31 July 2014

I love my life


Sorry for not blogging for three days!!! Hahaha. You know i blog every other day or every two days right. Becox.. Becox my life is so awesome i have to record everything down. Lol.

I just wanna say i am super happy becox a lot of things are happening right now and on top of all the new work opportunities, i am also thankful for things that come my way! FOR EXAMPLE, thanks to Nuffnang, Hong Kong Disneyland said yes to me, my parents, Yurou and Niao Niao to visit in Oct!!! I think Yurou will be sooooo stoked. Lolol. And they have this new night parade i've never seen!

Here are some random pictures from.. I don't know, everywhere. My week for you!

Had chio sunlight that day when i was taking pictures for my outfit feature. Brows from k-palette. Lipstick from YSL. Lashes from Girlymake. Base from Laneige.
I don't think i need to caption every picture "chio" right? Lolol.

Thank you REGEN (Email: infoglobal@regengroup.co.kr) for giving me nice V Line face shape!!!
Enough not.
About there. Lol.
But this one got natural bokeh!
Another set.
BIG BIG THANK YOU to those who came for the garage sale!!! The whole corridor was filled with people and the queue gone up from second floor to the sixth floor =O SORRY for the wait guys. The first few girls came at 6am when the thing starts at 12pm O.O I am super impressed O.O Lol.
Me and my chili sister Niao Niao ^.^ We wear same clothes. CUTE HOR?!?! Hahaha.
Top from Bugis Street. Skirt from long ago. Hairband from Korea. Shoes from Jelly Bunny.
Went for brunch with my poly mates!!! I forgot the name of the place.
Stupid Ming Zhou added maple syrup to my crispy bacon i was so angry! Hahaha. It is supposed to be salty but then it tasted like ba gua after that! Thanks, Ming Zhou *stares* Waffle was meh.
Cold soba noodles! Quite a new mix!!! Really light and refreshing! A little bit bland on the taste but i think that's the way it's meant to be. But I would remake it with minced garlic and chili padi lol. And the paste was totally overcooked. So did i enjoy the lunch? Yes. The food? Not so much lol.
Me and Shiyu ^.^
FTLs. Lolol. Forced to help me take OOTD. Hahaha. Just like old time. Except last time i like to take pictures of me with anything. Now i take it for work lolol.
Stupid Ming Zhou making me laugh hahaha.
Werk it non-stop.
Elevator selfies~ Coco Kah Wei, me, Shiyu and Ming Zhou~ =DDD WE DIDN'T CHANGE A SINGLE BIT!!!!!!!
Except become prettier hahahaha. And keep nicer hairstyles =DDD This was us doing project maybe.. 8 or 9 years ago WTFFF =OOO
Good friends stay together~ And touch each others' boobs *LOLOLOLOL*
US US US~~~ =)))) I love all my friends from Secondary and Poly!!! Erm cox i didn't get to keep a lot of friends from Secondary and Poly O.O So whoever i get to keep are super precious to me!!! ='))
LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!! ^.^ By the way, my guy friend is single and available. LOL. If keen please email me. I am serious, he is such a nice good guy but i think he's too busy with work and too busy mixing with his bros or whatever!!! So i think it's a waste of time every minute he is not attached to a girl doting on her. Okay. Lolol. He's gonna kill me but i will still wanna help him hahahahaha.

神啊 救救他吧~ 一个人荒凉半辈子啊 为什么~~~~

他这样的男人 就快要绝种~ 你们.. 快点 grab 吧~


Okay i'd be back with more~!!!

Meantime.. STAY HAPPY~!!!!!! ^.^ Becox when you're not happy.. The sun becomes annoying. The rain becomes annoying. The world becomes annoying. You become annoying.


Agung Sudarman said...

Such a happy post!

Hanna Lei said...

So cool you're going to Disney! -Hanna Lei

Angelus said...

Omg!! you're going Disney! Enjoy~~

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu!
Actually when you got your first ps, I was one of those who felt that you looked better pre-surgery (but probably because I couldn't get used to the new face and probably because your face was still swollen) but after many many months, when you posted the before & after pics on another blogpost, I was like "woah you really looked much better after the ps" hahaha. Can't wait for your face to recover fully so we can see the results! I have huge zygoma and I'm thinking of getting a zygoma reduction surgery in future too so I can't wait for your blogpost on your surgery! Wishing you a speedy recovery! 希望你一天比一天美 哈哈哈 :D

Anonymous said...

Your friend Ming Zhou is cute. Hahaha :D Hope he finds a girlfriend soon :)

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely gorgeous. So envious. Anyway I was hoping that you could do a plastic surgery review soon on your experience before and after surgery. Also, can you recommend some local Korean clinics for PS. Thanxs!