29 December 2012

Japan, Japan

Flew to Japan in late October for EMODA S/S fashion show ^.^ Yeah it's very backdated but i've been busy blogging the Expedia trip which also includes Japan, haha, and mainly the wedding ah!

So here you go! This is a relatively short one but it makes me feel very happy and touched cox it reminds me of how.. Light-hearted, cozy and chillax it is to just stroll along the streets of Japan with Josh =))) Just walking, and looking at stuff.. And this time babeh, i didn't trip and fall knees-on-floor.

Hahaha. Yeah the first time i went to Japan i somehow trip and ended up with both knees on the floor at Harajuku =_=" It was embarrassing and funny lolol.


Had a surgical mask on in the first picture becox i fell SOOOoooo sick. From the night before i fly, all the way through out the flight to Japan. So sick i didn't even eat the airplane meal can you believe it?!


When i touched down in Japan, I SWEAR AH, i got out of the airport, and i was sitting there waiting for the bus and there's still like 20mins before my bus will come, SO!!! I started doing makeup and..

THEN I REALISE. MY GOD MY FLU, SORE THROAT, BLOCKED NOSE AND ITCHY EYES ALL GONE =DDD Maybe someone should start marketing Japan like this. Lolol.

"Feeling sick? Feeling blue? Come to Japan! Our air alone can solve all your 疑难杂症!"

Dinner with the Apparel Web bunch taking care of EMODA, at a restaurant on high floor and we can overlook the streets of Japan while we dine!!! =DDD Quite romantic one!!! Spot Cheesie!!! =DD
EMODA and Apparel Web people put me up at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel and it's awesome =D Here's me with the convenient store right outside the hotel! Actually in the hotel also have lah!
Totally love convenient store shopping in Japan!!!!!! A lot of miscellaneous things to shop one! Like makeup, notebooks, stationery and stuff. Haha.
And of course, their bento boxes wide range of microwavable food! =D
Next day~ Me and Josh went out to stroll before i head for Cleo Hair Make in Japan to have my hair done for the fashion show event =D And this is one big big big reason i love Japan....
Every few steps you take, you'd see somewhere/ something beautiful =))) And yeah, photogenic. Haha. My pastel mint green furry top is from EMODA =D Maybe you can find it at JRunway @ Plaza Sing new extension! They stock plenty of EMODA stuff! ^.^
Then we went into a random ramen shop. Of course the one with egg is mine haha ^.^ It's not bad but i prefer the white milky kind ^.^
Erm.. Me. Haha.
The direction there is pretty easy. Take the subway to Omotesando, walk along the street where Franc Franc is, spot AVEX TRAX building, walk in the street on it's right (you'd spot a 7-11 near the street), see a 高野洋服 tailor shop, turn right into that alley. I mean, i honestly doubt any of you would visit Cleo at Japan really =X Becox you guys would probably do your hair nice nice and THEN visit Japan if you're visiting Japan. So i am very thankful the boss of Cleo Hair Make still arranged this for me!
After hairwash ^.^ Hair curling almost done!
I asked for EXTRA volume hahaha. Cox i need the hair to last til evening to attend the show haha!
With Shindo ^.^ Who told me to tell Shio (my hairstylist in Singapore Cleo Hair Make) よろしく (yoroshiku) which I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS *proud face* without having to ask. He mean to send his regards okay. Yeah i know!!! You can ask me anything about Japanese so long as it's within the syllabus of the first 3 lessons of my Japanese class =X Yeah i sort of gave up on the class already. BUT DON'T WORRY, i still have keen interest and i am learning from iPhone O.O Lolol.
Josh snapped this when he was strolling on the street while i do my hair haha ^.^
Hair done and there it is.. One of the uncountable beautiful parts of Japan =)) Just waiting for us to look at it and appreciate it. Haiyo.. Japan is love!!!

Alright.. Hope your week has been good. It better be! It's like the last week in 2012! =DDD

Be back real soon! =D


Prisilia Felicia Liando said...

this post is filled with cute and sweet photos*A* I like how you add those white words on the picture makes it look really like a magazine spread one!! <33

Unknown said...

I love your hair QQ! It's so vavavoluminous! ^^

Anonymous said...

Super super super your pic in the ramen shop. you looked extremely gorgeous and dreamy and lovely.

Unknown said...

Hi qiuqiu! Can you blog about your love story with Josh? Like how you guys met and those sweet things! :)

Jwxwei said...

Japan air really magic one lah! You know the first time I went to Japan right, during the airplane journey I had terrible air sickness and the nausea continued all throughout immigration and baggage collection. I was like FML FML KILL ME NOW CAN. But the moment I stepped out of Narita Airport right, MY NAUSEA INSTANTLY DISAPPEARED OK NO LIE.

Anonymous said...

haha I realised all the hairstylists always put the peace sign and smile widely when taking pictures with you! Shio also! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Loving the pictures qiuqiu;)
May I noe where you got the frame for your bride and groom stand on ur wedding? ;)

Mei めい said...

lovely photos :))


Anonymous said...

Is the guy sitting opposite Cheesie the mysterious Hubby?
Does anyone know? Super curious hahahaha

QiuQiu said...

Tiffany, haha no wor i don't think i will blog that! But we met through my first bf =X

Jwei, YEAH I GET IT. Haha.

Anon, from Daiso. The bride and groom paper is Josh ownself design and print one.

Anon, no it's not. I won't like this so rude she never share i go share what! Lolol.

Kristel said...

wow, those pictures look so pro and the pastel colors are so beautiful. Really need to catch up with your blogpost, but now I have got lots and lots to read :D