01 February 2015

Baby and Me Diary 9

Hello you all!!! I'm at Part 9 of the baby diary and i believe part 10 will be the part where i run the last leg of the pregnancy. Lol. How time pass, really.

You guys went through the whole pregnancy with me.. How does it feel? I'm left with less than 2 months to the EDD but i think baby will come out sooner becox i wanna try natural and the baby cannot be too big ah boh later i really become pcb O.O LOL.

I am sorry i really cannot document as much things as previous baby and me diary post becox it's been really exhausting, the last trimester. Imagine i even have problem climbing out of bed =_="

Anyway here it is~! Sorry ah a small part of it i was really really feeling a little depressed and had the worst thoughts ever and i cried a lot that night but i don't wanna erase it from my diary becox it makes me remember to be thankful always always for having a kicking baby inside me!

3rd Jan Today daddy and mummy sleep lots cox your daddy say it's really hard to not be smoking and stay in a good mood haha. So we just doze off and wake up for nice yummy food! Daddy has done a great job trying to quit smoking so we deserve a treat lol.

4th Jan Bb you are 29 weeks old today =OOO You are about 16 inches now and growing some fats for yourself =))) Mummy is getting a little scared to be honest. There's a lot to be done still!

YAY!! Jayne got us Nasi Lemak from Changi!!! =D

5th Jan Mummy fart a lot today. It's really major loud and smells kinda metallic O.O

Met Yong Ming for dinner and catching up!

He keep saying he feel very bad for me cox i look very disoriented like my hair is untamed, my complexion like shit and then i waddle slowly like a heavy penguin lol. But then he damn jian he say he can't help to feel happy also cox for all the 10 years i mock at him for being fat amongst other stuff i tease him about, he is happy cox this is justice done to me hahahahah. I HATE HIM SO MUCH.

6th Jan Today your daddy prepared breakfast and lunch for us before he leave for his appointment. And then come back with yummy dinner ^.^ I feel so happy and loved~ =DDD

Woke up from nap with your daddy's hand on my belly haha. He say last night he woke up at 5am and he couldn't fall back asleep so he place his hands on my belly to feel you and he say you were REALLY active at 5am! Mummy didn't even realise haha. Are you a night owl like mummy? ^.^

7th Jan Went to the supermarket with your daddy just now and had this two wave of crazy cramp. Couldn't even move for that few minutes when the cramp is here!

8th Jan Went to do hair with Niaoniao today! She do nails at Cleo Nails i do hair lah haha. I realise the closer in i get to the delivery date, the more i feel the need to cozy up with my sisters, my bff and
Josh O.O Is it weird. I just wanna have my closest people near me for that sense of security.

No edit. Super duper rare i look okay. All thanks to Sio! If no good hair i basically look like poop lol.

My dad has to go back to the hospital cox =( I have work to finish up before dateline so Josh went to accompany Si Jie at the hospital. Please let my dad be fine..

9th Jan Josh prepared breakfast and lunch before he left for work. I can't wait for him to be back so we can go to the hospital to see my dad together. Sigh.

Omfg just cough and it turn into a gag with vomit and i quickly swallow it back in. IT TASTE SO BAD.

My second sister saw me at the hospital and she got a shock of her life. I don't blame her cox she haven't seen me in monthssss hahaha. She say i put on so much weight she can't regconise me.

10th Jan Today your daddy and mummy go to the hospital and visit your yeye again.. Really hope your yeye can watch you grow up and get married, in good health ='l

Daddy is planning with mummy to shift the furnitures around in the house to prepare for your arrival.. This is becoming so real =O

YAY! Josh say it's Saturday night so we can go out for supper =D

11th Jan Bb we are at 30th week now!!! =OOO WHAT HAPPENED?!

You are about 16.5inches and you can grasp with your tiny fingers now =))) Also omg you already advance from just nudging and kicking mummy! You glide inside my tummy.. The feeling is like.. Someone tickling mummy from inside the tummy!!! ^.^ Haha how are you baby? What are you thinking of? I wanna know i wanna know! =DDD

Went to see your yeye at the hospital today again. You please ah haha got you then mummy go hospital, daddy got warded to hospital and then yeye also got warded. Ni bu yao jiang sway okay hahahah!

Josh made soup for my dad today. I am very thankful for him and my brother-in-law and my family cox they all care for my dad like one family..

Everything is made better with a closely-knitted family..

Now i have to eat very far from the dining table cox tummy getting bigger!

12th Jan Having weirder and weirder dreams these days. Some are so weird i cannot even comprehend. Sometimes i dream of dead dolls but in my dreams i try so hard trying to "save" them. Like why. I can see they are just dolls in my dreams! But then i still wanna give them CPR wth.

