27 July 2014

Yurou's 3rd Birthday

Yurou turned three over the weekend! =DDD And as you can see she had a super duper happy day!
She was so happy she tell me "你也是很美 我也是很美嘢!" Hahahaha!!! Bought the clothes at H&M kids when i was shopping with Mich. Mich told me i am sibeh disgusting lolol cox i should only do that with my own daughter next time. Not like so thick-skinned snatch Si Jie's daughter LOL.
Happy girl kept telling everyone she is feeling very happy hahaha. Of course happy please. Nobody force her to shower, to eat or to do anything.
ON A HIGH!!! ^.^
Pearl told everyone that she likes only puzzle or playdoh now. So she got like 4 new playdoh sets that day!!! My 3rd sis bought her major big one that is not opened yet! Instead, my dad and 3rd sis started playing with it........ =___=" Act cute ma ni gen wo jiang? LOL.
Dinner time~! Pearl ordered sooooo much food, there were so much left!
Massive cake bought from and designed by The Bakery Chef.
"Lai put here put here" Hahaha! Yurou LOVE IT MAXIMUM!!! She's been telling her mummy for monthssss!!! That she wants a Hello Kitty birthday cake!!! And threatening people with it when she's unhappy, "You cannot eat my happy birthday cake! HMPH!" Lololol. I guess in the end everyone get to eat her "happy birthday" cake so she is happy with everyone afterall. Hahahaha!
So happy she jump up the sofa and roll two rounds on it =___=" Hahahah!
Squealing!!! You can see Pearl's and Samantha instagram / dayre. She really cannot maintain.
Making a wish in her daddy's arms =)))) SO SWEET HOR??? She cannot purposely close her eyes one, so she only cover them at best hahahaha. Do you remember what wishes you made when you were younger? Maybe more barbie dolls? I wished for toys! And then in all my teenage years i wish my crush to like me back or for my pimples to be gone. LOLOL. Shallow much.
Blowing the candles 200 times.
Cake cutting!!!
Proper picture of the cake~
Sorry my sister butchered the cake T.T Lolol. BUT HEY~ It's rainbow cake on the top tier and chocolate cake on the bottom!!! THE CHOCOLATE CAKE IS MASSIVE YUMS!!!
Camho time with the little joy in my family =)))
Lotsa people say we look the same ='O Mai lah mai lah wa mai. LOLOL.
But how ah, really look alike. OKAY LAH WO REN LE! Hahahaha! I can't believe this xiao huai dan is now 3 yro!!! You must remember this post, right? When she was just.. One day old?
Now she everyday also say things that surprise her mummy and everyone in the family! The other day her mummy was telling me she told her mummy no need to carry her, she will walk on her own becox her mummy has didi in the tummy ='))) So good girl one.
#HeYurou say HELLO!!!!!! Thanks to all those who wished her Happy Birthday on instagram~ Hahaha. If you all happen to see her outside, feel free to ask for a picture. But be prepared, she might ask you, "你是不是我的粉丝?" which means.. "Are you a fan of mine?"

*laugh die* So self-centered one. I wonder this one learn from who one. LOLOL.


Anonymous said...

I cannot count how many bad days of mine she has cheered up for me. Her happiness and growth is truly a reflection of the great family she is surrounded by. Happy birthday Yurou!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot count how many bad days of mine she has cheered up for me. Her happiness and growth is truly a reflection of the great family she is surrounded by. Happy birthday Yurou!!

Anonymous said...

Really cute niece you got.. But i observed she has a dental open bite (upper and lower front teeth do not meet) and other features which suggest she might be thumbsucking or still using the pacifier.. Don't mean to be kaypoh but if possible, try to discourage your niece from these habits, otherwise it may cause prolonged damage to her teeth.
Take care :)

Tenshi Chn said...

Looks so mother and daughter! Haha..

I can see how you are so gonna love your kids so much in the future! Haha..


Nana said...

Happy birthday, Yurou! She has grown to be a really cute kid. I like how you wore matching outfits with her. I am the same towards my nephew. Kids are such blessings!

Celine said...

In the years I've been reading your blog... I've only now realised that her name is "Yurou" not "Yorou"
Anyway happy birthday to YUROU *facepalm*