21 January 2016

Meredith and Mummy - 9th Month

Omg where do mummies find time to update!!! I can't really! Just updating Instagram and my blog (so irregularly) i already find myself having to find time to only blog at night / update instagram when Meredith is sleeping or if i have to clear work posting, i'd ask my helper to take Meredith for a while.

And i can't bear to do that each and every time i have to do so T.T So this is why i find it hard to keep up with my life on my blog but i wanna put everything down!!! Immobilize it forever in this space call "internet" lol. Especially these memories that are so precious.. Like..

When my daughter mistook me for a giant teething toy. Lolol. This sounds really creepy but i actually love it O.O I mean it's not like she goes around biting everyone else haha!
Like when Ah Bong stroke the bellies of Drago and Tiffany untill they shiok untillll~ Lol.
Or like when Yurou told us to build a cushion cave for her hahaha.
When Meredith scrolls through instagram with me haha..
Or when Niao Niao and i disturbed papa untillll~ Hahaha.
Dressed her up that day for our first Christmas party at home!
Fashion blogger 有没有 hahaha.
"Mama look. I can stand on my own now!"
"Mama don't just look! Help! I'm stuck!" Lolol. Don't know how she climbed under the sofa and really got stuck hahaha.
With some of my favourite people!!! My house party potluck damn standard one hahaha. CHEESE AND FRUIT PLATTER hahahaha.
Friends carry you through tough time in 3D lolol.
L-R: Rachell, Ben, Sam, Tiffany (LOL), Peishi, Randy, Drago (LOL) and Jayne! My doggies damnnnnn thick skinned one! Every group shot must have them =_= Haha. Self-invite somemore.
Meredith takes Singapore Toy Youth Influencer on lolol.
Next day to Wendy's place for Christmas celebration! Hahahaha look at this Dash, chill until lolol. The leg already kiao until Meredith's arm liao LOL.
Meredith can you smile like Dash gorgor?
"Is it like this, mummy?" No, not really. You gotta be a lot more demure lolol.
"Okay, is it like this, mummy?" Er.. No? You gotta show more eyes!
"Forget it i'm outta here it's so hard to smile!"
"I'd just eat my spinach pancakes!"
That night Josh did up the fairy lights for me.. =))) Thank you darling!!! It's always been my dream to have these at the porch!
Went swimming with Jia and Dotty!!! Jia very very wuxim go and specially buy a Disney Princess float for Meredith O.O I told her i wanna use kerosene / thinner and rub off the prints. LOL.
Everytime wanna go swimming the weather always damn cooling / chilling until Meredith cannot enjoy! Are there zero warm pool in Singapore?! Lol.
Joining everyone at dinner haha.
Met uncle Zach for the first time haha. Also her first time letting a Caucasian carry, Jia say lolol.
Weekends are made for Yurou-and-me time hahaha. Told her she look like Edith from Despicable Me hahaha and she likes it cox she just likes being the weird and naughty one haha.
Making nutella pancake for herself haha. Vitagen forever, yes.
Out to check out the beautiful Christmas lighting at Orchard.. My lifestyle has become sooooooo homely even i cannot hahaha. But hey, these are the things that if you miss, you missed forever ok.
One day we will all look back at this boring grandpa, grandma and grandkids photo and feel good.
Niao yi and bidang.
HAHA my dad damn what. When we were queueing for this photo-op, he saw some auntie queueing and he told us "Siao eh, ah ni lao liao gou ga lang hip zih kuan xiong" LOL (crazy one, so old already still take this kind of photo) Later when it's me and Yurou's turn, Yurou INSIST my dad to go up with her LOLOL. Then we scold our dad back "SO OLD ALREADY HOR?!?!" Lol.
Next day my dad nagged me so much about Meredith's fringe that i tied it up haha.
Heading to Rikeru's house for Christmas celebration!
Fairy with a fairy wand haha.
Hands down the BEST HOST EVER. She cooked all the food herself nevermind, she even baked super yummy cupcakes for us nevermind, she baked cookies with our names on it!!!
Becox it's Christmas she's allowed to have one bite on the gingerbread cookies haha.
All mine hahaha!
Miyake and Yutaki helping Meredith open her present haha. That night was so fun and nice that i don't wanna leave so early but no choice Meredith had to wipe down for sleep time haha.
Rikeru baked these Christmas star (traditional Finland Christmas dessert) for everyone on the spot! Let the world have more Rikerus, please!!!
Papa hospitalised so only got time for a quick breakfast for her haha.
While Josh is in the hospital, i spend my night doing this lol. Gift wrapping for Christmas parties the next two days! These were just half done omg. At 4am!!! Without Josh i am dead.
Christmas date for Junjun and Meredith! Look at how Junya grabs the entire block of cheddar from the platter LOL #BossStyle
Happily eating together =D
When bae feeds you LOLOL.
Mama reindeer, baby reindeer.
Table full of food + a little mini photobomb!
With everyone missing Yutaki!!! Who came super late hahah.
Mummies with girls will understand *HEARTEYES*
HAHAHA. With Miya, Sophie and Yutaki haha. See how Drago kept blocking Miya out lol!
- Christmas 2015 -
Christmas day morning.. Yeye and Meredith =D With the beautiful Christmas tree decorated with ornaments from Metro! I feel so in love about my life now.. White Christmas tree, happy positive people, good opportunities everywhere. I just need a little bit more time, to be whole again =')
Baby Walrus hahaha.
FAMILY DAY~!!! This was on the actual day of Christmas haha.
Ang sisters forever~!!!
My er jie and a happy Meredith.
BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT I GOT THIS YEAR. HAHAHAH. From Michelle and her sister hahahaha. They both damn effort what the heck. One basket of tidbits which is my ultimate favourite and one hamper wrapped with so much love, full of bedroom slippers which my house NEEDS lol!
Godma's present for Meredith was uber cute! It's a sleeping sheep with heartbeat!!!
LOL. My dad kena victimised by Yurou and i again hahahaha.
Went to Gardens by the Bay with my family and Cheesie's family! It was a once in a lifetime experience becox i will only go there ONCE lol. Sibeh boh liao and lotsa walking to do and everywhere is so crowded with everyone pushing everyone and everything also must queue. The night lights were beautiful though not beautiful enough to make me go twice in a lifetime LOL.
My little bun.
Michelle came over to pan-fry foie gras and enjoy a little atas bff time with choya and music lol.
Meredith everyday =))
She's sooooo happy every morning!!! =D
Concluded that yellow is 100% not her colour lol.
Trying to teach her gong xi gong xi for CNY lol.
Climbing to reach for the Merry-Go-Round cookie tin that Yong Ming bought for her!
"Uncle Yong Ming you got me this?"
"Well thank you so muchhhh i love ittt~"
Went to find my second sister at her workplace! Missing Niaoniao!
"Ooh.. I really don't look so good in yellow.."
"Maybe pink next time?"

