04 March 2015

Baby and Me Diary 10


This is probably going to be my last pregnancy update! Haha! Cox i am going to give birth on the 8th O.O I mean how fast time pass, hor?!?! First there was the announcement post 1, and then it lead to subsequent random log of my pregnancy, me complaining about weight gain and all..

And then poof! The once upon a time appleseed i once knew.. Is now fully formed and ready to meet everyone who love her before she even knew them ='))) I am just a few days away from popping!

Some have asked if i'm going for natural or C-section, Dr Law supports my decision either way (cox i am fit for both!) and i am going with natural birth (decided only recently becox for real half the people around me strongly suggest C-section while the other half swear by natural and say the recovery is so speedy that you basically don't feel any pain within a week O.O Don't know how true!

Pearl especially strongly encourage me to do natural. So okay lah! If everything goes right, i will have a baby on the 8th! Haha! Actually it's 22nd one T.T And she will be an Aries. But now she'd be Pisces becox if i wait any longer she might get too big for me to go natural. Last week she's already 3.3kg O.O HAHAH. Fatty baby *hearteyes*

Actually since weeks ago i've been trying to eat lesser becox i don't want her to get too big inside! But the last few scans all prove that she is a strong baby growing fast and well hahaha. Me eating less or more doesn't really affect anything haha. So yeah loh! Will have to induce on the 8th! =D

Anyway~ Here's my daily log~! =D

1st Feb Yay waking up to my favourite breakfast with a note from Josh who left for work. Hahaha he act one Japanese hahaha. And he say he rewrite the note three times cox kanji is hard to write lol.

Bb today you are 33 weeks in and is about 18 inches =O Size of a big durian hahah.

And you might have your eyes open while awake O.O What do you see?! Do you see mummy's intestines??? Or lungs??? Or it's all dark and blurry to you?! Hahah. You are amazing!

Went out for a nice dinner and movie with Sophie, Yutaki, Wendy and Mike!

I loveee good yummy food! Bb you don't worry about your weight gain okay! You come out that time the fatter the better! Hahah.

2nd Feb Had a hard night trying to fall asleep and then hard night trying to stay asleep. You're feeling bigger and heavier inside me. I guess you can't get TOO big hahah.

Your daddy woke at 5.30am to go for work =( He'd be working the next few days and told me to go to Yishun while he's working so that if anything, there's someone to take care of me. I think he's more kan jeong than i am haha.

Went for Prenatal massage alone today at Thomson Chinese Medicine! Burp and fart SOOOO much after the massage!!! Other than peeing lots right after hahaha. It never fail to amaze me how much better i always feel after massage!

Josh came home after work at 7.30pm to go buy dinner O.O I ought to be ashamed of myself cox i was napping when he got home after working for more than 12 hours =X

3rd Feb Went to find Yuxuan and Yurou today cox Josh is at work again ^.^ Si Jie got me a HUGEEE pack of cai bng omg. Machiam feed pig one lolol.

Got home and went to eat dinner with Josh when he come home from work.

Again he watch drama with me until he doze off. I guess he is too tired having to work + spend time with me.

4th Feb Your daddy is working again. So today we lunch is bread and nutella O.O Hahaha. He got us fruits and other stuff but i don't feel like eating them =X

You very poor thing baby! No daddy no proper food. LOL.

Si Jie scold me cox she say how can i be like this, she offered to buy food for me and then bring it to me. It's not that. It's just.. Really.. The loaf of bread is expiring today. I MIGHT AS WELL. Hahaha.

5th Feb Yay! Josh and i are out to shop and he got me a new phone!!!!!! ^.^
Specially ordered this yogurt ice blend cox it's Pearl's craving when she was doing her confinement hahahah. I don't think she satisfy her craving yet. So i purposely order to show her hahah.
Ginger fried rice that taste like.. Ginger white rice. Lolol.

Omg i feel so heavy and big. Getting in and out of cab is hard. Getting out of bed is hard.

