22 March 2015

The delivery of our Baby Meredith

*NOTE* I paid for my hospital stay. Thomson gave me a room upgrade. So please stop bringing the negative drama happening online to me it's not as if i am intentionally trying to masked a paid ad or anything like that. I have thanked Thomson openly on all my social media, nothing to hide. All comments / rude remarks will be deleted. Just share the joy if you want, or go be unhappy elsewhere.

It's gonna be a long, long post.. But it'd still be too short to have my emotions and feelings adequately put into words. There's just too much, too precious that happened that i wish i could express them better before i could even try.

The universes / God / the bigger one up there watching over us all.. He / She gave me a new life.

A new life for me to nurture and care for.. And i am excited to do it with my husband, family and friends. Thank you all in advance.. For the joy you'd bring to my baby's life.. For the lessons you'd teach her and for the time you'd let her know that she can count on you like her mother could..

Went for a nice dinner before we check into the hospital later at 9pm. I was feeling.. Hungry. Haha.
Josh was probably feeling relieved. Hahaha. He got through a 8.5 months pregnancy with me. Haha. Achievement gonna unlock soon! 
My fish turned out so-so. Truffle fries was disappointing =( I went there for truffles fries actually!
Checked into Thomson Medical Centre single bed ward. I blogged about their hospital and room tour, you can read it HERE. Omg they use Kiehl's for their toiletries =O *dabao* LOL. Joking lah. I never.
Checking out the free beverages =X Haha.

I had about 1-2 hours to chill in the ward before i head for the delivery suite to start on my epidural. In that 1-2 hours i was really going through crazy emotions.

One minute i can be all "Oh i'm so chillax" next moment i'd be like "Omg i am so scared i am not ready" then next moment i'd be in the toilet crying hahaha. I kept thinking i am very thankful for the beautiful ward, for all the support my sisters, my bff and Josh are giving me..

And then i start to wonder how other mothers who don't have it so easy would feel. It's really not easy to go through this emotional roller coaster even with the support from loved ones.. I can't imagine how people who don't have so much support go through childbirth.. So i feel even more thankful and then i kept crying also cox i think i am a horrible daughter to my mother.

She gave birth to so many of us donkey years ago and i don't even think she took any pain relief.. That's why i feel super guilty and started to bawl my eyes out in the toilet. Didn't dare to let Josh know cox later he think i psycho lolol becox right before i go inside the restroom i was fine.

Our final selfie with baby bump =))) 8.5 months wasn't all fun for me especially with all the physical changes i have to go through but everything was worth it!!! But then who am i to talk about pregnancy being tough when it was Josh making me happy all the time hahah. It's tougher on him!
My gynae Dr Law Wei Seng ordered for epidural and pills for my cervix to open better so as to induce the baby tomorrow morning. What i feel..? Hunger.

No pain nothing at all. For hours through the night and the morning i had contractions, as seen on the monitor but i experience no pain lol. Dr Law is the best becox i told him again and again i am VERY scared of pain =X Haha. So the plan he had for my delivery was flawless i'd say hahah.

In case any of you are curious / worried about the epidural jab (like i definitely was scared shitless lol) being painful.. I'd say imagine an achey jab at your lower spine, that's all. It's not painful for sure, it's just you probably heard EVERYONE told you, DO NOT MOVE or you might be paralysed =__= So you confirmed damn scared lah. But like i listen to Ah Pearl (mother of 4 lol) but still didn't trust her that it's not painful, i hope you'd trust me that it is really not painful. Just achey. Okay.

Very super thankful the midwives and staff from Thomson Medical were all very helpful and caring.. The nurse with me through my epidural jab was holding me and comforting me WHILE doing her job to give me laughing gas and to hold my body in position haha. Yeah lah i kiasi so i asked for laughing gas on top of the numbing cream for the jab lol. Funny hor, i go Korea shave bone, open up my nose and all, i wasn't scared becox i was unconscious hahah. But one jab here i scared until like don't know what haha.

Jab done.. Thankful for Josh was with me through the night..

