16 June 2016

Meredith and Mummy - 1 year 2 months

Hello hello..

Meredith is growing up too fast..

She understands a lot more things now..

She knows how to pass us her tutu when she sees we hold the strap, for us to attach it for her.

She knows how to lift one leg for us while holding on to us, for us to wear her shoes for her.

She mastered how to do half-squats when there's music. LOL.

She learnt how to do "excited!" with fist in the air going "Yayyy!"

She learnt how to 'pick up a phonecall' going "AH-OH!!! Hiiii~" meaning "Hello, hi?"

She learnt how to help us fetch things and put things back in their places and to help us throw rubbish.. Haha. Quite a little helper if you ask me!

The things she learnt everyday and the next day, is endless.. I can't remember all of it.. But i know all of it cox i am with her as much as i can..

She makes us smile everyday.. We are very very blessed to have her in our life.. =')))

This is her feeding her friends food during play time.. She loves teat time everyday.. And she regconises more and more food items when i ask her to pick them up for her friends.
Went home after work one day and saw these two looking into the mirror =__= HAHAHA. Xuan Xuan look so much like sijie here!!!
Yeye time.. =)))
Next day.. Look who came to visit haha. Look at Meredith naughty face haha.
XuanXuan look too cute her with my erjie so i have to put this in haha.
That day was really bad for me. I had a very bad migraine and i was really sick. But still wanna join the family for my erjie's dinner celebrate her being baptised.
With Niao and Naoki. She's like top in her class or something wth. And Ah Bong is top in class also wthhhh. I would never never never never think our family could cultivate top students LOLOL. Except my sanjie maybe cox she studied very hard. But the rest of us are all nua sai. Can just-pass we very happy liao HAHA.
Rubber ducky fanatic.
This face swap of Ah Bong and Meredith is so sick HAHAHAHA.
With Josh and Meredith, on our flight to see Cheesie and..
Baby Sakura!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This little sweetheart angel.. Can't believe it. It felt like it was just yesterday where i went to visit Cheesie when she gave birth to Junya!!! T___T Cheesie sibeh good job omg. Now i'm excited to see her level up as Pokemom LOL. See how she gonna take care of two kids, no helper, plus do work hahaha.
Back from KL and a little surprise awaits us =DDD More like Josh cox he don't know i bought a TV lolol. I bought it from Lazada, freaking love their site wtfff. The discount so freaking awesome. My 55" Phillips Full HD Slim LED TV was at 50% and only cost me $900 plus or something, inclusive of delivery!!! And the delivery was quite prompt. I want it means i want it now lol. And then i also bought a Furla wallet there at 50 or 70% can't remember. All in all, i love Lazada =OOO

Do you know how long we have waited / saved up to be able to buy a 55" TV so that my dad can watch his Taiwan drama when he's here over the weekend. We waited for 1 year.

Our old TV was a hand-us-down from Josh's sister and it's 32" which is okay!! But our living room is longish so we sit really far away from the TV and then become can't see shit. So when my parents come over during the weekend we will shift the sofa closer to the TV lol.

So i am very proud and happy to finally tick off something off my list of things to get lol.

Went for housewarming party at Jayne's house with all the nice people =DDD
Peishi, Ben, Randy, Rachell and Jayne =D
Yes it is.. Thankful for our friendship becox they are such nice and kind people to be with!
What is this lolol. Ah Bong was told to sketch a picture of him playing basketball. He drew this. Are you like 5 yro?!?! Lolol!
Next day we go to flea and look what i found from NiaoNiao's stash LOL. Kinky sia..
OMG superstar spotted!!! It's top youth influencer Speishi!!! So happy to have a picture with her LOL.
My dad is obviously loving how silly this is looking on him lolol.
Meredith go and take Boufe's booth bell, i thought wanna help people promote business. Actually is go there and eat their dessert for free LOL. 好样的!
Meredith learnt how to sit on stools recently and of course she wouldn't miss a chance to sit on these!
Whole family came to support what the heck HAHA. I do flea is confirm chope not for money making wth haha. It's really to clear space + let my items off at low price so someone else can continue using it cox they are all of good condition lol.
Later we all went to Haidilao for dinner LOL. A picture with our friendmily Mich, Adede and Carolyn haha. We are blessed to have good family friends!!!
Meredith next day 11am still don't wanna wake up you tell me lah. She tired what =_=
Toss and turn and kicked me. But wo hen xi huan =D Haha!
Yanxi jiejie was my chauffeur for that day LOL.

We got a rented car for a week from Car Cove Leasing that week! And we went to do amazing things like go to the bird park, night safari, went to Punggol end to eat the famous white beehoon etc!!! We even went back to DKranji to eat their lala beehoon!!! But life is sad, Josh accidental format my card and we lost the pictures....... T_____T

So i don't have much pictures but i conclude that renting a car is sooooooo freaking awesome.

