03 January 2015

Baby and Me Diary 8

Been about a month since my last baby update ^.^ Actually it's been more or less the same except i feel more and more heavy and swollen T.T And my bladder feels smaller and smaller lol.

But for real.. Everyday i feel very thankful. Especially when baby is kicking me =))) I feel like i have magic within me O.O Okay lah.. Here's a quick update for my baby diary ^.^

5th Dec Bb your daddy is falling sick soon =(

Today we can haz thai food again! Forgot that your daddy is having a bad sore throat O.O So i asked for Thai food and he also never say anything but then later i realise oh poop, spicy food is bad for sore throat =X

But Aroy Thai was so good! That otah in young coconut omgggg T.T So freaking yumsie~!!!
Perhaps the best and most generous mango glutinous rice i've ever had in Singapore. Stupid Thai food chain outlet ones always sibeh giam siap with the mango AND glutinous rice. The mango was so sweet i feel like having it again now now now!!!

6th Dec Bb Your daddy is full-out sick =((( He went to get us breakfast this morning and then flop back to bed after his meds. You have to remember forever that your daddy love you a lot a lot a lot!

Went for event with Michie ^.^ It's so nice to have a bff to do things with you really =))
Went to find Yurou and Yuxuan after event.. This Yurou is really my precious. You see loh! She set up this dolphin chair for me to sit and play comfortably cox i told her i cannot sit on the floor cox the floor is too hard hahaha.

Usually i have to sneak off without her noticing but today i try to explain to her that i have to go home cox i'm tired. So she told me to please play a while more but finally still say byebye to me. She said byebye like 8 times.. T.T

Then her mummy tell me she went to the door and see if i'm still there. And told her mummy "我很想我的 Ah Teng Ah Yi 可是我看不到她了.. 我舍不得她 but 她要回家了" T.T My heart. I think it's a blessing to have a kid like you so much! Although their love is known to be boundless i think gaining that bit of pure love from them is just a wonderful feeling!!!

7th Dec Bb you are the size of a cauliflower today at 14 inches! =))) Who's the big girl?! =D

Today i puked for the first time but it's not becox of the pregnancy i guess haha. It's just i drank too much water + the smell of a vitamin i am taking turns me off. It smells like sweet =O I'm never eating longtong again cox i puked some out =S

Went to the flea today. Massive dusty so i had to have my mask on most of the time! So happy got Mich and Josh to help out! All i do is pig out on food Josh and the organiser got me =D

Developed a flu.. It's only 8pm but i'm gonna sleep it off after taking meds. Can't fall sick cox gotta clear lotsa work next few days before i fly for Japan!!!

Woke up at midnight with Josh waiting awake. I ask him why he's still awake he say he know i'm gonna wake up hungry cox i slept at 8pm T.T Indeed, i am. So he went to make food for me. Best husband / father-to-be award i give him okay?

8th Dec Went to take some Merries samples and to learn more about the products. So excited to embark on my baby journey with them! ^.^ Baby you're gonna be using only the BEST!!! =DD

Had a super good lunch with Mich, Josh, my sister and brother-in-law before we head back to see Yuxuan and Yurou.

Si jie got me a whole lot of feminine wash and wipes.. 是不是她也闻到我下面的香味 O.O LOLOL.

When it's time for me to go home Yurou keep asking me to wait. And that if i wait she will give me a present. Hahaha i think she's trying to make me stay longer. I love her so much!!!

Went for prata with Monkey Mich and Josh!!! I am so happy today! I love love love prata!!!

But then got home and then i gotta clear some work and it piss the shit out of me. Also cox i couldn't wear any of the clothes i wanna wear. So i went into my beauty room and kicked things around and cry again O.O I know my temper is bad but i didn't know it can be this bad =X

Later Josh tell me i'm still very beautiful in his eyes T.T I feel like a undeserving characteristically-flawed monster.

9th Dec It's our second wedding anniversary today =))

I had to go see doctor today for my ear nose throat irritation and flu / cough. Been like that for a few days now.

Went for a nice dinner with Josh! I love spending time doing different things with him. Today we had our first fine-dining experience in Singapore.. With you, Bb. You had a feast too, you cannot remember? Hahah ^.^ You even ate a lot of your daddy's food! O.O Not me! =D Hahaha!

Go home to watch K-drama. Josh very ke lian one. Everytime we get hook on a drama.. I will marathon watch them at night when i can't sleep and he will be left behind at episode 9/10. Lololol.

10th Dec Feeling so sick today. Coughing thick yellow phlegm and flu T.T Wanna go see Yurou cox i miss her a lot but don't wanna pass the flu bug to her.

