29 July 2012

Must be having a great time in Penang =)

Hello! While you are reading this i must be slurping the soup of my Penang Assam Laksa. And that's after brawling my eyes out at Audrey and Tim's wedding. Lolol. Not say i very close to Audrey but i just know i will cry when she march in LOL. In my adulthood i've only been to.. Wait let me count.. TWO WEDDINGS O.O That's very little given my age. Why am i so friendless. Lololol.

I cried at one, and i didn't cry at another. This time i'm betting that i will cry. Lol. I watch their proposal video i already cry. Then again, i cry at Wendy's proposal video as well. So.. Maybe it's just my tear duct got something wrong.

It's gonna be my first time there in Penang. Josh and i have been wanting to go there for the longest time!!! It's just i compare the flight price with BKK, $280 like this per pax to get to Penang, to BKK it's just like $299 WITH hotel included =_=" that's why always feel like don't know worth it or not. Although i heard so much good stuff about their food! =D So now leh got a perfect reason to go over cox of their wedding =DDD Suoyi leh, i am very looking forward!!!

Anyway~ Some pictures~

With the shelf in my beauty room haha. Josh did it up for me one ^.^
Tryna do the AB flower cover here and there thang. Lolol.
Okay i think we have enough of me. Lol.

How about me and Nami San!!! =DDD

Had dinner with her the other day and it was a super nice dinner COX Nami San brought me stuff from EMODA =DDD There's a EMODA bag that Yoshi San (if you ever remember seeing a guy in my EMODA after party post, and i captioned him a funny guy or something lol) asked her to pass to me. They are so nice O.O I wouldn't think Yoshi San would remember me at all =O

And also i picked 2 dresses! I'd have pick more but i think i better don't be greedy so i pick the two most colourful one =DDD And JUST NICE, next day i get to wear it for press conference. LOVE! =D Cox i was just troubling over what to wear!!! Show you all the stuff again!!!

I'd be back really soon and you can prepare to see MANY MANY pictures!!! =DDD
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shuyee said...

Blog more about penang! <3 like where you had shopped and all..


Lingxuan (Grace) said...

I was born in Penang.

Please go and try their char kway tiew, char kway kak, and Hokkien mee. I die a little everytime I come back. Singapore penang food sucks!!!

It's cheaper when there are deals to penang! My cousin sometimes go back at only $98! There are also coach back about $60. If you go from Malaysia Lakin, only Rm60. But need to travel a bit.

Kristel said...

That's the cutest charger I have ever seen :o! I hope you have a great time at the wedding. I never in my life have been to one x_x. You are very beautiful btw :D

Anonymous said...

hey qiuqiu!

you say BKK for $299?! so cheap! with hotel somemore, where did you get the deal from? :)

Patti said...

I'm so jealous of your Rilakkuma stuff! @-@ I think I may already have a bit too many of them though, hahah.


Anonymous said...


Love This Life clothing said...

penang is one of my favourite place...would love to visit this place again

Anonymous said...

I'm super sure you were having a blast in Penang!
Looking forward to your Penang post(s)!!!