12 July 2014

Birthday @ The Sultan 3


Wrapping up my birthday post! Second day my family came join the staycation and we spent some good time together.. Doing mostly nothing other than eating, chatting, having fun and chilling =)))

Woke up feeling good~
Ah Pearl came with Korean fried chicken omg???? HEARTEYES!!!! She pregnant still go buy fried chicken for everyone T.T Best sister award give her lah.
Went to 封面人物 (some noodle restaurant opposite The Sultan hotel) and i gotta say.. One of the worst meal ever. I don't even know why they can survive so long. That area is FULL OF SUPER GOOD FOOD. Only they cannot match up like this omg. Mistake to go eat there. Food like fuck, drinks like suck. Nobody could finish their food cox it's just too awful.
Went back to the hotel for wig camho hahaha. LOL MY DAD WTFFF.
We all nua sai and talk cock for quite some time while my dad play play-doh with Yurou haha.
My second sister family and Naoki arrived~
So sweet she made me loomband bracelet!!! =DDD Thank you ah qi!!!!
Me and Yurou ^.^
诶! 那么巧我们穿一样的衣服!!! Hahaha!
Siao one that day she quite good mood hahaha.
Terrorizing Samantha lolol!!! She really love the whole place lah! To her it's a big new wonderland like this. Really is explore everything!!!
Bong came to join after he came back from the shelter =))) He so on!!! Still let me put on wig deheck!! Usually he so scared to be called girly, he will NEVER allow!!!
Yeah birthday girl gets it her way~!!! Hahaha!
DINNER AT FISHHEAD STEAMBOAT AT THE CORNER SHOP!!! Just walk straight down from the hotel, and you'd see this shop at the corner (beside mosque). SUPER FULFILLING + YUMMY!
Niao came from work ^.^ I LOVE HER~~~!!! She super good cox she went home (near the hotel) and then come back and stayed the night even when she has to wake up at 5am for work O.O
 I love you Niao Niao!!!
 Cakes my friends got for me ='))) Thank you.
 Someone thinks it's hers.
 And then she proceed to spit and blow saliva all over the cake omg hahahaha.
 And then tell me which part she wants to chope first hahahahah. Really is my niece, so kiasu one.
Went for some famous Lor Mee at 1am. Walkable distance from the hotel also! So we all went there! =D Ah Bong swears by the lor mee and he say if it's not good, we can all give him a slap each.
Me and my daonisister. Lolol.
Lor mee turned out TOTALLY overrated. It's edible and okay. Not nice. Not worth queuing for. But i can see why people are so crazy about it. In one bowl it has SUPER A LOT OF PREMIUM INGREDIENT! Salmon fritters, fish roe, fish cheeks, rather good braised egg, pork belly etc. But if you're keen to try it.. It opens 1am i think! At north bridge road market.

I really felt lotsa warmth that day. My family members all took time to come down and spend quality time with each other. I love the bonding time with my family =)))

Sometimes even at home we don't gather and talk with each other all the time. But the idea of staycation with family is that you just have to hang together hahaha.

Anyway Ah Bong fell asleep before we could all go eat lor mee together. But we went without him cox there's really no way to wake him up hahaha. So the next morning when he wakes up i still got remember to slap him lah. I promise to bring him to THE BEST lor mee i know. And if it's not nice, he can slap me back. Lolol.

Night time =))) My dad, Bong, Niao, Yurou all sleeping at the party room haha. Me and Josh retreat to our private room =))) I wish i could throw gatherings like that with my family and friends more often!!! And still have a neat sweet room to go back to hahah. This is how every weekend should be.

Woke up next morning to go buy breakfast at Golden Mile food centre (Army Market) near the hotel!!! =DDD I LOVE ITTTTT THERE'S SO MUCH FOOD SELECTION THERE!!!We had chilli noodle, ah balling, muffins and soya bean milk etc!!! =DDD
Time to say goodbye =((((

Thank you The Sultan hotel for hosting me for my birthday!!! If you guys are keen, you could host your special occasion at The Sultan and have them take care of everything from decor, to cake, to drinks, to the hotel room (of course) and more! You don't have to do anything yourself!

Leave it up to them and you just enjoy the party!!! ^.^

Alright! That's all! I hope you are all having a good weekend!!! =)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Your tender feelings for your dad really show through your posts :) he looks so kind and giving--like you actually! Strange you don't seem to interact with the woman who's always pictured by your dad's side (as in no selfies with her) so it's anyone's guess as to why. I check in with your blog every now and then and my wishes came late but I know you will have an incredible rest of your (insert age) year.

Take care and rock on!


bevtan said...

Yurou's hair is so neat n nice!!!! Where does she get her haircut from? Can share? Cos my daughter has a similar hairstyle but somehow not so neat... Thanks in advance!