Josh came back home and was waiting for us to go pator for our 9th year dating anni haha. But i'm feeling so unwell. So he cooked porridge for me instead =))) I love home cooked food the most!!!

11th Dec Couldn't sleep a whole stretch cox i kept coughing and waking.

Went to get party decor for Yuxuan full month ^.^ I can't wait to do it for my baby also!!!

12th Dec YAYYY!!! Josh brought me to Geylang for dinner and to buy supper!!! ^.^ Becox i saw TV got Hokkien mee very nice so he bring me to the Lor31 one haha.
Dabao Taiwan soya bean milk and youtiao from Geylang for supper =DDD I REALLY IS HAPPY UNTIL CANNOT!!!!!!! The only thing that keeps me happy is food O.O Yummy food!!!

Josh has been the sweetest becox i've been sick the last few days, every morning and night the coughing and flu gets worst so he will bring me warm water to clear my airway =')) 生病都好幸福.

Baby ah baby.. I have a weird feeling.. It's like.. When did you become so huge? And what are you thinking of inside mummy's tummy? You kick me so much, each time i feel like it's.. Unbelievable. Mummy can't wait to see you, really. Daddy say you confirm very cute cox he was cute as a kid. Haha. Thick skinned hor.

13th Dec Today's Yuxuan full month party ^.^ So happy for Si Jie now she can eat and do everything she wants! If not she's been trying her luck with EVERYONE around her to see who can help her smuggle ice-pops lah, ice-blend lah, simi sai also crave lah her. Hahah!

Starting today.. I realise i cannot cough / sneeze too hard O.O Becox if not i will pee a bit what the heck. They say it's call Snissing. Sneeze pissing.

Also noticed some stretch marks on the side of my hip T.T BECOX.......

I only remember to apply stretchmark cream on my belly T.T Totally missed out my hips and the back of my buttocks T.T So yes, buttocks also got stretchmarks now T.T

But my belly where i applied stretchmark cream is totally clean and nice as ever. So those who are still wondering if stretchmark cream really works.. YES IT FREAKING DOES. Now i'm starting to use stretchmark cream to lighten the stretchmarks that i didn't remember to prevent.

14th Dec Bb today you are 26 weeks old and is as big as a whole lettuce haha! Your eyes and lashes are forming =))) They say the eyes are the soul of one person. I hope you have beautiful eyes.

Packing for our babymoon trip to Japan tonight and i think the baby is making me especially emo. Like i feel so attached to everything in Singapore. Doggies, our bed, Yurou, my family. But then i know i will forget all of them in Japan one LOL.

Had the WORST nightmare about my family and i in BKK and meeting killer loansharks (both topless and inked) one holding barang + gun, and the other holding an electronic guitar to play climax music to make their debtee scared and to create a scary ambience WTFFF. Anyway i was so scared (cox Yurou was seated beside the debtor) that i vomited like three times in a row in my dream lol.

15th Dec On the flight to Japan for our babymoon~!!!

Bb mummy is in Tokyo now and a immigration officer was major guai lan and rude to me he even threw my passport. So i grumble about it and your daddy ask me to cut it out and just enjoy the vacation. I keep feeling like crying cox even your daddy don't wanna hear me out. So i cried!

But then end of the day your daddy say sorry for making me cry so i feel like the most loved person in the world again ^.^ I realise everything i do / feel only make sense when i know Josh loves me! Hahaha. It's sooooo gross i didn't think i could be so emotional and needy O.O

16th Dec Bb today we ate lots ^.^ It's my "dream come true" cox both Auntie Mich and your daddy, 2 of my favouritest people are in my favourite country with me!

Only problem is.. You so fatty, mummy's cardigan cannot button *pout* Haha! I button 5, 3 will pop.

17th Dec Bb daddy and mummy bought a musical go-round for you! The tune is "When you wish upon a star" it is mummy's favourite Disney tune.. I hope you like it too.. =)

18th Dec Bb Ohayo!!! You kick me so early in the morning ^.^ I think you are hungry! Actually i was feeling a bit lonely becox i woke up really early and your daddy was sleeping but then when you kicked me i was REALLY happy becox it reminds me that i'm never lonely =)))

Hahah i don't know, being away from home when pregger, makes me homesick a lot. I hope Drago and Tiffany are both good with the dogsitter at home.

19th Dec Bb you kicked me soooo much during the flight! Also.. Will the sneeze-peeing ever stop?! It's been about 3 weeks since it started. When i sneeze, i leak O.O

Didn't realise Josh manage to ask Cheesie's danna for help to get me all these lotion tissue!!!

