03 March 2016

Meredith and Mummy - 10th month

HELLO~!!! She's almost turning one year old and here i am blogging about her 10th month on this crazy world haha. As usual, i've gone crazy with over a hundred pictures.. And a crazy longass video.

I hope i don't fall in love more with her everyday, i mean, my phone is really running out of space. LOL. I already bought iCloud space still not enough wth =_=" How much space do we need!!!

As if brain memory is not enough, we need a few terabytes more for pictures and videos. But we do. Lol. I think i'd coo over Meredith even when she's 21 years old. Lolol.

"Really, mom? Oh well, i can't help you, i am indeed quite cute" Lolol. This was us after her photoshoot with Little Lzzie =DDD
While waiting for Meredith to come!!! Josh 也太幸福了 LOL 老婆这样漂亮! HAHA.
With my son while waiting for Josh to run his work errands!
 The very day she turned 10 months old!
HAHA. Seriously.
Got a light marquee from Serafina Living! I'm thinking to revamp her room after she turns one!!!
Family shot at Hotel Boss staycay that Niao Niao organised for my family =)))
HAHA see this shot. Meredith and Yurou laughing like a forced lol.
Meredith's first stolen piece of cake =___= She so naughty go and ownself open the plastic box and sneak a piece of kueh buhlu out and started to nom on it quietly omg!!! She was on my lap and i was watching TV and talking to my family lol. My fault. But then everyone cheered her on =___= And told her "THIS ONE TASTE MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT YOUR MOM FEED YOU HOR"
On some days Merely Food so no effort until i don't even have face to post lolol. This is cheese scrambled egg with mixed vegetables.
One of those days i wanna remember. For not everyday is rainbow and sunshine. Some days it's just rain, and the sun don't shine.. But it's okay. I have Love. This is Josh trying to cheer me up by dragging me out of the house and giving me $10 to go Budget Barbie on snacks and tidbits hahaha. Instead of crying at home and feeling sorry for myself and feeling shitty about situations, i might as well take up his attractive offer LOL.
My bff touched down in Singapore and swing by in the same trip to drop off yummiest mango sticky rice and the yummiest roadside fried chicken!!! T___T I AM SO LOVED.
Next day Josh made Hainanese fried cutlet from scratch!!!

Every little thing he does.. He just wanna cheer me up and cheer me on.. T__T I know.. Thank you, Darling.. I will be better.. Thank you for putting up with me and my meltdowns..

Meanwhile.. I have the extraordinary chance to raise a child who will understand kindness and karma.. And how they work hand in hand.. I have a chance to raise a little life from zero..

Everyday i tell her to be kind to people.. I hope she will be cox so far i don't think it's looking promising!!! LOL. She is damn selfish with her food and toys?! She shares with kids and babies her age (she LOVES to interact with other kids!!!) but with adults she is very fierce omg. She will growl like a lion at whichever adult who tries to take her food / toy hahaha.

Gap model just like the godma wth LOL.
My baby so smiley LOL.
One tiny little person who loves me SOOooooo much makes me feel like.. I CAN!!! =))) And i will pull through!!! =DDD
Won't be long before she grows up into a fine young lady T__T Already looking so adult now!
To Carrgheen for eyelash extension with Mich!
干母女 lolol.
Went out with a whole lot of my favourite people one day. Niao Niao, Mich and Yutaki!!!
LOL goofy of what.
Meredith why you look like a boyyyy hahaha!
At least your toys mama get something girly okay!!! Haha! Dream kitchen playset for anyone with a girl at home~
"This is my mummy!"
"And i LOVE HER!!!" Awwww.. Thank you so much Meredith! HAHAHA.
Josh made lunch for us =DDD So yummy please make it again darling!!!!!
Someone looks more excited than my dad receiving bird's nest and chicken essence.. LOL!
Off we go for event with Biolane!!!
On stage with Meredith who doesn't even know what's a stage.
Can't believe it's been this long since i started using Biolane stretch mark cream when Meredith was still in my tummy T_T
One with the warm and happy team at Biolane!!!
With my buddies haha! Miya, Sophie and Yutaki~ Can always count on them to take my mind off unhappy things!!!
On Wednesday, we wear pink.. =))
Me and Xuan Xuan!!! HAHA see bottom left!!! The kind of suspicious she throws me hahaha.
Meredith has stop nibbling on her own toes since months ago but one night she suddenly thought it was cute to do it and i play along and went all "Awwwww baby baby ah~" Omg she loves it. LOL.
PARTY PLANNING STARTS NOW~!!! With Assemble Happinest!!!