Almost midnight and you gave mummy such a shock.

What feels like contraction kept coming and it gets more and more painful each time. I got so scared that i teared cox the house is not ready yet! Like i wanna be ready for the baby when she comes but i didn't expect it to be so soon!!!

So scared that i cried cox my hair is in a mess i don't wanna go into labor like that hahaha.

Called Dr Law's emergency hotline after 15 minutes of pain lol cox i was hoping it's just a big laosai coming lol. But the pain didn't go away so i finally call Dr Law!!! And he called back immediately to check on me!

Maybe he got magic power or something. When i talk to him the pain just magically disappear what the heck. Hahaha. I hope he don't think i prank call him or what at almost 12am LOL.

6th Feb Spend the day at the vet with Tiffany and Josh and then to do my hair! Josh spent hours keeping me company again. He's scared that anytime i might go into labor hahaha.

7th Feb Feeling so moody today i guess it's cox i have to work the next few days non-stop =(

Today mummy really really crave durian but your daddy say cannot becox people say durian make the baby grow very big =(((((((((

YAYYY your daddy bring us to Chompchomp!!!!!! =DDDDD And satisfy our craving for Char Kway Teow and Wanton Mee!!! ^.^
Everything suck except maybe the omelette! Haha!

8th Feb Baby your are 34 weeks old now! =OOO About 18.7inches ^.^ And mummy's supposed to sing you lullaby and you are listening to mummy's conversation already! Haha. All the gossip mummy talk about you know hor? Cannot tell people okay! Haha!

Mummy's putting belly bud back on for you!!! Disney songs you like?

Went to a BabyCare festival and bought some stuff for the baby! =DDD Bought a super nice bathtub! Show you guys again~!!! =DDD And also stock up on my stretchmark cream from Biolane! But omgggg i am damn upset. I bought two tubes spare.. NOW I DON'T REMEMBER WHERE I PUT THEM when i got home. So now i'm using every bit of my current tube preciously lolol. I just know the two tubes i bought will pop up sometime soon one.
9th Feb Wake up to awesome breakfast from my friend~!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you!!!
Went to shop around Forum and Tanglin Mall today for baby stuff.. Their stuff are exceptionally nicer somehow O.O Can't help but to buy stuff for baby there even though it's a little more pricey haha.

Actually so far all the baby stuff we got are a bit crazy. Spent $89.90 on just a simple hanging toy =XXX WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO MEEEE!!! I know why.

Cox most of the babies stuff has super bright and primary colour =X And me and Josh both don't like. But the more expensive ones are more of neutral / pastel colours WITHOUT ugly cartoon prints =___= haha. Like the $89.90 hanging toy, it's sewn with organic cotton and it's just plain and cream in colour. Why cannot make more baby stuff that is aesthetically pleasant for the house~!!!

Now we have problem finding a nice pram T___T That doesn't have black wheels.. And that doesn't look robotic / complicated. And that doesn't have fanciful wave lines / kiddish flowers designs on the fabric. Lolol. I don't know how to explain the frustration. And to ship in the exact stroller i like, i have to spend a total of about $3.2k for first hand and $2.5k for secondhand =OOO

So we both gave up our dream stroller cox we are only willing to pay up to $2k for stroller pram! Which is not too bad cox to start with, the pram that we wanted is not user-friendly and it is not collapsable hahaha. And i think it weighs about 30kg HAHA. Now i'm just trying too hard to comfort myself lolol.

Went for my last pre-natal massage session! Gonna miss it soooo much!!!

BB.. Mummy really wanna eat durian but your daddy is still firmly against it T.T

10th Feb Today your daddy spent the whole day with mummy and your aunties haha.
 YAYYY your daddy is the best he is bringing us to Geylang for supperrrrr!!! Cox you (me, haha!) wanna eat mee sua!!!
EVERYTHING IS YUMMYYYY!!! I want it again T.T I think after you come out, i want to eat these i can wait long long hahahaha. Maybe wait until your 21st birthday your daddy also won't bring me one lol.