13th Jan Sat on a black plastic chair to listen to my dad's prescription instruction. When i got up there was a wet stain on the chair O.O" Embarrass until want die cox Josh saw the patch T.T I also don't know if it's sweat or what....... O.O""" What have i become...... ='O

Went for hospital tour at Thomson Medical Centre! Shit's getting real!!! Mummy is getting a bit anxious!!! But thank god the people at the hospital is very assuring and brought me and your daddy through the different scenarios of which i might be admitted haha.

Will share more in details in another post but OMG BABY our suite is huge and super dope!!!
Super info-loaded and enriching tour!!! Good thing there's Josh to remember everything becox i am pretty sure i forgot most of the things i learnt as soon as i saw my lunch after the tour. LOL.

Went out with Yutaki, Wendy and Shuyin for movie!!! Wendy gave me a drumstick she smuggled in for movie HAHAHA. Knowing her, that is like giving me her left kidney hahahah!

 14th Jan Had to have Josh wear my underwear for me from now on.. I can easily sit on a chair but we don't have a chair in the bedroom and i like to wear my underwear in the bedroom. But thing is even if we have a chair in the bedroom, the chair will have to be cleaned everyday cox if not got dog fur (that is also why i cannot sit on the bed and wear my undie LOL). Thank you for reading through the reasons of why Josh have to help me put on my underwear for me LOL.

15th Jan Woke up twice in the middle of the night to pee.. T.T I just really wanna sleep for more than 4 hours in a stretch~!!!

Went for Hi tea with Jia and Dotty, they bought lotsa things for me and baby!

Some of the gifts for baby!!!
Clockwise - Wing top and hoodie from Jia! ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ PJ from Shuyin! Pink dress and stripes dress from Twenty3my ladyboss! #Cuite onesie and AWESOME onesie from Dotty =DDD I think my baby is left with no choice but to love PINK~!!! Hahah thank you errone~!!! =D

16th Jan Had lotsa rest today.. Spend the day watching drama with Josh, eating, and napping.. I think that's gonna be what i have to do from now on.. I am too big and heavy to move around much for long.

Omfg bought two boxes of durian at the pasar malam. Finished one box and started on the second one to find a WORM halfway through!!!!! DAMN GROSSSSSS.

Wanted to puke everything out lah!!! Like really i was gagging already!!! But then i remember the durian is $22/box so i decided to hold it together lol. LOL.

17th Jan 15 Years ago today i had my first menses. I was at those chinese banquet for prayers kind. They call it "Por dok" or something lah. I super loveee those one!!! Cox just go and eat.. And eat =D

So i was at that dinner and then halfway through my stomach is cramp until cannot!!! Pain until want die kind. But i hang on for another 40 mins just to tahan until dessert was served. It was potong ice cream hahaha so i grabbed my share and DASH BACK HOME LIKE LIGHTNING SPEED to poop.

And also found blood on my undies O.O It didn't occur to me that i was having my mense for the first time lolol. So i was genuinely worried and thought i have some kind of terminal disease or simply really sick. So i cried and cried and prayed sooooo hard for about an hour plus..

Until my sisters come back home and told me to please don't be so freaking dirty and go put on a pad for christ's sake. LOLOL. I was just sitting there helpless and padless, bleeding out and staining the floor, thinking i was sick LOLOL. Seriously.

Baby next time mummy will educate you better about menses okay. LOL. So you will never have horrifying first time like i did. Lolol. But then again.. At least i didn't bleed out in the public!!! =O

Went for Kah Wei's wedding and ate a lot of ho liao for the baby and me hahaha. Which reminds me that if i don't finish the birds nest at my home faster, i will have to open a shop to sell birds nest liao. So today onwards i have a bottle a day!!!

Omg baby.. I can't sleep. I am feeling quite depressed imagining the worst cox i heard a poly mate who just became a mummy herself talk about how foetus might have umbilical cord around their neck. And the baby will just pass away in the tummy cox cannot breathe right? It was scary to hear but then i didn't think much of it until it's late at night and right before i was gonna sleep. I imagine the worst things. Mummy love you so much, bb. Thank you for all the nudges and kicks. Thank you for being alive inside me. I pray for you to come to this world safe and healthy. I would give up my life for you. I love you, i love you, i love you.. Please be healthy and safe..

18th Jan Bb Daddy say you are going to be a good healthy baby cox we are good decent people! ^.^ I guess so! What the heck read my note from last night, i was so emotional. In fact i cried a lot yesternight O.O Not me ah, it's pregger hormones.