After epidural jab done my lower body just feels very very dense and quite numb but i could still slowly move them. But overall i just feel quite drugged out lower half of my body. When you're in this state, each time someone walks in to check on you, give you a smile, tell you you are doing okay.. You feel like you're in good hands. And that's exactly what i needed. Thank you to all the nurses at the Thomson delivery suite T.T All of you are really nice and sweet!

Care packs free flow for everyone to take at the delivery suites =P I LOVE ITTTT. I told Josh to take a few more cox i love Milo =XXX LOL. We only took two lah don't judge!

We thought the baby would be out by 1pm after Dr Law breaks the waterbag at 9am. But dilation before 5cm took a loooong time. But then when it hit 6cm, it was like i suddenly hopped on express train.

7cm - 9cm was less than 30 minutes i think. The last hour before i started pushing, i could start feeling what seems like menstrual cramps. It's actually the very strong contractions but thank god for epidural lol. The dosage was turned down before and then wasn't replenished after that even when it ran out cox i need to feel the contractions later, to be able to push.

Midwife told me she'd gonna prep me to practice pushing before Dr Law (on his way) arrives. Haha.

So that's when i know.. SHIT'S GETTING REAL.

So i cried again LOL. So Josh ask me if i wanna speak with my family first before i start pushing. Of course i want lol. So he called Ah Pearl and my dad for me T.T I feel SO much calmer after that.

And then Dr Law walks in in a chirpy Sunday mood. Once i see him i'm even more sure things are gonna turn out good!!! He's looked after me and baby for 8 months plus, and this whole pregnancy i rely on his good opinion a lot. So seeing him was a huge relief for me.

The pushing took about 45 minutes in total. SUPER JEALOUS Josh could see the whole thing happening down there!!!!! T.T I also wanna seeeee!!! He describe to me how at every push-relax-push-relax cycle, he could see the baby's crown coming out a little when i push and going back in when i relax.

Pushing feels a lot like.. Pooping O.O I DAMN SCARED I WILL POOP omgggg. Lolol. I don't wanna scar Dr Law for life lolol. But he probably see it happening every other time so. Hahaha.

Halfway through pushing i was so tired but cannot give up becox i don't wanna have to go for C-section what the heck lol. But the next person who is also very tired has to be Josh hahaha.

He has to push my thigh + lift and hold me up when i push to aid me so i can just focus my energy on pushing. I was weighing 83.5kg lolol. Imagine having to support that weight for 45 minutes. Hahah.

I don't remember what else i feel when i was pushing, all i know is.. "Baby must come out safe.." and i kept looking at Josh becox it makes me feel like.. I can. For him, for the baby, for my own family..

So the last few pushes, with the encouragement from Dr Law, Josh and the midwife..

I went MMMMMM-AHHHHHHH and then pooof! I get a baby loh! =D Hahahah.

After epidural at 11pm.. Waterbag broke at 9am..
At 5pm on the 8th of March.. We took our first picture together.. You were grabbing my finger with your tiny hands.. My sweet, sweet child.. Meredith Tan Zhi Ning.
All i could think of was.. Thank you. For being healthy. For being mine. Daddy and mummy both noticed how dainty and beautiful your fingers were haha..
Your debut picture on the internet haha. This grumpy face.
Always always hold on to mummy like that okay! Omg you look like your daddy so much hahaha.
Ohr don't like to look like daddy hor =P
Almost 3kg at birth!
The only ever 露点 picture the world will see of you haha. I guess the coconut water helped!!! You seem.. Relatively clean to me. Hahaha.
Keeping warm =))) So curious looking..

After this picture she continue to cry NON-STOP haha. Josh and i were both super stunned becox we didn't know newborn could cry this loud for this long. Like i'm not kidding, her cry is louder than my voice.

Having her for two weeks now and all i learnt is.. You can never talk over her when she's crying. Must be hilarious to see Josh and i shouting at each other when she's crying, shouting politely i mean.





Like that. It's pointless to try to talk over her cries. Lolol. So far my eardrum has popped numerous times when she cries. Lolol. I thought i wished for her to have Yuxuan's temper T.T

End up i guess the fortune teller i went to was right.. My baby is super duper quick-tempered.. Like the mother. LOL. If she wants it now, she wants it NOW AND NOW, all you incompetent adults haha.

