29 June 2017

Amelia First Month celebration

Amelia turned one month old and we held a small cozy celebration with our family and our close friends. You all should know that the period when i was carrying Amelia was one of the toughest time in my life becox of the lawsuits and the stress it put on the pregnancy but today i look back, although the lawsuits are not over yet, i'm still alive, very tired, half-dead in the soul, but still alive.

And i just gave birth to another life.

Quite impressive, isn't it? =')

In the darkest time of my life, a little warrior fought her way through, stayed inside me, grow well and came out safely to this world.

In all the years to come, she will do great things.

She will bring joy to people and she will write her own destiny.

But if i were to say, i think she was born to be a star..

The brightest one.

That one that shined through the dark skies.

That one in a million ✭

(This beautiful photo is taken by Nine by Sg)
For those who don't get "Ame1iaon", it means "1" in a Million. And this one in a million, will AMELIA ON. She's gonna keep on keeping on hehe ^.^V Becox i think she's gonna be a very tough girl. Tough and resilient and strong.
Meredith is kind and vain and funny. They are both like me okay. LOL. I am superwoman =D Haha! Look at all these balloons from Looney Bloons Sg that arrived before anything haha. I quickly get changed..
With the girls. Photoshoot time! Haha. Sorry ah this time it was still very early so the photography team haven't arrive so i use my own camera lol.
Meredith damn on-point all the time okay. My dress is from Lzzie!
My happiness in all the years ahead, in these two tiny bodies =))
*wails* "It's my big day i think i deserve some solo time?!"
"But is this face okay?"
"What do you mean by no?"
"You're dead to me" *roll up sleeves*
With huat-zai girl Jacie haha. She look so chill omg and irl she is also very chill. Not like Mental-Melia =XXX Okay it's her first month let's not badmouth her. We save it for another day LOL.
Enjoue Events helped me put together this celebration and i must say they did a very good job. Thank you Bess! So let's get the party started! Josh took this photo with my camera, not bad ah LOL. Act yige artsy.
But today he take a backseat and we let the other pros do it okay haha. All photos below taken by Nine By Sg.

I must say i love all the pictures!!! So candid, angled interestingly and the coverage is all very good as in he didn't miss out any highlights and fun moments of the party! Really very professional. And the photographer Garrick was very helpful with everything else and not just 顾自己 haha. Thank you so much for all the photos, Garrick! Everyone was very happy with the pictures when they go through the gallery. Some of them even use the photos as their new display pictures okay wth.

Here's a video by Cepheus Photography

He captured a lot of little happy moments and did a very nice job with the editing! Thank you so much Ceph! If you need any of these services, look at the end of the post for special discount just for my readers ^.^V

Let's get the party rolling!
Feeding the star of the party before the guests arrive to make sure she don't diva yige at the party later lolol.
Burp face before she milk coma haha.

Mich's dad with Thian天乐. He's such a happy and smiley baby omgggg. And so huge hahahaha. Can you believe he's only 2 months old =OOO The size is machiam 1 year old sia. I keep teasing him say he next year can go register for Primary school liao. And then recently his stroller became too small for him LOLOL i ask Michelle to use a forklift and transport him around suan le. LOLOL.
With the Carcove frienmily =D Xylia 小妹妹是嫌我两个官司加两个女儿要养不够惨, 要给我两条腿断是吗? LOLOLOL. Picture 亮点 is Jacie hahaha. Sleep until don't give a heck to anything.
Pretty mummy Joey with a very kiampa Jacus looking like Laosu at the foreground hahahahaha.
Garrick managed to capture Meredith as i see her, so beautiful hehehe. Becox i always take picture of her, she must do some funny exaggerating expressions okay. Or refuse to standstill when she's looking pretty hahaha. So here you have, mini-me =))) AKA mini Song Hye Gyo =))) #BackhandCompliment Yup, one round just to praise myself lolol.
Little Miss Cheeky up to no good. She was climbing up to reach for snacks lol.
Photographer: Okay girls, look here! Give me your biggest smiles~
Mere: Come let's strike a pose, Yuxuan jiejie
Yuxuan: 什么? 你讲什么? 他讲什么?
LOLOL. I made that little story up of course but it does look like it.
Rare moments when she's awake and not crying =X Haha.
Of white laces.
The 主角..
The 猪脚 O.O Is it my jokes no longer funny? LOL.

AND THEN JENG JENG JENG~ Highlight of the set up~

Dessert table by Enjoue Events

I simply told her i want "One in a Million stars" theme. And Bess again, did her magic and came up with this T___T I might be biased but of all her awesome work, this is by far my favourite!!! Although i know she will continue surpassing herself haha.
Balloons by Looney Bloons Sg
Backdrop and cake toppers from Circus Sg
Sparkly yes?
Yummy smoked salmon, tuna and egg mayo tartlets by Enjoue. Customised toppers from Circus Sg!
AND THESEEEEEE!!! Enjoue de desserts is not just for bai swee one okay. It's really must snatch one becox too yummy T__T
Of sweets and such.. ❤︎
Gotta say the toppers from Circus Sg really make everything pop!

