30 December 2015



In case you don't already know, or in case my family haven't bought enough (LOL) of this to circulate yet, Meredith and i are on the cover of Mother & Baby magazine!!! =DDD

Yup yup!!! 我要谢谢我的爸爸, 姐姐, 老公, 好朋友们, 还有支持我多年的读者们, 谢谢公司给我这个机会, 谢谢 Mister 长龙粽, 谢谢你们的鼓励与爱护, 让我有这个机会上杂志封面. LOL.

Actually is only 谢谢 Meredith becox if it's not for her i don't think in this lifetime i'd ever be on a magazine cover what the heck sad life is sad LOL. Nevermind i'm ready to retire to be a 星妈 lol.

Anyway here's a few pictures we have from the photoshoot! Very thankful for the little things and the big things happening for us! When Meredith grows up i sure have interesting stash of things to show her! Haha! How many babies are lucky enough to have their own magazine cover right! =D

I arrived early for hair and makeup and Meredith arrived later not cox she diva but cox scared she wait too long later get cranky lol.
Love the set up! It's so pastel and pretty!
"Alright what is this, i'm actually waiting for someone else to have their hair touched up? I'm outta here" Hahah.
Meredith's got too little hair so the bow kept falling off that's why you see a boy on the cover hahaha!
Love this picture haha.
She wasn't grumpy but she looks like she's very angry haha cox she was blowing raspberries =.="
BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to the team at Mother & Baby Singapore!!! =D You guys were so nice and patient to work with!!! Thank you so much! =)))
Mummy's solo shot haha.
Try again for the cover cox first round she kept blowing raspberries and end up looking angry!
Love our matchy shoes the stylist prepared!
Told her to smile at my camera she like this hahaha.
Meredith's solo shot! =DDD
Take a few more of her in this set cox erm.. We are too cheap to pay for proper photoshoot outside HAHAHAHA.

This should be the second last if not the last post of 2015..

I think i should probably do a wrap up in the next post!!! Not cox i don't wanna continue anymore but i just put Meredith to bed after giving her a nice massage and here i am clearing work right after i publish this post T.T

Good night you guys..

A video of some behind the scene footage for the shoot =D Please grab a copy on newstands to check out the interview =D Thank you thank you!


Hanna Lei said...

Congrats you both look great! -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

Seriously too cute! Congrats on the cover!