Two days before 2015 ends..

I wanna remember this morning where i woke up feeling so shitty. Like, the year is ending soon. Why is the dark cloud still here. Why won't people just be reasonable and honorable. Why.

And then Josh and i went to see our fortune-teller / geomancer and that day, and after a good talk and understanding of what to expect, i've decided to take her advice to chill the f-out.

I took out the overview of what she wrote for me for the things to look out for in 2015, and it's so creepy but each month that she say i will be overwhelmed by anger and frustration over my work, ZHUN ZHUN IT IS FML. In 2014 when i went to visit her she already warned me but being forgetful as usual, i didn't take her words seriously also.

This time round she told me to really take care of my mental health if not 2016 i will dip down and fall deeper into depression or something omggg. I know i haven't been in my best mental state for a long time now becox of work but i never thought of myself as depressed O.O

But now that i have decided to not be a weakling, i look back and i feel that fear has really made me so depressed. Fear of so many things, fear of the ugly sides of human nature, fear of not being able to keep up with my lifestyle, fear of failing as a mom, i was so paranoid and fearful in 2015!

Will do a separate post on my resolutions for 2016 but for sure in 2016, if someone wants to mess with me, i'd say "BRING IT" instead of "WHY ME" =)

And that, is the day i decided to be brave, for the new year. For a new me. For Meredith. For the people who believe in me, and believe in justice and truth =)))

That's why when i did up the 2015 wrap up post, i was so full of passion. Hahaha. Becox 我想通了.

