28 September 2014

Baby and Me Diary 2

Hello! Back with update of my life which in summary.. Is how i pig out and laze in with the bb in my tummy. Hahaha. And how much i am trying my best to enjoy the pregnancy.

I guess being 3 months plus in now.. I've already come to terms with little things like.. I can no longer lie on my stomach, i cannot fit in all my pants already hahaha, i cannot wear my old bra (yeah i kinda only have one bra at any one time O.O My girlfriends all know and they still love me so i'm assuming you guys won't mind knowing LOLOL) anymore and i grow these hair at the strangest places.. O.O

Le sigh. Not sure if Datsumo Labo can help me now hahahahah! I guess it's something i have to deal with for 6 more months before the hormones stop doing strange things to me and my body haha ^.^

Anyway here's my bb diary! I cannot wait to find out the gender of the baby so i can firm up on the name! I mean if it's a girl me and Josh more or less are down to 2 or 3 choices! ^.^ So then i can start calling my baby by name!

19th Sept Today my bestfriends were all really happy about the baby announcement lolol. I think they were more excited about the announcement at 12 midnight later, than i am. Haha. Cox i already found out like a while ago! And i told them! Haha. So i don't know why are they still excited about the announcement lol. Tsk tsk, these people.. Who live their life on the internet. LOL.

Like if it didn't happen online, it didn't happen. Hahahah.

Le godma chope bb / food bump. LOL. Mich and Zhen and myself just had a super filling dinner before that! And then they made me take the train back to TPY =O Seriously.. See Mich one time, i must be forced to take train one time O.O Wo ming ku.
Erm Zz act chio. LOL. Must look so far?
要美全部一起美. Lol. Omg my baby / food bump that evening was huge =O Like a cushion!
Cannot believe after all the years we shared about our relationship ups and downs.. Now we're all grown-ups doing and talking about adult stuff T.T And then i'm like gan jeong to go tou tai like this. Must be first to get married, first to get pregger lol. 我赶时间.

Anyway bb, Auntie Mich say she will help raise you and that no matter how poor she is she will also give you rice eat lolol. Steady hor. She say if next time her own bb no diaper wear, she will also make sure you got food to eat. LOL. See, that's why i say you need bff!! 好朋友就是为了未雨绸缪. LOL.

20th Sept Gotta work today T.T On a weekend.. On Josh's birthday T.T

Lotsa people congratulated Josh and i on Instagram and Josh ask me with a sad face.. "How come your announcement picture have 8 thousand likes and i only have.. 300 plus?" LOLOL erm.. Cox it's his birthday i can't bear to tell him the truth so i told him "Aiyah! That's cox ALL your followers are asleep now ma! 1am plus liao leh! I think tomorrow you wake up you will have 8 thousand likes also!!!"

Hahahaha. 并没有.

Don't have nevermind, still have to go get me my favourite breakfast.. Vegetarian beehoon O.O With grass jelly as dessert =D This is consider a small meal for breakfast already omg.
Off to work! Josh head out with me cox after that we can meet again to go pator together. Haha.
Actually say is pator.. End up only eat Bak Kut Teh cox i got craving.. And then.. We went home cox i felt tired already lolol.

21st Sept Bb today you turn into a lemon! Hahah! I am having a bit of a difficulty tryna use my favourite squat toilet already haha ^.^

Also it's said in the app that you are able to pee now O.O You.. What? You pee in me?!

Food that the helper cooked for us ^.^
So much fried rice we could eat it for two meals! So i have grown really sick of sunny side up O.O Like i really do not like it anymore. But i LOVEEE HOR BAO DAN! So Josh made these perfect ones for me. I am quite impressed. But then..
I look at his own plate of hor bao dan hahaha. I ask.. "Eyer why your one like this one?!" He say these are the first few attempts that fail. HAHA =)) Thank you..

Today Yurou told me again.. She say "我不喜欢她, 你不要爱她啦?" Hahahaha. She is talking about my baby. And i told her "OKAY!! 阿姨爱你而已 okay!!" Hahaha.

22nd Sept Bb today your daddy ask if he can kiss you (my belly) and i said yes. Kiss you liao he forgot to kiss me *angry* 不想活了是吗? Lolol.

Today Josh got something against me!!! I heard him whispering to my belly!! He say "Baby so far your mummy has never kiss you before!  Not even once. So you know who love you more okay!"

How i kiss my own belly lah?! I contortionist?!?! Lolol.