11th Feb Did a little spring cleaning for my beauty room. 3 huge big trash bag later.. Still crazy messy. I feel a crazy need to do more. Make more space for baby, clear out rubbish, stock up baby stuff O.O

Woke up with a bad dream omg. Sometimes when trust is broken, all that's left is work and benefits. I guess people change. You, me, her, us all.

Baby ah baby! Mummy wanna take a video of you gliding across my tummy but why you 10 times, 10 times also so camera shy! Haha. Once i whip out the camera you stop moving!

Feeling a bit depressed looking at this picture i took in 2013! I was so skinny i had to photoshop my waist and thighs bigger =OOO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME BE SKINNY AGAIN! I don't wanna be sexy / have big boobs but i just wanna be skinny-framed~ Haha!

12th Feb YAY today is bff day!!! Went for dim sum with Mich. Feed her full full cox after that i'd need her to help me clean my beauty room.

My room even after i already clear it MANY ROUNDS. Giving away lotsa  brand new clothes / skincare / makeup and bags.. And threw away EVEN MORE stuff. I really am sick. Each time i clear my room, i realise i am sick. Lolol. Sick in the head. I cannot help it but to spend spend spend. Buy buy buy. Lolol. But some of the stuff were given to me so it's not THAAAAT bad i guess? =X
Mich my helper for the day comes in and swipe out about 4 trash bag worth of stuff in one day's work and pack the good stuff into 2 huge china bags for flea next time hahaha. My room is now clean and neat and tidy!!! I don't dare to mess it up becox if i do i think Mich will kill me.
Mich customised this for Meredith and me ^.^ Thank you!!! I wanna bring her to see the world as soon as i can~!!! =DDD
Steamboat buffet at Treasure Pot at Punggol! This is my third time there i think! Quite loving it!

Michelle say next time baby better don't spend too much time with me cox i am a very bad influence. So she told me "以后这个孩子我自己带比较好" LOLOL. I think this ganma got 神经病.

Walk / stand around too much today.. First time i realise i no longer can see the ankle bone knot. Lol. So this is Josh giving me massage again. FHL almost everyday gotta massage my feet =X Which is.. You know.. Probably not very clean hahaha.

13th Feb Today Josh and i went for first time Daddy and Mummy parenting class!!! ^.^

My fingers and legs have come to a point they are so swollen and bloated from water retention that i feel like baymax. LOL.

14th Feb Happy Valentine's baby. Haha. Today we go see you at the gynae! Dr Law say you are 2.9kg and our target now is to keep you in there at least till after 1st March ^.^ Mummy gained 31kg though. Lol.
Vday plan is to go eat the famous Casuarina prata!!! It is soooo good i love itttt~!!!
Along the same stretch where the prata shop is.. I can get my childhood biscuits and candies! Haha! Then we go home to rest my legs and your daddy is cutting nails and massaging my swollen feet. I say it's a good Vday for me.

15th Feb Bb you are at 35 weeks now and about the size of a big coconut ^.^

Played with Yurou today and i love love love her so much. Actually one of my worry is that i fear after baby come out i'd have lesser time to spend with Yurou =((( But she's been a darling so far! Everytime i ask her if she will share her toys with Meredith, she say yes. Hahaha. Then i ask, "Yuxuan leh? Can Yuxuan play with your toys?" "Nuuuuu" LOLOL.

Went to Si Jie house today and Josh fell down again =_____="

Other than the bruises and scratches here and there, his right foot got swollen and have to limp around. It's two more days to CNY so i insist he go get Xray done to make sure there's no fracture.

Bb hor.. You last warning ah hahaha don't later people really think you broom-star. LOL.

16th Feb Woke up at 6am after 4 hours of sleep. Insta-browsing on explore page and saw this blog.. The diagnosis post particularly made me cry becox i didn't think much of the same scan i did for my baby. I didn't how big a blessing it is for my baby's scan to be "normal". I truly wish for that baby to recover fast and well..