He knows i loveeeee them but didn't wanna bring them home cox too bulky!!! So i was freaking happy when i saw like 8 boxes in our luggage!!!!!! =DDD Singapore really should import these loh!!! I learnt about it from Cheesie's blog and then tried it when i was in Japan and then every other kind of tissue is just too rough for my sensitive nose and daily sinus.

20th Dec Spent time with family today. I wish i can give my baby siblings becox i love my siblings and their kids so much! But then i don't know if i can ever handle two kids or more at one go!!!

Tailbone hurts like crazy.

21st Dec Saw this picture and i think that your daddy is my Wall-E O.O Cox he always stubbornly want the best for me and only care that i look good. Always putting me before him.

I ask Josh if i can do confinement for 1 year instead of 1 month. Then i one year one need shower and shampoo. Hahaha. He ask is it i want baby to drink chocolate milk cox one year don't shower confirm my breastmilk so dirty come out is brown colour one. Lolol.

22nd Dec Sorry bb mummy cough so much it must be scary for you. I imagine it to be like thunder for you O.O Is it?

Fml.. Going to toilet in between Christmas shopping in town today and then just 5 seconds away from toilet i had to sneeze T.T Before i could even hold my pee in, another sneeze come and then i peed even more T________T Had to dry my underwear in the toilet. It's humiliating lolol.

I think i'm never going out without pantyliner again.

23rd Dec Today mummy take a step back and look at the drama happening. A few important things you'd have to learn in life is 1, don't be dishonest. 2, if caught being dishonest, be brave enough to own up to it and 3, apologise if you made a mistake. It's actually really simple.

24th Dec It's Christmas eve baby.. Next year this time you'd be so cute.. Like a dream come true all the time =)))

25th Dec Today is spent with family =)) And it is the kind of time most well spent =)))

26th Dec Today i woke up with one of the worst sorethroat. So bad it makes my ear itch. Didn't manage to sleep the entire night. Doze off finally and slept for 2 hours before i go see the doctor.

So this is lunch..
And after lunch snacks T.T Meds and the supplement from Dr Law.

My bladder if used to be the size of grapefruit, now it's only the capacity of a prune only hahahah. The frequency i need to visit the loo to pee is as often as.. I don't know, what is the most frequent bus number? I have to pee every 20 minutes T.T

Was walking home with Josh and then birds fly near me chirping away. Everytime this happens to me i'd say i feel like a Disney princess. And last time Josh would just patronise me by agreeing. Just now it happened and i say "YES THE PRINCESS IS ME~" and he say i'm more like a buffalo and the birds wanna rest on my back *LASER GLARE* Lolol.

27th Dec Ran out of things to wear for a casual get up today.. So i wear Josh's tee shirt. It fits well =O He's a size L - XL for man. I guess that's where i'm heading haha.

Went to find Yurou today and she's the sweetest. I pray everyday to let my daughter be as sweet and as close to me as Yurou is. But every goodbye breaks my heart cox she cries and hold my hand and ask me to play a little longer with her T.T

Si jie say she lined up her toys and waited for me near the gate. And refuse to go away until i come T.T If this one is my daughter i happy until!!! Si jie is very blessed. Everytime i look at her kids and husband i feel one of the most important things in life that you need to invest and do well to maintain in. Becox with good family support, you'd realise you have the BEST kind of support.
She love me so much is maybe got reason one. Hahaha. I'm a free leg rest / leg masseur.

28th Dec Bb you are 28 weeks old today.. And you are ready to survive the world if you were to be born now! =OOO Look who's mummy's strong girl!!! =DDD

29th Dec Went for photoshoot with Yurou today. She's such a good girl for her first time photoshoot!!! Me still sick but ready for work =DDD

30th Dec Went to see the fortune teller today. Bb she say you are gonna be a very mischievous and short-tempered baby =OOO But good thing is you are going to be a smart baby haha. But the worst news is you're gonna be boyish and buddy type of girls =OOO Mummy want you to be girly and hiao one worrr!!! BUT best news is you're gonna be cute and pretty lah hahahaha. That part i think was the fortune teller tryna make me happy only hahaha.

Anyway i was discussing with your daddy and i say since mummy is very bad-tempered and you are bad-tempered too.. We're probably gonna quarrel a lot when you grow up haha. So daddy very happy. He say i love my dad more so naturally you're gonna love your dad more too. Please love me. Lol.

Anyway 2015 is looking very good for both your daddy and me especially with the arrival of you ^.^V I am excited!!!

Tat ass. My buttock has never been bigger. They say big buttocks girls are good for conceiving. I guess i eat my way up the title board. Lolol.
Daddy and mummy got you this bear with nighty night tunes~ =DDD It's so cute hor!!! Since you're gonna be born in the year of goat, you'd have a lot of mehmehs in your room! =D

31st Dec Woke up 6am to eat and cough my lungs out. Feel so bad cox i keep waking your daddy up!