Seriously can you just look at the things you're supposed to take care of if you want a celebration for your precious one turning one. Lol. SOoooo many things!!! And i'm not even holding a hugeee celebration! It's just a.. A mid-scale one that a mildly obsessive mother would do lolol.

No but seriously though, this is probably the biggest party i'd hold for Meredith, for turning one.

Becox there's so much hardwork behind a cool celebration!

That is why i am extra thankful when Assemble Happinest agree to help me plan and style Meredith's first birthday celebration!!! Helming the AH team is Lydia and Joycelyn!!!

Lydia is an event stylist / florist (so floral theme i assume would be her forte haha!) and Joycelyn is a party planner with years of experience under her belt!!!

I love this duo. Lydia is soft and fluid, taking care of all the aesthetics and visions for the party.. Making sure your dream and ideas and visions comes to live at the party.. She's so nice to talk with and with her you'd be prompted to let your ideas flow cox she'd be throwing in little bits of good idea here and there to keep your party planning with her exciting and happy!!!

Joycelyn on the other hand is straight to the point and systematical, making sure that everything you need to make your party happen is in place. In other words, she makes sure she pull all the right people together and looking over every aspect to make sure nothing screws up lolol. She also plans the flow of your party so that everything happens at the right time lol.

There's sooooo much liaising and coordination to be done with the vendors that by just looking at the things they have to do, i feel like if i'm gonna do it by myself, i'd just celebrate Meredith's first birthday party with my family at the zichar store lolol.

And they take so much passion, pride and joy in their work.. This is hard to come by becox you could see they really enjoy and love their work!!! I think maybe they are even more excited than i am for Meredith's first party omg haha. They did all the research base on the theme i wanted and gave me a visual board to approve!!! Show you guys more next time! For now if you're thinking of planning a party or any sort of gathering / celebration, even your company's DnD, your wedding, your kid's graduation party, anything, please feel free to get a quote from Assemble Happinest!
Erm. Please check out my son lolol.
Eat fries eat until must pour out so much emotions.
Hahaha. Happy child, happy life..
Baby can you do the poor thing face? LOLOL.
Quiet afternoon at the library sia. Lolol. While waiting for godma to finish doing hair at 76.
"Mom, please. I'm reading here"
Went to Chinatown with my family =DDD
And we had lotsa fun evidently lol! Look at Yurou hahahaha.
Pianist at home hahah. Dress from Arabelle! They ship worldwide~
"Opps.. Do i look like a boy now =("
Went to Chinatown for CNY shopping and a kind lady gave us free potong! Haha!
Swag check at Chinatown lol. "PEACE OUT YO, DJ M-Dawg" Lolol.
This is the kind of joy i hate to miss.. =')))
This is the kind of life i wanna live.. Hahaha. Just lepak and appreciate the little things in life that makes my life whole..
Another night i wanna remember..

For every meltdowns i have.. I pick myself up, stronger after..

They can hit me again and again, i might fall each time, but i won't stay down for long..

This night Josh again ask me to go for a stroll.. Buy some strawberry milk, twisties and we simply just walk together.. I think i marry the right guy..

Dingdong Bong came home like that wth hahahaha.
Chubby cheeks don't care lol.
It's a very awkward situation lolol.
After class at Heguru @ City Square Mall!!! =D
Sick that day so i couldn't sit in the car with her T.T But she still wants me the most anyway LOL.
Checking out the venue for Meredith's first birthday!!! With Assemble Happinest ladybosses lol!

A little sneak preview of the party visuals that AH had in planning!

Lydia drew this impromptu and i was blown away haha. It's just a skeleton of my dessert table!!!

Beer in the afternoon, clear signs that i am very stressed. LOL. No lah kidding!!! I'm just trying out Starker's fresh brew beer!!! Although it is Meredith's party but most of the guests are adults who love her hahaha. So i think catering some awesome beer would be fair?! HAHA.
I am so excited for the party becox i've heard so much rave about the food at Starker i think my guests are gonna be so stoked!! HAHA. And their locay is soooo nice i can't wait to show you guys more! Si Jie let us try this that day, me and Josh were like T_____T THE SKIN IS SO CRISPY AND MEAT IS SO JUICY TENDER. Please tap that when you're at Starker!!!
Papa mama planning something nice for you, Meredith!!! =DDD
LOL WTF. What has snapchat done to my baby lolol.
LOL. My baby stepping up lol.

