07 October 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival gone wrong lol

Hello! Just a quick log of the not so crazy stuff that went on on Mooncake festival with my family haha. The crazy stuff was on my snapchat. It didn't last for more than 24 hours on the internet.

I got all these items about 2 weeks before Mid-Autumn festival and i must say, we really had fun. HAHA. Or at least i did. Shit now i don't know what to do with these costumes, i think we'd just trim it a little and wear it for Halloween haha.

Omfg Niao Niao look like a prostitute hahahahahaha.
Werk werk fashion baby.
Yurou's gotta be the cutest of that day!!!! =DDD She's wearing a little highness costume =D She look sooooooo adorable!!! I think her dad like her in the costume also, cheena biang enough LOL.
Omg. Pretty sure Niao works at a brothel her previous life LOLOLOL.
Ah Bong and Ah Mi! Ah Bong is supposed to be a student but Niao say he look like duah dih ah pek LOLOLOL. FHL.
HAHA. Yurou's face "You adults, last warning" Lolol.
My dad the emperor for the day hahahahaha too fat for the costume.
My papa so hamsum!
My papa surrounded by ah siaos. Lol. Missing my second sis =(
I love my family. Only they will do this kind of silly things with me. HAHA. And please look at Yurou in this picture!!!!!! SO CUTE LAH OMG.
I look so demure lol.
Bitches beware. Lol.

We even had some calligraphy thing going on. Hahaha. My brother-in-law was really quite good at it!
While untalented people like my sijie draws Mickey Mouse... LOL.
Lol. Me and the most siao-on one that day.
Wtf is my dad doing hahahaha. He damn enjoy. Even did some helicopter stunt with the wood plank.
Everyone~!!! I carried Meredith the whole way hahaha. Chuan. She liked it though!!! I am so happy that night.. I am thankful, happy and overwhelmed by how much love i get from my family =))) And that night the haze cleared up!!! =DDD
Xuanxuan gege!!! =D With Weiyi our family friend at the back haha!
My dad is cray cray. Haha.

And that's that~! Just a quick one before i go do other work! Will update again soon!!!


jh | hannah said...

Hello! where did you buy the costumes from? Sorry if I'm asking again cuz I may have missed it in your entry haha. I showed my family and they also quite on to try so I wana buy for them :D

Michelle said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! I would like to know where you got the costumes too! Could you share the link if possible? Would like to consider ordering it for company's D&D and have some fun with colleagues.. hahaa!

Anonymous said...

I love your happy family, Qiu! Your dad looks super young!

Anonymous said...

cun stop laughing looking at all e pics.. u hv a fun loving family ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Lol, I love this post. Your family are super funny. My family would never be this exciting, dress up and do calligraphy together.