Bb you very lucky hor. Still in mummy's tummy already got so many people wanna give you free things haha. Mummy also not so pops -_-"

Woke up with my top ironed and hung nicely in my room T.T Cox the night before i was sulking and telling Josh how i have nothing to wear anymore.. And then i pull this top out and it's sooo crumpled haha i wouldn't care actually but it's for work.. So Josh got things ironed out for me haha ^.^
After work me and Josh met for lunch and shopping!!! Cox he say he wanna get me some new clothes! YAY~ Settled for Thai food at Bugis Street third floor i think. The tomyum soup was really good for me but Josh say it's too artificial, like it's from pre-pack mix. But everything else.. *gag*
Tom Yum soup craving, checked!
Went to get new bra! Not cox my boobs grew bigger.. But cox i grew fatter generally and i think back fats also grew lah.. So the bra become very suffocating. Lol.
Just to show you how much my boobs haven't grow in contrast to my baby bump. This is me on a morning, with empty stomach lol. So baby bump, definitely growing well, arm fats and thigh fats, and face fats and back fats, all growing well. Except boobs. LOL. Still flat as runway tarmac.

I think if bb next time have to survive on my breastmilk, she will probably starve. Lol.

Josh is making supper for me again ^.^ The PHILLIPS airfryer has proven useful! Haha!

23rd Sept I think Josh is determined not to have me looking like a fat homeless woman when i have to go to work hahaha. Becox that's what i always do.. Not fold my clothes, and then when i need them, pull them out of the pile like a rag and put them on like a homeless dude lol.

By the way.. This is part of my loot from shopping yesterday! Nice hor! ^.^ $10 each. I mean.. When i gotta splurge, i gotta splurge. LOL. Kidding lah, not say super expensive but pretty costly for a thin cardi and such a basic cotton dress!
Today Josh made sandwiches for me early morning! Cox i had to go to work at 7am T.T I cannot believe i said yes to all these work from before. Lol. Can tell how hardworking i was lolol. Anyway! Cox the workshop is quite long.. Josh prepared food for two meals haha!
So hungry i finished one box in the taxi ride O.O
Thank you bb's dad! Haha!
Haha who knows the workshop got provide lunch!!! It's very normal for me to go for second serving usually but then now i a bit fat i don't dare to go take second serving O.O HAHAHA so i ask Josh to help me take hahahaha. It's like i scared people judge me "So fat liao still eat so much!" LOL.

Came home after workshop to continue to clear work =( Need my nap so bad.

24th Sept Bb today your daddy 6am wake up to prepare breakfast for us dee ^.^


He always tell mummy he loves mummy more than you but i know he lie one. Haha becox hor..

Last time mummy pator with your daddy for about three years that time, i think i very cute so i use act-cute tone go and ask him "If i want you to quit smoking, will you quit for me?" V^.^V

He say "I will ask you to go and die. I've known cigarette for more than 20 years. I only know you for 3 years" Oh.. Okay.. LOL.

But when daddy know you for less than three days that time, he ownself tell me he will quit smoking for you =___=" Lololol 我死了算了!

Gotta go for filming again today T.T

Bb i realise you very very good girl when mummy is working leh! At most you make me feel hungry only. But once i end work, you make me GAG NON STOP. Hahah. Maybe you also love the camera like mummy 😁

Went for Hokkien Mee FINALLY! With Huiwen! And then since durian is just next door we shun bian also go for durian haha. Awesome to eat something that Punggol doesn't have sometimes.

Punggol really needs to have more food choices loh say real one. I want rojak also no have, bah kut teh no have, lor mee no have, satay no have, hokkien mee no have, carrot cake no have. Simi sai also no have. I eat shit better. Lol.

25th Sept I grew like 5 neck pimples T.T Whyyyy.

Feeling super bloated whole of today. My clothes are all shrinking. My theme song today.. 衣服本来.. 刚刚好.. 怎么现在.. 扣不上..?

26th sept Today i dreamt that people keep saying i am faking the pregnancy and that i CGI my baby bump on video. Haha what the heck.

Bought my swimming suit and float!!! And also Josh got me the nicest pregnancy pillow! ^.^

Caught a flu today =( Took medication from the doctor, safe for preggers. Gonna sleep it off now.

Woke up from groggy nap and feeling hungry and really craving carrot cake.. Punggol don't have carrot cake one!!! So Josh is heading Hougang to try to get carrot cake for me O.O So spoilt.

Not me ah, the baby. Tsk tsk tsk. The baby is so spoilt. LOL.

YAY!! Carrot cake and Hokkien Mee from Hougang! T.T THANK YOU DARLING!!!

27th Sept Laneige sent me some trouble relief skincare products! Just nice for my acne-infested face and neck =(

A card to congratulate Josh and i for the pregnancy haha ^.^
Beautiful flowers for a nice weekend! Thank you Laneige!