Sound check before concert lol.
Thank you Rik for the dress! Haha.
"想你的爷爷~~~~~~ O.O 是这样唱的吗?"
Made these for New Year's Eve =))) Celebrated it with our little family and later Sophie and Yutaki came over! Meredith was asleep at 11pm and then woke up 5 minutes before count down wth LOL. And stayed up unusually late till 2am =OOO Parteh baby!
Chatted with Yutaki till 4.30am omg haha. And this view made me feel so happy.. And contented.. About how far my life have came to =))
Started first day of new year at the indoor playground with Cheesie and Junjun!
Playing together..
Junya cook.
Meredith eat. LOL.
This face so naughty! Haha.
You can only be jealous of how her hair flows in this picture hahaha.
Kids are sooooo happy cox they know lesser fear! Meredith totally have no idea how scary balloons are =OOO She was so happy to be scratching and crawling on the balloons!
Baby gone crazy. Lol.
Pull my hair until damn happy.
Sat at the porch with Yurou to see her perform lol. She ask me to be her clown assistant. That's why i ended up having to draw the red nose too lol.
My baobei =))) I love her so much omg.. She chatted with me at the swing for so long haha. Sharing about her school and friends and random things in her little big memory bank. About our Hong Kong trip before, about our day to Hello Kitty carnival and more.. I can't wait for us to make more memories together T.T My Yurou is soooo big already!!!
Went for an impromptu photoshoot at Yutaki's new studio. The makeup artist is soooooo good!
Very long never look so chio liao thank you Yutaki!!!
Wig game strong lol.
With Miyake =D Omg it's really so nice to have good looking friends lolol. Picture perfect anytime! Miyake blogged about that day as well~!!! Go see~!!!
Flower girl for one day!
With Sophie meow who looked extremely different that day!!! In the best way!
Duck face forever lol.
Love my makeup sooooo much that day!!! =D
Meanwhile at home.. Someone's missing mama T.T Omg which one is Josh which one is Meredith LOL.
Baby today you learnt how to kiss on cue T.T Got this book call "Why i love my mummy" and a page went "I love my mummy because she kisses me better" and when Meredith hear the word "Kiss", she went ahead to kiss the bunny T.T I feel like i've done something right.. =)))
First haircut in a salon!!! =OOO Told her to smile for the camera and this is what i get lol.
LOL. Went to Number76 Singapore to cut hair for free lolol. Member's kid cut for free!
"It's free?"
"Okay i want two! Two haircut!"
"But i was just joking~ T.T"
She wasn't the most cooperative kid during haircut (i mean, have you seen Junya's haircut on Cheesie's instagram?!?!!?) but i'm so thankful that Josh and i manage to manage her lol. With toys, and singing and dancing wth lol.
Taken before we took Junya away from Cheesie lol.
"到底拍够了没" lol.
Haha. After this shot Junya got scared by Meredith and broke into very subtle, sad silent tears. LOLOL. Omg this little boy the temperament is sooooo mild and gentle untillll!!!
Group shot~!!!
Our kids will tell you the 101 of posing and standing out in a group shot lol.
She ownself eat until like this one haha. Lena Fujii ma, baby?
First movie date with Josh ever since our last one which was before i was due hahahaha. SOOOooooo long!!! We went to watch Ip Man!!! And i think it's sooooo sweet! The love story between the wife and him T.T Don't see Josh like that, he is also very "respect" wife one LOL. 就是怕老婆嘛 lol.
My baby looking like a boy that day haha.
Yang yang Drago haha.
Ownself sayang ownself happy. Drago totally don't care lol.
"Do you wanna try to sayang him also?" Meredith ask you all ah.
HAHA. Her fake cry face damn ugly lolol.
Never give up!
Brow game level 99999999. Lolol.
Brought Meredith out for a slow evening stroll again cox FT say whenever i feel frustration building up again, she told me to drop everything and just go get some fresh air and sunlight, and step on some grass. And that's what i did. So basically, there's nothing that i give a shit about unless i want to lolol.
Small and tight family of three =) 蓝天绿叶.. 人生是美好的.
"What are you talking about?"
When she first start to hold things to stand up haha. She really held on for dear life omg.
Class reopen at Heguru!!! This is her before class haha. Playing with her teachers.
When it's time to go for class.. "Can we play here a little while longer?" Lol.
Went to Laneige event! A picture with the beautiful Doreen! Thank you for having me!!! Love my pretty dress from Lzzie!

