05 July 2016

Good feeling..

Before i share more about Good Feelim.. Here's a quick shoutout about FOOD MY LIFE charity food stall this Saturday! Please help to spread a word! We will be selling the below..

Rainbow Jar Pasta
with Chicken Breast drenched in Japanese Roasted Sesame sauce


Salted Caramel Chewy Brownie
(one slice)


A pack (250ml) of Marigold Peel Fresh (No sugar Added!) fruit juice:
Powerberries / Powerveggies
Choice of fruit juice  is subjected to availability.


Only $15

Seriously you can't find this anywhere else. Other than it being really chio, it taste super duper good and indulgent hahaha. The brownie is chewy and gooey and so chocolatey T.T I already chope 10 sets and there are limited sets available so if you wanna grab something instagram-worthy and super tasty + do it for a good cause, then please pop by!

Also, in case you're thinking "So toxic the colouring!" NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURING WERE USED!!! Only natural colours extracted from vegetables are used! =D Rachell really damn talented.

It's an initiative by Rachell (pxdkitty) becox we were just talking about other Food My Life episodes idea and talking about how there's so much food wastage from everywhere and then it led us to talk about how she has a dream to open up a bread shop to feed people who can't afford food O.O

Sorry i'd never be so noble but i told her she can start somewhere and that's how we decided to do a charity food stall! Haha. Hopefully the response is good and we can do a few more! It's meaningful and fun!

She's gonna fork out money for all the ingredients but they are nothing compared to the effort she puts in, days and nights, days and nights.. All she does is R&D, cook and cook it over and over again to get the colour, arrangement and taste she wants. Seriously she can be quite obsessed (in a good way of course!!!) with food when she's at it O.O I only know how to eat food =))) HAHAHA.

I am forking out money for the jars, paper bags and utensils etc and of course Josh will be filming!

Every single cent from the food sale will be donated equally to

SPD (Society for the Physically Disabled www.spd.org.sg) and
MILK (Mainly I Love Kids www.milk.org.sg)

And we will produce a proof of donation after the charity food sale! So if you feel kind enough, please pop by, grab yourselves this limited set of food, snap a picture, do something good for charity!

Salted Caramel oozing out out chewy brownies =P NEED. So i see you..

9th July 2016 (this Saturday)
Orchard Gateway #03-01
(Beside the Tube to Crate & Barrel)
1PM - 5PM (or until sold out)

Get your own set + a drink for just $15!!!

So here is where i really talk about Good Feelim, finally!!!

I was having issues with work for a year plus. In fact, from what i last heard a few weeks ago, there are still people threatening to sue me until my pants drop, sue until i no money buy milk powder.

Calling me a "fucking bitch" and many other names.

I had wanted to publish a few voice recordings. But i decided not to becox i really just wanna move on with my life and not be bothered by this whole thing anymore. I really just want it to stop becox it was making me unstable, angry and depressed. It's no longer about being scared, it's about.. Disgust. Disgust and disheartened that such people with such black hearts can live amongst us..

And i don't wanna go down to their level..

Since i couldn't control what people wanna do to me, i could only step away.

And i did.

I was caving in for months, my income dropped, i wasn't doing anything much. But the good part is, i enjoyed the fact that i get to spend more time with Meredith haha!

But when it comes to paying rent and for daily expenditure, i realise we were bleeding soon enough haha. So i had to get out of the slump and be strong and if people wanna block out this familiar road for us, then we can go on another road. If people wanna block out every other road for us, we can always dig underground and rise above soil, on the other side of the road.

In short, 天无绝人之路. Nothing in this world can kill you unless it really does LOL.

It was just over a casual takeout lunch at home one day, i told Josh

"我还可以做什么.. 我不是很想卖屁股LOL.

(What else can i do? I don't really feel like selling my backside..)

He told me since i've enjoyed myself so much doing Qweekly last time, why don't i do QWeekly but in video version? He suggest we film a series of videos where i do makeover for people, make them pretty. But i say i'm not even good with makeup lol. He suggest i do it with my friends who are more pro.. The only person i could think of is Miyake.

And that's how we brainstorm further and came up with a beauty, dress up and sharing show.

So there were only me and Miyake.. And since both of us are vain until.. We decided to do something to inspire more people to dress up and makeup and look good, be confident, live a colourful life..

So we named the show COLOURFOOL.. Whether you know it or not, you learn it like a fool, you fool around with colours, have fun.

First time we filmed.

There were so much problem becox we had no idea how to get the voice right, no idea how to sync this and that to the camera.. We simply had no idea. After one whole day of filming.. We realise we have to reshoot. And i'm very thankful Miyake was very nice about the reshoot, i mean.. She didn't kill me. HAHAHA.

