18 April 2017

Amelia, Meredith and Mummy 1 Year 7 Months

This took wayyyy too long, i know haha. Meredith is already 2 years old. But i am still here desperately trying to keep everything in check, making sure i don't miss any bit of her precious growing up details and moments =)))

Also me: Binge and laze on bed reading memes becox i am a pregnant hippo.

LOL. Seriously nothing cheers me up like meme-ing in the middle of the night when i have pregnancy insomnia, which is like every night lol. Why don't i spend 12am - 3am at the computer doing up work instead? That's a very good question. I do on some nights actually, only when i have to. But it makes me feel bad for myself so i don't do it LOL.

Life is full of dilemma =) LOL. Here's a picture logue of what went on when Meredith was 1 year 7 months old, that is in October 2016 lol.

The whole family head up Kusu Island and i think that's the first time Josh tag along becox he wants to take care of me, baby and baby number 2 inside me lol. One with xiao Pearl and Meredith haha!
My two baobei haha. Someone printed this picture out for me and then Meredith saw it and kept saying her head pain pain when she was actually yawning =_="
Is it my laopeh think he damn cool lol.
Such a beautiful place.. Reminds me of my own childhood.. T.T When things were so much simpler.

When i went to Kusu Island as a kid, all i ever care for is if i can swim, how far i can swim and if we can chope a whole pavilion to ourselves lol.

My wishes at the wishing well has changed over the years to things along the line of..

"I hope they would buy me more Barbie dolls.."

"I hope for the boy i love from my class to love me back"

"I hope my face de pimples will all go away and i will have clear skin"

"I hope my family will be very rich. Please let papa and me strike the toto and 4D tickets we just bought"

"I hope for Josh and i to be okay and to always be in love"

"I hope my career will be good so i can earn lotsa money to make people i love happy"

"Please keep my loved ones happy, healthy and for whatever they do, please let it be smooth-sailing"

"Please keep my loved ones happy, healthy and for whatever they do, please let it be smooth-sailing"

After i settled down with a kid, i feel like i have everything i can ever ask for. So after which i only ask for my family, friends and loved ones to be healthy and happy. I think my entire life-calling was to be a mother LOL.

Highlight of Kusu Island trip will always be the tortoise enclosure haha. Erjie, Sijie and Sanjie will bring us there usually, then we (me and niao) bring their kids there.. Now Erjie and their kids (Ah Bong and Naoki all) bring my kid there haha.. I am very thankful for my family..
And then it's play time at the beach. Are you guys ready for what i'm about to show next LOLOL. I wanted to say Meredith looks like Naoki last time. And then i found this.. Classic gold.
The beauty queen of the house LOLOL. Piperler after she gave birth i think LOL. Well she is much slimmer and prettier now so i guess it's okay to post this LOL. This is what 11 years do to you haha.
11 years ago, some clueless, some just started on their work, some still a little girl in school, some already fighting day to day.. Each of us sisters probably had little idea of how our lives will pan out..
But we are still happy together =))
11 years later, we are STILL happy together ='))) Thank you Ang sisters.. Together, stronger, better.

