17 October 2016

Routine hair pampering session at Number76 Singapore

Sup guys. Looking through my photos and realise since the lawsuit commenced i have soooo many pending pictures that i didn't get down to blog and share about.

Since now i'm not feeling well and is advised to try to get as much rest as possible, i'd try my best to clear some posts! =D #LifeGoesOn Lol.

I can't forever be crippled by the gloomy cloud over my head just cox of the lawsuit, i know. But sometimes it's hard. Like the other day the whole family was heading to Kusu Island and in just one simple trip we went pass two groups of people whispering about how i'm being sued now.

Yesterday while i'm doing my business in a toilet cubicle inside a mall, i overheard two girls chatting about how i look so so different in real life (they saw me in the mall before that LOL what are the chances) and how i look so tired probably becox i'm being sued.

"being sued" does drain me out a lot but some people talk about it like i'm going through some punishment cox i did something wrong.. It's a very wrong concept becox technically, anyone can try to sue anyone for any reason. "Try" is the keyword lol. It doesn't automatically make the party being sued, guilty. In Singapore, you're innocent until proven guilty in a court.

So anyway! I thank everyone for any form of encouragement.. Having said whatever i said above, i must also say there are endless number of people coming up to me telling me to jiayou, and that they hope it will all be over soon and asking me to be strong. Can you even imagine a stranger coming up to you, and telling you all these..? With the sincerest form of warmth and kindness..

Thank you..

Life must go on..

I'm like a torn and tattered piece of cloth right now and i am not proud to be.. But i'm still alive, that means there's still hope. And for that, i am grateful.. =')

Went to Number76 to fix my curly roots with my favourite hair straightening and softening technique - Texture Control~!!! The last time i did it was in April. And my hair has grown and been cut a few times since so it's about time =D

* * * Number76 @ Orchard Gateway * * *
#02-23 Tel: 6385 6776
Book appointment online HERE

Genuinely very excited to see they have their very own cafe cups in the salon!!! To serve drinks to the patrons.. FOR FREE WTH O.O
And the list of coffee, tea and whatnot, is quite intensive haha. Maybe offer even more varieties than some cafes LOL. I went for the non-caffeinated one, lemongrass something i think! =D
Ready to fix this head =D
This is my hair, without any blowdrying, without any sort of treatment or handling. So i must say the Texture Control i did 4 months ago helped a lot!!! If not usually my hair is like.. I don't even wanna talk about it cox it's all in the past. LOL. But you can google "Qiuqiu crazy hair" lol. I was born with curly frizzy hair lah!
The curly roots grown quite a fair bit! But anyway, thanks to the care and treatment at Number76, even though it's curly (which i don't prefer but it's up to personal preference!), i must say my hair texture is damn shiny and smooth LOL. Give me some credit lah. All the time i spend at Number76 doing Ultrasonic Premium hair treatment hahaha!
Steve getting down to what he does best!
Blowdrying.. Can already see my roots become so much more relaxed and straighter!!!
Done blowdrying! This is why i love Texture Control!!! =DDD The effect is sooooo naturally straight!!!
Not forgetting my magic treatment - Ultrasonic Premium hair treatment hehe.
Results: Glossy, soft and smooth hair =D
Thank you Steve!!!
Also did a subtle change to my hair colour! What you see here is a dark grey undertone olive green! But after a few wash it becomes ash grey olive i love it so much!!!
Under a different lighting..
Trying to look pretty..
But decided to give up and just give a smile haha! Look at Cheesie photobombing at the back with her baby Kangaroo haha.

* * * Number76 @ Orchard Gateway * * *
#02-23 Tel: 6385 6776
Book appointment online HERE

Alright, i gotta go rest now. Really boh stamina. Talk soon.. Night.. =)

A gentle reminder to self: Smile more. A lot a lot more.


Hanna Lei said...

You look so pretty! I love the darker color on you -Hanna Lei

Ylva Ng said...

you are still looking positive. jiayou qiu!