12 December 2017

TokichoiXQiuQiu Taiwan trip

HERRO HERRO! As you all would have already known from my Instagram, i've co-designed a collection with Tokichoi =DDD It's the first time someone trust me enough to do this hahahaha.

The last time i designed my bridesmaid dresses all of them told me to never ever design something again okay HAHAHA.

But hey, never let people tell you what you can and cannot do =) HAHAH.

This was from one of my doodle book out of many.

I used to love to doodle different outfits after i see them from magazines etc. I love to draw big long sleeves, bell-bottom jeans, mini skirts with tank tops, long elegant dresses etc haha.

And i used to score A for arts okay. For my final art project i did a fashion project and got really high score okay. All you people don't know who i am.

LOL. You all thought i no-talent no-talent come out pian-jiak pian-jiak right. HAHA. Excuse me okay. Bringing you my first ever co-design capsule collection with Tokichoi.

I chose everything from the design, to the fabric and colours and then later adjust the minor details like buttons, straps and bands etc. And after months and months, the collection was finally ready. So we head up to Taiwan for filming and to meet the Tokichoi Taiwan team =D

If you like any of the pieces you see, get them HERE.

Enjoy a 20% discount with code TOKIQIUQIU.

Also when you post your #TokichoiXQiuQiu outfit on instagram, you stand to win one of the 3 sets of prizes. Each set includes $50 voucher from Mileslife (www.mileslife.com), $50 voucher from Klook (www.klook.com) and $100 voucher from Tokichoi! Contest is running for the whole of December so join soon =D I am excited to see you in the pieces i designed hehe.

The sky's the limit sibo. LOL. You can do anything if you put your heart to it.
My travelling partner 小助理 米笑 haha.
Touch down and we don't even have time for dinner. Just bam bam bam makeup hair and the Tokichoi team have to quickly steam iron all the clothes. So 米笑 got me rice roll hehe and some peanut rice drink that was some good sh*t omg. IT TASTE LIKE 二姑糖水de peanut soup!!! But thicker, more fragrant wth. Now i miss it.
 At Ximending. It was drizzling but then it stopped after a while so we were really lucky!!! After we left Taiwan for Singapore, Taiwan started to rain and have typhoon all. So we were REALLY REALLY lucky!!!
LOVE THIS SKIRT OKAY. Got pockets somemore becox very user-friendly HAHA. Small pieces of tissue paper lah, candy wrapper lah, excuse me, people design for chio i design for chio + useful okay LOL.
This floral top / outer comes in red as well~
I ordered smelly tofu for filming actually is opportunist becox street food *hearteyes* HAHA.
And also becox 米笑 never try smelly tofu before haha. I don't think smelly tofu made a new fan.
Went to a very pretty cafe to film.
You see this skirt how nice to ku here ku there okay it's big and long enough. Won't zao geng haha.
The cafe has many flamingo so i 入乡随俗.
The stripe wrap wraped spag is available in red as well!
Changing to the next outfit and look. Emily damn zai, anywhere any time can work.
This wrap stripe spag would go perfectly with a tulle skirt for me =D

But it looks chic as well with a comfy and sleek pair of pants! This comes in black as well!!! It's really super comfy and soft!
An actual product shot of it. Perfect for work or shopping!
So soft you can squat around roadside LOL.
Or sit at back alley. HAHA. Jokes aside.. Do you like this check shirt? I designed this but it wasn't a favourite with the rest. Nobody gets my style is it? HAHA. Only Yan from Tokichoi supported this design okay. It's actually very versatile!!! you can wear it as a outer piece, you can wear it as a top.
Like this! By the way i'm very impressed and feel very proud okay. They got Taiwan models to wear my designs haha =DDD And i don't even know why i need to model them becox they look so good hahaha.
I guess i look fine too. HAHA. This is classic example of how when you think you look like angelababy but your bff sees the real beauty in you being just yourself.

