30 June 2008

Random Questions & Random Facts

(Q1) Help me ask you. If someone ever goes to you and tells you i am really bad, bad like sai. Would you still think i am nice? *note: Yah, then shut up if you never thought i am. This question not open to you. HAHAHA.*

(Q2) How come most of the people in this world can talk but they'd rather have war sometimes?

(Q3) DD say the ozone layer will grow back thicker if only we don't do anything bad anymore, for many many years. Is this true?

(Q4) Why taxi uncle (i have nothing against them recently) loves to place this thing in their cab?
I know it's for there to be air space so that thier back can have blood circulation but what if the car zambreak and then my head goes forward and bang on this thing.. AND DIE??!! Or worst, look really holey?!

(F1) I am one of the best citizen kind who'd always fasten my seatbelt =)

(F2) Call 1900-112-7002! WHAHAHA. Okay, if it's lame, then SMS F2 to 71199. Obviously, i have hangover about the whole UATO thing.

(F3) Ants sucks. All pest do. Don't know what the hell they doing on my computer desk. Stupid. I just bought a packet of drugs that states this on the packaging which totally sells.
"Not only kills pest but their whole colony"

(F4) This is the first time after so long i blogged for consecutively 3 days. But anyway. No more! I'd be getting busy with my blogshop! Will link it up! Til then!



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