Sending Sijie's family off for their china trip and Yurou drew me this telling me she wanna bring me up the airplane as her dolly.. T_______T 我的宝贝啊.. She's growing up so big and sensible.. I wanna be her BESTFRIEND in the world!!!!!!! =')))
Family reunion lunch before Sijie and family fly to China for CNY T__T I don't know why she keep asking if we will miss her??? Of course we will...... MISS YUROU AND YUXUAN!!!

One picture with Sijie and San Jie!
Meredith and her friends..
Look what this stupid Niao Yi do to her hahahaha.
Meredith discover that her diaper could hold on to velcro toys LOL. Cox Merries diapers are cotton soft.. That's about right! Lolol.

Put up a playpen (of course in white LOL) at the first floor living room so that during CNY the guests could play with her!
"Tiffie, come here! I just wanna let you know that even though i have a new pony ride now, you're still my favourite pony" Tiffany be like "I'm not even a pony, whatever Meredith" LOL.
Again.. One of those stressful afternoon.. But all good and brighten up with Josh little acts of love hehe. He told me he made Japanese lunch for me hahaha. Mainly cox the noodles are Hokkaido ramen flavour and the chicken is CP Japanese karage! LOL. And the eggs he made are melty eggs! =D Can like this one?! Together 10 years still so loving LOL.
Papa's way of bonding with Meredith.. CANDY CRUSH =_______=" What the heck, really, Josh?!
Extra niap me on some days..
Happiest two weeks of Meredith's time! With yeye staying over at my place for two weeks while Sijie and family is away! Haha. I told my dad although first prize (Yuxuan) and second prize (Yurou) are in China, at least got 安慰奖 (consolation prize) accompany him in Singapore lah hahahaha!
Made tofu steak with broccoli pulp mixed with roasted sesame sauce for Meredith's dinner.
Found this in my dad's wallet.. He's been carrying it with him all these while but i never bother to look at it.. He said it's his travel document when he was sold to Singapore from China..
This little boy.. Was only 6 (but my dad say it's a fake age wth, he say he was actually already 8 years old but that would be too old to be sold legally to Singapore) years old.. He didn't know what to expect when he had to separate with the rest of his family in China..
This year he's 69 years old..

And despite all the hardship he went through.. Growing up taking care of 6 little brothers, later taking care of his wife and raising 6 daughters.. And now 6 grandchildren.. In between having to deal with the grief of losing his eldest daughter when she was only 13 years old.. And us going through financial hardship in most of our childhood - teenage years.. Despite all these, he kept going.

He was selling denims, and then he sold bat kut teh, and then he sold fish soup, and he diversified to sell a little bit of zichar at his fish soup stall, later the hawker centre business turned really bad, i remember the many times we tag along with him on his tricycle, go to our uncles or his friends and borrow money to pay the fish suppliers.. If not he wouldn't have fish to make fish soup for the day..

In order to make some money so he can pay off the debts.. Of course me and my sisters grow up eating his fish soup HAHAHA. It wasn't the best really, but it was good ='))) Good enough to raise us for many years.

Later he wrap up business and went to ride trishaw for a living. In the morning he was a dish-collector and cleaner at a morning hawker center. He also collected drink cans from there, just to make extra dough selling them..

He also sold durians during the durian season. That would be the period his hands will be rough and scaly from the pricking of the durian shell. He say with a glove you can't really do a good job..

Before CNY, every year, he would go and barbecue pork slices (bah gua) in a room full of smoke and oil, just to earn extra cash for us to buy new year clothes and to celebrate CNY. Most of the time he would come home smelly, oily, with his eyes all red and swollen from the smoke and extreme heat in the BBQ room.

He is a simple man, he didn't have any proper education, he couldn't do financial planning to understand that he simply wasn't making enough to raise all his daughters and his wife..

Despite all these, he managed to pull through.. And if i may say so myself.. He is now very blessed with 5 daughters who love him so much.. And one daughter watching over him from above..

I have shared in this post on the tough time we went through when we were young.

All i wanna share with you guys is.. My dad is my hero.

And i look up to him. And i wanna be as resilient and as strong as him.

I ask him the other day over lunch, how come last time his situation so shitty, he don't ever think of giving up or he don't ever feel depressed one ah.

His reply was "我是乐天派 我没有去想太多" 爸爸, 你最棒..!!! I will always remember his sacrifice for us, and his devotion to give us his best, all his life..