Since it's last scene for the day we might as well have fun.

And then have food. Haha. Mich and i continue to walk around Shida night market and bought + eat quite a bit of stuff hehe. 米笑 is happy with her sweet honey bitter gourd juice haha.
Next day early morning call time. See which diva requested to have her makeup done lying down. But Emily seems very happy about it so imma go ahead. HAHA.
And this starts the horror series of 背后Ling (Yan Ling). HAHA. Bugger always appear behind my pictures with her purple / red / shocking pink lips. 怕我不被吓死.
L-R - Videographer Shavonne, 米笑, Angelababy, Emily the HMUA, Yan and Charmaine from Tokichoi! We chionggg!!!
OMG I LOVEEEE THIS PIECE SO MUCH!!! It's so cute. And it comes in black as well!
Can't decide which one is my favourite!
Must get this piece okay hehe.
Next look!
This piece comes in green!!!
The long-sleeve that we matched inside comes in black as well! It's a very simple piece great for work.
As i do my work.. LOL. I need to remind myself to be thankful becox some people 比我还努力 on the side HAHAHAHAHA. Your time will come okay to be 麻豆.
Everyday simple chic wear. WITH POCKETS ^.^ 我真的很爱口袋!!! Hahaha.

Mother of two but still got it okay. HAHA. Mummies don't worry, the collection got many pieces can hide tummy one HAHA. Got your back.
On to the next location with Klook.
This piece comes in black as well!!!
Love how it looks quite elegant but wearable enough for everyday!

The way it flows *hearteyes*

Do you prefer the black or the red! I'd usually go for black but this red one is very strikingly beautiful also!!!
The amazing places Klook brought us to.
Another two pieces i LOVEEEE!!!! The sweater is soooooo comfy!!! Wear it to lecture halls, classroom or dress down Friday with a pair of denims!

The skirt comes in blue as well.

Love my makeup that day.
We went to Jiu Fen with Klook and had one of the best Lu Rou Fan i had!!! =D
After food continue to work haha. I'm wearing the ME / You tee here!
Available in white and grey hehe. I love both equally. Was gonna add a black with white font becox i love black tee shirts as well but maybe next time? =D This tee shirt really meant for myself to love myself more, that it is okay to put myself over others sometimes. Best part, IT IS VERY COMFY!!! Hehe.
Ended work so we went to Raohe night market hehe.
米笑 with her 胡椒饼.
If you're at Raohe you must try this caramelised spicy grilled corn =O~~~~~~
Night market comfort wear.
Early next morning, to the amusement park =D

I went on a real pirate ship ride (not a kiddy pirate ship like fun fair type okay this is some real shit lol) so you guys better support this piece. I almost died okay.
Love the flow of this pinafore. You can remove the straps to make it into a skirt.
Available in black as well =D
背后Ling lai liao hahaha. My camera so give face somemore go and focus her.
While i work hard running up and down over and over again..
米笑 got mood to take a selfie lol. I found this in my cam and i'm like, you think you damn cute is it.
LOVE THIS PIECE ALSO. It's very shi shang okay haha. And the whole piece we chose elastic one so very stretchy and comfy =D
It's available in black and blue hehe.

Filming was awesome cox i get to play bumper car HAHA.
To lunch + filming. We were at this very secluded cafe and omg it's damn chio the whole cafe. So after a quick lunch we continue to werk werk.
Wearing this crossback tank.
Looks like this at the back!
And pair it with the cropped-top and skirt set de skirt haha.
On to our last set!
Touching up before we go. It was really super windy omg.
This top comes in red as well! You can tie the long ends up if you like =D Also this is the pinafore just now, worn as a skirt! Versatile right. Haha.

And with that, we wrap up filming for the collection hehe.