Actually i was really thankful and amazed by how each adult human being turn out good and healthy becox the human body is so complicated so many things can go wrong, during pregnancy, during baby stages and during our growing up years. Suddenly i don't hate anyone that much anymore O.O It's almost like everyone is a gift from the universe to make everyone else's life more interesting and meaningful.

Told Josh "I am hungry leh Darling"

He no reply.

"I am hungry~"

He reply "Next time if you say our baby is hungry, i will give you a respond immediately"

What is this. Hahaha!

Bb today you are 31 weeks!!! =OOO Size of a big pineapple!!! And all your five senses are working now. You are amazing ='))

Went to spend family time and totally in love with Yuxuan and Yurou! Though i still must ask for permission from Yurou before i can play with Yuxuan, i think we are getting there lol.

Best part about going to Si Jie's house is.. Homecooked food!!! By my borther in law or dad =DDD
19th Jan Had my first pre-natal massage today at Thomson Chinese Medicine ^.^ It's soooooo freaking good and effective in helping me reduce water-retention and swelling in my legs (espeically legs!!!) and arms, i should have started WAYYY earlier!!! T.T Will share more soon!!!
Your daddy brought us for yummy prawn noodle after that! =D Love it when he suggest we go to more special places for food haha! Becox we hardly do that before you *sulk* So i 托你的福 baby, this pregnancy mummy can eat lotsa yummy food away from Punggol! =DDD

20th Jan Your daddy butchered a thai young coconut for mummy hahah. People say now on can drink 1 - 2 coconut! So that you will come out clean and easy!!!

Bb.. Mummy's gonna see you soon but from now til then though i feel excited and happy as the days go..

I can't help to feel more and more worried. About the labor pain.. About how daddy and mummy is going to cope with you.. Will we be good enough? Can we keep to our promise to each other that we will try our best to be patient with each other when you come? Becox we hardly ever raise our voice at each other one. And we rarely argue even. At most is just upset with each other and then we just give each time and space to cool off. But then what if you come and we become the kind of couple who are always impatience and rude with each other cox we wanna please you soonest possible O.O

You please be as easy to handle as Yuxuan okay O.O I've never seen her cry or yell for anything. Everytime at most she grumble a bit only hahaha. 你学着点儿! I told Yuxuan you will be her 小跟班 already! Haha she is Yurou's 跟班. You are her 小跟班 okay! ^.^V

Your daddy is doing everything now.. Household chores to taking care of the doggies and me on top of his own work schedule. He is the best husband and dad-to-be the last 7 months.. I am very blessed.

21st Jan Today daddy and mummy was looking at outfits, cot and pram for you! Bb we will try our best to give you the best okay.. It doesn't matter if some people might think we are not good enough, we shall only give you the best. And that's becox you deserve only our best.

Josh accompanying me again while i do my hair =D I think he spend as much time as he can with me becox he see my tummy so big, scared i anytime can go into labor hahaha.

22nd Jan Woke up to breakfast by my bedside and a sweet note from Josh before he left for work.. A lot of times i think i am too lucky ='))) Becox it doesn't matter what shit i go through.. I know when i am home.. I have a Josh who cares and think about me always..

Went to the temple today with my dad. Prayed for baby's health (cox i was so worried the other day right, about the umbilical cord thing haha) and to draw a lot for my work.

23rd Jan So far i've put on 27kg.. Ottokae.....? Lolol.

Got home with Josh after his work at 8pm.. No matter how tired he is (he's been working back-to-back everyday) he still have dinner with me and still watch drama with me before he continue packing for his shoot tomorrow.

Sometimes he's so tired he will doze off and then mumble to ask me to wake him up if i'm hungry in the middle of the night =') Thank you darling..

4.30am and his alarm just went off. Baby you must remember your daddy works very hard for us so you have to be a good girl when you grow up okay. Your daddy has very weird temper haha but he loves you a lot so you'd have to listen to him!

I will miss Josh when he's at work T.T Before he leave for work i a bit teary what the heckkkkk!!! What the heck?!?!?! Pregnancy hormones. Hahah. I swear i wasn't like this!!! Now i go work also i want Josh with me O.O Why am i like this.

24th Jan Woke up in the afternoon and Josh say he is ending work early. WOOT WOOT. Hahaha.

Went to find Yurou today. Feel so bad that i can no longer run around / sit around and play dancing with her. I can only sit there like a hippo while she try her best to accommodate to me. Like she will tell me to sit on the chair / bed and say it is soft one, so i can sit. And then she will shift her whole play mat beside me and then bring all her toys over ='DDD She's so sensible.. I love her so much.