As we looked far towards the future 11 years ago.. LOL..
Let's look far into the next 10 years.. And more.. =D Seriously wtf were we thinking taking all these pictures LOLOL. Nonsense much.
Unity in strength and sisterhood.
Selfie with my pretty baobei Yurou haha.
Omg this xiao Pearl face is enough hahaha.
❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎
Meanwhile beach girl be werkin it at the beach lol.
"Wei don't like this bully me leh you all" Lol.
This is perfect T.T All the little kids of our house.. Next generation of fun and happiness will all be on them T.T May our family continue to bring up happy good people haha.
Meredith with Yurou jiejie..
Yuxuan jiejie with Meredith..
Somemore throwback pictures of our trips to Kusu Island from past years.. I was so skinny, this was perhaps just 3-4 years ago haha.
Woah woah me and Niao Niao is it models.
My Dajie, Erjie, Sanjie and Sijie.. =') Somedays get so hard for me these days that sometimes i say a prayer and hope my dajie can hear and hope for her to watch over us.. Haha.
Meredith getting in touch with meimei haha.
Meredith getting in touch with the fashion world lol. Seriously leh i ask her to pose for a picture and she gimmie this!!! Thinking it's cool or swag or what i don't know lol.
Erjie visiting a lot when i was emotionally unstable from dealing with the lawsuits and legal fees etc.. Very thankful for my sisters help and support during that period when it was the toughest..
One night it was a good night cox it's auntie Kehlin's birthday haha! As usual, candle-blowing time is Meredith's rights. LOL.
Presented my painting to Carolyn as a birthday gift.. Not sure if she was really happy about it LOL.
Went out with Mich and she insist i take a similar picture to when i was just pregnant with Meredith hahaha.
Almost a month in school and she's become sooooo cheeky and talkative!!! Haha! Teacher J tie her school that day and she was really happy about it haha.
Ganma and mama bring her out by ourselves. Haha. Yolo.
Eryi got her a cute bun.
Can't remember who sent this over but we put it on for her and she seems to like it haha. Thank you to whoever sent this over!!!
Got free tickets to Singapore Flyer and it becomes a good time for family gathering again =D
My dad really fits in lol.
Mich got me this pretty set omg i love it. I'm still using it!!! Finishing soon but i rarely finish lipstick so it means something lol. Thank you mm haha. Lipstick free nevermind..
Sanjie and sijie got me yummy cereal and Carolyn got me Hokkaido milk LOL. Josh made some eggs for me so basically this pregger here is a freeloader LOLOL.
"Finding Yuxuan", coming to you soon. LOL.
Cheeky girl loves it hahaha.
Rach's cap got left behind and someone is not giving it back lol.
Faces of this expressive girl.
Didn't want to go shower and kept telling us "Wait. Wait. Wait" while she play dress up *facepalm*
Heart-to-heart talk with baby Sakura when we visit Cheesie haha.
Studying for his driving test =) Thank you darling =') We will be better!!!
While we were away in BKK for work trip..
Meredith had her pictures taken a lot.. For them to update us.
Until she got bao-doh still don't know! Lolol.
"Hey hey hey, don't take pictures of me eating ice cream ah, Niao Yi!"
"Take this. And send to my mommy. Tell her i'm eating my dinner like a champion"
"Urhm! Take already?" Haha..
Someone looking tidy for school one day haha.
Ganma bring her out for lotsa fun when mummy's away haha.
Looking so adult here my god.
With ganma =))) Thank you mm.. For always being reliable.. And for being here for us..
One with auntie Sandy!
Seriously i don't know what they let her wear when i'm not around lol.
Someone suddenly LOVES to be treated like a baby wth hahaha.
Enough of Meredith haha mai guo fen lol.
Went to visit yeye cox he fell sick T.T
How a simple balloon can bring the ward so much joyful vibes and laughter..
One with Sanyi..
"Chuu mii"
Playing with Niaoyi's glasses haha.
First trim i only had craving with vegetables so when Mich offered to buy me supper from scissors rice curry i happy untillll but i only crave for vegetable and rice and curry but i yisi yisi add an egg lah. End up the egg also never eat lol. And the double portion of vegetables wasn't enough.
Thank you Michelle Thian for all the big and small things you've done for us ='))
Meanwhile.. A check at Dr Law's Wei Seng Women's Clinic =D Someone is forming up real well within.. =')))) Feeling thankful that i've come this far becox even at this point, i was still spotting blood. Some days brown, some days pink, rare days maybe red. It was worrying but we've tried hormones pills and my dad and Josh made chinese tonic soup etc. I guess i was in good hands! =D
A little girl lost balance in school and fell down haha. Got a little but of a bruise but she was quite excited when she came home to tell me about it. Although i already know cox her teacher informed me haha. She told me "I fall dow" I ask her then what happened? She told me "Teacher J cold cold" LOL. Later i found out it's cox teacher J put cold compress for her haha.
Little cute one loves to tie her hair sometimes and each time she does, she makes sure she checks herself out in the mirror with all sorts of expressions hahaha.
Deepavali celebration at school!
Sierra and Meredith at work haha.
A non-edited picture of me on rare days i have makeup on for work lol. In memory of the last few days of my skinny-ness i thought.
Meredith refusing to admit she ate chocolate =_= LOL. I asked her so many times she kept telling me "Nothing! I never" You think mama three year old is it haha.

