20 July 2014

Just a hairdo kinda day


I miss miss miss blogging so much. Just sitting down and writing whatever i feel, straight out from my head to my finger to my keyboard lolol.  As you can deduce already.. Nothing impressive.


People mostly tell me i am not suited for "thinking". I gotta agree with them! Thinking does me no good, doesn't solve my problem, and most of the time.. Makes matters worse.

So i've decided to keep things REALLY simple.


However people treat you, you treat them the same back. Or better! Never less. Don't feel bad if they ever do anything less for you than you would for them cox the world is fair even if it's not fair.

How your friends and family and bf / gf treat you, is fair. You just have to see through it and deal with it. Cox with Love in the equation, i think everything is fair cox you just can't count Love.

I'd tell you now.. I am tired of doing the same thing over and over again.. I wanna do less work actually. To have more time for my family and friends, doggies and Josh.

For a while at least! Maybe take some time off to go hardcore reproduce LOL. Kidding lah. Now that i think about it.. As much as i would LOVEEEE to have my own kids.. Maybe it's just not my time yet! Maybe it'd come when it's a better time and i shan't go stress or worry or even think about it!

Now i'm just working on getting GIRLYMake backup cox that's something i enjoy doing for real. Even during the hiatus for GIRLYMake, i still use them lashes every other day haha. Support own brand hor. Also working on a brand new business with Josh. He's the mastermind, i'm just helping out. I am super excited cox whatever we've came up with so far.. It's really freaking good. Lol. Thankful for sincere and helpful people we met along the way to bring us through.

Anyway i just said i wanna do less work right.. But looking at my schedule lined up til next couple of months.. I don't see it happening hahaha! What the heck.

Now i really believe in the saying.. "Be careful what you wish for.. Cox you just might get it"

And a lot of time you actually have to be REALLY specific in your wishes i feel?!

Like i wish for more money, end up i get so much job (money comes with it, alright) but i no longer have enough time for my family and friends. So i should probably just wish for A LOT OF MONEY THAT DROPS FROM THE SKY =DDD Hahaha. And!!! Wish for that money to not hit my head as it falls from the sky. For it to just land on my hand, and i will safely deposit the money into my bank, without getting robbed.

Also, later my wish shall continue into a life-long chioness and forever won't end up like some rich lao hiao up on instagram posing with my hermes / chanel everyday thank you!!! =DDD

That is my worst nightmare. To be rich and disgusting. LOLOL.

So okay, i think my wish is pretty specific already! I wanna be rich but maintain this cute foreverrrr~! LOL. Okay shit now i already sound like i will be disgusting without myself realizing. LOL.

Then again i won't be THAT disgusting cox even if i am 40+ yro act-chio-ing away on instagram, i'd be showing off "$5 bag from Bugis Street~ SUCK ON IT BITCHES" Lolol. People see already also won't dislike me so much right, like, aiyah whatever lah she so poor give her act cute lah hahaha.

Also ah.. If anyone is keen, i'm in the midst of doing up my post-surgery video =) I'm not the one filming it so it's taking a while but promise it'd be good =D

Okay lah so here's me finally retouching my roots since end March i think! =OOO That's about 3.5 months of not doing anything to it!!! It's crazy. Everytime i see i also gao wei. Lol.

Went to Cleo of course for Sio to work his magic =D

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Sio say he's gonna give me pink brown ash. I thought he meant pink (streaks) on brown ash. But he actually meant pink-brown base, with ash streaks. LOL. Unique hor his thinking lolol.
In the process.. Erm.. No pictures of their perfecto hair-shampooing experience cox.. I fell asleep after i snap a quick video with Ai haha O.O Twice wash hair, twice fall asleep. I really win.
THANK YOU SIO ONNI CHAN! Haha! Now he can smile more nicely liao hor!
Act demure smile.
No need caption for vanity.
Looks like a normal nice ash brown here!
Under white light..
Details inside!!!
But if you don't act chio and flip your hair, it is just a chio ash brown hahaha.
No edit on colour of this picture. I freaking loveeeee Sio!!!! Everytime he gives me a colour, it's sooooo lasting and so versatile! Like under different light it always makes me look different.

Also hor.. Not say i biased. But the Japanese really do a better job with hair colouring =X

This Sio do for me whatever colour, also

1) Damn long-lasting. For real my colour can look chio and not turn into a dirty yellow/ gold shade even after the actual colour wears off after a long time!

2) They make ash look ash. Something most salons can't deliver. You want dark brown or red-red then yes lah, normal salons can do. Lolol. But you want chio ash or any blue ash / green ash / whatever ash, i say go for a good one.

3) BLENDING. They blend colours the BEST. Gradient, feather, streaks, whatever. They do the best blending of colours. I see some people who do multi colours on their hair.. Looking like.. Dirty? =XXX Really like long-gang water. Patches of dirt like this? =X

You don't have to agree with me but just look around. In the train, on the bus, on the streets, whatever. So many people with blotched hair-colour lol. I feel bad for them cox they probably have to pay quite a sum to achieve that shitty job.. O.O

Like my sister, for the longest time i tell her her hair colour always so yellow and gold-ish. Sometimes copper-ish. But she don't wanna follow me to Cleo cox she THOUGHT it'd be expensive. But turns out it's the same price she pay for her shitty hairjob. Lol. So now whenever she wanna do hair, she go with me =DDD Can sister time also~ And then leave salon both looking beautiful V^.^V

After hairdo went for meeting over dinner! Sam gave me a ride!
Realise that camho-ing in car = good sunlight! And hello~ This is my hair under sunlight! Can see the pink brown ash better hor! =D

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

 PEACE~ Then later Sam turn over and see me camho-ing vigorously..
She gets a shock like that. Lololol. 看什么看?! 没看过香车美人?! =DDD


Hanna Lei said...

The color is perfect! -Hanna Lei

Cynthia said...

You look like a doll! Very kawaii! hehe <3

Anonymous said...

you're really mean. people give you a ride and you upload their unglam picture online? like what, your in some kind of angst that you were the only one bothered enough by your looks to go under the knife and now you want others to feel ugly too? a pretty person with a hideous personality, what a waste of good looks

QiuQiu said...

Hanna, thank you ^.^

Cynthia, THANK YOU~

Anon, you're just crazy. You think if i know she minds, i'd still post it? If she minds she will still pose for me?

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Haha this Anon apparently doesn't know you well.

Last pic is funny, both your and Sam's faces are epic. ^^

cj said...

hi qiuqiu! i really like your hair color! It's so pretty! can I ask what's the price range to have what was done to your hair? Thanks! :)