Spent NYE with family =) Niao niao kept her promise and buy my expensive bitter durian. Hahaha. Actually she got no choice becox i tell her i don't eat cheap and sweet durian one =XXX LOL.
I got a feeling this one is going to love her Niao Niao ah yi more than me! Hahaha! By the way please look at the Hello Kitty sticker on her arm LOL. Yurou paste one.
Nevermind i camho with my Yurou!!! Hahah!
Si jie sent me this!!! Me baby-talking with Yuxuan haha! Please grow more hair quickly Yuxuan!!! If not Ah Yi have to buy wigs for you already ah!!! Last time your jiejie also wear wigs one! HAHA!

1st Jan Bb today your daddy quit smoking after smoking for almost 30 years =OOO

He has cut down smoking by a lot since we got you but now he's quit smoking altogether for you!

I am very happy and proud of him!!! Not sure if he can sustain lah but i think can!!!

Crazy hormones. I was talking to Josh when he's watching some show and then he "shhhhh" me and then i cry and then he say i'm too emotional and so i cry more. What the heck is wrong with me.

My dad had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night due to shortness of breathe. So after everything we got home at 5am. But he is in good hands of the doctors and nurses and i am thankful.

Went home to wear this, bought it earlier in the day hoping it can help the water retention on my legs.
Remember how i used to werk it.
Omg bb 以前你老妈我很 cute!!!! Hahaha!

But then the stockings was only available in one size in the outlet i went to buy it.. So it's wayyyy too small for me T.T So.. I wasted $45 for nothing T.T I can't wear it without feeling like my legs are gonna implode from the compression. Le sigh.

2nd Jan Went to see the baby at Dr Law's clinic again!!! =DD Baby today you're so shy, daddy and mummy couldn't see your face, could only see you from the back! And we saw your tiny feet =)))

So far my weight gain is 22kg =XXX Baby you make up 1448 grams of that weight mummy put on. Haha! Please grow well!!! Dr Law say you are of normal weight and size.. But then no matter how i look at it, mummy's tummy is extra huge =_=" So i'm guessing you have a king-size water bed in there you lucky thing~! Haha!

Gonna go visit my dad at the hospital now i hope he can discharge by the end of today!!!

Okay bye bye!!! Bb daddy and mummy love you!!!!!

More updates to come!


Anonymous said...

Wow, almost 30 years of smoking? How old is Josh?

FiSh said...

2 more months to go, Qiu! :D jiayou and am looking forward for your safe delivery!! Dont overstress yourself with work too <3


Hanna Lei said...

I never thought of stretch marks anywhere but on the belly. -Hanna Lei

Chloe said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! May I know where you got the meh meh soft toy for your baby??? It's so cute. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that your posts always remind me of the little and simple joys in life, and to always be thankful for them. :') I hope for a safe delivery, an awesome child and an amazing 2015 for you! God Bless! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Qiu Qiu,
You must take extra care of yourself esp when u hv a baby in you ya..
Your baby girl sure very cute one la, you soo pretty and josh quite cute lor. heehee.
Take Care and GOD BLESS.
-Aunty E

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu, you are so blessed to have wonderful ppl ard you. Don't worry about the features of your baby, she will definitely inherit your cuteness be it exterior or interior. I don't remember I have sneeze pissing during pregnancy only had veri bad constipation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu, I love reading ur blog and especially ur baby diary now :) so happy for u that u r carrying a healthy baby gal in u. May u have a safe & smooth delivery! Can't wait to see ur baby gal. And u definitely have a caring and loving husband who takes great care of u and ur baby gal :) a very blessed lil family there.

Anyway, may I know what's the brand of stretch mark cream u use? And where do u get it from?

Thank you! & cheers <3

Miss 81cm said...

Hi! I am a physiotherapist-to-be and the sneezing and peeing thing is quite common among pregnant ladies. Do you go for antenatal class? They do teach several exercises to help reduce this symptom or you can let your doctor know. Wish you a safe and smooth pregnancy + delivery. Cheers and happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

wa what thing did u applied on yr tummy? for stretch marks? any brands to recommend? so will yr butt lines go away?

Unknown said...

reading ur bb diary never fails to make me smile in delight and of cos, be reminded of all the seemingly small things in life which actually amount to be some of the greatest things eventually. wishing you a smooth and blessed delivery qiu! cannot wait for the arrival of your little angel! take care and eat more hahaha<3

Anonymous said...

Haiyoo every time I read your bb diary I sure ended up become very hungry one because of your food pictures!