25th Jan Baby we are at 32 weeks now ='))) Thank you for coming so far so strong!!! Mummy love you so much already..

Bb today we wake up and daddy gave me a kiss but he gave you three!!! I am jealous~ Haha!

Josh and i went to Chinatown today and got he found a play gym for Yuxuan!!! If not this Yuxuan most of the time machiam bodoh only stare at ceiling by herself hahahah!

Yurou kept asking me to play with her haha but it's getting better now after playing with her for 20 minutes i can ask for permission to play with Yuxuan.

Bought bra extension finally if not i might suffocate myself to death.

26th Jan Went for pre-natal massage at Thomson Chinese Medicine again today!!!!! SOOOO FREAKING SHIOK I SWEAR i walk out feeling 20kg lighter. My poor legs feeling whole lot better!

Josh is the best cox he always just wait for me and the baby outside so patiently..

Then we head to Baby Hyperstore and Baby Kingdom!

They are both located at Shun Li Industrial Park!!! They are like a supermarts for baby and kids items!!! You can find almost EVERYTHING you need for your baby / toddlers lah! Haha.

It's located within industrial park (Address is near Eunos, Kaki Bukit! Please google!) so it's a bit inaccessible and don't expect super great store presentation like those in shopping malls haha.

BUT THE GOOD THING IS.... EVERYTHING IS SOLD CHEAPER!!!!! And they have a HUGEEEEEE VARIETY to choose from!!! =OOO Like i've seen a pram of the same brand and design being sold $599 outside.. At the industrial store it's only $300 plus!!! =OOO And then sometimes they run further discount somemore.

The last time Josh and i make a trip there was to buy baby items for Yurou's arrival. I TELL YOU HOW MUCH WE SPEND FOR:

Stroller pram
Sarong with frame
Baby cot
Mattress with bedding and bumper set
Baby rocker
Baby walker

EVERYTHING IN FOR LESS THAN $500. We only spent about $460 something i think!!! =OOO

Josh going around trying the brakes -_-" Haha. I don't see how that is number one priority! Lol. I think chioness is number one!!! O.O Anyway they have a wide range right, so anything from very low price range to higher price range ones you also can find there lah. Just know that everything is at a discounted price from what you'd find elsewhere~ =DDD

So if you're preparing to buy items for your baby, no harm checking out the place first =D

And at Baby Kingdom you may find more of baby clothes, wipes, detergent and breast pump etc. All the baby necessities at discounted prices i think! So you all can go to Shun Li Industrial park and check out the two stores loh!

Josh and i bought a white baby cot that looks like a carriage ^.^ For $300 plus WITH mattress, pink bedding set and pink bed-bumper all =DDD I LOVE IT!!!

Anyway i kept farting (A LOT, LOUDLY) while buying stuff there lol. Think the massage help me rid wind also hahahaha.

Bought this hanging toy from Baby Hyperstore cox it's too cute!!! Also not sure if you can see but they have playhouse for kids etc. So if you're a parent you should go look see =D Omg i am turning into such a typical mom lol. See good deals for babies i get damn excited lol.
Plays a nice music and is all white =D Made from organic cotton haha. My baby's room will be white and pink mostly! =DDD I know, typical. Haha.

27th Jan Been imagining and rehearsing how my delivery is going to be to get myself mentally prepared. I dreamt of it last night and all i could remember is i cried a lot in my dream becox i'm scared. Hahaha.

I think nobody know but one of my biggest dilemma in life is that i very much want a child of my own but after reading up / hearing people around me (my sisters, aunties, friends, friends of friends) talk about delivery.. One of my greatest struggle is the fear of having to tear my vagina O.O Actually i don't know what are the chances but looking how big my own head (skull) is i think my baby's head gonna be pretty mega-mindish lolol.

So yeah.. The fear still remains but i guess when the time really come, i'd be fine. But before that i think i'm gonna have to deal with the fear by not thinking about it lol.

Went to do my hair and nail and Josh came to look for me after his work. And sat there for almost 2 hours cox he wanna accompany me to kill another 1 hour walking around before my dinner appointment. All these time i didn't know his backpack was super heavy with all his equipment and props O.O I think he love the baby and me a lot O.O

Rare day i look okay.. Hair done by Sio at Cleo Hair!!! Love these loose curls! Haven't try curls for a long time but Sio never disappoints! Haha! Tel 63385250 for appointment! =D
Pampering time! Haha! Text 82929021 for appointment with Cleo Nails!

Your daddy ask me why am i using his daughter as table LOL.