Did a nice makeup to get the show started.
Doing the intro ep.
Some of the fun we had during filming hahaha. I am glad i am doing this with Miyake becox it really helps with getting to know her better.. Don't think she's just a pretty and empty shells.. Through spending more time together and having more chances to chit chat.. I realise she is actually damn steady.. O.O No nonsense, no bullshit, just plain and straight as she is.. Okay is this sounding a bit too lesbo and in love? LOL. Moving on! Just know that i love you okay Miyake LOLOL. Please don't kill me as we go along and as i ask you to do more stupid stuff together lol.
Like for example.. LOLOL. Our blindfold makeup challenge.
Filming the intro for Rach's FOOD MY LIFE.

Actually we are super lucky to have Rachell on this show cox Josh wanted to do a food "how-to" show becox erm, he loves to shoot food wth lol. He say it's so much easier working with food than people LOL. Now he has to work with food AND people HAHA.

So i was saying, Rachell was a perfect match to Food My Life cox she really can make food!!!

And she is so into food that she can just think of food all day errday wth. Sometimes 5am text me to talk about food ideas that we can do for Food My Life.

Like this.. She will order things from overseas / online and source high and low, just to find what she needs to get something done. Can text me middle of the night to tell me how's the progress. I really feel Good Feelim got her is 我们的福气 wth.
Getting it on with her pots and pans lol. Plus she's damn pro always film one-take one kill lol. I think i can call her the one-take queen.
Loving her food so much she's always stuffed with food LOL. Kinda like a hamster wth. Hahaha.
I lucky lah, wherever they film, wherever i follow for free food HAHA.
Marathon food that night for filming.. I am so thankful to have Mich bring Meredith out to join us for filming cum dinner T.T Cox i missed her the whole day T___T
Even for a simple popsicle, she try and try and try just to make sure what she shares is the best way for her audience.. Rachell 什么都好..
But 就是喜欢偷吃东西. LOLOL. Drinking and sneaking on the ingredients on set wth lol. Somemore got cheeks to tell us 我妈咪每次跟我们讲, 食物很容易坏 but 收在肚子里面就不会坏. LOLOL #MomLogicWin
Pretty hor.
A lot of happy time during filming.. =))) What matters is being happy with what you do, right?
Thanks to Boufe Boutique Cafe for the beautiful space!!!
She made a damn pro strawberry shortcake after hours of filming + EVEN MORE HOURS of prep work so that the filming can go smoothly without having to wait too long between each steps! She had to stay awake the night before just to do prep work.. Salute. Rachell 什么都好..
就是站的很丑.. LOLOL.

In case you're wondering how come i only got so many pictures of Rachell, it's becox we have no one to help take BTS when i'm in the scene LOL. So.. Yup. We need to hire people wth.

Boat noodle challenge. I almost go broke LOL. Kidding.
HAHA. All these shall be nice memories if not anything hahaha.
Filming for Harry's bar and dining.. Yup, that's where i tagged along and eat free food LOL.
We really cover all sorts of good / affordable food!!! Stay tuned for this episode!
And this show.. My personal pet project, The Checklist hahaha! I looped in my crazy friend, Jia.. To push me to the limits.. To do new things.. To explore more of life..
Jialing is simply crazy. That's all i have to say lolol. She's a natural on cam what the heck. I think everyone will love how annoyingly funny she is. So far things has been quite peaceful, we haven't killed each other.
I painted this on The Checklist.. In memory of my lousy memories.. Where everything sprung off from soil and blossom into something beautiful.. Like a dream =D I gave this painting to Michelle and told her this is my 心路过程 so i am happy to present to her to hang in her room. She tell me if i ever send her one more painting, she will unfriend me. Woah woah, somebody needs a qiupill man.
The shot we were trying to achieve for instagram.
The shot we really did. Sorry Jia, i had to post this. Your face too epic LOL.
Painting something close to our hearts, CHECKED! =D
We also went for dance class. It was a disaster lolol.
But our instructor is awesome.

We still don't have the equipment / manpower to do a lot of things but we are learning and growing! And it's hard becox my baby is growing at home too. And to be honest..

So far Josh is only dumping in money. Although all of the hosts asked not to be paid, we still insist to pay them a token fee per episode. That is just fair for ALL the effort they put in that we cannot afford.

And all the miscellaneous costs here and there.. We are just hoping we can grow well enough to produce content that is of great standard and then start doing it for a living!

Starting something from zero is always hard. But if you believe in it, i think it's all gonna be worth it.

When i started blogging, i started from zero as well =) Now people wanna block that road for me, by all means. I will find new ways with my husband =) And we are very blessed to have the support of good people. A lot, a lot of good people.

And when we get together, we make good feelim for you guys =D "Feelim" is a spin-off from how local people pronounce "film" lolol. So the channel is truly ours, a lot local, a lot of fun.