After i look at his childhood passport, he kept it back in his wallet, like one of the most treasured item he's ever owned.. I need to be more like my dad.. 勇敢 . 惜福 . 知足 . 常乐 . . .
Meanwhile 10 months old fatty has learnt how to play pretend by feeding us cooking toys lol. I was just kidding her when i carried Gelatoni and fed him fake milk lol. Meredith got jealous and pull Gelatoni away and lay herself down on my lap...... LOL. Buay paiseh max!!! So i played along and fed her the fake milk lolol. Of which she gladly pretended to drink =___=" Hahahaha.
Woot woot. One of those work days! Haha. Shoes from Elisa Litz and outfit from Lzzie!
Pretty mah!!! At Elisa Litz taking over their instagram page haha. Holding up the pair i wore above!!! Cox i love it so much! It's so simple and sweet! Dress from Lzzie!
Josh and Meredith bonding time hahaha. Josh was eating and Meredith kept reaching out to him like that, with palm wide open, asking him for food LOL.
HAHAHAH. Disturbing gan ma. This is what happens when you play candy crush instead of giving your bff and god daughter the attention they deserve lol.
Saw this in a cab the other day. And realise that "没有" 有 "没有" 的作法 lolol. Anything goes man.
爸爸 为什么你那么矮 hahahaha. I was waiting for them to come join me for lunch after my work and then he reached and was trying to play with me by hiding behind the planter wthhhh. It is not funny cox he is almost as short as the planter LOL.
Later he bring me and Meredith to City Square for class! There, the trishaw that brought me through teenage and poly days! Haha.. Now it's just a transport my dad use to give us joy rides lol.
Little girl spotted at Heguru after class! Haha. I love her teachers!!! All so kids-friendly!
After class grocery shopping to prepare for CNY =OOO
Last work day before CNY officially starts! Hahah.
Reunion lunch with godma before she flies off! So stupid she say wanna show us Toa Payoh Sakura wth. LOL. Erm.. 像 meh..???
Day of CNYE.. My dad's signature: Pork trotter beehoon.. All my life i love this beehoon lol. But only that day he cook at my place.. I realise what's the secret to this yummy beehoon....... MORE THAN HALF A PACKET OF MSG WTHHHHHHHHHHHH. LOLOL. Seriously papa. Josh was literately dumbfounded when he saw my dad add that much of MSG into homecooked food LOL.
Two chefs in the house..
PK.. My dad's signature meatball.. VS Josh's ngoh hiong. Lolol. It sounds a bit wrong to be together. Lolol.
The day i decided i wanna have a boy for my next child! =D Haha. I wanna have a boy so he can play all the video games with Josh! Josh was so happy to play games with Ah Bong.. Whole day kept waiting for Bong to have time to play with him hahahha. Featuring Drago who thinks he's damn hamsum LOL.
Reunion dinner with family =)))

Let me mark down that this night was one of the best and worst.. Becox it made me seen how mean and personal people can get. And it made me really depressed for very long now.. Becox a part of me still believe in the fact that we used to be friends, therefore we don't have to turn things sour like that..

But after tonight, I wanna thank the people who pushed me this far.

You've been training me to be stronger and stronger, each day.. Thank you..

Thank god i will always have my family.. And of course close friends.. ='))
And this little one.. =)))
Super in love with the fish in the tank hahahaha. She was sooooo amused and amazed by it i swear!
Kept blabbering to it..
And then smile and go "AHhhhhhh~"
Still going "AHHHHHhhhh~"