28th Jan Aiyo i hope your papa faster come back =( He's out doing work again and i miss him and we are hungry =(

Got Josh to help me wash (and rub) my legs when i shower today cox i haven't been washing them properly for months now hahah.

29th Jan Had to go out for work today. Omg tired until.. Good thing Josh is with me to help me with things!

Bb i think mummy can feel you stretching your limbs!!! It's like last time you only nudge me, touch and go. Now you push and stay for a few seconds before you relax again hahaha.

Bb we are going to see you tomorrow =)) But i think you are so big now we can't see much haha!

30th Jan Bb we are at Dr Law's clinic today for our gynae check up! #Cantkeepmylegsclosed lol.

Mummy put on 29kg so far O.O What is going on~ lolol.

And you are 2.4kg ^.^ Dr Law say you are growing well. You kick and move so much during the scan. Haha. Are you excited also?! =DDD

Doctor Law say if by week 37/38 you are more than 3.5kg for natural birth, we might induce cox if not it might be hard for mummy to give birth to you naturally! But actually mummy wanna keep you in until week 40 T.T Cox then you will be an Aries. So far mummy hasn't seen a Piscean i like O.O All also got something wrong with the character like this.

But if you really turn out to be one then maybe you'd be the first Picscean i like haha!

Bought these singlets for you baby!!! They'd go well with all the tulle skirts hahahah.
Can you just reply your daddy please haha. He's always trying to talk to you and listen for a response. So far i don't think he can hear anything other than maybe my fart O.O
31st Jan Went to find Yuxuan today!!! Yurou wasn't at Yishun so i have a bit more time (and i have my phone to myself instead of have it belonging to Yurou hahah!) with Yuxuan! SHE IS SO ADORABLE OMGGGG. More lovable is her character!!! So sweet and subtle one. But omg really look like Ah Bong hahaha. I like to call her 小肉包 cox her face is like a bun!!!

Okay i go rest liao!!! Very very tiring to sit at the computer to add pictures to my existing diary!

The next time you see my baby diary it should sound something like this "OMGOMGOMG TOMORROW I AM GOING TO GIVE BIRTH TO MY BABY LIAO BYE!"



Hanna Lei said...

Yes to the bra extension! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do...ask for epidural. .contraction is freaking painful. Get epidural!!

pam said...

I have the same tots as you on people born in the month of March. They're not not nice, just too emotional at times to be with. Hahaha. So as much as I can,will also try to avoid tt month.

Anonymous said...

i was induced for the birth of my gal due to low amniotic fluid. wanted to go as far as i could without epidural initially, but gv up when i was 5 cm dilated. every birth process is different and no amount of preparation will be sufficient. p.s my friend gave birth to a gal weighing 4.2kg naturally with the help of epidural of cos..

Anonymous said...

I'm a mother for 3wks now. I went through labor without epidural. You just keep an open-minded mindset (Mind over body) :) Don't stress yourself too much. If you think you need epidural just go for it! To me, the feeling of labor is like having constipation for 5mths. You just have to use the right energy to push your baby out! Try to walk more during ur last trimester or use a gym ball to bounce on it. It helps with backache and labor! All the best qiu qiu!

Janice said...

I love reading your baby diary! heartfelt thoughts and the whatnot. Josh is really such a great husband and dad :') and you of cos, are such a wonderful person and mum-to-be :'D praying for a safe and smooth delivery for you! rmb the LOA? ;) everything will be absolutely fine! cannot wait for meredith's arrival alr!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Please don't ask for epidural, it will have longterm effects on you and your future baby to come after your first! trust me.

Anonymous said...

Birthing naturally really depends on your level of threshold for pain. Early administration of epidural will prolong the birth process. But don't request for epidural too late else the anesthesiologist might not be able to administer for you.

Raine Lee said...

Omg, Josh is such a sweetheart, he would really do everything for you. You're so lucky, Qiu! So happy for you :D Also wish you a safe delivery! <3

kelly said...

When will you deliver qiu qiu? I keep telling my bf how excited I am and checking onto all your social media~ so happy for you

ST said...

I was born with umbilical cord wrapped 2 rounds around my neck. I survived till now 27 yo :)

Have a smooth delivery! :)

Anonymous said...

I was born with umbilical cord wrapped 2 rounds around my neck. I survived till now 27 yo :)

Have a smooth delivery! :)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a safe delivery QiuQiu! Such good parents you both already are!! Im sure your baby is gonna be as beautiful as you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu! I love reading your blog. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. :)

Tysh said...

so good to see you enjoying the good things of pregnancy... remember not everyone has access to those...