15 March 2015

1 week Mom

Hi, here i am trying out mobile blogging again cox i am not well enough to be at the computer doing work. So if Blogger app sucks and screw up the alignment / image of my blog again as it did before.. I apologise in advance haha.

It's been a week i have Baby Meredith in my life. I will definitely share more in details when i can cope better with recovery, the newborn and work. But now i just wanna share my thoughts on being a mom for the first time.. In the first week.

One sentence could sum it up - I am truly humbled.

Humbled by how much love and care people around me shower me with.. Humbled with how amazing it is that a tiny life sprouted and appear in my life.

The other morning i was just sitting with Meredith by the window.. She was as usual being a sleepyhead while sunbathing. I look at her chest.. I see veins and i see her tiny chest moving up and down as she breathes.. And i think to myself.. The wonders of Life.. I was again humbled. Something so beautiful is right in front of me.. And i (sorta) made it. Haha. Well okay, Josh and i made it LOL. Can't take credit for everything.

Talking about Josh.. He has been the best husband during my pregnancy.. I didn't think he would be even better at being a father.. We don't have confinement nanny nor helper nor parents with us so basically handling baby is all down to Josh and a me who is not fully-functional. In other words, Josh is now taking care of two person with lotsa needs. I tear up a lot just from giving thanks in my heart.

To help us cope better my sisters especially Pearl also help us a lot and she would check on me everyday to make sure i am not feeling too stressed about breastfeeding and all. All the little things my family do for me.. Again.. Make me feel like i haven't done good enough to be deserving.

Maybe it's the post-natal hormones but every time i use something that was given to the baby and me, i feel so thankful and blessed. Meredith is endorsing three brands so far for a year each.. Biolane, Merries and Philips AVENT. And the sponsors have been nothing but generous to us both.

Also Thomson Medical Centre sends over my confinement meals twice a day and it's all good nourishing food.. It makes me feel very thankful that even little things like this is taken care of in my life.

So i say.. I am truly blessed in many ways by big big love. And for all the downs that face during this first week with breastfeeding, with slow-recovery etc..

I tell myself it's okay.. It's gonna be okay and it can only get better with time.

So far what i really felt was.. Almost every mom (and dad) deserve a lot more than they are recognised for.

For some point in their lives, you were their everything and all they wanna do is to give you everything they can, just to keep you happy, satisfied and safe.

Maybe along the way this instinct your parents have will not be so obvious, maybe in years to come you will find this a bother and wish they will leave you alone, maybe down the road people change and you guys might hurt each other.. But always remember that point in life where they love you with all their hearts and wish for nothing more than to be a better person for you..

It's unfortunate my relationship with my mother is nothing more than "I'd pay for things, i'd send you for holiday, i'd buy you concert tickets, birthday give you angbao" but i know she love all of us in her own ways. And from my delivery and from this week of being a new mom.. I will always try to remember the better of her.

Alright.. It's 6.15am.. My life is on a 3 hour schedule now becox of pumping haha. And i just took 20 minutes out to share these thoughts..

Back to this amazing little thing..

Daddy and Mommy will always, always love you, Meredith.. Always.


Anonymous said...

What a heartfelt post! From what I've read so far, you and Josh are doing an amazing job as parents. Thank you for updating us about your first week as a mom. Baby Meredith is so lucky to have so much love surrounding her. Stay blessed, Qiuqiu. :)

Anonymous said...

欢迎小宝贝来到这个世上的一个星期 :*

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! You'll be awesome parents Qiuiqiu, can't wait to see her grow up!! And it's true, it's the most amazing miracle : the pregnancy and birth. Congrats and take care <3

Unknown said...

Hi qiuqiu, my sister gave birth to my nephew in oct. Her milk flow was really low as well.

We read up on lactation foods.
You should try Fernugreek. Its a herbal supplement to increase milk production. Also, fennel tea.

If you can bake, make some lactation cookies. Brewers yeast, flax seeds and rolled oats boost the production as well!

Hope this helps. Also, don't stress out and have plenty of rest. Worked wonders for my sis. :)

Anonymous said...

As a new mum to be, look forward to ur coming posts ! Update us when u can! Take care

Star said...

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! I'm not a Mom, but my sister is. Having a child does seem quite humbling. :) Hopefully when my time comes to have my own, I will be just as happy. Good luck on your recovery, hope all is well for you and your family. Looking forward to updates <3

Anonymous said...

I too did not engage a confinement lady nor did I have my relatives to help.. I took care of the newborn myself as I am a single mother. Basically I found that latching works best for me it lessen my burden of washing milk bottles and I do not need to heat up the milk.. Supply vs demand remember this rule n u will never go wrong with breast feeding.. Supply will fall into place after the first few weeks of breastfeeding and breast feeding will be easier.. Every mum has gone through this phase jia you.. I have been breastfeeding for 2 yr plus and still continuing. P.s. If u wan your kid to have long lashes try to put some beast milk on their lashes, works for mine..

Anonymous said...

Oh I cried reading your post.. Yes we have so much to be thankful for. Thank YOU for reminding me that! My boy is 7mo now and your post brings back those memories. :)

Amanda said...

Glad that you realized that now. Giving birth isn't easy, taking care of a child is another different story. Whatever ur mom has done to you she's still a mother who's sacrificed herself, her body, her life for you and siblings.

Anonymous said...

teared reading your post, thank you for the timely reminder about giving thanks and being appreciative towards family, love and life :') take care qiuqiu, and continue to be an inspiration

WifeyBB said...

To the new mother!!! Can you tell us WHY you decided on the name Merideth???

Anonymous said...

Baby Meredith is so cute~!

Unknown said...

pretty little Meredith is so blessed. I am happy to see both you and merrygoround being healthy and doing well. keep it up Qiu Qiu. ^-^ I am sure you will be a great mom