Vienna Seafood International buffet bosslady treated the whole family for dinner cox she's a friend of my sister and we had a really really good feast overall!!!

But truth is i ate more vegetables than anyone LOL. That period itself ironically i was very put off by seafood =OOO So i only drank the crab beehoon de broth and it was sooooo good but i couldn't eat any crab / prawns at all fml lol. No 口福.

Happy Meredith happy mummy haha.
Took this picture of Yurou and found her growing up so well to be a sweet and fine young lady haha.
My interview and photoshoot with NUYOU magazine was out.
Meredith learning about insects in school =)) I really really love her teachers omg. That's why it was very sad when the school had to close down but i am sooooooo happy cox all 3 of Meredith's teachers in-charge are staying with the new management taking over HAHAHA. God finally show me some good news or what lol. So we decided to continue to keep her there becox we believe teachers are the key factors!
Halloween night preparing to go trick or treat hahaha! Yurou is spider lady hahaha. Josh, Ah Bong and me DIY-ed the costume using socks and duct tapes hahahaha. And one black tee and pants. Go see pinterest for ideas!
Erm my little Mummy / injured person fell asleep the moment we started the parade LOL.
But this spider lady got LOTS of candies and chocolates!!!
This one refuse to dress up but her tongue turned dark blue with a candy so let's just say she was poison ivy for that night hahaha. See the tongue out shot, she so cheeky hahaha.
I cut her hair and it turn out bad, as usual =XXX I suck. But hey, she seems happy about it so.. LOL.
Swatching makeup with Auntie Jia one evening hahaha. She was taught to do the pouty lips haha.
On her own, she try again. Didn't turn out so well LOL. Ugly die this one hahaha.
Simple picture-taking at home with the shoes Elisa Litz sent over for Meredith.
LOL Meredith your face.
One of those weekends.. =)) During their snack time..
Papa's favourite daughter now cox pregger hahaha. Suck on it the rest of the 4 of you!!! Lolol.
Serving this little boss since March 2015.
Took this picture of her sleeping.. And realise she has changed so much.. Her facial features etc.. She's becoming a big girl T.T No more baby Meredith..
She had very bad cough and flu for about 2-3 weeks and in between we tried so many home remedies before we give in to medicines. I already bring her to see Dr Han on the 3 day of her flu / cough but i didn't want to give her the meds O.O Then my dad saw her still coughing and scolded me and ask me to just give her meds wth so we gave and she recover within 2-3 days fmllllll made me feel like shit okay like i let her be sick for 2-3 weeks when i'm actually just trying to not give her so much meds at all =( It's so hardddd to be a mummy sometimes becox you just wanna do the best for your kid but somehow, you still end up screwing up or not doing it right at once. Lol. But let's keep trying!!!
Carolyn very nicely made this bento overrrr!!! Cox i was craving beef and spring onion hehehe. Thank youuuu! If i'm single i would marry you, Carolyn hahaha.
She also got me Fruitella from Malaysia~!!!!!!!!!!! I was craving for it and went to sooooo many shops and supermarket to find but just cannot find!!! But anyway the improved recipe is very so-so. Doesn't have that nostalgic taste anymore T.T Even the candy texture itself is not the same.
Brought Meredith out for supermarketing and she automatically goes to the makeup section and tell me "I wang swoh. Swoh meigak" She meant "swatch makeup" LOL.
THEN POSE AND POSE FOR ME WOR. Really is mummy's daughter leh you!!! Hahaha.

Thank you Meredith for another month of joy and happiness ='))

Mummy will make sure i keep on keeping track of your (and soon, your meimei's too!) growing up days so one fine day when you grow up..

You can look back how cute, lovely, pure and loving you are and how that brings so much joy to people around you and i hope this can always motivate you to be a good and happy person..


A video of all the little happy moments we had =)


C said...

Omg was that Naoki with Sijie in the 11yrs ago photo 😱😱 looks like Yurou HAHA or maybe it's the hairstyle..

May Ann said...

Adorable child of yours...and nice experiences here...