Chewy and sticky yummy brownie cubes with baby marshmallows T___T So cute..
And we have the main cake by Enjoue. Cake topper by Circus Sg! Look at how much effort and thoughts Bess from Enjoue put into the cake T___T It's really a twinkly and sparkly one..
She went to hunt for these edible star glitters T_T Thank you so much Bess!!!!!! 你真的太棒了!!!
One with Bess ❤︎ Thank you so much!!!
Whole family missing Niao Niao! And popped le wild Aunty Kehlin haha.
Becox family deserves two pictures haha.
And then our own little family with a sneaky mouse who kept on creeping up on the meringues haha!
That day she got hall pass to all the sweets and candies omg. I almost got a heart attack. Haha. But Josh say nevermind becox once in a blue moon only. So okay lah i calm my own titties lol.
Thian天乐 with his hot mummy who can potentially become my in-law LOL.
Cousin Carmen and Carrie ❤︎

Now to the buffet line~!!! My friend offered to let my try out Ah Mah Cooks! What they offer is very unique becox they specialises in food catering for children's parties and they also do delivery for healthy lunch bentos!
One with their chef who was there to ensure everything got set up nicely!
MY FAVOURITE FROM THE WHOLE SPREAD! Saute Assam Prawns with Homemade Signature Sweet Sauce T__T It's so sad that every time you love a dish from the buffet line, the next time you can eat it is only when you have another party. I think all buffet businesses should operate a takeaway corner at their central kitchen to sell the food LOL. Why cannot! A bit like atas chup cai bng concept lolol.
"Chicken Little" haha. It's Crispy Chicken Mid Joints with Homemade Sweet Coriander Orange sauce! The sauce goes so well with the wings leh! Not just a favourite amongst the little kids, the adults loved it too ^.^V
Many healthy and gourmet choices for the little ones and adults to enjoy! Gone were the days where kids party only serve up deep-fried fishballs, nuggets and fried beehoon haha! Here you see the Stir Fried Mixed Summer Vegetables with Ah Mah Traditional Honey Ginger sauce!

"From the Padi Fields" Butter Corn Pilaf Rice mixture with White and Brown rice! You tell me lah, gou bu gourmet! Haha! Being healthier choice is one thing, but Ah Mah Cooks ensures it's also tasty!!!
Slow Oven Baked Pastas with Chicken Meatballs, Mozarella Cheese and Parmesan Cheese. Another kids and adults choice for food haha! We never really grow out of these classics do we.
Whole Chicken Cuts with Tomato Cherry, Bombay Red Onion, potato and Signature Basil sauce which was bursting with flavours!!!
Oven Baked Toman Fish Fillet with Lemongrass. Served with Award-Winning Signature Spicy Dengkil Sauce! The sauce is soooo spicy, frgrant and so shiok T.T Definitely winning it with the adults!
Since Ah Mah Cooks specialises in food catering for children's party, for sure they know the way to a kid's heart hahaha. Look at this wth. Meredith and the rest of the kids whole day like mesmerized by the table like this. Stand around there like a hawk ok. Lol. The AMC team so sweet and thoughtful they even prepared little paper bags for the kids to takeaway!
Desserts and Drinks corner. You see the vitamin infused juice! It's very heong now okay, a lot of atas restaurants also serve that haha. It's the Ah Mah Cooks Healthy Skyjuice.
If you're thinking of doing up a children's party (or actually even for adults becox i really think the taste is very good for adults standard also hahaha), give Ah Mah Cooks a shot! =D
More pictures from the party. Yuxuan stuffing her mouth with food haha.
Meredith looking dreamy lol. Also spot Meredith's mummy de double chin. Very dreamy also wth it is a nightmare. LOL.
"阿姨, 请问 double chin 有什么不妥?" Lolol. Erm...... It looks great on you, TTL. Hahahaha.
Carolyn and Yurou having their girly chit chat haha. Yurou de fringe. I cannot. It's not safe. The gap on her forehead is so big until i think someone can fall off from it LOL.
Yuxuan little sweet moments ^.^
My sweaty girl lai liao.
I quote Sijie "Shen jing bing! Take picture never call people" LOL.
Woah spot superstars Pei jie and tamchiak boh Maureen haha!
Cake cutting time~
See where Meredith is looking lol. Again trying to decide what she wanna kope from the dessert table!
Meredith insisted it was her birthday party did i tell you. She even tell me when she saw the theme "I doh raik stars, mama. I raik daignosaw!" Lolol.
Whole evening so whiney i haven't 跟你算账! Still wanna tell me what theme you like =.= haha.
Inside of the cake! I chose the Melon Jelly cake! With lots and lots of chunks of melons! And the bottom i chose my default favourite, the chocolate banana cake from Enjoue!
You see. She from 6.30pm until 9.30pm it's just like this. Cox she missed her nap and refuse to nap at all becox there's a party going on downstairs and she wants to be part of it haha. you social butterfly is it.
Luckily got kids-savvy people like Carolyn to help!
But papa and mama is still the best hahaha.
Meanwhile mother-of-four help out with Amelia. She's definitely doing a fantastic job =) HAHA. See her idol she busy take photos, doesn't matter my daughter the face gek until so smelly lolol.
Enjoue provides customised Baby Shower favours now as well!!! Ours got cupcake, meringues, cookies and a little red egg for significance of good luck and for custom haha.
Swag check.
Happy 1 Month old, Amelia. Please grow well.. Papa mama love you no matter how colicky you are, no matter how many times we almost pull all our hair out and no matter how many times our ear drums break LOL.
As again, thank you Enjoue Events for putting together this celebration!

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Ah Mah Cooks - Buffet line up. Specialises in food catering for children's parties and healthy lunch bentos delivery

Circus Sg - Backdrop, Cake toppers
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Nine By Sg - Photography, Photo Editing
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Looney Bloons Sg - Balloons, customised balloons and ballon arch

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QiuQiu, I feel like the last time I read your blog, you were still pregnant. How time flies! Happy month to Amelia, and so much congratulations to your family! The food spread looks amazing too! :)

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The picture quality is amazing! what camera do you use ?