Times are hard so my little girl have to help out. She helping me pack luggage for Colourfool shoot for Miyake lolol. 
Found this hat that she love. "Mom you sure i look okay? If yes i'm gonna go show Dad"
Went to her dad and point at her hat to show him haha. Vain girl is vain.
Posting this picture of Miyake cox she simply looks too good hahah #girlcrush LOL. Is this consider workplace harassment, what i'm doing to Miyake LOLOL.
Okay sorry one more. We were filming a strutting series. Where we simply just.. Doll up and act chio in our OOTD. I wish i could put it across to you in a more sophisticated way but nah, it's really just about looking good, feeling good. Haha.
A change of outfit, a change of mood.
Oily skin skincare and makeup tips coming up! Watch out for this!
While Josh and Miya are at work.. I went to the changing room at Boufe for a mirror selfie lol.
Back home after a loooong day to this smile and this much love.. It's all worth it. This is then really call working hard for your kid's future.
We went for a joy ride and saw this.. That's when i think.. Life IS beautiful.. And we need to work hard.. To enjoy it even more haha.
Filming colourfool again and this time it was for ugly clothes LOL. Seriously does anyone's wardrobe look like that. Another reason why i think Miyake might kill me anytime.
She be like "Wtf is this. Wtf is that."
Becox of Colourfool i get to dress up more also! So i guess that's good! Otherwise i'm always looking sickly with no makeup lol.
Although she's very "WTF" about the things i make her do on Colourfool but we're still friends no worries. LOL.
And this is another to look out for.. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER IN MY LIFE i would try out rock-climbing if it wasn't for Jia and for The Checklist.

Seriously people, it's time to get out of your comfort zone. Haha.

People who can do new things are people who are most adaptable no matter what circumstances you put them in. This is what i've learnt. That's why i say The Checklist is my pet project, to challenge myself, and to show you guys even a humji coward who HATES to do anything new, can do it.

I HATE to be out of my comfort zone but i mean since i'm pushed to gtfo, i shall.

And i will rock it like a rockstar.

I mean not really like a rockstar-rockstar.. But.. You get what i mean. LOL.

So please show us a little support by subscribing to Good Feelim! We put hearts and blood and sleepless nights in it. To bring you laughter and fun and lighthearted good feelings.. =))) And if you like it.. You know how to share it with your friends.. =DDD



Unknown said...

Love your colorfool videos with miyake!!! I had a good laugh!!! Especially werking the ugly clothes and blindfold makeup challenge. ..thank you!!! You both are really pretty!!! Keep up the good work! !!

Fannymae said...

Congratulations on your new project! I am such a fan of yours - have been for years. Sorry to hear that evil people are plotting your demise. I've been at the brunt of it and all I can say is: karma. It's so important to move away from the negativity and stay positive, happy. Your family is so adorable. That's what's important.

Right - I will go subscribe now. Looking forward to more content!

A fan

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuqiu! i first know you from clicknetwork's budget barbie and ever since that day, i'd always wait for a new video. I find this post very motivating, especially when I myself am going through a hard time. I have always look up to you, your kind hearted soul and goofiness. I hope that you will continue to stay strong and get over this. Thank you for being a role model to many people-and me. Congratulations on Good Feelim. I will continue to support you and watch all your videos. Subscribed! <3

Tammy said...

I'm so happy for you and the good feelim family:)
You've such a kind soul, with all the cards that life has dealt you last year, you still chose to rise above it all and take the high road.
Thank you for setting such a perfect example that we don't always have to fight fire with fire that we always have the choice to walk away to become an even better person:)
Your bright cheerful laughters are always so infectious 💕💕 thank you for always being you:)
Hugs :)

Adeline said...

Hi Qiuqiu!

It's upsetting to know that someone out there is trying to stop you from the blogging industry. I've been a great fan of yours and especially love the strong bonds you have with your family and friends.

I hope you will continue to stay strong and have the will to persevere on. Bad times don't last, but bad people do! So don't give up and there will come a day your efforts will pay off!

Lastly, I will definitely support your new project! Hope it blossoms soon :)

Wishing you and your family happy and healthy always.

Regina said...

Loving good feelim videos qiu qiu! I think audio really needs some improvement tho. Especially when filming outside. Cos it can get a bit noisy. Just something I've noticed!

Anonymous said...

Love your videos! Jiayou and stay happy!

Anonymous said...

Jiayou Qiu Qiu.. Sorry didn't want to leave a name as I dun like the feeling of being known.. LOL.. Just want to let you know that someone out there who you doesn't know likes your videos/fb/ig.. lol I'm not a stalker k.. Just want to be exaggerate a bit to let u know how nice u are.. Your laughters and craziness with family & friends are one of the most attractive thing around which isn't fake like others... Please believe in yourself.. Support u :)

Lauw Claudia said...

oh waaw I love how you put your bold make up there, it suits you nicely :)) but I also love your bare face, how can ur skin be so good???

Anonymous said...

hello qiuqiu, i think it'll be great to see 'Pear Lang' as one of the hosts!
love your positivity and honesty. hope you continue to bring good content to
your supporters!

steffi said...

colourfool? sounds like interesting show.. will look forward to it. jia you, jie! 😀

Sim yee siang said...

Like a fun only!!!