Omg bb i think next time you don't inherit my bad temper okay. Becox your daddy leg injured so i go and buy food with him. The sun is sooooo scorching hot i instantly bad mood omg.

It's like after i had you i try to have more patience, be kinder to people, stay zen despite my super bad temper.. And i truly feel i can do it..


Today i was looking at my old pictures on instagram and told Josh "Omg darling 我希望我可以快点瘦回 so that 我又可以 act chio!!! 我最喜欢 act chio 的!!!"

His reply "我懂啊" =.= lolol.

17th Feb Niao Niao came to find me today and got Josh and me yummy wanton mee!!!

Later me and her go sister time ^.^ I love sister time!!! It feels so good to go out with your own sisters / bff becox they do what also will put you in first consideration.

Niao practically carried everything from my shopping to my dabao food to my bag for me. Everything except my baby bump haha.

Chili sisters~ Hahaha. Jian huo now prettier than me. Just you waittttt~ 我一定要比你美!!!
Sushi for late lunch ^.^

18th Feb It's Chinese New Year eve! Josh got me breakfast and then i went back to nap while he clean up the whole house for CNY spring cleaning O.O #WorstWifeEver

Spent the rest of the day at Si Jie's house playing with Yurou and spending time with family =)))

It's such a blessing to have a family like mine O.O My sisters all a bit sambat like me nevermind. Her daughters also sambat sambat one hahaha. Yurou DAMN happy she get to wear this cheena biang costume hahaha. Praise her for being pretty, she will act shy and arm-chio say "没有啦没有啦" =__=
Matchy clothes we wear for CNY from Lzzie! =D
Too much snack time and gambling time haha. Went home with a pair of baymax feet lolol. 

19th Feb First day of new year was spent with family again. I'm very comforted that Josh can accompany me for so long this year! Usually he don't like gathering and crowd and most CNY he will show up til 7/9pm max! This year he everyday stay until pass midnight. Haha.

Random pictures of Yuxuan looking cute haha! Omg seriously please let me have a nice-tempered baby like thisssss!!! Whole time can just lie there by herself and smile and self-entertain one!
Becox Yuxuan really look like Ah Bong when Ah Bong was a baby so i try to help Si Jie visualise how Yuxuan will look like when grown up. HAHAHHAHAHA. I don't think she's impressed. LOL.
20th Feb Second day of CNY. Looking fat fab. Lolol. Seriously since when i bought this necklace and since when it got permanently attached to me. WHAT HAPPENED?! Hahaha.

Yurou is so cute.. Past few days i keep seeing the more grown-up and sensible side of her trying to play by herself cox adults are all busy doing adult stuff lol.

Over dinner Yurou suddenly brought up the topic of "Favourite" so she started by asking me what's my favourite colour.. What's my favourite animal.. This and that, random things. So i answer and i answer. 4-5 questions later.. She tell me..

"My faboorut drink is the soogar cane. You know. Soogar cane. Yah.. Hehe.."

=_________=" SO CUNNING ONE THIS 3 YEAR OLD!!! Hahahahahahah! She's telling me her favourite drink is sugar cane drink becox i have a packet of sugar cane drink right in front of me and the other adults don't let her drink anymore sugared water haha.

So she target me by pretending to strike up a "What's your favourite...." convo with me =__=" Lolol. But then i think she deserve a sip or two for the effort lah hahaha. So i gave it to her LOL.

I hope next time Yurou, Yuxuan and my baby can all be on good terms and be just like siblings!!!

21st Feb OMGGGG. Why do i have to wake up!!! I dreamt that i was seated at economy class but the food ran out and somehow i got lucky cox they air crew is going to offer me a full course FIRST CLASS MEALLLLLLL~!!!!!!!! They all look soooooo good!!!!! I don't think i'd ever have a chance to fly first class T___T So i am very upset i have to wake up before i get to taste the first class food!