After Dr Law stitched me up.. We were wheeled back to the ward for a short while before Meredith goes to the nursery. Cox my entire family waited at the ward since 12pm for her arrival haha. It was about 6-7pm when we got to the ward! You can see Yurou super curious here hahah. And that's Clicknetwork crew filming!!! The video should be out soon on Clicknetwork! ^.^

So happy my family and Michelle was here T.T Feeling very cozy when i see them! My sisters even took leave / cancel their appointment just to be there for me.

Later the blogger friends arrived followed by many many many guests omg. Haha. Not sure if Meredith is popular or the mom is haha!

First things first!!! I haven't ate any proper food since my last meal yesterday at 9pm!!! My first meal  after baby popped was confinement food from Thomson Medical!!! TASTE SOOOOO YUMSIE!!! I finished everything =XXX And even asked for a second serving of white rice =XXX Now what's my excuse for still eating like a whale? Hahaha. BECOX I JUST GAVE BIRTH TO A BABY AND SECOND SERVING OF WHITE RICE IS MY REWARD THAT'S WHY *defensive* Lolol.
Three kinds of fruits every meal *HEARTEYES*
My dad also cooked for me. The ward nurse was very kind and offered to help me heat it up =)
Red date longan ginger tea ^.^ Supposed to be good for ladies who just gave birth! Helps rid wind!
Miley and Yurou making everyone laugh with their angmoh slang hahaha!
Balloons Zhen and Nikki got!
Omg baby first day i was still feeling very very strange about you!!! Like.. Who are you..?  I don't really know you yet but i love you a lot a lot! Why do you have this power over me! Who are you!!
Josh with his Little Miss Josh =.=" Hahaha!
Next day waking up feeling all good $.$ LOL. Thanks guys, my post-pregnancy shopping taken care of! LOL. I kid. Some angbaos were crazy big wth. I thought this kind is just heng-heng yisi yisi!

Collected about 10 angbaos, they shall go into funding the baby okay lol. I thought i'd be unfit for work for 4 months. So these angbaos come in just nice while Josh and i slave for the little boss who don't pay us hahaha!

Maternity leave always is 4 months for mummies right. Who knows 2 weeks in i'm back to work dee. Lol. Too eager to share with you guys how awesome my stay at Thomson Medical was. And of course, take the chance to spam my baby's pictures hahaha!

Nothing to do in that 20 minutes to pump milk?! NO PROBLEM. Put on my DIY handsfree pumping bra (by that i mean an sports bra i dig out from my wardrobe, cut two holes to hold the pumps LOL) and i could word a few paragraphs  and caption a couple of pictures with that time!

Talking about my hospital stay.. BREAKFAST IN BED WAS SHIOKNESS hahaha. We  get to choose what we want to eat the night before, from a variety of cuisine choices! Western, local or confinement food i think!!! Within these categories, sometimes there are different options even! And all the choices are different everyday =OOO
One more! Loveeee the burger!!! It is much healthier but as tasty!!!
Haha which one do i drink. Milk for calcium, apple juice, milo or red date water!!! Spoilt for choice at every meal!
Went to Thomson Chinese Medicine where i did my pre-natal massage, to have the Chinese medicine doctor look at me and come up with something customised for me for my  post-partum recovery.
Consultation first.. Also.. FML don't know is it got another baby haven't come out yet lol why is my tummy still so humongous.
Then 把脉..
And then the customised chinese medication and supplement that the doctor for you will be packed into sachets like this, making it convenient for you to consume them with water.
The first time i had to take the medication, i thought it was gonna be bitter maximum cox the doctor did say 苦口良药. To my surprise it was not that bitter. More like a little 涩 only.

I feel having the chinese medicines customised to your body needs is much better than you just anyhow take all the tonics that your confinement nanny / parents / aunties make for you.

Cox different bodies need to readjust to post-partum differently.

And the 28 day package comes with different stages like mine was first 1 week to help healing and uterus shrinking by detoxing all the "unwanted" stuff still in the uterus. And then next two weeks was to nourish the body. And so on lah.