Went back home after reunion dinner for some CNY gambling lol. Look at what i drew wthhhhh. I GUESS LUCK IS WITH ME =DDD Hahahaha! Seriously when they saw me drew these cards they were like "你是赌神啊 这种牌只有赌神才拿得到!!!"
CNY Day 1 with Niao Niao in matchy Lzzie outfits!!!
Then bainian to my dad with Meredith!!!
Meredith's first angbao for that day! Haha.
"Everyone gives everyone oranges!"
"Oranges are good for you you know! They have lotsa Vitamin C! HAHA just kidding i know they give oranges for other reasons! Becox lemon also have lotsa Vitamin C but i don't see them giving out lemons!"
With my relatives and all!
Papa and four of his six grandchildren!!! Missing Yurou and Yuxuan!!!
Chu2 at Josh's family house to bainian!!! Matchy outfits from Lzzie!!! Yup i know, my wardrobe is pretty Lzziefied. Lolol.
Grumpy one don't like the headband lol. Annouva cameo for a split second lol. She is the daughter of Tiffany and Drago!!! So she's technically my grandchild LOL.
Josh's erjie make the best food. The fried rice and the home-made deep fried shallots were sooooooooo freaking awesome!!!!!
Pretty dress for chu2, Sophie got her this haha. And the branded bag is from Jialing i think haha.
Stupid Jia, first time see people go CNY house visiting bring ong lai one hahahaha.
Rikeru came later and passed me this cute set she got from Tokyo for Meredith!!! =DDD Thank you!!
Good people, good times.. =)))
One with the man who work so hard for the whole of CNY, whipping up meals after meals back to back for all the guests and family!
Woke up on a chu3 morning and found all of us in stripes hahaha.
Papa damn cheena he rushed in front to go shake Cai Shen Ye's hand hahah.
Group shot~!!! Ah Bong is sooooooo weird for a teenager omg.
Before we reach Angbao River he kept raving and raving about this Monkey God art piece, say it's state of the art kind of art and it's top-notch beautiful.............. End up it's this.. I mean it's impressive and huge and all.. But why would a 15 year old rave about a CNY status omg lolol. It's almost like he is 45 years old, not 15!!!
Lolol my dad's so happy. Anything Chinese myth / history / legend related he will go gaga.
"Gorgor you go ahead and take your shot, i'd watch your back" Lolol.
"Alright baby, my turn.."
"Erm gorgor.. Is it my turn yet? I also wanna play.."
"You want a bit of my bread?!"
"Opps hehe sorry no more~"
"Woah what happened to the world!"
Down with fever and flu after all the food-binge and lack of sleep!!! So that night i was quarantined in guest room T_T Josh made fish porridge for me with braised mushroom and peanuts ^.^
Nothing breaks my heart more than this.. Not being able to be with Meredith physically.. T_T When we are just one door and one room away from each other T____T I kept sending her videos of me talking to her.. And i guess she miss me a lot too cox she would wanna watch those videos over and over again.. I never wanna be sick again!!!!
On Valentine's Day.. Spot the extra hahahah.
Someone is a steady stander now lol.
And a trained fetcher LOL. Kidding lah lolol. Although she does learn a thing or two from Tiffany lol.
And finally.. Josh's phone case.. =))) This is the kind of things that keeps me going..

This is a compilation of Meredith growing up at 10 months old.. =)))


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog just makes me so happy. It reminds me to appreciate the little things in life. You are one of the few rare bloggers that still blogs about the little raw and little details of your personal life! Go qiuqiu! :)

Anonymous said...

Qiu I love your updates and your blog posts are so fun to read!! I've been following you for years now and I still never go away, loyal reader haha.. Wishing you all the best in life and the happiness with your beautiful family. You look so chio and beautiful in all the pictures how!! :O <3

-- Lu -- said...

Love how sincere your posts are. Nowadays other blogs (if they even ever post) are so PC & structured. I also love how u post up original picts, not like other female bloggers who die die photoshop until into a wayang character. I can feel the warmth & love in your writing this way. Really appreciate & hope u can overcome the issue that's been making u feel depressed.

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, continue to be optimistic as you are right now! I'm so happy for you that you're blessed with a wonderful family. Your dad is a man that every other father should learn from. Josh is so sweet and nice to you! He does little things to ensure your happiness. I'm sure Meredith is your biggest motivation. She's so adorable btw!!! *.* I hope you will continue to be as wonderful as you are right now. Stay happy in spite of those little setbacks. We all love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Your family is amazing, you really can feel the love ! Anfäd your daugther is so sweet and loved! Greetings from germany

Unknown said...

your father is really a great man with good inspiration with life! love his hardworking and optimistic! Meredith is getting so much cuter day by day! lovely! and your husband is such a blessed husband to you! you are lucky girl! :D stay happy and lovely always.

steffi said...

jie, just move mere's photos to laptop or computer, if you feel like your smartphone memory's gonna run out of space. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey dun be too sad ok...we all have good days and bad days. You have such a good network of support from your family and love ones stay positive and #fighting =) Remember everything will come to pass. God bless u and I love watching u on Budget Barbie!

Anonymous said...

Hey dun be too sad ok...we all have good days and bad days. You have such a good network of support from your family and love ones stay positive and #fighting =) Remember everything will come to pass. God bless u and I love watching u on Budget Barbie!