Went to my other sister house and had yet another family day. By the next CNY the family will be so cute with Yurou, Yuxuan running around.. And Meredith will be probably learning how to walk with assistance by then haha.

LOLOL got bored and started to put Josh and my picture together to see how will Meredith look like if she had daddy's eyes (cox i prefer Josh eyes than my own eyes lah) and mummy's lower face. You think this is bad?
WHAT IS THIS SHITTTTTT THEN! HAHAHAHAH. Worst if she gets daddy's lower face and mummy's eyes!!! HAHAHAHA. Sorry baby. You just have a kind heart at least okay. Daddy mummy can't make you much of a looker hahahaha.

22nd Feb Bb today you are 36 weeks in =OOOOO I can't believe you were just the size of an apple seed when i first know you..

Went for a movie with Josh today.. Getting a bit emotional becox come to think about it.. It is probably gonna be the last movie we will watch in the theaters together as a couple in a looooong time.

Woke Josh up at 3am to tell him a good news. Hahha.

23rd Feb Omg bb.. Your legs confirm very long. You keep jerking mummy's ribcage from inside =O

24th Feb Went out with Wendy and Yutaki for a nice dinner and then KTV!!!

Not gonna be KTV-ing for a long time.. The feeling is a little sad hahahah. Sing allll the song!!!

25th Feb Went to Si Jie house today cox Ren Ri. She got Josh and me lotsa hawker food! ^.^

And then my dad heard i wanna eat nian gao so he went to buy and deep fry some. I am very blessed with a loving family =))) Thank you, thank you, thank you..!!!

Yurou is so cute today. Keep wanting to just have private time with me. Me and her were playing in the living room, her mummy come and talk to me so Yurou ask me to the bedroom.

Then her mummy come inside the bedroom and try to talk to me (we are disturbing her hahaha), she pek chek and say "AIYAHHH 一直讲, 一直讲!!!!!" lolol. She's just too funny.

26th Feb Met the baby shower party planner and decor-artist today from Assemble Happinest! If you remember she also did my hen's night and wedding!!! =DDD So excited to have her onboard to work on something beautiful and interesting for the baby full month party!

Went out to do hair and then have a nice dinner. It's a happy day!!!

27th Feb Yeah baby.. We saw you today again at Dr Law's! You weigh 3.3kg O.O Mummy's already been controlling my diet for about 4 weeks now yet you're still growing fast and big. Hahah aren't you a little fatty pie?!

Mummy put on a total of 34 kg now =X

Your auntie Mich and Si Yi and papa and mummy went out for lunch and yogurt this afternoon! ^.^ Stupid Mich say yogurt and bread = Baby shower celebration for me and Si Jie. Lol. So niao one. Also FML i really look like Si Jie HAHA. Now i see it. Also also.. Their eyebrows.. I cannot. Too much yama. Lol.

Then we go grab some supplies for the baby at the warehouse. Yay Mich say today go shopping everything also 干妈 pay. YES. 找干妈就是要找这个 pattern one. Hahahah.

Yayyyyy went home to nap cox super duper tired. Woke up and your daddy say okay to bring us to Old Airport road for food ^.^ He's the best and i hope his leg recover soon. If not we both look damn pathetic together, one limping, one waddling haha.

And again.. EVERYTHING SUCK except the egg omelette. Josh say he don't know what he is eating hahaha. Lao Fu Zi char kway teow was utterly disappointing.
But hey~ I am still happy Josh brought me somewhere different =DDD

28th Feb Daddy and mummy went to buy even more supplies for you today.. Baby, we are very excited to meet you, you know?!

1st March Bb you are the size of a winter melon now at about 21inches! =O Hello big lady! Haha. Are you the one jabbing my ribcage and kicking my intestines around haha.

Hello happy first of March.. Or not. This is the third time in a row i woke up in shock cox i wet my bed. 3 times in a span of 24hrs. I am very angry becox i make sure i pee twice before bed time to clear until i got nothing to clear.. But i guess the bladder is getting more and more cramped up.