So the 28-Day Confinement Herbal Care that Thomson offers is a good and convenient way to treat your body right after childbirth! You may check out details and make purchase HERE.

After consultation with TCM, i went back for lactation consultation with Mrs Boh Boi Wong!!! Mrs Wong is super well-known in her field and has help many mothers create special bonds with their little ones over decades. Very very honoured to have her guide me along on breastfeeding issues!
But becox of the way my body is, the baby couldn't latch on properly, immediately. So while we keep working on me, Mrs Wong show us how to cup-feed Meredith.
Papa going hands-on.
One picture of our family blessed enough to have the baby whisperer helping us!
Milk coma haha.. Baby 你的脸好大哦!
One more selfie before someone goes for a shower!
This nurse is major nice omg. She kept assuring me baby is doing okay at the nursery. In fact i was told she's quite a good girl there. But i was worried that she will cry non-stop there!

Anyway that's the nurse giving me a bath demo with Meredith! You should see the way the nurses at Thomson handle babies. The way they coo the babies to calm them down etc..

This kind of passion and sincere care i find is quite hard to come by! Afterall these kids are not their kids and they must have their own kids at home while they are at work.. So i find it very heartwarming to see them taking care of other people's precious babies like their own!

Also the nurses were very patient with me. Helping me change the soiled bed mats, helping me change in and out on the first night when i wasn't super mobile yet.

I remember when i had to pee for the first time after getting off the urinal bag.. The nurse was helping me in the restroom and she held my hand cox i was so scared that it will hurt.. End up not painful lah.

But a bit paiseh becox i peed while holding her hand. I don't even do that with my bestfriend HAHA.

Also please spot some of the goodie bags on the table at the background haha. We brought home a total of FOUR huge goodie bags!!! =OOO From Thomson alone there's two! It's crazy~

The legendary Thomson Medical papaya fish soup that everyone who ever tasted it raved about!!! Not only does it nourish, it also help boost milk supply!!! But to me, it's just super duper yummy =P It's one of the things i look forward to! The nurses help me order it 2 - 3 times a day =DDD
Before i know it.. It's lunch time O.O I ordered the confinement category again =DDD Everyday the dish change mah, so i wanna see today one is what haha. LOVE THE FISH AND CHICKEN SOOOO MUCHHH!!!
And soon enough.. Tea break omg. My hospital stay here is more like a staycation filled with good service, good food, and more good food O.O
OMG LOOK WHO POPPED BY FOR A VISIT TO SEE BABY MEREDITH AND I~!!! Miss Tin Pei Ling =OOO My baby very lucky got MP to carry her on the second day of her birth O.O
Miss Tin is also expecting her first baby omg exciting haha. I hope she gets all the rest she needs!!! But to what i believe she is still working a lot O.O But she's still looking very radiant ah omg. I look like i aged 10 years during my pregnancy. Jiayou lah Miss Tin!!! Hope to see your baby soon~!!! ^.^
Some of the gifts people got for Meredith and i ^.^ Thank you for the gifts Peiling, Nikki, Sio, Wendy, Yutaki, Miyake, Ripple, Shuyin and Genevieve! Sorry if i forgot anyone's name okay!
Evening time my dad came to visit with the family again cox yesterday too crowded he didn't get to carry Meredith at all haha.. While my family is taking care of the baby..
Papa and mama can haz our candlelight dinner =OOO

Am i really in a hospital or what!!!

I think it's really nice they do this for the new dads and mums though!!! Let them have a bit of rest and relax during the hospital stay. Cox other times it's mostly entertaining guests / stressing over the newborn. And after discharge, it's just gonna be more that haha.

