04 August 2016

Hairdo for 29 to look forever25.

I can't believe i got so busy that i didn't have a chance to blog this until i see it on my desktop yesterday. Went to Number76 to get my hair done a day before my birthday cox i wanna make sure i look and feel different on my 29th birthday LOL. Afterall, it's special cox it's the mark of the start of my last year as a 2ers. Next year onwards i'd be a 3er and that will be life-changing.

You know why, cox age is always, always better bigger than 18, smaller than 25.

Before 18 you're just running around aimless. Maybe not you, but me.

Falling in love with the wrong people. Yearning for the wrong things.

Not wrong-wrong. Just things that you don't know how to handle even if you have. So you get your hearts broken, and then move on strong and fearless until you reach age 25 and after that it's just like..

DEFUG I HAVEN'T ACHIEVE ENOUGH WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE MOVING ON, WHAT IS MY PURPOSE IN LIFE, WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE. And then you spend the rest of your life just moving on, moving along until maybe when you hit 30 and get more clarity and direction lol.

Then again i haven't hit 30 yet so i don't know how it's like to be 30. Let me go through it and continue blogging so i can share with you how it feels like lol.

You know ah, i used to think 1 year is a long time. But now i look at it, 1 year is just about 50 family weekends, 12 menstruation cycles and 1 tax filing. And that's one year liao.

Do you even know how fast that is. Too fast.

I have decided not to look 18 liao. 做人不要太过分, I just wanna look 25 forever lol. Although a lot of people say i look 18, let me clear this up okay, i am not 18!!! 请大家不要乱传我真正年龄十八岁的是非 =))) Please stop spreading rumours about my real age being 18, thanks. LOLOL.

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Went to Steve to do a little hair makeover!
He's checking my hair texture before he can decide to do what colour for me that will be least damaging =D I love that Steve is always very careful with taking care of his customers' hair quality!
A little snip! How is it my hair grow so fast one omg.
Touch up roots~ Thank you guys for helping out~ =D
Me at the salon wash basin be like.. LOL. There's something about hair turban that makes you feel damn hot lolol.
But really, a hair wash and tansan scalp treatment at Number76 feels like heaven.
Ultrasonic treatment!!!
AKA Magic hair treatment!!! For those who wanna try out their hair treatment, Number76 is having a promotion for the month of August, you can enjoy 15% off their hair treatment services! And extra 5% off when you share about it on social media =DDD
After ultrasonic treatment hair is soft and smooth until..
MY HAIR COLOUR (FADED PINK BROWN) IS SUPER PRETTY OR WHAT?! Ask Steve to make it messy and cute haha.
In progress..
够凌乱吗 haha.
The bottom curl until sooooo cuteeee and airy!!! Picture spam time~

Done~ Major love this little hair makeover. Each time i walk out of Number76 i feel like a new person. Haha. Prettier, happier, fresher!

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#02-23 Tel: 6385 6776
Book appointment online HERE


Lauw Claudia said...

wow we're at the same age! haha I'm thiking about cutting my hair too but I'm afraid x_x

Hope said...

Pretty ^.^

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu i love following your blogs and all but I have to say your hair looks really damaged. Perhaps you can try out Olaplex in your dyes or bleaches next time. Its said to magically negates all bleaching and dye damages. Just some research I did and my two cents XD

Anonymous said...

May I know what lip product you're using on your lips? It's gorgeous!

Jane Fong said...

You look like the korean actress Hwang Jung Eum here!!


Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu, I was wondering if maybe you have naturally curly hair that is being masked by frizz? Here are some sites that might help you bring out your curls and get rid of frizz (and also cut down on damage):




Jeshu Len said...

Hi there. I just want to drop by and say I like your hair, but, I love your style much. Hope to see more post to come.