Haven't attended event for a while now!

The last time was with Yutaki at Lenovo event and i was so overwhelmed until Yutaki ask me if i'm okay and i'm like "我 okay 我只是觉得人很多. 我很久没有来 event 了" Lolol. I still feel out of place but i guess i have never felt okay being in crowd lolol so that's just never gonna change.

Do you guys feel like that?! Like everyone at the party is sooooo in it and you just feel so awkward like omg please someone talk to me i can't pretend to look at my phone any longer to act busy. Yet when people talk to me sometimes i just feel like omgggg please stop talking to meeee i don't know what else to say i don't know what common topics we can possibly talk aboutttt do you like roti prata if not what's your favourite food what am i thinking omg come back here QIUTINGGGG!!!

Not joking, that's really some of the things that go through my mind when i'm in crowd and have no choice but to mingle and hold conversation with people. Lolol. There must be a reason why i am a blogger LOL.

Meredith though, maybe born a natural mingler what the heck. Josh brought her over to say hi to the Laneige team and she smiled so much at them!
Went home to this new baby at home AND I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!! Our new 3M Water Filter omgggg. Drinking water is now sooooo sleek and chic. Share more about it soon. I had to share a picture of this cox that day i was so tired when i got home and i see this filter machine and i suddenly feel sooooo thankful!!! For all the things i get to enjoy in life!
大了.. 我的 baby 大了 T.T Anyhow climb and loveee to explore omg.
Hahaha. "Forced to camho with mummy" =D
"Okay lah give you a nice one!"
"Enough okay"

Watch this compilation of Meredith at 9 months.
With a lot of snippets from our Christmas party and random stuff! =D

Sorry it's so long and mundane but it's all the most precious memories i have of Meredith growing up.. And of the nice people around us.. I didn't do this to get anywhere so.. Feel free =))


Anonymous said...

I love your blog since the beginning i was stumbled upon it.
Even though im not your first fans or best loyal readers.
I dont know if you will read this, or even care, but..
You dont have to be frustated, Qiu.
If someone's messed up with you and your life, I know its hard to ignore them, but,
you know, as the tree grows taller, the wind will be harder.
You r a great mom.
If you fear about anything or evrything happened in your life,
try to think you always do your best, and let God do the rest.
You dont have to feel so shitty or frustrated, you r not going to save the world, and it's fine.
Your blog and you little family are already become more than a joy to some of your loyal readers.
Cheers!! :D

Anonymous said...

admitting to have something like depression ist the first step into good! Keep going and keep being awesome as you are, in my opinion you are a far better mom than some other blogger out here. And your Daughter is damn cute lol

yy said...

Yes! Omg I have the same thoughts as you when I'm in a crowd of strangers!

Anonymous said...

U dun hv to worry too much. Thgs will be in the right place where is it suppose to be. U shd live happy. When u live happy, Meredith will grown up to b happy & healthy child.

Too much of unnecessary worry is unhealthy for u, for ur hub & for Meredith.

Jia you, hv faith in urself, nothg is perfect in this world. Except who u r, dun push urself to a corner & ended up need other ppl pull u out.

my point of view, u r great.


Carol T said...

Hi Qiuqiu, may I know whats the brand of hipseat carrier that you are using? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu!

I really enjoyed this post, it was very sincere and uplifting.
Seeing how your family interact with each other makes my heart feel so warm :) everyone is so full of love. I'm so glad you're feeling better -- you deserve all the good and kindness in this world!

Please continue to keep your chin up! :)

daphne said...

This post isn't mundane at all! In fact I think it shows how humble and down to earth you are. Like you're one of the rare bloggers who still blog in detail about your personal life and struggles. Sometimes it's good to take a break from work when you need it otherwise you will feel stifled. Am happy to read posts like these in the future! May your 2016 be a better year. Can't wait to hear about your new year resolutions too.

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu,

may I know where you got those headband for your child.


Anonymous said...

It's very upsetting that you wrote.. that this was the first time your child was held by a caucasian.. wth...! Why would you even write that?!!

Monstarr ★ said...

may i know how can i see the fortune teller? :D