1) No need to buy one with a huge lump sum of money or take up any form of hugeass loan.

2) No need to worry about hefty COE, car insurance, road tax car maintenance, repair and what not.

3) No need to worry about long term commitment in general. Like what if repay loan halfway something shitty in life happens, and then you have to sell your car becox you can no longer pay that amount, that will be brutally damaging to all aspect of your life and self-image O.O

4) Car-leasing with Carcove is super duper easy and their service is freaking good. Why so:

If you have a baby, they have the car seat.

If you are a P-Plate, you can rent and drive their car with no deposit required.

Their cars are all GrabCar / Uber ready so even if you're just renting a car for fun, you can also make $$$ out of it to subsidise their already-affordable car rental.

They pick up the car when you're done with it so you don't have to return the car to them and then so mafan, have to arrange your own transport to where you wanna head next.

5) When you have a car at your disposal for usage, your life really becomes so much more exciting. Like the week we had with Mich bringing us around, it is quite memorable T.T We really travel far out just to have fun and enjoy things that are usually not so accessible.

A rented car would be perfect for families who don't want the burden of owning a car, to go have fun for the weekend or even more perfect for the holidays! Don't need to potong steam go queue in the long waiting line for cabs when all you wanna do is to have fun haha.

I can't wait to rent a car with Car Cove Leasing again and have so much fun again O.O

Thank you Michael and team for being so super professional and friendly! =D Btw this came out in the papers and Mich so excitedly posted on her instagram, "爸妈 我上报了!" LOLOL #Loser
Meredith strutting it at far end of Punggol haha.
Their sweet little moment..
Soon over. LOLOL.
Let's do this again!!! Becox i love your company Michelle!!! Not really, to be honest it's becox i really really like the white beehoon LOL.
Go back home and Meredith tore something out of her book, Mich pretended to be angry about it and Meredith was trying so hard to geh siao with her. Please watch the vlog at the end lol.
Next day, making full use of our rented car, we went to the bird park hahaha. Meredith is sooooo fearless. While i am absolutely afraid of these flappy things. So the golden epic classic quote of that day was "我很怕 所以我给她走前面" LOLOL. Mich ask why i walk behind Meredith and i say i am very afraid, that's why i let her walk in front of me LOL. She told me, that is how great a mother's love is. LOLOL. Wth. What i meant was, she's not afraid so it's okay if she wanna go first O.O
Mich insisted i take a picture with this waterfall wth. I am not even interested.
But she insisted, TWICE.
You see this Meredith. She is really fearless omg. Wanna chase the peacock somemore wo de tian. I'm just standing really far away and zoom in for a picture of them godmother and goddaughter risking it with a possibly ferociously life-threatening peacock lolol. I am just so scared of birds. And cats. And a lot of other things. Not everything in life is meant to be explored and experienced by everyone. LOL #DiaryOfAWimpyMother
Mich took this picture on her phone and surprisingly it looks nice.
Papa's turn to be adventurous with Meredith. I am okay to just teach her about makeup, dressing up and how important sunblock is the next time we visit the bird park lol.
At the night safari where Meredith had too much fun lol.
And then it was our sisters' trip to BKK! I am sorry sorry sorry i had to bring along Meredith becox i can't stand being away with her for 3 nights, for leisure! T.T For work still not so bad it's legit. For leisure it's like.. I just can't lol. But i'm thankful my sisters are all very accommodating!!! =DDD And my roomate sijie very zai and helpful so it was quite easy the whole trip!
So coincidental Rachell and Ah Giam I mean Sean, were also in BKK so we had a short meetup at our hotel haha becox Sean wanna see his little cabbage for a while lolol.

They are two of the sweetest friends we have becox they are so helpful, nice and easy-going and plus point, always get Meredith little little gifts. It's just a very nice feelings to have friends who will think of your baby T.T Meredith is really very blessed.

Sophie go overseas very often and she will always get Meredith cute little outfits and toys T.T

Jialing and Dotty travel around and they will always remember Meredith and me with little snacks or souvenirs from places.

Michelle even more no need to say, she basically spend half her pay to buy milk powder, snacks and clothes for Meredith LOL.

Of course a lot more people dot on Meredith but i'm just plugging a few names cox i'm moving on LOL.

But that is why i say Meredith is very blessed!!!

Action mama sit on pony ride must sit like this haha.
We went to Pororo Park!!!
Spamming pictures of Meredith at the ball pit, sorry..
Not sorry. Cox she looks too cute in there!
Their balls are of such good quality wth. Not the kind that is slightly hard and can be dented, it's almost rubbery?! Love it.
Couldn't catch a proper shot of her smiling / laughing although she was so happy at the park haha. Meredith can you give mummy a nice big smile and don't move?!?!?!?!
"Sure. Here" Oh. It's okay, never mind. LOL. Ask her smile she give me this 坏人脸 haha!
It was such a happy day cox Josh and i brought Meredith out on our own and we really just took our time, stroll around, no fussing, no hurrying.. We should do this more often.. =)))
The kid with too much love, going around offering kisses to everything she finds adorable. LOL.