So i'm sleeping on adult pee pad now. Hi, last week of pregnancy. You so humorous.

Today daddy is busy washing all your tiny outfits ^.^ They look so cute beside our clothes haha.

Tiny booty socks Pearl got for us..
Couldn't resist doing a flat lay HAHA. With the clothes i picked out for Josh to wash.
Onesies i thought i could let the baby wear when she discharge from the hospital but Si Jie say must wear kimono style. But hey~ These are still too cute to not be shown~ Haha!

I am clearing out my wardrobe to make even more space for the baby haha. While going through my clothes i saw my old XS and S cup bras...... They just look so..... Tiny. LOL. Like i vaguely remember fitting into them and have lotsa free space between the cup and my boobs..

Now i am wearing XL bras lol and i'm like "Which barbie doll do these tiny bras belong to"

Bb look!!! Your yeye bought stuff for you! He's has never gone shopping for baby stuff personally before! =OOO Mummy is very touched!! Next time you wear already we show yeye okay!

Haha my dad is so funny. He went shopping on his own at OG to get these for Meredith. And later went home to pass them to Pearl to ask her to pass them to me later cox he is going out for concert soon. Pearl is sooooo jelly cox my dad never personally shop for other grandkids~ HAHA.

So Pearl was like "Ah Teng de baby only wear branded hor. You buy these she won't wear one lah"

My dad's epic reply "Not cute meh? I think it's very cute. If she don't want then let Yuxuan wear loh"


What am i going to do? I am the faboorut daughter and soon Meredith will be faboorut granddaughter. LOL.

2nd March Woke up with a wet bed again. Sigh. I barely slept for 3 hours. And peed twice before going to bed. Still. Nevermind!!! Last week to go!!!

Bb today your cot arrived ^.^ Just looking at it even though it's empty now.. Make mummy very excited =)))

Walking hurts. Lying down is uncomfortable. Sitting up is a chore. Few more days..

3rd March Couldn't really sleep the whole night cox my backache has turned into sharp lower back pain. Dozed off at 2.30am and woke up at 5am.

Good thing is Josh wake up at 7 and got me breakfast ^.^

Today is shop for new curtains and bedsheets day! A bit upset that tomorrow onwards the doggies can't sleep on our bed anymore haha. But nevermind lah Josh say i can spend more time at the living room instead of camping on my bed haha. That's true!

We are done packing the baby's drawer! Everything is still under control. I am surprised that one drawer will do the job lol. Probably cox i only picked out the 0-3 months old for washing first!
Ending my day with CKT craving finally satisfied. Not even one of the best char kway teow but at least it taste like char kway teow. From Compass Point foodcourt!

Also in case you haven't seen it yet! I am doing a series of video to share about my baby's journey!

This ep is about the little things Josh and i prepared for the baby's arrival and my thoughts on giving my baby the best.. =)

Everyone around me kept sharing with me about the importance of getting a good breast pump, a good and steady stroller pram, a good carrier.. And one of the things i keep hearing until i also scared, is to use only good diapers to avoid diaper rash. It's as if diaper rash is so common for babies to get O.O I mean, it does sound like it has to be! If not why so many diaper rash cream out there right.

But honestly.. I don't think "good" is ever enough =X

I think only the best will suffice. Every parent wants the best for their babies. You can get a good breast pump for yourself, something that works for you, or a good stroller that you can judge and gauge if it's suitable for your lifestyle, is it light-weight enough, is it easily collapsable for good portability etc.. And you can decide if the carrier fits you well..

But you can't exactly tell if the diaper is good enough for your baby cox you're not wearing it haha. And your baby can't tell you that. So you just have to go with the best. Something that is used, trusted and raved by many other mummies, who can proudly say their babies never ever gets diaper rash with it and love it for it is the diaper that never leaks.

And looking around.. I can only give Merries that credit!

