28 June 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday BBQ was a.. SUPER BLAST?! I mean, AngBaos, CHOCOLATES (as specified by me, the only 'entry ticket') and SUPER DUPER PRETTY VOV MAKEUP from Grace!!!!! Joey tried to make me some chocolates but failed! (HAHAHA) No lah! Just kidding! At least you came with STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE!! I am sooooo happy okay! VERY HAPPY! Oh! And Clara's special apperance! Clara! Somehow i am wondering if i should send you a more higclass towel! Just to make your 's' better too!!! I just so love you guys, okay!!! LOVE =) EH!!!! YOU SEE THIS?! ONLY I CAN DO IT. GET IT IN YOUR HEAD, GROSS.

I called home to thank Papa for making that happen. And my dearest darlingest sisters!!! Thou i have to go get myself birthday cakes (2 big, one slice for 21st yro!), which could be quite pathetic, seeing that everyone loves it was a big pleasure! I mean, birthday cakes are quite stupid unless they AT LEAST taste good. Sigh, of course you guys won't understand.

AHHHHhhhhhh~ I don't know what i'm talking about anymore!

Thank you Geneice for buying pretty gifts and turning up to BBQ the food! Thank all my relatives and my family members!!! No need to thank them here actually. But just do it!!!

Oh, would anyone be soooo kind to send me pictures of yesterday, if any?! I think got lah!

21 years of Beauty and counting

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空谈 said...

happy birthday ting ting....