Went into this bathtub in Pororo's house and pretended to shower herself for like a good 15 minutes. HURRY UP LEH, OTHER KIDS ALSO WANT TO PLAY RIGHT. LOLOL. I'm kidding. You can't see here but in the other side of the room there are two very sweet little girls, they were chatting with me and telling me about their cute stories about their siblings and playing with Meredith telling me how cute she is haha. Kids these days are so lovely omg.
KTV weekend with family.. Meredith be like "Such a happy day! =D Let me share my snack!"
"You gotta try this, Xuan Xuan jiejie!"
"Careful, watch out for my finger.."
"I told you to watch out for my fingers~!!!! T____T" Hahahahah. After this i think Meredith bear a grudge and refuse to play with Xuan Xuan for a good 10 minutes hahahahaha. See Xuan Xuan's face, so blur hahaha like "What the heck did i do?!"
One with my Yurou =DDD She's so so so so so so grown-up and sensible now.
This cute shot of Meredith and my erjie.
Next day we go to the Geylang Serai night market hehe. It's a MUST-GO every year! I also ended up with a sprained neck from bumper car ride. Thanks, Niao Niao. Life is as such. LOL.
Godma Mich came with our milk powder supply hehe.

At least i don't have to worry about people cursing Meredith to starve =)))

People can have such filthy mouth, but soon they will meet their downfall in life, i don't know what it is, but i know its name, it's call Karma. You want to get to me you don't have to curse and swear on my family and baby one, you want you come straight to my face. If i ever see you, i will tell you in your face what kind of person i think you are. It probably doesn't matter to you cox shame, integrity and dignity don't exist in your dictionary.

I'm just right here, happy where i am, doing what i do. If you can't deal with that you don't just bark bark bark, you come to me, give me a call =))) You know what is call voice recording or not? Your barking sounds hilarious on record. In case you don't know what a voice recording is, i can play this epic demo i have to the world to show them and you what a voice recording sounds like =))))))) Hopefully that can teach you to stfu when you have nothing good to say =)))

All of you are fked.

I just wanna be left alone. These days i am happy being a mom. I earn a lot lesser, but i am happy. I have to wait for a year plus to buy a TV, but i am happy. I may have to shift soon, but i am happy.

And if anyone wanna contest this peace that i deserve after so long of being depressed, i welcome that with big open arms. Not just my arms, i mean with many, many arms, of people who have too been fucked over =)))

One more time, i swear. If you don't watch your filthy mouth, everyone with you will have to pay for it. It's been really long since i do destructive things with a big group of people and maybe i forget how fun it can be, and how interesting it is to watch people do crisis management on the shit they've done when people expose them.

We used to love doing these things together, remember? How sweet ; )

When you think you got real swag LOL.
"我美美吗?" haha!
Wig game strong lol.
She really really love dressing up and going to the mirror omg. HAHA. Vanity can be pass through genes i think!!! Hahaha! Okay that's all i have for you! Watch vlog~ =D

Meredith at 1 Year and 2 Months old =D


Anonymous said...

I'm in a somewhat similar situation as you.... Couldn't take all the office politics n backstabbing and fell into depression.
I'm having anxiety issues now and don't dare to go out at all. On the verge of losing my job. Just started seeing doc for the depression n on medication now but condition still abt the same.
Don't understand what ppl get from badmouthing n backstabbing ppl??? Why are some ppl so mean?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

我很喜欢你, so don't bother about those nasty people.

They are jealous of what you have that why they do thing to hurt you.

Clee said...

Meredith is so cute. :3 I am glad you cut out negative people off your life. :)

Anonymous said...

I was really surprised that she could do such things to you. no matter how rude she is, i used to think that she is an honest person and will treat her friends well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,
I've been following your blogs religiously for two years yet I've never left a comment. Feel impelled to do so with this blog entry. I genuinely believe that being a mother has brought the best out of your soul, I genuinely believe that you were brought up in a household that upholds fundamental principles, values and morals. But in saying that, I find this entry slightly hypocritical. Remember the period when you were bffs with Wendy, you intermittently "cursed" people while venting on Twitter just as she throughly enjoyed doing. I don't believe you were forced or paid to do so but I guess " you are who you hang out with" applies to this matter. I hope this comment doesn't get deleted as I pondered a few hours before following my heart and penning this comment.

"Always let your conscience be your guide" and remember, " karma is a bigger bitch than any Queen B put together"

All the best,
An Australian fan.

QiuQiu said...

Guys, no names please, plus the said person is not the one who made those nasty remarks and swearing.. Not being friends anymore is one thing, it has nothing to do with this. I hope you gusy udnerstand i will delete any comment with her name becox she has nothing to do with this. Thank you..

Anonymous said...
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Esabelle said...

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