So while we still can, take a little time out to enjoy each other's company, have a nice dinner, celebrate the little bundle of joy, tell each other, "good job" for coming so far =)))

My grilled salmon ^.^
Waldorf salad.. Love this one!
Josh's baked chicken i think!
Chomp time!
Finally Josh can slow down haha. He's been running around a lot!
有 meow meow asking for fruits hahahah. My Yurou lah.
And while everyone's busy with something.. Psycho godma brings the baby and sat at one corner, keeping the baby all to herself hahaha.
Burping Meredith after milk..
Some of our guests in 2 days.. Josh's family and my friends on top of my family! Totally knock out that night omg O.O
Woke up the next morning ready for discharge. But before that got breakfast =D Josh ordered Lor Mee!
While i had the American breakfast! =DDD The nurse super thoughtful, help me order prune juice knowing that i haven't poop the day before =X
Shortly after breakfast.. One more serving of my favourite milk fish and papaya soup!!!!! T.T I am gonna miss this so much!!!!
Naughty girl was crying, heng Mrs Wong came for her rounds at the right time and handled her O.O Immediately stop crying omg. I SEE IF YOU STILL DARE NAUGHTY MEREDITH!!! Hahah!
Ready for discharge =)))
With Ah Pearl who ran around the whole morning to help us get paperwork done. Thank you Si Jie..
Baby we're going home! =D Erm.. My sleeves are cut becox i overestimated myself. I thought i will immediately be able to wear all my old clothes after pregnancy hahaha.
Got home to my confinement food from Thomson!!! Kept warm in these containers! OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE GINGER CHICKENNNN~!!!

The serving was actually quite big so i ate half of everything and intended to keep the other half for later but Josh didn't know so he returned everything without packing out the food for me T.T

Anyway the meal is very whole-package one! There's rice so you don't have to purposely cook rice if you're those who wanna do away with the hassle of cooking altogether.

There's also longan red date tea!!! So no need to brew it at home yourself ^.^ Josh and i both didn't know there will be this longan red date tea in the confinement menu EVERYDAY. So he bought lotsa red dates and dried longan for nothing hahaha.

Everyday i have two nutritional meals for confinement! This is lunch..
And then dinner!
Well-balanced diet with greens and protein!
Everyday there's a soup to look forward to! They don't go stingy on the ingredients by the way!

I think it's a superb idea to have your confinement food catered and delivered to you daily!!! For me..

1) Josh and i are taking care of the baby on our own so we both don't have to worry about marketing for the cooking and all the time that will be needed to cook and wash up

2) The whole house won't reek of the smell of cooking. You know, the oil and all.

3) Everyday you only eat nutritional food that is developed by Thomson's team of experts in nutrition, together with the rich influence of traditional Chinese medicine to aid mothers in our journey to recovery during confinement.

4) The dishes they whip up is low in salt and fat but still taste flavourful, i can vouch for that~ =D Opening up the thermal containers is actually one of my favourite things to do in a day haha.

So if you're like to take a look at their confinement food, please visit HERE.

Alright! That's all i can manage to churn out in between pumping and feeding and having my family over =)) It's been two weeks, i am happier by the day.. So i guess recovery has been good so far!

Thank you Thomson Medical Centre for the care and love and passion you've shown us!

Thank you Dr Law for bringing Meredith to this world safely..

Thank you family and friends for sharing this tiny (but huge) joy with us =)))

For hospital tours at Thomson Medical, please sign up here. They have the "Single Room Guarantee for mummies who have booked a single room prior to admission at TMC, if the preferred single room type is unavailable at the time of your admission, TMC will provide a complimentary upgrade! Find out more here!

And with that.. I let Baby Meredith's selfies sign off..

Wahhh so photogenic my daughter LOL.

Thank you.. For being here, our sweet girl.. Meredith.


C said...

Hey Qiu Qiu (or should I say Meredith's mummy :P), congrats on your smooth labour! Your 宝贝 meredith is out, healthy and all. :)

Not a mum, but thanks for writing out your birth story, something that my own mother has never shared. Thanks for letting me know how much emotional stress/trauma mothers have to go through just to bring their child to the world.

Unknown said...

Meredith is super cute!! The food looked so yummy! :D I hope you recover quickly QuiQui!!:)

Anonymous said...

She's so prefect, congrats Qiuqiu & Josh!!

Shubhangi Mani said...

She is so adorable. She always puts a smile on my face . god bless her . muahhhhhhhh

Amanda shima said...

Omg she so cuteeeeeeeee! I wanna hug herrrr~I was laughing at what u wrote hahahaa U so funny qq! Congrats once again! Jia you jia you!

Anonymous said...

Are you sponsored by TMC?

Anonymous said...

