw this. Okay.
In hokkien, you call that Ti Ki. It means to be very stubborn. So i am just going to call her Tiki. Becox i am so grossed out by her actions of Kiss and Tell that i cannot allow my self to name her as Wendy becox that's Xiaxue's name too and i love Xiaxue and i totally do not love Tiki. Okay you get my point.

I didn't want to bloglash her even thou i was really appalled by what she said on the interview with newspaper yesterday. BUT, today, she actually was gross enough to claim things like..

First highlight was what she claim, that she tried to break up with Jack 30 times!!! (SIAO BO?! IF SHE HAD REALLY WANTED TO BREAK UP AT ANY OF THOSE 30 TIMES, WHY THE HELL SHE NEED TO SEE THE WIFE NOW?!
Second highlight obviously meant that the guy decided to spend more time with the family, she got pissed, that's when she start to go bonkers and ask for more more more. So she probably stated breakups ALONG with threats. See below, this lady here actually shows her bb to the reporters, desperate to show the world how desperate she is.

Only psycho will send msges repeatedly even when there's no reply. It's like only psycho will keep calling and calling and calling when people don't pick up. People don't pick up YOUR call for several reasons.

1) They are not with their phone. If you call 2 - 3 times, they will get the idea that you want them to call back. If they don't, then you are not that important to them. Move on.

2) They are really busy, 2 - 3 missed call from YOU when they finally get to check their phone is really good enough.

3) They are determined to ignore you. You can only wish to turn back time, and find out who's inventing caller ID and see if you can plan something massive to kill that fella.

In any scenario, there is NO NEED at all to call somebody more than 5 times if he/she is not picking up.

So.. You see those msges from herself to Jack? It's like she's kicking her back legs and preparing to zing off like a wild bull already. In layman term, you can call that "Going to Ki Siao"

What she didn't scroll down for people to see, could be this part, following her..

"Dardar you promised will answer calls and reply pin.. Why you do this again? Call also no answer.................. If you don't pick up again, i want to break up with you. Take this as the 31st time i am breaking up with you. You will regret it. I don't know what i will do"

1st highlight: Hello, erm.. Simply put, i just think you're lying
2nd highlight: Oh, and you prefer a then 48 year old then the two other guys becox the 48yro is more charming becox he film movies in Singapore.. No?
3rd highlight: Okay, you don't get it when he said those words right? I think it meant..


Yah, that's just what i think, you may not necessarily have to agree =D

So in short, after the first day of the negative news, she realise she finally got the attention but it's too negative becox everyone is not just flaming Jack, also flaming her rather badly!!!

"Opps! How can i ever be famous like this! Sigh. I shouldn't have asked the reporters to come"

So today she tries to tell the whole world it's Jack who won't let her go even thou she tried to break it off 30 times with him.


You cannot imagine losing him, if not you will kill yourself or let his wife know everything, right? *rolleyes*
This trick doesn't get old.

Teach you one way to REALLY breakup with someone, don't need to go all the way and wait for him at his house in Pasir Ris, don't even need to DEMAND to see his wife, you just have to slap yourself up, and then ignore his calls. If you have to stay in touch for work, then you just have to slap yourself more times to stay awake with a clear head. Anyway, your face is already swollen-looking, a few more slaps won't make it any worse =))

So who's not letting who go, huh?!

You think that's all? No.. This part's the MOST gross.

You already did, since 2 years ago, stupid P.O.S.
And erm, sorry, but you still sound fake.
And the family don't care about how you might hurt them, you can't. Only their dad could. So don't pretend like you can and you wouldn't.

Well what i think is she should let Jack go, and then find herself someone her league. Like..

This is then her league.
Oooo, love the eyebrow.

Lastly, Tiki, do not send your kids to neighborhood schools in Punggol.. I think i will be sending my little prince and princess there. And i will make copies of your newspaper cutting and laminate them and then pass them to my children on their first day of school.

I'd give this picture to my kids and say, look out for this kid in your school.
If you see kids who look like this, pass this article to him/her.

MyPrincessGirl: But mummy, who's this? Looks like bad.

Me: Kid of a really bad step-mother

MyPrinceBoy: Mummy you kiding?! There're 20 copies of these old newpaper cutting!!!

Me: Yeah boy, if you spot the kid, you ask if this girl in the picture is his mum, if he says yes, you bring the rest of the 19 copies to his classmates okay? Good boy.

MyPrincessGirl: But mummy, my classmate 湖飛龍 also show me a copy of your newspaper cutting..


You get what i mean.. Ugly news like that will plaque a girl for the rest of her life. Think about it, the other two men interested in you at the point of time Jack was going after you, do you think they'd still like you? And what damage will this do to your parents? What about the siblings who love you? How can others respect you if you don't respect yourself? I know, we don't need others to respect us. But we need our kids next time to respect us, don't we?

You are so sad. And looking at this,

Yes, confirm you're sad.
I know why you need to do all these you're doing..
You can't earn the fame with your looks.


I know this may sound fake, but I did not wish to hurt you, Tiki =))

I just wanna share this with my readers.. Hope you guys can look at other people's mistake and take it as a preventive measure. You see, being a mistress is fine. A mistress is kept, a mistress is suppose to want little, but given more. You know what i mean.. Let's start with this question, Why would a man want to have someone else beside his wife?

First Set of Reasons originated between the couple
1) The wife expects a lot from him through daily life
2) The wife might not be that involved with him sexually
3) The wife and him, becox of every other problem, starts to quarrel a lot and then..
4) The wife and him hardly talks
5) The wife always scream divorce when they finally talk

Second Set of Reason originated from the man
1) The man is insecure. Needs another woman to proof his vitality
2) The man doesn't want to screw just one woman anymore
3) The man enjoys the thrill of cheating (don't know why very stupid)
4) The man needs a break from his usual routine
5) The man is attracted to you

So you see, a man cheats becox he and his wife might have some of the problems listed above. So a mistress comes in handy to solve the man's problem. But when the man wants to return home and solve the wife's problem, then the mistress should know where she stands.

She is a thing. An escape route to the man's problem, a booty call sometimes, a pair of listening ear, a pair of eyes to show the man that he is still admired and respected. This is what mistress is for basically, no matter how much the man claim to REALLY LOVE HER and want to be with her. C'mon, who don't want a good deal? Booty call? Pair of ears and eyes?! Who don't want these?

So if anyone of you choose to be a mistress, then stay one. Don't wake up one day feeling hatred for the man's family becox they are still so happy. And you think you pity the man for having to act happy in front of his family and then you dash to his house to tell the wife her husband don't love her. You know what, the guy is making his choices when he still choose to act happy. You made your choice to stay kept, and if you can't handle it, then you just have to really break up. Not geh geh say break up to get attention for 30 times *rolleyes*

And again,

Sorry Tiki, i know this may sound fake, but i did not wish to hurt you, nor do i wish to hurt you now.


P/S: I do sincerely wish that everyone will cut JackNeo some slack. He did wrong, but he didn't wanted any of us to know. The only girl who wanted us to hate Jack and talk about herself, is Tiki. And we could only hope that JackNeo's family will be forgiving and get stronger after this saga. Jiayou!!! And if i ever watch Being Human, it will be becox i am still intrigued by how ugly someone can get inside-out.


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