I am major super stressed omg. There are sooooo many boxes, parcels, bags and bags of items that's sent to me for work / PR / from my PO Box. I haven't get down to even open them O.O
Bb today we go swimming! ^.^

Went to my friend's condo to swim hahaha GIAN BNG MAX. Cox no need to pay entrance fee at swimming pool LOL. No lah, cox i think condo pool will be less crowded than public pool! Erm.. That's me with my swimming shorts showing underneath my shorts LOL and my dua ba bao (meat bun) cox i scared i swim halfway hungry hahahaha. So Josh got me 2 baos to bring along.
So slack i didn't even bring a bath towel. Just a hand towel is good enough lol. Also i was in NEED of a sunblock cox i used up my Biore Royal Jelly. Than i thought okay i try the Biore Aqua Rich. But i'm not sure if it's waterproof! I don't wanna use those oily (BananaBoat) one, can you all introduce? I love the Biore sunblock series cox it's SOOOO watery and gets absorbed within 3 seconds.
Josh help me snap this haha i was so happy swimming!!! Haven't go swimming for like.. Almost 10 years O.O Omg swimming feels sooooooo good!! For my back!

But they need to invent a pair of goggles for people with nose job O.O I cannot wear goggles now so i don't dare to put my face underwater lol. Phobia of darkness underwater.

I mean scary things can happen underwater you know. You definitely need to have your eyes open to look out for it. One, people can kick you in your face ANYTIME. Two, people can fart near you, look out for the bubbly ones. Lolol. Three, people can pee right beside you omgggg. So.

I need a pair of goggles that will not press down on my nose bridge lol.

Happiness is feeling no strain on my back~!!!

Headache/ neckache today.. Happened at night =( So bad i can't fall asleep. The only thing that felt good was my lower back lol. Thanks to the swim! =D

Didn't wanna take meds cox i just feel it's bad for the baby but Josh say it's okay since the doctor say it's okay. So i took one and could at least sleep!

28th Sept Bb you turn into an orange today! 4 inches big ^.^

Omggg my dream was atrocious. I dreamt that i was braiding my own hair and i kept adding fake hair to it, braid until like Rupuzel lol. Then later i dreamt that a Secondary school classmate borrow my nude bra from me and i super nicely lend it to her she still super rude to me! Later she return it to me with sand on the stick-on part!!! I got so angry i secretly sew the nude bra onto her shirt, permanently.

I also dreamt of me and Josh and a 3 year old boy looking like a family O.O Then in my dream i kept thinking omg this can't be real. Lolol.

Going for breakfast and marketing with Josh today cox he's gonna cook =))

Omg the morning crowd at the coffeeshop is crazy.. Josh had to queue 30 mins for one fishball noodle =O I wouldn't know earlier cox so far.. All i do everyday is wake up and wait at home for food =XXX


Omg the walk to and from home to market is crazyyyy.

Bb i will never join for another marketing cox the walk to the market / foodcourt and then walk back home is SOOOO scorching hot and sunny in the morning T.T

Walk until i want die. But mummy just wanna let you know that your daddy does this for us everyday without fail ='))) Now i know why he always come home sweating..风和日丽的早晨 is fake one.

Dinner was YUMMY YUMS TODAY!!! My favourite ginger fish and spinach soup!!! With garlic prawns!!! =DDD Josh makes awesome simple dishes! ^.^V

Okay i cannot talk liao i have to go clear overdue drafts T.T

You guys have a good weekend and week ahead!!! ^.^


Jen said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! Punggol got Rojak, Blk 639 coffeeshop there beside the Ang Mo supermarket. Carrot cake also have at the coffeeshop beside Sheng Siong. Haha don't have to travel to hougang la. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear qiu qiu, congratulations on ur pregnancy.. btw, I saw u having grass jelly... try to stop taking it alrdy cos when im ppregnant my grandma keep warning me not to take it.. cos its too cold alrdy.. maybe its "pang dang" but its for your bb girl own good n of cos for urself. :)

Cpei said...

congratulations on your pregnancy! Josh is a superb husband! Enjoy your pregnancy :)

Anonymous said...

My doc advised me to eat hard boiled egg only. Say scared of bacteria those eggs contain when not fully cooked.

Unknown said...

CONGRATZZZ!! last time I hardly read your blog (or other people's) cos I read some before which gave me facepalm throughout. I only browse through instagram. But I enjoy reading yours, was smiling/giggling while reading cos of your style writing:) and most importantly the 幸福-ness!! Continue spreading this joy through your blog! Wishing for you and your baby's good health and endless happiness ~

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you Qiu =). You look absolutely glowing and full of happiness and bliss. I bless you and the future baby to come. And pray you have a gd and happy family =).

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu!So happy for you! I bet your baby is going to be sooooooooo adorable like you and your husband!