So cute! She is smiling in the pics! Congrats n plz update more ok!! Love to read ur blog

Hanna Lei said...

She is so cute. Congrats! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Congratulations QQ! Wish you all well. Meredith is so cute! And thanks for taking time out to share your birth story with us all =D

Anonymous said...

Meredith is sooo cute.. reading through your whole post makes me feel so touched even though I don't know you personally. So happy for you. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and Josh, QiuQiu!! Super happy for you!!!!

Also thank you for describing epidural process because it terrified me to the max. Also I heard that all women poop while giving birth but just don't notice it xD

Anonymous said...

Hi, congrats on Ur new born and Ur smooth delivery! I am terrified of pain too and I often wonder how I am gonna give birth in a couple of year's time!
Can I ask you, when they didn't "refill" the epidural, during the last hour when you were pushing, you mentioned that you felt like menstral cramps? Was it super painful in the end, especially the "crowning" part when the baby's head is out? And the stitching? Also did u feel any side effects of the epidural, like nausea etc? Hope u can share more. Thanks so much for writing this informative post!! God bless! :))

Érica Cristina said...

She's so beyond cute <3
Hope God bless you and your family xoxox from Brasil :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations qiuqiu!u have such a nice family n friends, a very helpful husband n now u have a vey cute little daughter!what a blessed :)

Jellobean said...


Nellyn said...

Hi Qiuqiu,

Congrats to u and ur family!
Thank you for sharing your experience at TMC because I'm also gonna be delivering my baby there in June!

Your post just allowed me to know I'm gonna be in good hands (:

Can I ask, did you book Ms Wong in advance or she goes on hospital tours and visit all new mummies? Thank you!

Perri said...

Congratulations qiu qiu!!! Shes so cute at the third pic while yawning :)

MaMaDiong said...

Hi Qiu Qiu , Congrats , she is beautiful!

x-Dinks said...

Congratulations :) x

Anonymous said...

People r jealous...just ignore them! Have a happy motherhood! Keep blogging plz Zz!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you guys! That was quite the journey hehe. Meredith is beautiful, look at her natural smiling face :)

Celine Koh said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, congrats on being a mummy now!!! Your daughter Meredith is simply beautiful! :)

I would love to send you some packs of my homemade lactation cookies for you to boost your milk supply for your little princess.

Pls email me if you are interested! :)

Lots of Love,

Email: celinekse@yahoo.com.sg

plusminus said...

Hi qiu qiu, why your hair looks nicely and not oily at all during your confinement? how u do that~~can share with me?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new born Qiu Qiu! :)It's so much fun reading your blog!! Made me smiled for the first time after few days cause my boyfriend is in ICU.. Thank you again and congratulations again!! :) :) Meredith is very cute and she will be very pretty when she's grown up.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute baby! Congratulations for the whole family!

Lisa B. said...

Babies change a lot in their first year, so she might look more like Josh now, more like Qiu later, or more like both parents eventually. This was a really fun, sweet post to read! I am glad everything went smoothly and you have a beautiful new baby!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she's smiling already! Wow! Congratulations... that was the nicest birth and hospital I've ever seen. I think I will have to recommend this hospital to all my friends LOL.

Suetyen said...

How can a pregnant lady look so pretty immediately after giving birth! Congratulations QiuQiu!

Anonymous said...


I cried reading this, you have such a beautiful healthy baby, omg! I wish you all the luck and blessings! Hugs and kisses from America to you & Josh and your new little Meredith!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Qiuqiu =), I'm really happy for you & your little family !

A secret reader from Shanghai.

Anonymous said...

She's super fair and cute! Good job mummy!

Btw may I know why you had to deliver her on 8.5 months?

Anonymous said...

My wife due very soon, browsing through your blog gave me so much idea about her maternity meals! thanks!!

Unknown said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

I saw you on TV once. I just stumbled upon your sharing of delivering your lovely baby. It touched me and brought tears to my eyes! Hahaha!
I am pushing 40 yrs old, not sure if I have a chance to have a baby (I'm still single) but great to hear real life experiences from folks like you. "Jia you" and wish you happy motherhood! :)

Lovee said...

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