 Super thankful for this opportunity with Tokichoi =D Looking forward to doing more projects like that, it's really fun!!!
And it's built up my confidence as a avant-garde model designer HAHAHAHA. Omg i'm joking okay. In case you think i think i am serious.
Yup i definitely wanna be on top.
All these people. 讲好 high fashion poses, this Yan Ling still gimmie peace sign omg.
Dinner with Tokichoi 大人物. He's very nice and helpful okay. Keep on prepping food for everyone.
The hot pot was really quite good. Although me and 米笑 were both sick untilllll, we still whack the hotpot cox too yums. HAHA.

You know how sick i was, since the night of day 1. I think it was the drizzle or what i don't know. But i was so sick my mucus was yellow okay tmi. LOL. And then the second night i cannot already i midnight go to their 24 hours pharmacy to buy medicine.

Second day and third day filming under hot sun but i was sneezing and having running nose LOL.

You tell me is it not very sick. Touch down Singapore Mich and i straight away go see doctor haha. 做工辛苦 okay, 大家多多支持 thank you.

Went to Tokichoi office and it was hugeee. This is one of the meeting rooms.
董事长在说话 为什么没有人听.
For real 没有人要听 没有人care hahaha. I think i 安分一点 be my supermodel designer 好了.
Beautiful sketches that Charmaine drew of the pieces =OOO She's damn talented wth.
I was meeting the Taiwan team to firm up small small details and for filming.
But actually the real work has already been done monthssss ago. Where we decided on everything from scratch.
The Taiwan team working hard haha.
Sooooo many beautiful fabrics they showed me. I wanna turn them all into beautiful pieces again! Maybe next capsule collection lah okay haha.
Mich damn hardcore wth snap a lot of pictures while we have our meeting. Then all so chio i don't post 对不起自己 对不起大众.
"Don't let me choose this fabric i keel you" LOL.
Thank you guys and girls from Tokichoi, Yoko and Kodz Taiwan!!! =DDD
More of my favourite pieces!!! This one i love love loveeee!!! I wish they have it in kids size cox Meredith also super love anything frills and flare okay she twirls in them and feels like a princess.
Also available in blue.
Side view for you.
And this one!
Available in black / white.
With our babies.

All these pieces fits into the different labels/ styles under Tokichoi, so you can definitely find something suitable for work, casual or for a chic getup!

But we designed and selected them mostly on comfort, convenience (especially for mummies haha, the clothes has to allow us to be flexible and agile HAHA) and simple chic style!

With A LOT OF FUN injected into the collection of course! So you have some fun prints, some floral and frills. Really hope you'd find something you like!

Alright, my fringe has become weird, i'd talk to you guys again.
Meanwhile 背后Ling has upgraded herself and helped herself to become foreground. 她终于苦尽甘来, 出人头地了 hahahah.

Seriously though, thank you so much Tokichoi team, Charmaine and Yanling for this opportunity.

And thank you Emily and Shavonne for making me look pretty and good on screen.

Thank you Michelle Thian for taking care of me and helping while we're on set. And for annoying me while we are not on set. And for talking to me on the plane ride when you're not sleeping, regardless whether i'm sleeping or not =) LOL. What a pig.

Thank you for supporting this collection haha. I don't earn comms from it one okay i just hope you like the collection i co-designed cox i personally love it =DDD

And public announcement again, you like any of the pieces you see, get them HERE.

Enjoy a 20% discount with code TOKIQIUQIU.

Post your #TokichoiXQiuQiu outfit on instagram for the month of December and you stand to win one of the 3 sets of prizes.

Each set includes $50 voucher from Mileslife (www.mileslife.com), $50 voucher from Klook (www.klook.com) and $100 voucher from Tokichoi! Contest is running for the whole of December, good luck!!!

I really can't wait to see you all donning the pieces! Tell me which one is your favourite!!!

祝 Tokichoi X QiuQiu 系列大卖!!!
From Taiwan to Singapore, with love ❤︎
Now 巨星 is going back to see doctor wth.