My sister was using a few other brands and don't know complain how many many times about pee and poop leaking causing her more trouble cox other than cleaning up the baby and the mess, she have t change bedsheets and all hahaha! So after she hear from her own mummy friends to try Merries, she stands by it and told me to use Merries too.

Not just her! Wendy is a happy mum using Merries for Dash too! So i am happy to say Meredith is going to be a Merries baby =DDD More happy for myself actually, cox i don't have to deal with unnecessary problems that comes with using lousy diapers hahah.

Okay that's all!!! The next time i see you.. You'd see my baby.


Good luck to me! ^.^V


Anonymous said...

Dear Qiu Qiu, I have been a silent reader all along and I would like to break my silence by wishing you a safe and easy birth with Meredith. May you also recover quickly after giving birth. I look forward to seeing future updates of you and the new addition to your family. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Yay u finally updated! Smooth delivery to you n update us asap !

Stephany said...

Hello Qiuqiu!! we're in the final countdown!! this night I have the induction...I'm a little scared, my princess is too tiny and smart...Only 5 lbz and 8 oz (2,500 kilograms maybe) T_T I'm feeling so sad and nervous about my little baby Annie...If you remember, you see a picture of my little babybump and you mentioned me in a comentary saying that I looked very skiny haha I send you my best wishes for you, Meredith and Josh!! enjoy that magical moment, try to forget the pain. Its only a moment, be strong!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Yay! Finally! Rest more before the BIG day and wish u have a safe delivery! Jia you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Quiqiu,I have been a silent reader to your blog and always looking forward to your post. Wishing you a smooth delivery and looking forward to your baby picture and post. I'm sure you will be a very fabulous mummy to be. Having a little one is a joy to every parent. Enjoy the process.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH so excited for you QiuQiu!! Crazy how fast your pregnancy has gone - I remember when you announced it and I though "Hor?? Got to wait so long to see the baby" Wishing you a quick and safe delivery <3 Can't wait to hear about motherhood.

Hanna Lei said...

Love the episode! I hope your delivery goes well! -Hanna Lei

ruipyon said...

Hi qiuqiu
Hope u have a smooth and fast delivery. Honestly, induced Labour pains hurt more then natural Labour pains coz of the stronger contractions. I managed to get through it without epidural, but do consider waiting for natural birth? 3.3kg is not bad, my son came out at 3.5kg, and my brother was 4kg back then.. so don't worry about her size!

Jen said...

Hi Qiu qiu, you are looking great!! Wishing you a smooth and safe delivery. Baby will be as pretty as you I'm sure. Jia you!!

Jocey said...

Good luck with your delivery!! Can't wait to see Meredith <3

Bok said...

Safe delivery!!! So excited for you QQ!!

ps: I purchased an expensive breast pump but now I am using a $29 manual pump which did a faster and better job. Do what fits you and your baby the best.

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu, I've been your reader for years and I wish you all the blessings for you, Josh, and Meredith :) You are also the most hardworking blogger I've ever seen, posting so much to keep your readers updated about you even when you're pregnant- it's not easy and we all appreciate your efforts :) enjoy motherhood Qiu! we are all so happy and excited

em said...

I induced my lil one in Jan too. If you are afraid of the strong contractions, can consider administrating epidural first before induction. I din feel any pain until the epi wears off. N yes, natural delivery only hurts and a wk or two. God luck n safe delivery! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been a silent reader as well. Really happy n excited for you! Wishing you a safe and smooth delivery! Take good care!

Anonymous said...

Hello.. Been a silent reader but just wana wish u all the best and u definitely can do it well!
i also induced my baby as she was getting too big. She was borned 4.2kg naturally without epidural. So anything is possible!

Jus a side note.. Would suggest u washing the bigger sized baby clothes as usually bigger babies cant fit 0-3months. Mine started off with 6months onwards. Haha!

jiayou qiuqiu!


Anonymous said...

Hi QQ,

Been reading your blog for quite some time and really love your genuine personality. The way you write is so cute too, love to read your blog :)

Here wishing you a smooth delivery and hope to see your little princess photo soon!